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Jim Schwartz Doesn’t Deny New York Giants, Detroit Lions Talked Hakeem Nicks Trade

December 21st, 2013 at 11:00 AM
By Dan Benton

Just prior to the NFL trade deadline in late October, the Internet swirled with rumors of a possible trade between the New York Giants and Detroit Lions involving star wide receiver Hakeem Nicks. Ultimately, nothing came to fruition and the rumor was eventually put to bed (not without finger pointing, however). Nicks remained with the Giants and the Detroit went about their business as usual.

However, when asked about those rumors on Friday, Lions head coach Jim Schwartz wouldn't deny that the potential trade was discussed internally or that General Manager Martin Mayhew had been in contact with Giants General Manager Jerry Reese.

“There’s a lot of rumors that are out there all the time,” Schwartz said when asked about the topic. “I think we’ll stick with the not commenting on conversations that we have. We have conversations, and (general manager) Martin (Mayhew) probably has conversations with other GMs on almost a daily basis through training camp and up to the trading deadline. And guys are always talking about other things and things. But I don’t know that that makes news. Some deals get close and some deals don’t get close, some things get floated, but that’s just part of the business.”

There's no real revelation here in terms of GMs discussing all options with other GMs, but that rumor was vehemently denied at the time, with the notion of the talks seemingly laughable to some reporters who seemed to flip-flop on the "news." And once the deadline had come and gone, many were quick to pass the buck on how that rumor got leaked and who carried it.

Regardless of that, Schwartz's refusal to answer the question about the potential trade is enough to raise some eyebrows. After all, if those discussions never really happen and was just a rumor, the appropriate answer would be "No, those conversations were never had. Next question."

At the end of the day, what was and what never happened is irrelevant, but 20/20 hindsight being what it is, you have to wonder if the Giants would have pulled the trigger knowing what they know now. After all, getting anything in return for Nicks would have proven valuable in the event he does not re-sign with the Giants in the offseason, and it certainly doesn't appear that he's going to.

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When asked about an October rumor that had the New York Giants and Detroit Lions talking trade for Hakeem Nicks, Lions head coach Jim Schwartz doesn't deny that those discussions were had, but refuses to devulge any additional information.

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16 Responses to “Jim Schwartz Doesn’t Deny New York Giants, Detroit Lions Talked Hakeem Nicks Trade”

  1.  fanfor55years says:

    Playing Eli in this game is ridiculous, on so many levels I don’t even think it’s worth a post. NOTHING to gain and a lot to lose. Old School, New School, I don’t care. This is “unschooled” and just plain stubborn adherence to a code of some sort that should be violated in the long-term interest of this franchise.

    Coughlin is dead wrong. Putting Eli behind this ragtag line in a game that means the world to the Lions and with their defensive front attacking him is inviting disaster. If Eli escapes in one piece it will be by the grace of the football gods. The decision to play him (beyond a series or two in which he hands the ball off or throws three-step drop passes so he can keep his consecutive game streak alive, after which he should be pulled) is beyond stupid.

    •  Kettles78 says:

      I disagree ff55. While Eli is most important he and all others need to play out this season. You don’t ask players to give up in my opinion. They are still playing to win. You have to hope for health but Eli needs to be and should be out there in my opinion

      •  jerseyrich says:

        That’s why you don’t ask eli, you tell him. I totally agree with 55. Play him for a series or two….even a whole quarter maybe….and then take him out.

      •  fanfor55years says:

        No one is “asking players to give up”. The coach would make a decision FOR the player that protects the franchise in an utterly meaningless game. I’m not suggesting Eli should be allowed to opt out. I’m saying that should not be his decision and that the coach should pull him as quickly as possible so the most important asset of this franchise will be healthy and available for the next years rather than possibly damaged goods.

        Put another QB in the game, and play to win with him.

        We’re not winning this game, at least offensively, with this line if Eli’s brother was the quarterback. It’s a VERY meaningful game for the Lions that they need, and we have a bunch of offensive linemen who don’t have the experience together, the talent, or the general wherewithal to protect their quarterback against the matchups that they are almost certain to lose in the course of the game enough times to allow big hits by big men on the guy trying to pass the ball. Only chance we have is a big margin in turnovers created by the defense, but that is a very thin reed to try to grasp.

    •  buljos says:

      Wholeheartedly agree ff55. Risk = f ( Probability of Occurrence * Severity of the Outcome). Pure and simple. What’s the Probability of Eli being pile driven into the ground by Suh or Fairley and sustaining a Rogers, or God forbid Theisman injury behind this zero A gap protection line? Let’s be conservative and say low. Although Eli’s not maneuverable, he’s an iron man and this season has learned to take a dive for the deck when he’s about to be crushed. But that’s only half the risk equation. What’s the Severity of the Outcome should Eli be injured moderately or severely? Beyond HIGH. The Giants have a bleak 2014 season behind Painter, or Nassib, or some other FA. There’s almost no answer in 2014 for the loss of their franchise QB with half a dozen years left in the tank. In 2015 after finishing 2-14 with no Eli, they’ll get a top QB pick in the draft. But as we all know, QBs are almost a coin flip… for every Payton there’s a Ryan Lief. So the Risk = Low * High… a MEDIUM risk… that Coughlin feels the need to take exactly why? For “respectability”?” How “respectable” are you Coach in 2014 without Eli? He has taken his eye off the ball… it’s not about playing meaningless games for “respectability,” it’s about winning the Super Bowl, and you don’t risk your multiple Super Bowl MVP franchise QB in meaningless games behind a makeshift line when across the ball from them is Such and Fairley, with the PLAYOFFS to play for, and this game really matters to them for practical reasons. And if that’s not enough to inspire a sane man to sit Eli, what about the fact that he has a QB on the active roster who they gave up 2 picks to get in the 4th round, and used a roster spot to carry a 3rd QB, and who desperately needs regular season game reps. Risk equation again… Probably of Occurrence? Low… lower than Eli, because Nassib isn’t a statue back there and he’s not North of 30 either. Severity of the Outcome? Low. He gets carted off the field, and that affects the Giants 2014 Super Bowl run how? Nadda. But what if Nassib actually does something out there? Nobody thought Brady, or Romo, or Foles would do crap either… they weren’t brought aboard with the idea that they’d start. But people argue against playing a 4th rounder when Brady was a 6th, and Romo wasn’t even drafted. Ya don’t know what you got until you give it a test drive, and when better than during regular season games that mean nothing? Nassib may never get a chance like this again. Coughlin is dead wrong, from many perspectives, and he’s rolling the dice that the worst doesn’t happen in a meaningless game that could affect this team for years to come.

  2. Dan BentonDan Benton says:

    Remember when Erin Andrews said these talks never happened and that Giants 101 were liars? Yeah…. About that…..

  3.  Dirt says:

    So if I understand a number of posts the last few days:

    People want Mike Sullivan – a Coughlin guy – to come in and replace Coughlin. Or, at the very least, come in and replace Killdrive – running Killdrive’s offense.

    I think that would certainly change things, no doubt.

    •  BleedingBlueSince04 says:

      I’ve wanted Sullivan for a while now. The biggest reason being that when Sullivan was Eli’s QB coach, Eli put up his best numbers by far. Almost 5000 yards passing and 9 comeback wins plus the 4th quarter record for passing TDs.

      I hope jerry Reese hops on my mike Sullivan for offensive coordinator bandwagon.

  4.  fanfor55years says:

    IF it turns out that Nicks is not really physically limited (which is simply unbelievable to me after watching this guy since the injury he suffered against the Bucs last season) then I will think that both he (and his agent) and Jerry Reese blew it by not reaching some kind of long-term deal before the beginning of this season. I will also think that Nicks is a jerk who dogged it all season in an effort to avoid injury since he was waiting “to be paid”.

    But I am 99.99% sure that Nicks IS injured, that the Giants’ doctors could not assure Reese that he was a sure thing to recover his abilities (which included a sneaky burst of acceleration, explosive vertical ability and his great hands), and that even now the Giants cannot be sure that Hakeem Nicks will ever be the player he was in 2010-2011. That being the case, Reese had no choice but to watch Nicks over the course of this season to evaluate him, and to reach a conclusion as to what his worth to the team might be. Having done that, he must now engage with the medical staff again and reach a conclusion about whether another off-season, perhaps a medical procedure, and some serious rehab, will allow Nicks to return to excellence or if only a little better than what he showed this season is Hakeem’s ceiling. If the latter, he’ll probably make a “courtesy offer” but expect him to leave. If the former he has a dilemma. If the Giants’ doctors think Nicks might recover, so will some other teams’ medical staffs. That would mean someone is likely to throw serious money at him. I do not think that even with a positive diagnosis Reese will want to do that until he’s sure.

    I see this ending with either a “courtesy offer” or tagging Nicks. I know they don’t like to use the tag, but I see no better alternative if they think Hakeem may return to being the guy they once had. Hard to sign him long-term based on doctors’ assurances. Not when “long-term” means over $10MM per year and guarantees of around $30MM. That’s a lot to risk on a not-at-all-sure thing. I wouldn’t do it (though I WOULD tag him if the doctors are optimistic because a healthy Nicks would be one of the 4-5 players around which the team can be rebuilt), so if Reese won’t I will not criticize him if Nicks goes on to a great career somewhere else after regaining his health. That could happen.

  5.  jerseyrich says:

    I agree with 55 on eli. Play him for a series or two to extend his streak and then pull him in these next two games.

    As for the draft….if one of the tackles drops to us, I cant see how we don’t take him. This nonsense about Pugh not being able to move inside is just that, nonsense. I honestly wouldn’t care if our first 3 picks were o-lineman.

    As far as this article, I wish we had traded him and I said so at the time. There had to be some team out there willing to give at least a 3 for him. Yes, getting a 3 for him, at the time, would have ticked all of us off. But how good would that extra 3 look now?

  6.  jerseyrich says:

    Just looked at the Walter Football mock….they have us going CB, DT, and LB in the first 3 rounds. Guess those dudes didn’t watch too many Giants games this year. Not that we couldn’t use guys at those positions but jeez….not ONE o-lineman in 3 rounds??

  7.  rlhjr says:

    The Lions should be back peddling their way out of that deal.

    The Giants have many options on the road to getting better.
    Having a linebacker would go a long way toward completing the defense.
    Then the only question would be corner and maybe DE.

    The fact that center/guard or ROT is a requirement is a given.
    Just cant be sure if Donnell and Robinson can hold down the TE position.
    See some potential in Donnell, just plain haven’t seen Robinson.

    As for first round running back, I would not call him a bust until he gets to run behind a real NFL caliber offensive line.

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