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New York Giants’ Tom Coughlin Believes Roster Turnover Will Lead to “Culture Change”

April 8th, 2014 at 9:00 AM
By Dan Benton

To say the New York Giants have made major changes this offseason would be a bit of an understatement. Not only have they seen a massive roster shuffle, they also overhauled their offensive coaching staff following the retirement of offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride. Accordingly, head coach Tom Coughlin says these moves will bring about a culture change in the Giants' locker-room — including how the team approaches the every day X's and O's.

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"The culture will change. Now, the principles and the values will not change, but how we go about our business has to change, because we have so many new people that have to be integrated into the system. Am I concerned about the X’s and O’s? Yes, I’m concerned about the X’s and O’s," Coughlin told last week. "That whole situation in terms of the new system and our new offensive coordinator [Ben McAdoo], those things are all going to have to be presented to our team, both veterans and new people. It puts them basically in the same boat, because they’re all learning from scratch, there’s no advantage to anybody.

The collective changes, Coughlin says, will impact the team from top to bottom. Not only will new players and coaches have to come in an learn about the Giants' way, but the remaining coaches and personnel will now be subject to learning a new offensive system, familiarizing themselves with new faces and, ultimately, finding a way to gel quickly enough that it does not negatively impact them once the regular season begins.

A tall order? Indeed. But not something that Coughlin believes in insurmountable.

“It’s a challenge, but that’s alright. That’s good. That’s part of the challenge," Coughlin added. "We don’t have any less time than anybody else, but nevertheless, people will look at the fifth preseason game and hopefully that becomes an advantage for us. I think it’s necessary to say that perhaps the few extra practices that we’ll have will help us and then the ability to evaluate new arrivals, how particular players fit in, that’s going to be very important as well.”

Ultimately, the Giants will have a long adjustment period that's crammed into a short amount of time. But as Coughlin alludes, the early preseason and extra preseason game should help in both the adjustment and the culture of change. Of course, that's only a positive if the team remains healthy — something they've been unable to do since Coughlin took over as head coach in 2004.


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2 Responses to “New York Giants’ Tom Coughlin Believes Roster Turnover Will Lead to “Culture Change””

  1.  GOAT56 says:

    I don’t agree with the masses because I don’t think we still have holes. Holes in my view means a position in which we need a starter for 2014. I think all of our starting positions are pretty clearly accounted for or have legit answers for the few positions in question. However, we have depth needs and positions where talent needs to be fortified for the future.

    OL: Many seem to have questions about Beatty. Beatty is here and will be the starter if healthy. A broken leg is an injury that usually heals and you’re 100% again. It would seem surprising if Beatty isn’t ready by training camp. But if he’s not I think our LT is Pugh and Brown would be the RT. I think that’s a reasonable OL. Snee also faces questions but I think that’s why Jerry was signed and we still have Mosley. Then there’s Walton who unlike Beatty and Snee is actually healthy as of today. To me Walton isn’t a health concern as much as performance level question. I do think out of our possible needs a backup center is actual need but given the position value of center we can address that position at any point in the draft a get a starting level player.

    RB: Would be in pretty good shape if Wilson’s status was certain. But it’s not so to me we need draft a RB that possibly can be a #2 RB. Like center, RB can be addressed at any point of the draft and fill this need because of the position value and there not being a big drop in quality of prospects.

    TE: Is a popular choice for being looked at as empty. But I think back to what we did in 2011 going with all unproven guys and to me this year will be similar. Rookie’s don’t start much for good teams there’s exceptions but I think even if we draft a TE Robinson is our likely starter at TE. What people miss with Robinson is compared to any rookie he now has NFL experience and now should know what he’s doing. Talent wise Robinson is still as talented as a 2 way TE as any TE we could draft. Donnell also is an athletic talent. I’m not saying we won’t add another TE but I don’t think JR and company view it as the need as some think. If we draft an early TE I think it shows a desire to play a lot of 2 TE sets because I really think Robinson will be given a chance.

    WR: We need a young guy who can be at least our 3rd WR next year. A WR isn’t going to get major snaps unless injuries arise. Jernigan and MM are free agents so we need some talent in the pipeline. I doubt a rookie makes major impact this year but the WR need is more about the future.

    DT: We need a young guy who can start next year. Much like last year a draft DT isn’t going to get major snaps unless injuries arise. But much like hankins last year we need to draft someone who can start next year. Jenkins between age and contract size is no lock to return next year and even if he does his snaps probably need to be reduced.

    DE: We could use another pass rusher. Kiwi and Ayers are both all around DEs who can provide a little pass rush but neither is a true pass rusher. Kiwi is also getting old and his performance last year made it look like the end could be near. We always like to keep 3 starting quality DEs. We expect Moore to step up and Ayers can be a good enough short term band aid but a young talented guy is needed. Maybe this isn’t a high pick with the addition of Ayers but we could definitely use someone.

    LB: We can use a backup or two for special teams this year who can develop into starters. Williams and Paysinger are free agents while Beason and McClain are not young with some recent injury history.

    CB: Is only a need if we don’t exercise the option on Prince. If we don’t then we could lose both Prince and Thurman at the end of this year.

    S: Maybe this is an option with Rolle and Brown being free agents after the year and Hill having questions about being able to stay off the suspension list.

    KR/PR: I know we signed Holiday and Demps but a young late round pick or undrafted free agent is still an option. I don’t think either Holiday or Demps are locks to make this roster.

    •  BigBlueGiant says:

      “Talent wise Robinson is still as talented as a 2 way TE as any TE we could draft.”

      what makes you think this?

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