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New York Giants Suffer Rash of Injuries in 23-20 Victory Over Detroit Lions

December 23rd, 2013 at 9:00 AM
By Dan Benton

The New York Giants were well aware that Sunday's game against the Detroit Lions ultimately meant nothing in terms of standings, but they've continuously preached pride and wanted to prove to the world they've not quit. And as they secured a 23-20 overtime win on the leg of kicker Josh Brown, they accomplished exactly that. But in an effort to prove a point, they also suffered a wide range of new injuries — something they certainly couldn't afford.

On the opening kickoff of the game, in his first action all season, tight end Adrien Robinson went down with a sprained knee and was carted off the field. He would not return.

“It’s frustrating, the first play, the first game back,” Robinson said after the game.

Robinson's injury set the tone and it only continued from there. Next up was reserve offensive lineman Brandon Mosley, filling in for the injured David Diehl, who ended up breaking his hand. And although he re-emerged from the locker-room with a massive club on his right hand, he, too, would not return to the game.

Finally, there was running back Andre Brown, whom has battled back from a torn Achilles and then two broken legs over the last year and a half. He went down late in the game with what initially appeared to be another leg injury, but was later revealed to be a concussion. Again, he would not return.

"I'm good," Brown tweeted after the game.

Although those were the most notable injuries, cornerback Trumaine McBride (hamstring), wide receiver Hakeem Nicks (finger) and defensive end Justin Tuck (neck/shoulder) would also suffer injuries, but were able to fight through and finish the game.

The bad news for the Giants is that they had precious little cap space to begin with and could ill afford to place another player on Injured Reserve. It's the sole reason wide receiver Victor Cruz (knee) had not yet been designated to IR, but something Big Blue must deal with this week.

The team has only $41,888 in cap space remaining, essentially allowing them only a single move. Should they need to place more than one player on season-ending IR this week, someone else will either need to be released off of IR or a player will need to be restructured.

It's quite the precarious position General Manager Jerry Reese finds himself in.

photo credit: Mike Gannon


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18 Responses to “New York Giants Suffer Rash of Injuries in 23-20 Victory Over Detroit Lions”

  1.  James Stoll says:

    I don’t understand the rules on this. Why do the giants have to place anyone on IR? Tere is one game left. The outcome is irrelevant. The hurt guys don’t have to play. So why does a move have to be made? Is there a CBA requirement that once a certain level of injury is suffered a player has to go on IR?

    •  Kettles78 says:

      I would guess so they can dress some extra people next week for the last game to play just in case of injury or blowout.

      Also maybe some kind of money savings too towards cap. No idea

    • Dan BentonDan Benton says:

      They have to have a certain amount of active players each week (46). As of now, they’ll be forced to activate injured players. And by activating injured players who won’t play, they run the risk of suffering more injuries to other players (ie Andre Brown) taking on increased workloads.

      Assuming Brown and Hillis aren’t cleared and no other roster moves are made, it leaves Michael Cox and Bear Pascoe as your running backs. It would also, potentially, leave the team with only one back-up offensive lineman.

      This is the reason for depth. Say Brewer, who is already injured, re-aggravates his injury in the game next week and is taken out. It means if the Giants offensive line has no one left to rotate, they get gassed, risks injury to your QB and if one of them go down, they’re forced to use a fullback or DT along the offensive line.

      So yes, it is necessary to place someone on IR and get some healthy bodies ready to go.

  2.  dremac82 says:

    I was wondering the same thing… Why don’t the injured guys just sit out… Are we that short on players where it’s a necessity to put someone on IR so we can sign another player off the practice squad?

  3.  James Stoll says:

    We lost Robinson — who cares, he’s played all of one snap this year

    We lost Mosely but Reynolds played just fine (meaning bad) in his absence and his club can likely be shrunk for the final game if Reynolds goes down

    We lost Brown but we have Cox, Hillis, Connor and we can’t run anyhow

    If Tuck can’t go Moore gets an entire game
    If McBride is hurt again Hosely gets to play

    Don’t get the need

  4.  turkish says:

    Another HUGE trend with Coughlin and co running the ship. Too many injuries. Not sure if it’s the S&C coach that is the problem, but there are way too many injuries every season. Inexcusable.

  5.  skinnydoogan says:

    Folk’s, just for the record, I don’t use Facebook, Twitter or any other social media like that. Not sure how anyone would have time to do all of that, comment on this site and watch the game.

  6.  PittsburghJim says:

    Although I “enjoyed” yesterday’s non-loss, I have to say the Lions should fire that whole staff immediately. Detroit put so much more healthy talent on the field than us, it was embarrassing.
    Please don’t mistake this comment for , ” Lets give raises to TC & crew….”
    What I’m saying is this; We will finish 7-9 cause Wash is going to completely mail it in next week. After that final whistle sounds, we will have beaten Minnesota (Frazier to be fired), Oakeland (Dennis Allen = GONE), Detwa (Schwartz = hasta la vista) and yes, the Dreadskins twice (adios Miguel Shanahan).
    So, please, let’s evaluate this team properly.
    Horrific year.
    Horrific injuries.
    Horrific preparedness & scemes.

    Time to start anew.
    Bill O’Brien Plus Rex Ryan Plus young upcoming OC.

  7.  PittsburghJim says:

    Horrific typos.

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