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No New York Giants Named to 2014 Pro Bowl; Antrel Rolle Calls His Snub a “Joke”

December 28th, 2013 at 7:00 AM
By Douglas Rush

When the 2014 Pro Bowl rosters were announced on Friday night, there were a lot of New York Giants fans upset to see that both Antrel Rolle and Justin Tuck were not selected for the NFC roster.

Apparently, the most upset person about the obvious snub was Rolle himself, who surprisingly was not selected and vented his frustrations about through his Twitter account. 

Warning: there may be some language not suitable for everyone.

Heading into Week 17 against the Washington Redskins, Rolle was the leading tackler on the team with 93 total tackles and also has six interceptions, which is the second highest total in the entire NFL, yet, Rolle somehow found himself off the roster (named a second alternate) and had every right to feel frustrated with the roster snub.

The safeties that made it for the NFC roster was Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor of the Seattle Seahawks. However, if Seattle does make the Super Bowl this coming February, there's a very good chance that both Thomas and Chancellor might not even make it to the event and Rolle might get called upon to take one of their places.

Whether Rolle is called upon or not in the next month to take over as an NFC alternate, it is very clear that Rolle was extremely upset over being left off the roster and thought he played well enough to make the team, but not everyone who chooses the rosters for the Pro Bowl have actual football knowledge and in this case, it shows that the teams get made up on name; thus making it the ultimate popularity contest and not actually a roster of the most deserving players.

Update: Rolle had a $100K Pro Bowl escalator written into his contract, so the snub cost him that bonus.


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7 Responses to “No New York Giants Named to 2014 Pro Bowl; Antrel Rolle Calls His Snub a “Joke””

  1.  James Stoll says:

    When you play on a horrid team this can happen
    No one can deny Seattle’s defense and their secondary is largely the reason why
    For all antrel’s solid numbers, he got burned the only time it really counted and the defense could never reliably stop anyone
    As for Tuck, pretty much the same deal
    Team sport

  2.  tgowen says:

    Someone tell Rolle that when your team sucks people tend to forget your exist. Tough ****.

    • Dan BentonDan Benton says:

      Like the Browns, who have more Pro Bowlers than they do wins?

      •  James Stoll says:

        AFC Dan
        Different rules :)

      •  tgowen says:

        Dan, clearly the Pro Bowl isn’t a fool proof system, but for a player to go on a rant when his team has won 6 games and their season was by all accounts over 6 weeks into the season is pretty absurd.

        I couldn’t care less about the Pro Bowl and the number of Giants on it. This team has been a massive joke from the start of the season and deserve to not be recognized for their lack of success. Sorry they aren’t as cool and popular as they thought they were.

        • Dan BentonDan Benton says:

          Players shouldn’t be punished on an individual level for team failure — especially if they have escalators written into their contract for Pro Bowl appearances.

  3.  James Stoll says:

    Clearly the team was dreadful from the get-go this year
    In the midst of the putridity that passed for a roster this year, a couple of guys played pretty well
    But the competition was stiff and Seattle and her safeties are the t!ts right now
    If Antrel is truly offended, then he should refuse alternate status if Seattle wins the NFC and her safeties pass the pro bowl by

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