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Quarterback Ryan Nassib Will Compete for New York Giants’ Back-Up Role in 2014

January 10th, 2014 at 11:00 AM
By Dan Benton

When the New York Giants traded up and chose quarterback Ryan Nassib in the 2013 NFL Draft, it left a large number of people scratching their heads. Why would a team with a two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback possibly spend a mid-round pick on a project back-up?

That question was only compounded when the Giants opted to go with three quarterbacks on their 53-man roster, leaving Nassib as an inactive for all 16 games behind Curtis Painter. But, while making the media rounds on Thursday, General Manager Jerry Reese finally addressed all of those questions and concerns.

"You always want to have a guy that can back up. … A guy you think can carry a team and win a couple of games for you," Reese said. "He was here for the whole season, went through all the practices and OTAs and leaned what the National Football League is about. He's gonna be fighting for the No. 2 spot next year"

"We always want Eli to stay healthy, but if Eli's not healthy, we hope [Nassib] is a guy we can put in there, a talented football player that's been a winner, that we can put in there and he can win some games for us."

Reese went on to add that he felt Nassib got more confident as practices progressed on this past season, and that "without question" the youngster was able to pick up on things he'd need to succeed at an NFL level.

For co-owner John Mara, practices may not be enough. While making the media rounds himself, Mara was quite blunt in that he wants to see a lot more out of Nassib, primarily in the preseason, next year.

“I want to see [Nassib] play as much as possible,” Mara said, referring to the preseason. “I want to know what we have.”

Ultimately, Nassib doesn't sound like a potential Manning replacement so as much as a security blanket in the event Manning goes down at some point in his career. Odds are we'll see plenty of him in next season's four preseason game, but little else beyond that. Such is life behind the NFL's ironman.

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16 Responses to “Quarterback Ryan Nassib Will Compete for New York Giants’ Back-Up Role in 2014”

  1.  Krow says:

    “It’s a little too late to do the right thing now … “

  2.  kujo says:

    Oh, will he compete? Will he? Like, for reals? A fourth round pick who was touted as one of the best quarterbacks in the 2011 draft, and who was taken because his “value” outweighed our very clear needs elsewhere, will engage in a “competition” for a BACKUP role?

    Wow….the times they are-a changing….

  3.  rlhjr says:

    I hope the give a decent chance by letting him operate with something more than future Walmart shelf stockers. Coughlin might see fit to let him play once he’s in his 30′s.

    “We hoped he’d be an improvement for us, but that didn’t happen for whatever reason. It’s disappointing”

    Let me get this straight, Jerry Reese and others thought Brandon fkn Myers would be an improvement over Martellus (Black Unicorn) Bennett?

    And jfunk I feel you bro and will raise you this point as well:

    I have wondered aloud for years why the Giants seem to miss on so many second to mid round draft picks. And I always come back to a central theme.
    I think Norm explained it once in detail.

    The relationships between, position coaches, coordinators, head coach and GM is horribly dysfunctional on this team. You can tell me not a single position coach on this team did not see the need for offensive line help. You can tell me, but I won’t fkn believe it.

    You can also tell me that Reese wanted Wilson all along and not Doug Martian. Wilson possessed world class speed and freakish balance. But he has no heart for blocking AT ALL. The Giants got jumped for Martian. Tampa wanted him more. So the Giants fall back plan was Wilson. Of course, the philosophy of never moving up for a desired player comes into play. Other than Bradshaw and Boss, Reese could have certainly parted with some late rounder’s in order to move up.

    You also would have a hard time making me understand that defensive coaches did not see the need for a middle and strong side linebacking many moons ago.
    The incertion of Beason and awakening of Paysinger (albiet it weak side) only prove my point.

    Input from those coaches plus the views of the coordinators should have been enough to convince both Coughlin and Reese to take appropriate action via the draft and free agency.

    But the urgency was not there to maintain the offensive line. Either that, or the obvious deficiencies were completely overlooked by all the paid “so called” football professionals on the entire fkn team.

    Here’s the deal, whoever has the final say on draft picks is wacked. And the hierarchy of this team with exception of Mr. Mara’s place in it is also wacked.
    I cannot hate on the players because they were selected. Choices like Sintim and Beckem although not HOF’ers this ball club completely missed on how to utilize them both. And how could that be if there is honest communication between all the coaching/evaluation entities I named? Was there was no plan, no structure? If Reese picks a player and neither Coughlin or his coordinators like the player, how the fck does that happen if decusion and planning are taking place?

    Bad picks, mistakes happen all the time. No problem with that. But putting round pegs in square holes is a different beast altogether. No, something’s rotten in Denmark and it smells all the way to Jersey.

    Mr. Mara may well be sick of it. But only he has the juice to fix it.
    Reese can’t strike out on his own, and he needs proper input from coaches and Coughlin to make the proper decision. I would really like to know what the true pecking order is after Mara. You know the pecking order that has never been made public. We can all take stabs at what it could or should be.
    But we’d all only be guessing.

    What seems to be true is there’s definitely a disconnect somewhere in the chain of command. There is an inherent lack of aggression to take chances to move up and select a real player. Moving down is not an issue. But unless you have scoped the world how in the hell do you move down and get a starter?
    You have to be really shrewd in your appraisal of a player(s) and you have to be lucky. The Giants of recent vintage seem to lack both those traits.
    And it seems Big Blue will never error on the side of aggression. So be it.

    As I’ve said time and again, Reese/Ross would not know an NFL caliber linebacker or (so it seems) offensive lineman if one kicked them in the chin.
    Seems to me Coughlin is calling balls and strikes. Just a guess.
    But, to whom much is given, much is asked.

    •  Krow says:

      There were times when it almost seemed like a spite war was going on. “We told him we didn’t want an H-back. OK, fine. He drafts this Beckum guy. But we don’t have to play him. He can sit there forever for all I care.” That sort of thing.

    •  skinnydoogan says:

      Most cogent post I have read in a while.

      •  rlhjr says:

        Let’s indeed see what happens with Moore and Nassib. Will they be put in position to succeed? Or hung out to dry?

        It pains me, but it could be that this entire staff needs to take a long walk off a short pier in order to turn things around. Make no mistake; it is rebuild time on offense. No matter what you think of Eli, the line is the heart and sole of an offense. QB is just driving the car. Some drivers are better than others. I happen to think the Giants have an excellent driver.
        It’s just the car that’s shot to hell…………………………

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