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New York Giants Have Already Expressed Interest in Re-Signing Andre Brown: Report

January 1st, 2014 at 2:48 PM
By Dan Benton

As the New York Giants packed up their things on Monday, preparing for the long offseason ahead, running back Andre Brown spoke openly about his desire to return in 2014. The soon-to-be free agent said he'd be willing to open negotiations with the Giants immediately, and that appears to be exactly what's happened.

“Shoot, I got family up here and everything, I’ll do it tomorrow if you want to,” he said on Monday.

Only two days removed from those comments and The Star-Ledger reports the Giants have already expressed an interest in re-signing Brown. And given that Brown is represented by Drew Rosenhaus, the same agent who represents linebacker Jon Beason, it's very likely the lines of communication have been opened up between the Giants and each player.

With David Wilson's status for 2014 still very much uncertain, Brown makes sense for the Giants as a contingency plan. Despite battling through a large number of seemingly fluke injuries, Brown is familiar with the Giants' offensive system and has consistently found success in it.

New York could also look to Peyton Hillis, who roundly praised the Giants' organization last week, or veteran running back Brandon Jacobs, should he opt to postpone retirement. They team also has rookie running back Michael Cox remaining on the depth chart.

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19 Responses to “New York Giants Have Already Expressed Interest in Re-Signing Andre Brown: Report”

  1.  James Stoll says:

    Makes sense
    He’s a solid back if unreliable health wise
    But a very good number 2
    If we can bolster the line to merely average, he should be an asset in 2014

    •  turkish says:

      Agree. Awful situation with Wilson who is a clear Reese bust so far. Brown should be brought back.

  2.  fanfor55years says:

    Wilson is a bust? Because he got hurt?

    Nicks is no good but someone will pay him $9MM per year so we can’t keep him (and shouldn’t because he’s damaged goods)?

    We can magically sign NFL free agent wide receivers without busting the cap but we shouldn’t consider one-year band aids who are familiar with the offense?

    Tuck is suddenly a crucial signing but no one considers that his two best games were against the Redskins and he didn’t dominate a single top tackle all season?

    Yeah, lots of folks around here could easily do better than Jerry Reese.

    •  James Stoll says:

      You’ve gotten a little snarky my friend

    •  turkish says:

      -Not because he got hurt, because he fumbled his opportunities away when called upon. Wilson showed a lot in KR duties as a rookie, but has not shown that he was worthy of a 1st rd pick as a RB. He has ball security issues (a problem he also had at the collegiate level) and is a liability as a blocker (another NCAA issue).

      I had HIGH hopes for Wilson, as did Reese which is why he chose him 1st. 1st round RB should be instant impact, he wasn’t and still isn’t heading into his 3rd season.

      -WRs are overpaid often in the NFL FF55. Greg Jennings and Mike Wallace as of late.

      -Tuck is still one of the Top run stopping DEs and should be brought back.

  3.  Kettles78 says:

    I’m curious if they draft another Rb or try to sign a free agent to get them by. They need somebody who is steady at the position

    •  Dirt says:

      One of my biggest beefs with Killdrive (I know, I have a lot of them) is his refusal or inability to utilize running backs in the passing game with actual patterns. Backs in this offense either block (ok, that’s important) and only if that’s taken care of take a few steps and turn around for a checkdown pass.

      Assuming Killdrive is gone, I’d love to see the next guy design plays for running backs to, instead of running through a pile of 12 people, 7 trying to tackle him, and match up against 1 guy who can’t touch him until he’s down the field and caught the ball.

      And, so, I’d want that next back to be good at running routes and catching balls.

      I remain hopeful that Wilson could be that guy, with the right guy calling the plays. I think he would be uncoverable by most NFL linebackers.

      •  Dirt says:

        I mean, I get that Tiki was the best running back this team has had in decades, by a large margin. And I get that Hufnagel had the luxury of calling plays with him.

        But Tiki’s last two years were the 3rd and 36th, respectively, best seasons from scrimmage of all time. Thereafter, there have been no less than 15 backs. You telling me NONE of them can catch the ball effectively out of the backfield, albeit at a diminished capability vis-a-vis Tiki? You telling me that the quarterback and OL, many of which played when Tiki was here, suddenly became unable to run screen passes?

      •  turkish says:

        I think Joe Lombardi from New Orleans would be a nice fit in that case. They are a screen machine down there. His grandfather also knew a thing or to about football. He interviewed for OC positions last off-season.

    •  Dirt says:

      Pop quiz:

      What Killdrive season had the most catches by a running back?

      2011 (90, Super Bowl Champions)

      How many catches did backs have in 2013?

      58 (finished 9-7, missed the playoffs)

  4.  Krow says:

    Our OL almost never opens up a hole for the RB. It’s not going to matter all that much who carries the ball till we get that fixed.

    •  turkish says:

      Was interesting to see Jacobs come in off of the street and have more success than Wilson. That was alarming for me and I lost a lot of faith in Wilson when that happened.

  5.  jb322 says:

    If I remember right, Tiki had fumble issues too, as did Bradshaw, I used to hold my breath every time they touched the ball. So they must have been busts too? I really get annoyed with people referring to Wilson as a bust when the guy has not even had a legitimate chance in the NFL yet. Was I the only one watching his runs this year? When given some blocking, he flat out made people look silly on a regular basis. He ran with elusiveness and power when he wasn’t being tackled as soon as he got the ball. IN 2012 when he was given a chance down the stretch, he was hands down the best back on the team.

    Yes, he fumbled twice in the opener this year, Every back we had this year fumbled. I’m sure that it has nothing to do with being hit hard and often, 5 yards behind the line of scrimmage though. Or having to share duties with Scott, or the total lack of support from KG or TC. As for being an impact in his first year, how does leading the the league in kick off returns, not qualify as an impact?

    •  turkish says:

      Wilson was awful this year. A clear step back aside from the injury. Look at his numbers. His contribution in the KR department was mentioned, but he hasn’t lived up to the 1st round pick a RB is expected to. Wilson goes down and Jacobs comes in off the street with same O-Line and has success.

      I hope Wilson comes back in 2014 and has a monster season, but he hasn’t proved to be worthy of a 1st round selection so far in his career.

    •  turkish says:

      Bradshaw was an obvious homerun as a 7th rd pick, which can never be a bust to me.

      Tiki took a little while to develop also, so that is a good reference. Again hope he (Wilson) blows the socks off of our feet when it’s all said and done.

  6.  skinnydoogan says:

    Fella’s, lets face it running backs have a very tough time in our system. If we had a creative OC that was not using a playbook from the 90′s I think it would be a different story.

  7.  buljos says:

    JR has gathered enough OL projects and mid to late round prospects who may with time and training perform marginally in relief when necessary. One or maybe two may actually emerge to be better than marginal (e.g. Mosley), and that’s why JR took a shot on them. The Giants certainly need those guys, as do all teams. Unfortunately ours earned a lot of valuable regular season game reps in 2013. But if the 2014 line is going to consistently open holes and protect Eli against the division as well as the 49ers, Cards, Seahawks, Lions, and Rams, two more top tier pro bowl level talents must be added. Gambling that the old war horses have one more great season in them (e.g. Chris Snee has a 5th pro bowl 11th season) doesn’t appear to be an option John Mara’s going to accept. So how can JR not add an OT (Cyrus Kouandjio, La’el Collins, Cameron Erving, Greg Robinson, Taylor Lewan) with the 12th overall pick, and if Cyril Richardson (#1 of 268 Guards per NFL Draft Scout) is there at 43, not grab him too? Wouldn’t that immediately and emphatically remove JR from John Mara’s danger zone in 2014, and place the dot squarely on Coughlin and his OC’s forehead? John fired a shot across JR’s bow with his remarks about poor draft performance. That first day of the draft would enable JR to say, “Hey TC, I didn’t give you the O-line talent? Here’s the O-line talent… and I don’t want to hear about rookies not being players… have you met Justin Pugh? It’s on you now.”

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