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Quarterback J.R. Reese, Son of New York Giants GM Jerry Reese, to Walk on at Rutgers

February 7th, 2014 at 10:00 AM
By Douglas Rush

J.R. Reese, the son of New York Giants General Manager Jerry Reese, recently had some decisions to make as to where he wanted to play his college football in 2014.

He could have attended his father's alma-mater at the University of Tennessee-Martin, but instead of taking a scholarship to other schools, he decided to attend Rutgers University and make the team as a walk-on, meaning he will play for Rutgers without a scholarship.

The quarterback son of the Giants general manager just completed a season in which he threw for 17 touchdowns and 1,480 yards and rushed for 10 touchdowns and 1,141 yards for Jefferson High School, located in Oak Ridge, New Jersey and Reese told the media that he chose Rutgers over other schools because of the emphasis of family which ultimately drew him in and decided to commit to staying in-state.

“With Rutgers, the emphasis was put on family,” said Reese. “Coach (Kyle) Flood and I basically have the same mindset, that we want to bring home a championship. The guys there all accepted me. It was a good fit. … It’s a big gamble, but the coaches plan on me being a major contributor. I’m glad they have faith in me. They know how hard I work and I know the others will push me as well. They do believe in me and I will have a chance to make some noise.”

With National Signing Day now completed, Reese will be one of six quarterbacks that Rutgers will have on roster competing for a spot on the team and playing time, but even with that many players competing for a quarterback spot, Reese likes his chances and thinks he will push others on the team and that competitive nature could lead to him playing.

“I’m just going to go in and give myself a chance to compete,” said Reese, who will be one of six quarterbacks on the Scarlet Knights’ roster when the season begins in September. “I know other walk-ons have eventually started. I feel pretty confident about my chances. I’m the ultimate competitor. I’m going to go there and push others as well.”

Reese said that his dad didn't try to sway his decision in any way and would support him playing anywhere in September. Rutgers has a history of players walking onto the program and not only playing, but starting as well. If Reese ends up performing well as a freshman, he could end up receiving a scholarship from Rutgers.

Photo credit: Νick P / Foter / CC BY


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10 Responses to “Quarterback J.R. Reese, Son of New York Giants GM Jerry Reese, to Walk on at Rutgers”

  1.  GOAT56 says:


    Before I forget I would like to axr29 for these draft articles they are really well done.

    BBG – I understand your concern about WR but many positions are going to be proven. While our games were meanless as fans they were meaningless as players. While Jernigan’s performance doesn’t mean he’s a great WR but it does mean he has enough to be a quality #3, especially in a system that gets the ball out quicker and relies more on RAC yardage. That said if Lee is still on the board I feel conflicted because I think Lee is a more explosive Reggie Wayne.

    I don’t wan’t anything to do with Evans, he is easily my least favorite player that could be a possibility at 12. I have questions about Ebron but I have less concerns about his skills translating. Evans just reminds me a lot of Mike Williams.

    If we were getting rid of Kiwi and not re-signing Tuck then I wonder if Bennett makes any sense. He’s kind of a Tuck (not as good as the prime version) type player but now in his prime. He’s probably too expensive for us but he would give us a younger Tuck type all around DE.

    •  jerseyrich says:

      Bennett is probably going to be looking for 3-4 years at about 6-7 mill per. I doubt we have a shot.

  2.  Krow says:

    There’s ony one last thing to be determined … in four years will he be our 3rd string QB or our Asst. Quality Control coach?

  3.  jerseyrich says:

    As far as the draft…which is basically all there is to talk about now….I wouldn’t rule out the Giants going d-line. If Joseph walks, I would actually be inclined to believe we do go that route, assuming none of the true studs drop to us. The combine will obviously change a lot of how we currently look at these players, but I really don’t see the Giants taking one of the corners at 12, as many are predicting. Of course, free agency is probably going to totally alter how we currently view that #12 pick.

    •  rlhjr says:

      If no top tier O-lineman is around with the 12th pick, I’ve been pushing for Jernigan from Florida State. He (IMO) more than Bennett is a Tuck type of player who could hold down DE/DT duties and excel at both.
      He’s almost a no brainer if all else fails at 12. Hell, he just might be the guy.

      Also, I’ll say again that Damontre Moore (who I love as a player) IS NOT a three down defensive end. Moore is just not big enough at 245 lbs.
      The kid can and I hope will be allowed to rush the passer.
      But he’s much better at it standing up.

      Moore is exactly what Kiwi was supposed to be; a tweener with ability to play linebacker and rush the passer. Unfortunately Moore three things going against him:

      1. He is good enough to actually play linebacker and rush the passer.
      2. He’s too young to play for Coughlin
      3. He’s an attack player.

      Provided he doesn’t get seriously injured, Moore will play out his time with the Giants, go to a team willing to use his dominant attributes and become a really good pass rusher most likely in a 34 alignment. Even money says the Seahawks pick him up and he goes viral.

      •  jerseyrich says:

        I like Jernigan as well….also am beginning to like Hageman. If Moore doesn’t have a big role with the team this year, then something is seriously amiss. High round draft picks (1-3 rounds) HAVE to be productive by year 2, considering that they become FA’s after year 4. If they aren’t productive in year 2, then either the team is doing a lousy job of drafting, or they are doing a lousy job of coaching these kids up. Any time a guy picked in the first 3 rounds isn’t a serious part of the team by his 2nd year, there is something really wrong.

        •  rlhjr says:

          Amen brother…..amen. The shame is I think Moore is a player.
          Let’s hope Mara’s wake up call extended to the defense too.

          And yes, Hageman is a nice player. I just think Jernigan is a bit of a freak.

  4.  NC Giant says:

    anyone think Manningham could make a 2nd stop in NY? I think he is/will be available as a FA right? I realize he is no genious either but if that knee is good (and he will have had 18-24 months since the injury) I would love to have him back?


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