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New York Giants’ Tom Coughlin Doesn’t Anticipate Placing Brandon Jacobs, Jason Pierre-Paul on IR

December 9th, 2013 at 10:00 AM
By Dan Benton

The New York Giants have officially been eliminated from the playoffs, and with three weeks remaining, it would be easy to understand if they opted to place players with lingering injuries on season-ending injured reserve (IR). But, at least in the case of running back Brandon Jacobs (knee) and defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul (shoulder), head coach Tom Coughlin said on Sunday that he does not envision shutting either of them down.

"Not unless it's called for," Coughlin said.

In addition to saying those two won't be shut down, Coughlin admitted he has no immediate plans to bench other veterans or substitute their playing time for rookies or depth players. Instead, Coughlin says, the team will attempt to win out.

"We're going to try to do the best we can no matter what," Coughlin added. "I don't know where else we go. Our team is our team, this is who we are."

Plans can change however, and the Giants will now be faced with several decisions on players other than just JPP and Jacobs. They're also faced with the reality that, with three weeks to go, cornerback Corey Webster (ankle) and tight end Adrien Robinson have barely seen the field this season — the latter having not seen it at all. And there's also the question surrounding rookie quarterback Ryan Nassib: should he be thrown into the fire to gain some experience?

The only thing that's for certain, at least as of now, is that the Super Bowl countdown clock in the Giants' locker-room should be removed.

Photo credit: alexa627 / / CC BY


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17 Responses to “New York Giants’ Tom Coughlin Doesn’t Anticipate Placing Brandon Jacobs, Jason Pierre-Paul on IR”

  1.  skinnydoogan says:

    Well, we have reached a low point when the teams performance, or lack of, has surpassed our efforts to properly articulate how bad they are. This is sad considering we will have to find ways to describe more of the same come next year.

  2.  Chad Eldred says:

    I have always said that Coughlin’s strengths as a coach can also be his greatest weakness. Consistency and loyalty have been trademarks of the Coughlin regime. Continuity and stability are good things for any sports organization to have and can greatly affect its success. However, when these characteristics are taken to the extreme they translate to rigidity and stubbornness. In this case that is what we are seeing. Coughlin is adhering to a prideful mindset and being shortsighted. This is not good for the players or the team, and certainly is not good for the fans. Unless winning out this year is more important to the fans than having a successful campaign next year. I would wager that is isn’t.

    •  buljos says:

      Agreed. If winning the Super Bowl is the objective, and since that’s now impossible this season, then the objective is winning the Super Bowl next season. Preparations must begin now to achieving that objective. Playing for “respectability” this season must come second to the objective, and that would mean sitting players like Diehl, shutting down JPP and Webster, and getting the most value out of the remaining regular season reps by the players who will be contributing to attaining next season’s objective. Continuing to sit players who desperately need regular season reps and coaching in the name of “respectability” at the expense of preparing for winning the Super Bowl next season doesn’t make sense to me.

    •  fanfor55years says:


      Sorry to say it, but Coughlin and his staff MUST go. His insistence on “winning out”, refusing to protect injured players, refusing to play youngsters who need to be evaluated, and refusal to change the team’s approach are all BIG negatives and are all absolutely contrary to the long-term interests of the team.

      If Mara doesn’t strongly encourage him to leave, and absolutely refuse any contract extension, then he’s the BIGGEST part of the problem and we may be in for a repeat of the 1970′s when it took courage and stoicism to be a fan of this team.

      •  Kettles78 says:

        What do you want a coach to say other than His insistence on “winning out” as you said. He can’t come out and say, well we are eliminated from the playoffs so we are going to just tank the last 3 to see where we end up and what draft spot we can draft a guy we need

        •  Chad Eldred says:

          The problem isn’t what he is saying, it is that he actually going to do what he is saying. Give the standard fare to the media, that’s fine. But in reality they should be more concerned with getting some tape to base their off-season decisions upon, rather than the futile attempt to gain respect.

          •  Kettles78 says:

            Sorry I don’t get that mentality. If you were in a results driven league how as a coach or player would you tank?

            •  buljos says:

              I think the point is to focus on the objective, and maintain a logical thread from the objective to the behaviors leading to attainment of that objective. If the objective’s the Super Bowl, and everything else is a distant second, then one might assert playing for “respectability” over bestowing regular season reps and coaching to players who desperately need them and would benefit from them toward making the team more likely to win the Super Bowl after the 2014 season is illogical. Equating logic to tanking isn’t right, and I don’t see very many fans advocating that in the name of moving up the draft board. Damontre Moore really needs those reps, as does Hankins, Robinson, Jernigan, Hill, Taylor, Hosley, Herzlich, Mosley, Brewer, and Nassib. No, I’m not advocating putting all those guys on the field at once, but each of them should be presented with increased opportunities to experience regular season reps and coaching on a case by case basis as the situation warrants over the remaining three games. That would be, in my opinion, preferable to keeping Diehl et al out there for “respectability” when the objective is to play in Super Bowl XLIX in Phoenix. The surest way to not achieve the objective is to behave in ways that don’t support the objective, and “respectability” doesn’t get you there.

  3.  nick86 says:

    Well I’m glad its over, SD put the final nail in the coffin of the 2013-14 season. What a disaster.

    However, the more depressing thing is that I am not seeing a lot of hope for next year. AND I never feel that way. Its going to take A LOT of clever maneuvering and drafting by JR to make this team a serious contender again. I just don’t see a Chief like bounce back next year.

    Too many holes on the Oline
    not enough playmakers with Nicks always hurt and likely on his way out
    not enough from the TE position
    Eli and JPP who carried us to the last SB look like shells of their former selves
    putrid special teams play

    Very few bright spots: Cruz, Beason, Rolle, Prince, Pugh, Brown, TT, Jenkins, Randle (sometimes)

    I don’t pay a lot of attention to the books, but unless JR does some serious spending in the offseason, next year is looking bleak. Especially with our 20 million dollar man playing like garbage. I just hope guys like Antrell and Beason are brought back. and that JR can trim some serious dead weight.

    •  buljos says:

      I have hope for next year, and the five after that, providing JR is laser focused on winning as many Super Bowls as he can with this franchise QB. After Eli’s gone, who knows how many QBs they’ll go through before another franchise QB is signed… it took them too long to find Eli after Phil left. Certainly hold onto the “bright spots,” jettison with thanks those who contributed to the Super Bowl wins, and replace them with all-pro caliber players through 2020. No more jerking around with two picks on a QB. Use mid to late round picks to move up and get more guys like Pugh. JR needs to land three or four more like him, to be Eli’s line for the remainder of his career. Wasting the Eli years by putting him behind an obviously inferior line is just insane. Belichick understands this well enough, as he has stocked Brady’s line with top shelf talent, because he knows he likely won’t find another Brady before he’s done.

  4.  BigBlueGiant says:

    Well, I was preparing myself for a bad season well before most of you guys. I didn’t think it was going to be this bad.

    From coaching to the players, changes MUST be made. It will be very interesting to see what Mr. Mara will do.

    I don’t think anyone is safe.

  5.  JimStoll says:

    I’ve been saying it for years – this team has always under-performed under Coughlin
    the two LUCKY super bowl wins (lucky because until the playoffs we did not play well enough to even be in the playoffs let alone make it to the final game and win)
    have masked so many recurrent problems like: 1. 3+ blowout losses every year; 2. for all the talk to the contrary, a perennially undisciplined team that repeatedly shoots itself in the foot with penalties and turnovers; 3. the complete and utter absence of decent, let alone quality special teams; 4. one bad DC hire after another; 5. a tired and predictable offense unmatched to the talent that runs it; 6. bad drafting coupled with poor cap management; 7. a vastly over-paid QB that is streaky on his best days but who has for the better part of 20 games played like one of the worst QBs in the league.

    So many things wrong with this team right now. What is needed is a new GM, a new coaching staff, and a new QB. Of course they have to be upgrades so that probably requires new ownership in order to make those decisions. Since that’s not happening, we are likely looking at sub-.500 seasons as far out into the future as the eye can see. The only caveat to that is the potential for lightening to strike for a third time.

    It’s cold out there!!

    •  Kettles78 says:

      I got an easy solution for you Jim to accomplish all those in one shot. Go root for another team lol only way it is happening big guy

    •  nick86 says:

      How many teams have had lightning strike at all? The vast majority of the teams in this league haven’t won a Superbowl in the last decade, let alone 2.
      Are you saying you’d prefer a perennial 10-13 win team and no superbowls? Because that’s the trade off. There are no teams that are consistently winning 10-13 games a year anymore and winning superbowls. It just doesn’t happen. too much parity in the league…

      How can a team not play well enough be in the playoffs but make the playoffs? That make no sense. IF they didn’t play well enough they wouldn’t get in.

      Lighten up a little bit dude. There are Brown, Jaguar, Raider fans out there that would chew their right arm off for a playoff team, let alone 2 SBs.

  6.  fanfor55years says:

    Well, I sure was wrong about this team at the start of the season. Jim and Big Blue were right. They are truly awful.

    If Mara doesn’t clean house (starting with this God-awful staff and their God-awful schemes and game planning) then we are looking at a number of years of real futility. You cannot “fix” this in a year.

    Gilbride’s “genius” (and let’s not pretend this isn’t Coughlin’s offense too) has turned a very fine quarterback into a mess. It’s time to get away from the Theoretical Physicist approach to offense that depends upon the Uncertainty Principle so the defense can never know where receivers are going because their paths are affected by what the defense does, but manages to thoroughly confuse both the receivers and quarterback and probably has more to do with Eli’s career arc in regard to interceptions than does anything else.

    Fewell’s defense has gone completely away from the attacking style that has always been Giants’ football and has not only put the defensive backfield in an impossible position (no NFL defense can really cover receivers these days if the quarterback has adequate time) but has nicely managed to steal home field advantage from the team because of its general passivity.

    Quinn has had ONE good season with special teams in the last six.

    Every team we play has obviously found holes in the defensive scheme that cannot be plugged and can depend upon the inability of our offensive line to support either a run game or a protective scheme, therefore knows that they CAN attack and make Eli play poorly (as do all QBs under constant pressure in regard to time and situation). Every defense we play knows they can time their rush because we are not snapping the ball until there are fewer than 4 seconds remaining on the play clock.

    The whole thing has become laughable. And I’m not even starting on the front office and what the problem is there (but I will note the BIGGEST one is that the way the organization is structured Coughlin is answerable only to Mara and Reese, whatever other issues he might have, is required to defer to Coughlin when push comes to shove, so this has become Coughlin’s team every bit as much as if we were in the era when Paul Brown and George Halas owned, GM’d, and coached their teams. Let me put it this way: Dallas has their Jerry Jones. We have our Tom Coughlin. Their power over their teams is comparable.).

    •  nick86 says:

      Tom isn’t going anywhere. He has earned the right to try and turn it around. However, I wouldn’t be surpired to see Gilbride Go. Ownership cant be happy with how poorly this offense has played.

      Fewell as much as I hate him will probably be back. his D has been surprisingly solid this year, after Beason arrived on the scene of course.

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