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Will New York Giants Be Forced to Entertain Idea of Releasing Will Hill Following Latest Arrest?

January 6th, 2014 at 7:00 AM
By Douglas Rush

If there was one player that fans of the New York Giants could label as a breakout star in 2013, it would be safety Will Hill, who stepped into Stevie Brown's starting role this season after serving his four-game suspension and showed everyone just how much of an impact player he can be.

Despite all of that, Hill has continued to have issues off the field, as he was arrested in late December for owing at least $9,000 in child-support payments and "smelling of marijuana" at the time of his arrest. With the arrest, Hill is potentially looking at a third suspension in as many seasons from the NFL as a result and thus, could be forcing General Manager Jerry Reese to make a decision.

With Hill having his issues off the field, there has been some speculation (via Rotoworld) that the Giants general manager may be forced to cut ties with Hill because the team may feel like even though he's very talented and helped solidified a defense that was in shambled through the first six weeks of the season, the headaches and baggage that comes with him may not warrant the roster spot.

This past year, if Hill weren't serving his second suspension from the NFL for the entire month of September, he could have easily of slid right in and started in the secondary in Week 1 against the Dallas Cowboys instead of Ryan Mundy and thus, given the Giants an extra weapon on defense, but instead, was on the sidelines watching the team start off 0-4 instead of helping them in their time of need.

With the possibility of Stevie Brown being re-signed this offseason and re-claiming his starting safety role, maybe Reese feels as if the headaches aren't worth the Giants troubles and can live without Hill on the team, despite the fact that he is one of the teams best defensive players and will only get better so long as his troubles don't get in the way of his potential.

Or, maybe the Giants feel that even with Brown coming back from the torn ACL injury and Rolle's contract coming up soon, Hill is too valuable to let go of, even with his legal troubles.

This was definitely an issue that Reese didn't want to have to address as the season ended, but he's not going to have much of a choice come February and he will have to figure out if Hill's talents and production outweigh the off the field issues enough to keep him, or simply say good bye in the next month.

The good news is that Hill wasn't charged with any marijuana-related offense, but the NFL is still keeping a close eye on him.

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8 Responses to “Will New York Giants Be Forced to Entertain Idea of Releasing Will Hill Following Latest Arrest?”

  1.  JimStoll says:

    Unless he gets suspended for the year by the league, there is no way the Giants release him.
    First, he is a flat out player and the Giants have precious few of those
    Second, his missteps have been more piddly than substantial — adderol, marijuana — not the type of bad a$$ behavior we’ve come to know in the league
    plus, as I think jerseyrich posted a couple of weeks ago, the current bust is not one that should result in a suspension
    we shall see

  2.  fanfor55years says:

    Giants need to take the Cowboy’s “Dez Bryant Approach” toward Will Hill. He’s too talented to lose but will need babysitting until he figures it all out. This kid has everything required to become a perennial All-Pro at safety and dominate games. You try to retain that guy when you know he isn’t a criminal, just a stupid kid who can’t seem to easily control himself.

  3.  Krow says:

    Just a quick analysis … subjective of course … of where the 12 playoff teams stand on two parameters … the 1st is QB mobility … the second is QB on his rookie deal:

    Team Mobile Rookie Deal

    NE NO NO

    NO NO NO

  4.  Krow says:

    I’m not a fan of players and their behavior. I think … like all the rich and famous … they consider themselves above the law. Sadly this often proves to be true.

    However if we cut ties with Hill over these relatively minor issues then it’s proper to question whether our management is committed to winning or not. I asked this after we benched Nicks in the Dallas game for missing practice. Hopefully they’ll not stuff their heads up the oft mentioned hole again.

  5.  rlhjr says:

    It is quite simply time for a face to face, man to man-child meeting between Reese and Hill. Basically, you have no more chances at fixing what wrong with your life type of thing. I really love the player he is. And I am sure Giant defensive coaches and Reese do too.

    But losing him in this nickle and dime fashion is getting rather old.
    He needs help in his life weather he stays a Giant or not. Major maturity problem. The sum of money mentioned should not be a problem for an NFL sfety to part with. He needs something or someone to get his attention.
    And that would be Reese letting him know that his next fck up is his last in blue.

    Problem is he could square away some issues, but who know what’s still in the closet? He really needs to come clean. At this point his talent is all that keeping him around. The kid can fN play.

  6.  stuh says:

    The guy is too valuable as a player. The $9000 isn’t a problem but the weed is. When he was first arrested there was no mention of the pot. Lots of these guys have problems with baby moma’s.
    He has the potential to be a star, but this drug issue keeps coming up and that is a real problem. I think that they have to put him in a program and if it happens again the they have to make a decision. This dummy just keeps hurting himself. LT was a much worse druggy and he wound up in the HOF. They covered up for him because of his talent.
    The league has plenty of bad boy’s and they let them come back. Look at Pacman. That bum kept getting chances and he was involved in worse things. So was Ray Lewis and now he is on ESPN. The morals change according to the players ability.

  7.  JimStoll says:

    Is it certain he will be suspended for 2014 for being in a car that “smelled” of marijuana but for which no marijuana -related arrest occurred?
    One would think that as society moves inexorably towards full legalization of pot, the NFL will have to reassess its stance when someone is actually caught smoking, as opposed to just smelling

  8.  stuh says:

    The owners who run the league make these rules and they can change them. These players aren’t exactly quire boys. If a player is arrested for some infraction that is detrimental to society then they can suspend him. But these little nonsense things are a joke. Peterson had kids all over the place he didn’t know about no one made a fuss about that. The morals of the owners is a joke.

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