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New York Giants’ Ryan Nassib, Young Players Likely to Sit for Final Three Games

December 12th, 2013 at 7:00 AM
By Dan Benton

New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin reached a breaking point with the media on Tuesday, having grown tired of relentless questions about giving young players — namely quarterback Ryan Nassib — significant playing time over the remaining three games.

It's been a rallying cry since the very moment the Giants were defeated by the San Diego Chargers this past Sunday, but one Coughlin isn't interested in entertaining. As he's done several times already this week, the veteran head coach rapidly dismissed the idea.

"Our No. 1 objective is we have a three-game schedule and we want to play as well as we possibly can,” Coughlin said on Tuesday. “Through the course of these [14] weeks people have established themselves in their positions; rightfully so and fairly so. Those people who are playing have earned the right to play.”

When it comes to who's earned that right, Coughlin pulled few punches. First on the list was rookie quarterback Ryan Nassib, whom you might remember the Giants traded up for in April's draft.

“Not at this point in time," Coughlin said. "He has done very well as a scout team player. He has taken all of those running quarterback roles and done a great job with it. He has played some safety, does a lot of good things. Very good, very sharp kid. Works his tail off. Knows what his spot is. He’s in that room with those guys; he’s like a sponge. That’s what the intent was.”

Another popular name has been second-year player and the JPP of tight end's, Adrien Robinson. Despite working through injuries, Robinson has consistently found himself listed as inactive week after week.

“He was hurt for a long time," Coughlin said of Robinson. "He has practiced for a few weeks. He did a nice job in being a scout squad tight end for [Antonio] Gates a week ago. He has improved from what I can tell on special teams and if he continues to improve, perhaps that opportunity will come.”

Finally, there's second-year offensive lineman Brandon Mosley, who did see a number of snaps a week ago as an extra blocking tight end.

“He has been the [extra] tight end. He did a nice job of that the other day," Coughlin said, adding "If the opportunity presents itself, so be it. Who would you like for me to take out? [James] Brewer is also getting playing time and he has responded. I’d like to see Brewer continue to get better to.”

At the end of the day (royalties to Antrel Rolle), it's clear the Giants aren't going to give into the pressure. Whether fans want it or not and whether the media presses or not, they aren't going to risk the careers of young players by throwing them into the fire if they don't feel they're ready (or have earned the playing time). So, for the time being, Eli Manning is your quarterback, Brandon Myers is your tight end, Mathias Kiwanuka is your defensive end and James Brewer/David Diehl are your guards.

Photo credit: TheSignalCaller / Photobucket / CC BY-NC-SA


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16 Responses to “New York Giants’ Ryan Nassib, Young Players Likely to Sit for Final Three Games”

  1.  William says:

    nothing to see here. biz as usual. aaaaaaahhhhhhh

    nothing to see here. biz as usual. aaaaaaahhhhhhh

    nothing to see here. biz as usual. aaaaaaahhhhhhh

  2.  GIANTT says:

    Im just listening to Mike and Mike . They are discussing John Maddens comments about RG111 being shut down for the rest of the year . Not , of course , that I would think that the Giants would shut down Eli or anything but I am totally glad that TC is looking at this as a mini season of three games . Play as hard as possible and put the best possible team on the field as possible . Is there any way that the Giants get a win this week ? . Well if they get beat by the 20 plus points that Seattle has routinely won by then the I told you sos are going to come out . But what if the Giants play well and either lose by a close score OR (ff55y forbid ) even win then we will have a conundrum . Did the Giants rise up and smite them for Wilsons comments about checking out the stadium for the future (Super Bowl visit maybe ? ) Or the Giants had the talent and the scheme this week ? We will find out soon enough but I feel along with Tuck that the Giants may play a little scared and not want to embarass themselves

    •  Krow says:

      I want us to win the game. The draft is such an inexact science that playing to lose to advance your slot is ridiculous. But if we … the Giants … really wanted to always put the best possible team on the field then we wouldn’t have deactivated Nicks vs. the Cowbags. We can’t throw this ‘best team’ crap out there now after we didn’t follow it in the most important game of the season.

  3.  skinnydoogan says:

    I actually agree with not sitting Eli, we really gain nothing, other than him not getting hurt. I could see if we had something in Nassib where we could get him some “air time” so teams had some film on him, so maybe we had some trade potential sometime in the future, but judging from what we saw in the preseason, there is not much to see from the young feller.

  4.  buljos says:

    I wonder what TC would say if a skill position starter goes down in each of these final three “respectability” games, with bad ACL/MCL or compound fracture, after the game’s well out of hand and the Giants are getting blown out? I think I know what he’d say… injuries happen, and we’re playing for respectability. This “respectability” over investing in bench strength experience while protecting key players for next season’s Super Bowl run is his personal philosophy, because not every coach in this league thinks the same way. What TCs philosophy doesn’t do is close the gap between those who have earned the right to play every single snap of every single meaningless game, even when the Giants are being blown out, to those who are good enough to make the active roster but not good enough to get off the bench and get a rep in meaningless games. Well TC, we all hope your stubborn arrogance doesn’t get tested in these last three games in ways that adversely affect next season. I’m convinced TC’s a tactician, not a strategist… he’s a today thinker, not a big picture, long term guy.

  5.  fanfor55years says:

    Let me start by saying any Giants fan who doesn’t appreciate Tom Coughlin and what he has done for this team is just so wrong it’s ridiculous. And just because Jim keeps repeating over-and-over that those two championships were “lucky” hardly makes it so. In fact, when a team reaches the pinnacle of its sport it deserves a ton of respect, and the leader who got them there does as well. It’s really become ridiculous that when some of us who deeply respect Coughlin but disagree with him about some things (and I REALLY disagree with the decision not to play youngsters so they can be evaluated in real games) and don’t think his contract should be extended (because, as I have said many times, Tom Coughlin would be respected in that locker room even if he was on a day-to-day contract, so he ought to from now on be on a “prove-it” basis with mara since we have missed the playoffs way too frequently of late) get lumped with the nut cases who have only a very tenuous grasp of reality and claim that he has never been a good coach even though he has somehow, through great fortune, been carried to two championships despite himself.

    So, for the record, Tom Coughlin should go down as one of the most revered members of the Giants when the history of the team is written. He is a terrific man, and a terrific coach, though he may be so “Old School” that his approach is no longer working with this team. Any one of the lousy or mediocre teams around the league would be incredibly fortunate to have him step in as their coach in 2014 and benefit from his combination of inspiration, discipline, insistence upon togetherness, and passion (if I were them I’d sure hope he did NOT bring along his current coordinators, unless Gilbride promised to dumb down his scheme, but I’m talking about Tom and only Tom).

    Having said all that, I just don’t get this approach to the last three games. No one wants Mosley to substitute for Brewer, as Coughlin implies. We’d like him to substitute for Diehl, or Boothe, both of whom leave plenty to be desired. And what has Bear Pascoe done that justifies keeping Robinson from suiting up and playing? Why can’t Nassib play the fourth quarter of the last two games (assuming the record is 5-9 and there’s no chance of avoiding a losing season)? Keep Hosley out there so the team can see how he does (especially because Fewell had some good things to say about him lately). I just do not get it.

    •  Krow says:

      This is absolutely correct. The Coughlin Era will go down as a golden age of Giants football … right next to the Parcells Era. And when it comes to character Bill Parcells isn’t fit to carry Tom’s geriatric jock.

      That said … like any ‘age’ I believe it’s over. Kudos to Tom … and yes, his staff too … for bringing us to two … TWO !!! … championships. I don’t care how they did it. Skill … luck … magic … don’t care. Twice we stumped the experts and hoisted that damn Lombardi. Suck it Skip Bayless.

      It’s just that it feels like it’s time to transition. Hopefully to another run of success.

      •  skinnydoogan says:

        Yes and whatever happened yesterday, wiped out most of our posts. It seems the site is regressing and the ads are getting worse again.

        • Dan BentonDan Benton says:

          Appreciate the support!

          The ads are being cleaned up as rapidly as we can clean them at an additional cost to me. Yesterday our server host experience a massive crash that impacted all routed servers, including ours. So while I am sorry your comments were deleted, I lost 48 hours of ACTUAL work as a result of it. Not to mention the many thousands of dollars is cost the company, which can’t really be supplemented because we’ve been so actively removing valuable ads for YOU readers.

          •  skinnydoogan says:

            Dan, I was just making a comment. It was not an indictment of you, your site or anyone else, just a comment. Not sure why you are getting so upset about it, I did not complain. I understand you are under a lot of pressure here, so I apologize if you took it the wrong way. While we are at it, one of the reasons I have slowed down postings, you mentioned yesterday, it is the negative personal attacks. One of your “friends” is responsible for alot of that, it is really silly.

  6.  GIANTT says:

    First of all , lets throw the argument that a veteran might get hurt when he plays in these last three (not my word but used frequently ) meaningless games . ANY player can get hurt on ANY play he is on the field . So just suiting up is an invite to injury .How many players have been injured in preseason (meaningless ? ) games . So , should preseason games be stopped b/c of possible injuries to players ? Of course not . So , Im not considering anyone might get injured so sit them in these last three (meaningless ) games .
    Do I think that the rookies should get the chance to play ? Perhaps but only if they play better than the incumbent OR the incumbent needs to be shut down b/c of injury .So maybe us fans sitting here saying play Mosely instead of Boothe or Diehl is another one of these fan fantasies that we should ignore
    We can all agree that the Oline hasnt played well but lets see something . Pugh is playing and has played reasonably well as a rookie so TCs reluctance to play rookies has more to do with their potential for mistakes and poor play rather than TCs support of his veterans .

  7.  Krow says:

    Here’s the thing that’s bothering me about Tom. There’s only one goal that should be paramount for every NFL team … winning the Superbowl. The entire organization should be laser focused on that objective. Anything that diminishes our chances of attaining that end needs to be avoided like the plague.

    So when you see teams making moves that are counter to winning a championship you have to ask yourself if they’ve lost the plot.

    Benching Nicks was one of those moments. It hurt our chances of making the playoffs. Oh sure, our chances were slim … but up to that loss we were still in the picture.

    Now we’re going to play to win the last 3 meaningless games instead of bringing along players who might help us win next year when it does matter.

    This is why I think it’s over for Tom and his staff. Hubris … pride … arrogance … whatever. They’re failing the prime directive.

    •  Kettles78 says:

      I think Mara appreciated Tom’s team first approach which is why Nicks was benched. I still have no issue with that benching or when Bradshaw was benched for the first half of a game down the stretch mast year.

  8.  BigBlueGiant says:

    Stubborn old man.

    I like TC A lot, but i don’t really agree with him on this one. The team really should need to look and see what their working with going into the following season.

    Perhaps Play Nassib in the 2nd half of the Seattle game or Detroit game when we’ll likely already be down double digits. Showcase the kid like The Skins are doing with Cousins so that MAYBE if he plays well enough some team might actually bite on trading a draft pick for him.

    Robinson needs to get PT in order to evaluate the future of our TE situation. It seems like he’s just not that good. According to the Article, TC said that Robinson did a great job as a “SCOUT TE” for Antonio Gates. While Gates isn’t the player he once was, he had a nice game for the Chargers. So i’m not so sure what he’s trying to say there?

    Mosely also should get some time. Why not. Put Nassib in at QB in the 4th when the game is out of hands, even if it was just for a few snaps, this was Eli doesnt get clobbered.

    Again, I like TC, but this way of thinking is too old school for today’s NFL.

  9.  GIANTT says:

    Im going to take back something I said about not playing the rookies for this reason . If Nassib has done well running the Scout team as QB , this means he has emulated RG111 for one . If it comes to the Giants needing a change of pace , I could see Nassib coming in to run a series where he emulates RG111 and gets to run a series with the option in it . Why would I change my mind about not playing rookies ? Well , Im not really , if TC thought that the Giants might best be served and catch the other team by surprise even with a rookie , then certainly run a series like this but not as a replacement for Eli , running the offense that he does
    BBG , Im the same age as TC (and , as Ive pointed out many times , have the same initials so I feel some kinship however misguided that makes me ) and I certainly will have it out with ANY one who calls me old . As far as stubborn , well hes just doing what has worked for him in the past (two Super Bowl rings certainly attest to that ) so at this point do you agree that his methods work and this year is an aberration or times have changed and he should try new ways ?

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