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New York Giants Made the Right Move by Hiring Ben McAdoo as Offensive Coordinator

January 15th, 2014 at 7:00 AM
By Doug Rush

In their search for a new offensive coordinator, the New York Giants and head coach Tom Coughlin had the chance to screw this up and go with more of the same. But that's not how things shook out.

With Kevin Gilbride now retired and out of the league, the team needed to pick someone to fix what co-owner John Mara had called a broken offense and with Gilbride likely to be fired if he had not stepped away, the Giants offense needed a new voice and direction to lead them next season. When Gilbride walked away, many thought Mike Sullivan would be that new voice.

But in reality, Sullivan would have been the wrong move to make, especially if they were trying to get away from the style Gilbride had been running. Sure, it worked from time to time because Gilbride called the offense for two Super Bowl winning teams, but his offense became stale and predictable to the point where it ultimately failed and thus, the change at offensive coordinator was needed. Sullivan was previously the Giants quarterbacks coach and was an assistant under Gilbride who brought the same kind of offense down with him to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers when he was hired as the offensive coordinator there and ultimately, ended up getting fired along with the rest of the Tampa coaching staff under Greg Schiano after a 4-12 season. (Plus, if we all had to sit there and watch one more shotgun draw get called on 3rd and long, furniture may have been thrown out of windows due to frustration.)

While all eyes were on Sullivan potentially being the guy to replace Gilbride and essentially, bring the same, predictable offense back to New York that fans grew to hate, a new name in Ben McAdoo entered the mix. McAdoo, who was previously the quarterbacks coach of the Green Bay Packers was someone with no affiliation with Coughlin or Gilbride whatsoever and would be bringing new ideas to an offense that was desperate for them and eventually, landed the job on Tuesday night to run the Giants offense and call the plays for the 2014 season.

The 36-year-old McAdoo is a coaching disciple of current Packers head coach Mike McCarthy, who himself was once the hot assistant coach from the San Francisco 49ers who got the Packers head coaching job because of the innovative ideas on offense; ideas on offense that eventually won a Super Bowl with the team in 2010 and is considered one of the NFL's best coaches. McAdoo will be bringing a lot of McCarthy's ideas to New York with him in 2014 and more importantly, to Eli Manning, who could use a bit of a change and rebound in 2014, especially after a season where he was sacked 39 times and intercepted 27; all unfortunate career highs.

Now Manning will get a chance to rebound with McAdoo running the offense in 2014 and the two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback will get to work with a guy that many felt was the hot coaching candidate for both an offense and to be a head coach this offseason and someone looking to make a name for himself. With the trend of the latest coaching candidates being on the offensive side of the ball, McAdoo could be the next "must have" candidate if he can take the sputtering Giants offense and make it into the explosive unit that he is promising for the 2014 season.

With the process now over and McAdoo clearly in the plans for the Giants this coming season, they can now focus on personnel moves and what player changes and additions they need to make on offense. With those moves being made, they have the right guy running the ship and got someone who will bring fresh, new ideas into the mix and hopefully, give the unit a major shot in the arm that was desperately being called for a while now.

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