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New York Giants’ Jon Beason: “I Would Love to Play Here Next Year”

December 30th, 2013 at 7:00 AM
By Douglas Rush

Through the first five weeks of the 2013 season, the New York Giants defense was playing poor enough to the point where it was going to cost defensive coordinator Perry Fewell his job; especially since they were allowing over 30 points per game in an 0-5 start.

However, during that time, the New York Giants decide to make a trade that would change the entire outlook of their defense as they acquired Jon Beason from the Carolina Panthers for a seventh-round draft pick and with the middle linebacker manning the middle of the defense, it gave the unit a completely fresh look and one they desperately needed.

From the second half of their Week 6 loss against the Chicago Bears, the defense looked like shades of the team from 2007 and 2011 with Beason in the middle, as they were keeping opposing offenses out of the end zone and were a major reason why the Giants went from 0-6 to 4-6 in a span of five weeks and were right back in the thick of the NFC East division race and many credited Beason's presence as a result of the turnaround.

Before coming to the Giants, the terms "done" and "washed up" were thrown around when the trade was made with the Panthers to land Beason, especially since he was coming off of two injuries that really hampered his 2011 and 2012 seasons and eventually, his benching and trade out of town from Carolina, but gladly into the arms of the Giants who desperately needed a middle linebacker with Beason's talents- if he were healthy.

It had looked like Beason was fully healed from his past injuries because with the Giants, he racked up 93 total tackles to go along with the 11 he already had with the Panthers which gave him 104 total tackles and an interception and looked like the guy that was at one time considered to be the best middle linebacker in the sport along with Patrick Willis of the San Francisco 49ers. After the Giants 20-6 season finale victory over the Washington Redskins, Beason emphasized his strong desire to return to the Giants, as he will be heading into free agency into the offseason.

“I would love to play here next year,” said Beason, who suffered an Achilles tear in 2011 followed by a knee tear in 2012. “I want to continue to play football at a high level and I’m trying to win a championship. … That’s my No. 1 priority, right. And that is something I think we can do here. I think the pieces are here and you don’t really need to look elsewhere.”

Along with Beason, the Giants do have other decisions to make on defense such as Justin Tuck, Terrell Thomas and Linval Joseph as well as figuring out the deals of Mathias Kiwanuka and Antrel Rolle, especially since their 2014 salaries will weight heavy on the salary cap.

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11 Responses to “New York Giants’ Jon Beason: “I Would Love to Play Here Next Year””

  1.  fanfor55years says:

    If I’m Jerry Reese my biggest priority today is signing Jon Beason and Hakeem Nicks. Then I’d ask Eli and ‘Trel to restructure. Then I’d sign Linval Joseph and Stevie Brown. Then I’d sign Andre Brown. Then I’d quickly sign the best offensive lineman in free agency regardless of position.

    After that I’d think about other issues like Terrell Thomas and Justin Tuck, but only if I could afford them.

    I’d also be asking Snee to take an injury settlement and hit the road unless he is fully healthy, in which case I’d ask him to take a “Corey Webster” deal to hang around. Webster gets offered a veteran minimum deal, if that.

  2.  fanfor55years says:

    I want to see Charles James back. I like the cut of his jib.

    Would also like to see Patterson return. That’s especially true if Tuck moves on and Jenkins will be taking some snaps at DE. We need to keep the strength developed up the middle of the defense.

  3.  fanfor55years says:

    Depending upon whether Reese can get just one, or preferably two, quality offensive linemen in free agency, our first three draft picks should include one or two offensive linemen and two of the first four should be that.

    And while I love that Tuck played much better this year, don’t be fooled by his stats. A lot of it was against a really lousy Redskins team and much of the rest against weak teams as well. I’d like him back, but he’s a $3MM player now and other teams may pay more.

  4.  GOAT56 says:

    Nosh – my point is that LT’s a harder to evaluate now with spread offenses and there are many more early mistakes than there use to be. You named 5 LTs when at last double that were drafted. I’m not saying you can’t draft a LT but it just isn’t the lock fix that some think it is. And you definitely don’t trade up for a LT given the state of our franchise, that’s silly. We are not one player away.

    I still think we are better off staying with Beatty assuming he will recover and improving the interior and TE positions. Even the LTs that are good now in recent years most weren’t great as rookies. If Beatty isn’t our LT I think Pugh might be our best solution at LT. A Cooper type would be the best OL pick but it doesn’t appear that guy is around this year.

  5.  rlhjr says:

    “Through the first five weeks of the 2013 season, the New York Giants defense was playing poor enough to the point where it was going to cost defensive coordinator Perry Fewell his job;”

    And it still should cost him his job. He’s done nothing but hide behind the strength of this team since day one. Strahan, Osi, Tuck Cofield Robbins and later Joseph and JPP kept him around because they were the driving force behind the success of his unit. It had nothing to do with his schemes or utilization of players or attack attitude. The second thew D-line degraded, his so called effectiveness as a defensive guru disappeared.

    The read and react/bend and then break defensive game plan is every bit as reprehensible if not more so than the ill-fated Ray Handley plan.
    Although Reese did him no favors in the linebacking department, he still does not have the flair that Spagnolo had. Say what you will about Spags, his player enjoyed playing defense for him. And he utilized every single defender he had available to confound and attack offenses.

    Reese and Fewell should thank whatever God they pray to for Beason and the late blooming Paysinger. Hopefully Reese decides to go get a player of similar talent to Beason to complete his linebacking array. A rejuvenated JPP and perhaps a re-dedicated Tuck could spell a return to defensive dominance for this team.

    Those things plus another defensive coordinator because put in the simplest terms possible, Perry Fewell sucks goat **** and needs to be on the first thing flying or rolling out of town. Tom Quinn should be seated right next to him. Gilbride should be issued a ticket on the conveyance even if he’s not asked to depart. Gilbride’s ticket should be good for one year.

    All three of these guys are proof that three villages in the world are missing their respective idiots.

    •  Krow says:

      If the R-words clean house today then tomorrow Reese should be on the phone to Jim Haslett. In fact he should make that call tonight … don’t wait till tomorrow.

    •  rlhjr says:

      Using the scientific name for g0nad$ is obviously frowned upon in this establishment. “Think the infant in the E-Trade commercial”

  6.  Krow says:

    Allow me to translate …

    “I would love it if the Giants were the highest bidder for my services next year.”

  7.  James Stoll says:

    Well, the season is mercifully over.
    This week we likely find out the coaching decisions, which I think we all believe will be status quo ante.
    The player decisions will obviously be more fluid.
    Everyone knows what needs to be done in a vacuum : bring the o-line back to competitiveness; shore up the WR and RB positions; bring in. True quality TE; maintain a solid DE unit; add one more quality LB; re-populate the CB position; and find a quality place kicker.
    Problem is that is about 12 starting players if you assume their replacements are not already in blue.
    Obviously that’s too much for one off-season; probably too much for 2; maybe too much for 3.
    So the priority has to be o-line on offense; re-sign Beason and Tuck ( or find his replacement) on D.
    That’s about 3 to 4 quality players. If that can happen, the team should be able to regain competitiveness.

    The pitfalls as I see them are at least the following: Snee will be allowed to return at his 7.2M salary, especially if Beatty’s leg is so badly broken that he misses 2014. That may result in Pugh sliding to the LT position, as opposed to the guard position that many have advocated all season. That could kick our old friend David Diehl back out to LT for another season (although Goodwin looked both big and capable yesterday against a bad team in garbage time).

    Baas I think comes back as well as there is no center on the team. That leaves only left guard as an obvious target for upgrade. That suggests to me. Round 3 pick, followed by a center between rounds 4-6.

    If the above scenario occurs, we are begging for a repeat of this past season. Snee has now had 2 hip surgeries, Baas has never been healthy since he joined us, and Diehl has been awful as long as anyone can now remember. So if all three are back, there will be some big time breath holding going on.

    The alternative is to sign an established quality FA lineman at virtually any position and retool around that. That requires excising Snee and maybe even Baas. It also requires a quality lineman draft pick which Reese has not really demonstrated he is capable of identifying. Still, the latter is the preferred approach.

    On defense, Beason’s arrival literally transformed the defense. The first real LB since perhaps Jesse Armstead. If you don’t re-sign him, you are starting over. After him, DE is suddenly a position of need. JPP has become an enigma with 2 back-to-back injury riddled seasons producing poor play. Kiwi has his moments but does not seem capable of ever being a super stud. Moore is really untested and unproven. That leaves Tuck. He had a very solid season. He’s the best DE on the team right now. Do you sign him to a 2 to 3 year deal at market or let him walk? If you let him walk, DE becomes either the first or second round pick I suspect.

    Finally there is WR. What to do? Re-sign Nicks who has underwhelmed for the second straight season. Always hurt to some degree. But when he’s good he’s great. Let him go and WR becomes your other pick in the first 2 rounds. Neither Randal nor Jernigan have shown enough to make you believe they van be your number 1 guy.

    There are other important decisions as we’ll: do they invest in LJ or let him go in favor of Hankins? How do they shore up the RB position such that they have a capable every down back? Do they really think they have an all around TE on the roster in Robinson, or do they look elsewhere? Can Hosely really step into a starting corner position (or after yesterday maybe McBride).

    Lots to re-tool on this roster. But first things first. Fix the o-line so we at least can field a competitive offense next year.

  8.  rlhjr says:

    The season was initially in my eyes a “step back” but entertaining to watch.
    Well, that step back but entertaining reverted to a drop of a sheer cliff and unwatchable respectively.

    The loss of Beatty to Beatty haters is a blessing in disguise. But what it signifies is the total rebuilding the offensive line. It simply can’t be ignored.
    That only leaves tight end and running back to ponder along with wide receiver.

    Next would be souring up the defense weather you want a linebacker as I do, or a corner to play opposite Prince, or a defensive end to insure against mediocrity from Tuck and JPP.

    What started out as a bucket with a few holes in it has turned into just a handle.
    The bucket with the exception of (10) defenders is all but obliterated.
    Simply put money will have to be spent, and those collecting money who are not producing in accord with what they are receiving will have to go.
    There is no way around it.

    With the smoke clearing it seems that a year turn around might be next to impossible. In fact the extent of retooling of offense by itself could take two years if done via draft. Free agent money is at a premium. And Mara might not be willing to swallow dead cash, and put out more to buy seasoned talent.

    So how does a team with no money, spend money to get better right away?
    THEY DON’T. It’s not all Reese, Coughlin, and Fewell/Gilbride. It’s also injuries and the loss of depth that compound the problems. It’s not supposed to be used as an excuse. But common sense would dictate otherwise.

    Ultimately, the responsibility falls to Reese and Coughlin. So, if Coughlin is as addicted to coaching as reported, then hopefully he’ll realize that his future is linked to the performance of his coordinators and the players under them. So decisions will be governed by the law of the jungle. Self-preservation is the order of the day. “Sorry son-in-law, but for me to stay, U got to go.
    My grandkids and daughter should be fine of the coin you’ve already made.”

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