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New York Giants Survive Horrid Second Half, Eliminate Detroit Lions from Playoffs in 23-20 OT Win

December 22nd, 2013 at 7:45 PM
By Dan Benton

With little to play for, the New York Giants came out strong on Sunday, beating the Detroit Lions in almost every aspect of the game. In fact, it appeared like a bizarre role reversal in which Big Blue was fighting for their playoff lives, while the Lions were merely going through the motions.

Despite several self-inflicted wounds and injuries, which included a sprained knee for tight end Adrien Robinson on the opening kickoff of the game and a broken right hand for guard Brandon Mosley, the Giants were able to scratch and claw to a 13-3 halftime lead. By all accounts, it looked like they had the game in the bag with the defense playing well and the offense finally clicking.

Unfortunately, a football game is four quarters long, and the Giants certainly didn't show up for all of them.

As the second half began, so to did the Giants' implosion. The offense kicked things into gear with a three-and-out, and that would be a trend for the remainder of the game.

The Lions' offense, essentially without wide receiver Calvin Johnson (injured knee), would go on to score 15 unanswered points, while their defense contributed two points with a safety of Eli Manning. Meanwhile, New York's offense would suffer five straight three-and-outs including the aforementioned safety, while managing a grand total of only eight yards over that same span.

But, as has been the case for much of the year, their defense would attempt to bail the offense out. With 5:00 remaining, Will Hill, who was arrested on Friday night on a warrant for child support, pulled down a tipped Matthew Stafford pass and returned it 38-yards for a game-tying touchdown.

With a chance to win the game, the Giants offense would again stall on the next series despite their first first-down of the second half. Luckily, the defense continued to hold strong, and a Mathias Kiwanuka sack (two on the day) of Stafford would give Eli Manning & Co. one final chance with under a minute to go in regulation.

Alas, it was not meant to be and with under 40 seconds remaining and no timeouts, the Giants would call a shotgun draw and follow it up with a deep pass over the middle, which would be intercepted by Glover Quin. The Lions would subsequently let time expire and take the game into overtime.

The Giants would win the toss and Michael Cox opened the extra period up in a big way, returning the kickoff 57-yards and setting up the Giants offense. But with the new frame, not much changed and New York would cough up the ball on an Andre Brown fumble — although, to his credit, his arm did appear down before the ball came loose. He would also then be carted off the field with what appeared to be both a concussion and leg injury.

On the Lions' next offensive series, a hobbled Justin Tuck & Co. would do their job, giving the ball back to a Kevin Gilbride's struggling unit on what you had to assume would be their final opportunity to put the game away.

And put the game away they did. Josh Brown would ultimately connect on a game-winning 45-yard field goal, giving Big Blue a 23-20 win at Ford Field.

"That was a very, very nice ending for guys who worked their butts off this week," Coughlin said.

The Giants improve to 6-9, while the Lions fall to 7-8 and find themselves officially eliminated from playoff contention.

The Giants will end their season next Sunday against the Washington Redskins (3-12), while the Lions will close out their 2013 campaign against the Minnesota Vikings (4-10-1).

Game Notes:

  • The Giants dropped three interceptions — two for Trumaine McBride and one for Prince Amukamara.
  • Jerrel Jernigan's second quarter touchdown was the first of his NFL career.
  • Eli Manning set a Giants franchise record throwing his 26th interception of the season.
  • The Giants extended their streak of at least one turnover in every single game this season (only team in the league to do so).
  • Due to an overwhelming number of injuries to their running backs, tight end Bear Pascoe received his first career carry.

Photo credit: MattBritt00 / / CC BY-NC-SA


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116 Responses to “New York Giants Survive Horrid Second Half, Eliminate Detroit Lions from Playoffs in 23-20 OT Win”

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  1.  Chad Eldred says:

    Not a game that you will tell your grand kids about, but it sure was nice to see a win.

    After the game I found myself thinking “It’s too bad ff55y missed this game. It must be the holiday season getting to me.

  2.  Chad Eldred says:

    I was absolutely opposed for giving up a draft pick for Beason. Or anyone, at that point in the season. However, at this point, I will be the first to say they’d be nuts to let him leave town. He and Rolle have been the core of the defense.

  3.  Remy says:

    Giants wins are always first prize, draft position is second prize. Anyone cheering for a win can hand in their fan card, or just plain consider that viewing sports may not be for you.

    This board has turned into a cesspool, and I blame the Stolls and facebook page migration people. The football IQ here is at an all time low. You people are scum

  4.  Krow says:

    Gutsy return by Cox by the way. It didn’t win the game, but it could have.

  5.  kujo says:

    Dan texts me during the game and we had the following exchange:

    Dan: “[Some people on Giants 101 are] openly cheering for the Lions.”

    Kujo: “I mean, I’m not hoping for the Giants to win. I’m ambivalent. I don’t want to tank it, but winning does nothing for us at this point. Truthfully, I’ve been looking at these last few games like the preseason–I want the newbies to play well, but I’m not really invested in the ultimate outcome either way. “

  6.  Syed Sohail Shah says:

    Alright guys listen up,

    Time for some positives. Let’s say we win next week. We finish 7-9.

    Considering how bad our O line and offense was, and to think we ended up 2 games behind our division leader makes you wonder how great we can be if we fired on all cylinders. If Eli doesn’t throw that interception to Myers in Chicago or we beat Dallas in one of the games, our season could be totally different.

    I actually think if we had brown games 1-6 our game would be totally different. Our D played well and got better since beason came over and I love Will hill.

    •  Syed Sohail Shah says:

      Some roster tweaks and no way we shouldn’t be able to get into he playoffs next year, but then again you never know

  7.  Krow says:

    With the exception of a couple 3-man-rushes I thought the D player well. Looked like they overloaded against the pass. Maybe this gave up some yardage on the ground, but the net was pretty good. Smart strategy.

  8.  BleedingBlueSince04 says:

    We are gonna win next week and finish 7-9. By far the worst 7 win season ever. This season shattered a lot of my dreams . I had such high hopes. I had a dream after we beat the pats for the second time in the Sb that we would play them for the third time in the sb and blow them out 40- 17. Back to back playoff less seasons after winning it all stings like crazy.

  9.  Krow says:

    The worst thing today was Beatty having another miserable game.

  10.  skinnydoogan says:

    People really cheered for the Lions? I am just checking up now after being gone all day.

    •  jerseyrich says:

      I was posting constantly on the game log….nobody was rooting for the lions….though all of us were on the verge of snapping as the 2nd half was playing out.

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