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Brandon Jacobs Undecided About NFL Future; Will Only Play for New York Giants in 2014

December 31st, 2013 at 9:00 AM
By Douglas Rush

Brandon Jacobs' career in the NFL had appeared to be over, especially since he needed to have surgery done on his knee this past month and many felt that his season with the New York Giants in 2013 might be his final one.

But Jacobs isn't looking at retirement anytime soon and refuses to discuss it publicly. Instead, he's looking at the possibility of playing in 2014, although at this current moment, he's not sure what to expect for next season in the NFL and with the Giants.

“I approach the rehab as if I’m playing next year because I’m undecided right now,” he said.

After winning two Super Bowls with the Giants in 2007 and 2011, Jacobs spent a season with the San Francisco 49ers, a move that he ultimately regrets from start to finish and never really meshed well with the players and with their head coach in Jim Harbaugh. So after a year away from the team, the Giants needed veteran help at running back due to the injuries to Andre Brown and the fumbling issues of David Wilson after Week 1, so the Giants signed Jacobs before their Week 2 game against the Denver Broncos and scored a touchdown in his first game with the team in a 41-23 loss back in September.

Jacobs most productive game all year long was back in Week 6 against the Chicago Bears stepping in for the injured Wilson and had 22 carries for 106 yards with two touchdowns in a 27-21 loss, but after the game, Jacobs dealt with a sore hamstring and ended up being sidelined with the injury for a month and didn't return until their game against the Green Bay Packers; another game where Jacobs scored a touchdown in his return to the team. His final game was in a 24-21 loss to the Dallas Cowboys; Jacobs had nine carries for 75 yards in the loss, but that is where the knee injury came into effect and after a couple of weeks to see if the knee would get better, the Giants placed him on season-ending injured reserve.

On Monday after the team's 2013 regular season finale victory over the Washington Redskins on Sunday afternoon, Jacobs stated his strong desire to play only for the Giants if he were to return for another season in the league.

“I’ll only play here, no question,” Jacobs said. “And if that’s not the case, take it for what it is. Give me a box. Every other Sunday I’ll put my Giants shirt on, my Giant hat, and root for this football team, this organization. I’m only playing here. Screw all them other teams. Screw all them other teams. I tried that already. I’m a Giant. I’m a Giant up and down, 0-16, 16-0, 8-8, whatever you want to call it. That’s what it is. And that’s what I take it, and this is the organization that I love. I won two championships here. It’s never going to be the same anywhere else. I tried to tell a lot of these guys that too.”

While it remains a long-shot that Jacobs even plays another down in the NFL, much less with the Giants, his willingness to only play with the team has won over the entire fan base and shows them that he embodies everything they want in a player, especially his mental toughness and passion for the team. But his age and the surgery he just had on his knee are working against him, so there might be a strong chance that Jacobs has played his final snaps in the NFL, but if so, he at least got to do so with the team that he loved playing for and the place that he called home.


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8 Responses to “Brandon Jacobs Undecided About NFL Future; Will Only Play for New York Giants in 2014”

  1.  turkish says:

    Interesting candidate for OC could be Joe Lombardi from N.O. He’s been with Payton for a while now.

  2. Dan BentonDan Benton says:

    Gonna me non-stop articles for a few days, all. Hang with us. So much going on.

    •  James Stoll says:

      Keep ‘em comin’.
      As for Jacobs returning, if last year taught us nothing, is that the guy is more fragile than ever.
      I have to give him credit though for his desire to be here. He definitely gives everything he has. Trouble is he was never a healthy back when he was young and now he’s not young.

  3.  bluetick says:

    Happy New Year Norm! Glad to see you here again.

    I made my first trip to the Met on Sunday with my brother, nephew, and sons. The rain made it a real bonding experience to say the least. Anyway, I have been waiting for JJ to break out, so that was great to see. I feel that Mara is as frustrated as I am about how long it takes to give young players a chance. I hope that trend can change.

  4.  turkish says:

    For those who want Sullivan back as anything more than a QB coach, ranked 32 in offense for 2013. Dead last. No thanks.

  5.  jfunk says:

    Jim – Good post earlier, I agree with just about everything.

    To add to the Gilbride/Coughlin quandary though, I think perhaps that firing the coordinator can be considered a “consequence” for Coughlin’s failure in that department, as opposed to him getting off “scott free”.

    Bringing in a new coordinator is forcing a nearly full reevaluation of the offensive system and making it crystal clear to the HC that changes are required. They’re not forcing you to bring in a new guy just to call the same plays faster, they’re forcing you to re-implement your system from the top down because it is systematically “broken” as Mara said.

    In other words, you can still like Coughlin as the guy standing at the front of the room, but tell him directly that his failure to properly manage the offensive system is unacceptable. Having to go fire a guy that you appointed because the system you told him to implement failed is certainly a painful experience and one that should lead to a detailed evaluation of the entire system before you implement it again with a new guy.

    I’m not saying this is how it would go down, I’m just saying that I don’t think firing Gilbride would necessarily be tantamount to using him as a scapegoat. It would be a direct indictment of Coughlin’s offensive system and a clear message that they expect Tom to change, rather than just change the name on the coordinator’s door.

    •  Chad Eldred says:

      Assorted thoughts

      I’m no Gilbride cheerleader, but if the replacement is in the Sparano vein then we would see what bad to worse looks like. While there may be no validity to the Sparano rumor, it serves a demonstrative purpose. Unless you are upgrading to better a part, you don’t throw out the old one.

      If Tuck is willing to take a 2 year deal in the 3mil per year range with reasonable guaranteed cake, bringing him back is a no-brainer. It just seems that he will get a better offer. DE is still a premium position in the NFL and some team will consider him the piece that puts them over the top.

      I’ll offer the same advice that I give every year at the conclusion of the season and in the days leading up to the draft. If you lock in on one or two guys that we absolutely “must pick” you deprive yourself of the enjoyment of the draft. Ultimately when your guy doesn’t get picked the usual stomping and tantrum throwing will ensue. If that’s the way that you enjoy the draft, by all means, go ahead. I don’t force my views on anyone. I know that for myself, sitting back and letting things unfold without putting my chips on a particular horse is the way to go.

      Perry Fewell is the least of this team’s problems at present. The defense in the second half of the year was above average to good. Particularly when you factor in how much they had to be on the field. I know that we faced some sub-par QB’s and I’m usually the first to point that out. But the D was the heart of this team and Fewell has to get some credit.

      Forget Nicks and Tuck. Reese should be outside Jon Beason’s door right now with flowers, candy, and his checkbook.

      •  giankees says:

        I think tuck will get an offer over 5 mill a yr from someone else not us. Beason is top priority. Should sign a guard and draft a tackl and a wr.

        What do you think about cuttng kiwi and using his mone cor tuck who had a much better yr?

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