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Forum Post: Did Giants have worst offseason in NFC East?

May 19th, 2017 at 7:58 AM
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Marshall, Ellison and the draft class, minus Webb, of course, makes this team so much better in a number of ways.

Competition on the Oline will be better with Fluker. Adding Bisnowaty in the draft and UDFAs in Wheeler and Dunker was also big IMO. They may not be capable of contributing a whole lot this year, but if they develop, they will make this Oline much, much better; and by the way, Wheeler and Dunker were both rated top 10 in the respective positions.

Marshall is a much better target, right now, then VC. Not only is he much bigger, blocks better, but he’s an outside receiver. He’ll contribute greatly as a large target for Eli.

Ellison was a great pick up as a blocking TE and should, not only help the Oline out, but the running game.

Engram adds a dimension at TE that will make the defense nervous.

Tomlinson is …

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