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After Apparent Rift, New York Giants Stress the Importance of “Team First”

December 17th, 2013 at 11:00 AM
By Dan Benton

Tempers flared, words were spilled and fingers were pointed without actually being pointed. And by now, the entire country has been made aware of the locker-room issues facing the New York Giants following a 23-0 loss to the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday night.

Few were without guilt after the game, with even head coach Tom Coughlin lighting into a few units. That, of course, coming after his postgame speech to the team was interrupted by safety Antrel Rolle, who rightfully felt it was time to air his grievances.

Even the calm, cool and collected Eli Manning showed clear frustration with some of his teammates, and that's when everyone knew things had gone sour. It's times like this to show your New York Giants support with some cool gear.

But, with 24 hours to reflect on Sunday's meltdown and the subsequent aftermath, the Giants returned to team facilities on Monday with clear heads and a clear conscious; ready to move forward. No one wanted to look back at what was, instead opting to move forward. From top to bottom, players and coaches dismissed what occurred on Sunday night, with several admitting that everything said was entirely warranted.

"There wasn’t anything said that I don’t think that was totally undeserved. Offensively, I don’t know whatever word you want to use to describe it is probably pretty accurate. It wasn’t good. It wasn’t a good outing by us and that’s disappointing and upsetting," Eli Manning said.

Ultimately, no one felt the need to apologize, nor did anything feel apologies were necessary. Instead, the Giants were corralled and the typically PR-friendly team returned to exactly that, with even tight end Brandon Myers burying his postgame Twitter comments.

As for Antrel Rolle, who seemed to have the loudest voice of frustration, he also felt it was time to move on; time to stop discussing the events of Sunday. And whatever interpretation people had of what was said, he added, was entirely their own and outside of Big Blue's control.

"We’re not responsible for what people are saying or what has been said. We’re a team. At the end of the day, we’re a team, win, lose or draw. We do that all as a team. There is no group that’s greater than the other," Rolle said. "Right now we’ve just got to find a way to win, find a way to stay together, come together and do whatever it takes to get a W on Sundays. That’s what it’s all about at this point."

Things will remain quiet for now, but it'll be interesting to see how everyone reacts should Big Blue find themselves on the losing end again this Sunday versus the Detroit Lions.


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