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Tony Romo Listed as One of NFL’s “Most Clutch” Quarterbacks; Eli Manning Left Off List

July 17th, 2014 at 11:00 AM
By Dan Benton

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning has been credited with 25 4th quarterback comebacks and 30 game-winning drives — two of them coming in the Super Bowl — while also setting an NFL record with 15 4th quarterback touchdown passes in 2011. Yet when NFL Network ranked the Top 10 Most Clutch Quarterbacks in the NFL, Manning was not among them.

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo was, but Eli Manning was not.

6) Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys: The sight of Romo's name on a list of clutch performers will make some Cowboys fans cringe, but the three-time Pro Bowler doesn't get enough credit for coming through in crucial situations. Romo is one of the most efficient fourth-quarter quarterbacks, completing 69.6 percent of his passes and compiling a 105.6 passer rating in the final period last season. Critics, of course, will point out some memorable interceptions with the game on the line, but the fact that he has orchestrated 11 fourth-quarter comebacks in the past three seasons suggests that he routinely comes through for the Cowboys when it matters. Now, I know these truths won't absolve Romo from the harsh criticism of some unrealistic football fans, but this should shed some light on why NFL evaluators hold the quarterback in high regard as a clutch playmaker.

Comparatively, Manning sits behind only Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning (40) and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (31) on the active list of 4th quarter comebacks, but because the statistics aren't always very pretty, NFL Network chose to omit him from their list. Which is somewhat ironic when you consider that the very definition of "clutch" centers on result and not path, but we digress…

To even suggest that Romo is a more clutch 4th quarter quarterback than Manning is somewhat laughable. Might his quarterback rating be better? Absolutely. But when it comes to wins and losses — the only two things that matter — there are only two players in the league who have done it any better. And neither of them have done it on the big stage quite like Easy E has. In fact, Mr. Brady has twice been on the losing end of exactly that.

The entire Top 10 broke down as follows:

  • 10) Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers
  • 9) Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks
  • 8) Philip Rivers, San Diego Chargers
  • 7) Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh Steelers
  • 6) Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys
  • 5) Andrew Luck, Indianapolis Colts
  • 4) Tom Brady, New England Patriots
  • 3) Peyton Manning, Denver Broncos
  • 2) Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay packers
  • 1) Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints


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12 Responses to “Tony Romo Listed as One of NFL’s “Most Clutch” Quarterbacks; Eli Manning Left Off List”

  1.  GOAT56 says:

    For all the disrespect that Eli gets this is the worse. Even those that don’t think Eli is anything but an average QB helped by great teams to win SBs respect his clutchness. To have 10 current QBs and not include Eli is something this writer should lose his job over or admit it was a really bad oversight. Eli is probably a top 10 alltime clutch QB. This list is plain insanity! I guess Dan knows how to gets us charged up with this BS.

    • Dan BentonDan Benton says:

      lol It’s been all offseason with this nonsense. But I agree, this is, by far, the biggest slap in Eli’s face thus far. It’s laughable, really. Say what you want about Eli and his gunslinging mentality, turnovers, etc. He is a clutch 4th quarter QB. Fact.

      •  GOAT56 says:

        Exactly. Some of the other stuff while going too far has some reason to it or at least I can see how a reasonable person holds that opinion. This is just beyond stupid.

  2.  kujo says:

    And Cam Newton? Really? Since when?

  3.  GOAT56 says:

    On Snee I really don’t see him being a backup. I think what happens is Snee is able to practice and get on the field by the 3rd preseason game or he retires. i think the job will be given to Snee if he’s shows he’s healthy. I just don’t think a healthy Snee will start the season as a backup. An unhealthy Snee isn’t really worth having on the roster unless he’s on PUP. I see Snee starting, PUP, retiring or asked to retire (because he’s about to be cut).

  4.  fanfor55years says:

    You’d have to see this to believe it! And I still don’t.

    I give up. The only reason I care about the preposterous lack of respect that Eli gets is that I am starting to suspect it will keep him out of Canton even if he wins a third ring. It’s as if everyone in the media who covers politics decided that Obama or W was a better President than Teddy Roosevelt and continued to insist as much until they all reached a consensus and it became a commonplace that people actually believed.

    I’m with GOAT. Of all the bull-dung directed at Eli, this is the absolute worst. It’s preposterous. Thank goodness Eli’s success in life doesn’t rely on the vagaries of public opinion. Mass delusion is a pitiful thing, but he will move on to his huge spread in Oxford, Mississippi with his wonderful family, his big bank account and his great career and have a better life than the entire collection of media muppets and the deluded public who come up with this garbage, and in some cases actually believe it. So don’t cry for Eli. He rises above it like most real success stories rise above the jealousies and resentments that drive their critics.

  5.  Krow says:

    All discussion of Eli aside … clutch QBs … Tony freakin’ Romo ???

    •  G Fan since Ninteen Forty Eight says:

      Well he has really helped us win a lot of clutch games in the 4th quarter.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      Never mind Romo. There isn’t ONE of those except for Andrew Luck (and maybe Russell Wilson) who should even be mentioned in the same breath as Eli as a clutch quarterback, and I most definitely include his brother and Brady in that assessment. Aaron Rodgers? Has had some REALLY bad games in big situations. Drew Brees? Better in the clutch than Rodgers, but only one Super Bowl win despite a great offensive team and top coach and the biggest home field advantage in the league (yes, even better than Seattle). Sorry Drew, you’re not the equal of Eli when the chips are down at the highest stakes table.

      But yeah, having Romo in there, he of the fumbled field goal snap and the untimely interceptions, makes the list a complete joke.

  6.  G Fan since Ninteen Forty Eight says:

    Everyone looks at last years stats and makes decisions based on that aberration. The interesting part of statistics is that by nature they are in the past and I am not aware of a single algorithm that can project the future of a quarterback without including the chaos (random event) factor accurately. What I was yesterday does not necessary define who I am today as the environment is in constant flux. In other words it is all BS when it comes down to playing the game on the field. But thanks Dan for getting my brain juices work .

  7.  BBWC says:

    Snee will be gone before the start of the regular season, one way or another “mark my words”. No one actually believes that Snee can make it through an entire season…so what’s the point in prolonging the inevitable? Keeping Snee would be a waste of a valuable roster spot IMO.
    Snee was great in the day, but that day has long since past.


  8.  T-Thom97 says:

    this is really an outrage… just crazy. how in the world isn’t eli on the list??? 2 playoff runs that ended up with Super Bowls in which he came back in the 4th Q!!! winning both championship games on the road. winning against Hall of Fame QBs…. apart of one of the most memorable plays in the HISTORY of the game! to leave him off this list is just a shame. im a peyton manning fan but he isn’t a clutch qb im sorry. cam newton??!!!! did I miss something?
    tony romo…. he had 3 chances to get his team in the playoffs in the last game of the season the past 3 years!!!! blew it agains the giants…. blew it against the redskins…. got hurt and didn’t play against the eagles last year… when in the playoffs against the giants in 07, they were the number 1 seed… last play he throws the big pick. he is a joke!!!! GREAT FANTASY qb. evidently being a great fantasy player means more than the real game in todays game. pathetic

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