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New York Giants’ Jerrel Jernigan Battled Through Sickness En Route to Career-Best Day

December 23rd, 2013 at 10:00 AM
By Dan Benton

Like many of his teammates, New York Giants wide receiver Jerrel Jernigan missed some practice time last week due to a knee that ultimately led to him being listed as questionable for Sunday's game. But it wasn't the knee injury that nearly kept Jernigan out against the Detroit Lions — it was the flu.

"This is two games in a row he’s played really well, and to be honest with you, this week, he was injured and he was sick last night, so he keeps you right on the edge of your seat, whether or not he’s going to be able to go," head coach Tom Coughlin said after the game. "He bounced back and he’s a tough guy."

Not only did Jernigan bounce back and play through his stomach bug, he went on to have a career-best day, hauling in six receptions for 80 yards and his first career touchdown. Each of those numbers led all Giants' receivers, including Hakeem Nicks who was one again held scoreless.

But amidst the deserving postgame attention, Jernigan remained as humble as his quarterback often does. He took very little credit for his big game, nor the touchdown, saying the success is mostly that of Eli Manning.

“I had a little in route, pretty much read the coverage and when I came out I saw the linebacker, so I stopped and Eli saw me in that little hole. He threw a great ball to me," Jernigan said. "Either I was getting it or nobody else.”

Jernigan also credits his recent string of solid games to what he's learned from teammate Victor Cruz.

"I was at practice every day watching Cruz and taking tips from him and learning from him. That’s the best thing you can do and people are always saying that my time is now or I haven’t got my time, but I just take it as I’m out there practicing and learning from the best slot receiver in the game right now," he added.

Since taking over for Cruz in Week 15 against the Seattle Seahawks, Jernigan has 13 receptions for 147 yards and a touchdown. Not too shabby. Not too shabby, indeed.


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24 Responses to “New York Giants’ Jerrel Jernigan Battled Through Sickness En Route to Career-Best Day”

  1.  fanfor55years says:

    Just out of a 24-hour work marathon. Caught snippets of the game at my lawyers’ offices on a huge TV. But thank you to all at Giants 101 who gave those of us who didn’t see the game a real sense of how it went.

    Where are those guys who have insisted Jernigan is a bust and has no value? Probably the same folks prepared to declare Hosley, Wilson, Brewer and Mosley busts. Too early to tell. They could all become good players.

    •  BigBlueGiant says:

      I’m still here.

      JJ played well. Great. Awesome.

      Remember when Barden had that MONSTER game vs. Carolina a year ago? Right? exactly.

      anyway. He played great. good for hi.

    •  Chad Eldred says:

      Everyone has a different point in time which they use as the threshold for declaring a bust. Jernigan is nearing it, but if the time is fluid rather than fixed, he may have extended the clock for himself with yesterday’s performance. For some fans the threshold is 10 minutes after the player is drafted. I think that is the approximate time it took a G101 poster to declare Pugh a bust. All of those you mentioned above have some time left in my opinion. While the threshold isn’t precisely definable, I will say this with certainty. The line was about a mile or two in there rear-view mirror for Ramses Barden. He was given more opportunities than any player can realistically hope for.

  2.  Dirt says:

    In my eyes, until 2 weeks ago, Jernigan was NOT and NFL WR. He just wasn’t ready to be an NFL player. Then, 2 weeks ago, magically he took that instant, huge next step to NFL player.

    I am convinced it was the years of mental reps and coaching that all came together at that magical instant 2 weeks ago.

    I am convinced that this was no coincidence with Cruz going down and being given the opportunity to accumulate significant snaps.

  3. Dan BentonDan Benton says:

    I just want to address what occurred here last night, led by Kujo.

    First and foremost, I appreciate the support from Kujo, Demo, Remy and everyone else. But for those around here who insist vile hasn’t been spewed in my direction, you’re kidding yourselves. And not just on Twitter and Facebook, but right here, too.

    The luxury I have is the delete button, so it often goes unseen (even on the social media pages). But this year has taken on a different tone. It’s gone beyond “your writing sucks” and “your site sucks” to truly violent and vile personal assaults.

    Welcome to 2013 and the social media age.

    But it’s gotten out of hand and people are starting to notice it. So for those speaking up on my behalf, don’t anyone dare then go at them. That’s completely wrong and unfounded.

    The reality is, I’ve spoken to these guys about the site and their own comments (as Kujo can attest) and the sole objective here is to return Giants 101 to its former glory. And if Kujo can come in here and bite his tongue, speak civilly and not get baited into the nonsense, so to can everyone else.

    It’s been a brutal season and people’s emotions have run high. But we’re either going to corral things around here or we’re all going to lose this site. That’s what it boils down to.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      You don’t deserve that treatment. But welcome to 2013. I don’t particularly like a lot of President Obama’s policies, but I am incredibly offended by the level of personal attacks the poor guy has to endure every day. The whole society seems to have lost its sense of decorum and shame.

      You can piss against the wind, or you can just ignore it and carry on anyway. I think the latter is better for you.

    •  Chad Eldred says:

      There is plenty of guilt to go around. I’ll accept any of mine without objection. I will freely admit that my own experience in this world leads me to lash out on occasion. I’ve spent considerable time early in my career working as an advocate for individuals with developmental disabilities. While I do not do it as part of my job at this point in time (I sold out for better pay) I still do it on a volunteer basis and old habits die hard. So when I perceive that someone is mocking or implying that others are stupid, the crusader in me comes out. I don’t have anything personal against anyone here and have always contended that most here are decent human beings. Nothing that has occurred here in recent months has changed my view on that. Decent people all have moments that they are not proud of.

    •  Krow says:

      Dan … There’s no excuse for people taking off on you … or anyone … in the fashion you describe. They’re cowards who use the relative anonymity of the Internet to hide their pathetically flawed characters.

      But … there’s also no denying that the mood and tone around here have deteriorated. There’s more anger, rudeness, and plain old insults being tossed about than ever before. And not in a funny, good-natured way.

      That sort of thing is easily handled … all we have to do is stop doing it.

      • Dan BentonDan Benton says:

        Agreed completely. And I’m just as guilty as anyone else. To say this season hasn’t resulted in me being nasty to others would be a lie. Whether it’s the struggles of the Giants or me being at the end of my rope with the stuff thrown my way, I’ve become an ****. There is absolutely no doubt about that. So either I can contribute to the problem or work to fix it. I’ve chosen the ladder. Kujo, Remy, Demo have all chosen the latter. Hopefully we can lead by example.

        It doesn’t mean we all have to agree with each other, but it does mean we all have to respect each other.

    •  skinnydoogan says:

      Can’t you just banish the idiotic people who are insisting on being vile, violent and downright rude?

      • Dan BentonDan Benton says:

        Easier said than done. They just create new accounts, different IP addresses, e-mail, messaging. Too tired into things with social media to ever truly ban someone.

  4.  Krow says:

    Question … how do you think Chip Kelly would have used Jernigan if he were coaching the Giants’ offense? I’m guessing it wouldn’t have been “sit on the bench for 2-plus years”.

  5.  LUZZ says:

    Dan – I hate that people do that to you. I can’t imagine what makes people act like that. Pathetic.

    Yesterday was a very civil day, we were all talking nothing but football. Then late inthe day Kujo jumps on and scolds us for the vile attitudes on here. It seemed to come out of nowhere.

    It just seemed odd to me that the biggest bomb thrower on here jumped in during a very civil day and told the rest of us to stop throwing bombs. I’ve tuned out Kujo’s personal and homophobic rants years ago, but yesterday the irony of his comment made me want to address it.

    Again, sorry you have to hear the crazy stuff from people. It’s ugly.

  6.  rlhjr says:

    I fully understand that social media is home to cowards and those who hide behind keyboards and would not dare say to one’s face what the spewed about in the relative anonymity of cyber space.

    I can only imagine the depth of stupidity that is on display daily.

    Simply put, I’ve never rooted against the Giants. For whatever the reason, I can’t find in within myself to do so. I would love three players in the first 96 off the top. But not enough to overcome the crying I did as a child when this franchise could not put one foot in front of the other consistantly.

    Next, you’ll never….THAT’S RIGHT, I SAID “N-E-V-E-R” find me criticizing you, or this site simply because it’s is such a wonderful outlet for opinion and points of view about the Giants. I do not always agree with what others are saying, Just as I am sure others disagree with me. Such is life. But home training dictates that I only respond with counterpoints. Not keyboard abuse and certainly not beat-down or death threats. World gets to be a sadder place every day. Computers did not start it. They only gave it a voice.
    What I really hope is that none of these folks have access to weapons.
    That’s not political, that’s for real.

    As far as the downgrading of giants101, every single thing under the sun undergoes change. The old departs and the new comes along. Many of our “new” posters have plenty of intelligent things to say about the team and football in general. Hopefully no one is lumping the new g101’ers with the cyber trash who name call and threaten from behind computer monitors.
    That’s all I got.

    • Dan BentonDan Benton says:

      My fear is the opposite — I like a lot of the new commentors and hope they stick around. But they won’t if these personal attacks and back-and-forth continue. I’m hoping that we can continue to build on some of the recent discussions here and return things to the way of old.

      To start the new year, we’re going to go all-out to wipe away garbage ads, redesign the site, make things easier and more user-friendly, etc. We’re gonna give it one last serious push and see what happens.

  7.  fanfor55years says:

    Antrel Rolle, Will Hill, Jon Beason, Linval Joseph, JPP, Prince Amukamara. You can build a pretty strong defense around those people. If Hankins proves out and Williams gets a little stronger that’s a helluva defense. Now if only they would play aggressively and take it to the offense.

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