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New York Giants Getting Healthier & Much More from an Afternoon Tea with Tom Coughlin

December 4th, 2013 at 11:20 AM
By Dan Benton

New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin took the podium for his weekly press conference in a very focused, business-like mood on Wednesday. Without even being asked, he immediately opted to address the injury situation.

'Tom Coughlin watches from the sideline' photo (c) 2012, Marianne O'Leary - license:

The Giants' pre-practice injury report includes the following players: running back Brandon Jacobs (knee), defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul (shoulder), and cornerbacks Trumaine McBride (groin), Terrell Thomas (knee) & Corey Webster (ankle).

Of the players listed on the pre-practice injury report, only Terrell Thomas will not practice, which is his standard day off. Meanwhile, Jacobs, McBride and Webster will all practice on at least a limited basis, while JPP will do individual work with trainers on the side.

As it relates to defensive end Justin Tuck and his NFC Defensive Player of the Week award, Coughlin says he's earned it.

"He's played solid. He's practice hard; worked hard. He's done things by example," Coughlin said.

In addition to Tuck, Coughlin praised both safety Antrel Rolle and linebacker Jon Beason as "energetic guys" who lift the team. He was also sure to note that Beason's 17-tackle game against the Washington Redskins was anything but an aberration.

"No, I don't think so. I think that's the way he plays," Coughlin said.

Finally, Coughlin was asked to reflect a bit on the Eli Manning-Philip Rivers trade from 10 years ago.

"Ernie Accorsi was 100% in belief that this was the right thing to do for our franchise," Coughlin said.

And is there any question that trading for Eli was the right thing to do?

"None whatsoever," Coughlin laughed. "There's a couple things out in the hallway you may want to look at."

With that, it was time for practice.


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23 Responses to “New York Giants Getting Healthier & Much More from an Afternoon Tea with Tom Coughlin”

  1.  buljos says:

    Nice to see Tuck recognized by the NFL for his solid performance on Sunday night. Maybe 4 sacks will inspire some of his most fervent critics calling for his ouster to take a more reasoned stance that’s based on his PFF numbers (e.g. ranking him as one of the best defenders against the run in the league), not simply on his sack total. I for one will hold onto my Captain Tuck jersey for a little while longer.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      When some were down on Tuck it was because he had played poorly for two seasons and was starting to sound like football wasn’t what he wanted to be doing in the future. That was not ideal leadership by any stretch of the imagination. He, himself, admitted that his attitude had been iffy and pledged to come back this season in great shape physically and mentally.

      I’m glad he did, and I always liked the guy as a person. But I’m also not going to forget that this was a contract year for him. Funny how the quality of play and leadership seems to always go up for players when that year comes around. It’s a hard sport. Very hard. I don’t blame the players for wanting to get paid. But I also don’t blame Jerry Reese for wanting the most team-friendly deals he can make, and I wouldn’t mind at all if Justin is brought back on a one-year contract with a team option for the second year with some buyout for less than the scheduled second-year salary. I’d like to see him close out his Giants career playing for his next paycheck all along the way. The diffidence he showed for two seasons was really troubling, and a good season in 2013 (which he has certainly had) doesn’t wipe out the past.

      •  buljos says:

        yeah… I guess maybe. Tuck in the past didn’t do what was expected of him, and his head wasn’t on straight, and this being his contract year doesn’t wipe out the past. The Giants front office, coaches, and most fans have long memories of who did what in the past, and that’s great. For me, to quote Strahan, the past is the f-in past. I’m keyed on his play this past Sunday that earned him NFL honors, and I’m forgetting his iffy attitude last year. I’ll be keyed on his play this coming Sunday, since it’s a short ride for me to Qualcomm to see him play. I’m really looking forward to it, and I won’t be thinking of his past at all.

  2.  Krow says:

    Buzzzzzzzzzzzz … too late … thanks for playing.

  3.  fanfor55years says:

    GOAT, your comment in response to mine on the previous thread essentially restated what I had just written! I said I want Tuck. I also said if Tuck moves down the road I’d like Kiwi and that his salary isn’t too bad. I also said they need to draft another pass-rusher.

    Are you now in the translation business? You could have just said you agree!

    •  GOAT56 says:

      I haven’t been posting as much so i wanted to say it in my own words lol.

      The one aspect I do disagree on is that I do feel like Kiwi is overpaid at his salary. He’s a good solid player but at his salary he should bring more than that. But I don’t think it makes sense to just cut him if we don’t have Tuck around as a veteran presence. I feel like JPP and Moore need a vet around even if it’s an overpaid one especially since we will likely be adding another rookie DE.

  4.  fanfor55years says:

    The reason that considering a Vernon Davis-like tight end as a real target in the draft makes sense is simple: there are some questions about the quality of each of the wide receivers available. None of them are even close to sure things (never mind the fact that they’d need at least two seasons to figure out Gilbride’s offense). If Hakeem Nicks departs we’ll perhaps have little choice but to turn to Reuben Randle as our #1 wide receiver (even though he appears to be more a “1A” type even at full potential).

    That gives us Randle and Cruz. In those circumstances we absolutely need a wide receiver through free agency and we’ll need a tight end who is not just a blocker but a downfield threat. I’d go sign Manningham again and get someone like Ebron, whom I think is definitely a downfield threat a la Davis. Tight ends, even rookies, can learn our system much easier because their reads are simpler or they can be assigned specific routes.

    Now, if I’m Reese I’m not at all sure I want to use a high pick on a tight end when I need cornerbacks, linebackers, offensive linemen and a pass-rusher. So, knowing that I don’t have forever with Eli Manning under center and that my offense requires newly acquired and drafted receivers to get a few years to really fit into that offense, I just do not want to wait out that process. I’m signing either Hakeem Nicks or Mario Manningham, preferably the former but not allowing the latter to slip my grasp the day free agency begins if Nicks is not signed or I haven’t decided to franchise him.

    If it’s Nicks I will look for a tight end late in the draft or through free agency at a low price, and be happy to see what Robinson and Donnell can do in 2014. If it’s Manningham then I need a downfield tight end in the draft and that goes way up my list of priorities. Eli needs to have three targets if he has three really strong receivers wide and in the slot. If he has two wide receivers with questions in regard to whether either draws double coverage, he needs to have a tight end who can get down the seam and make 15+ yard plays. You fit personnel to your needs and on offense it’s all about what the franchise quarterback needs. He needs enough good targets, the big-play ability that was lost this season, and “adequate” group of running backs and an “adequate” offensive line.

    Ebron is a good draft target if Nicks leaves.

    •  Nosh.0 says:

      Watching highlights Lee and Watkins look like pretty sure things.

      The guy I will bring up all offseason however is Justin Blackmon. If he gets his off field stuff taken care of he has all the tools to be a #1. He reminded me of Hakeem Nicks when he came out.

      •  fanfor55years says:

        Highlights are deceptive. Lee has been very disappointing this season. Watkins is the real deal but he’s pretty small. Everyone talks about DeSean Jackson but his career has not been nearly as fabulous as many expected. He’s very good, but I’m not sure his equivalent would be worth a first-round pick. In any case, he’s highly unlikely to get to our slot.

        Blackmon? Lots of talent, de minimis character. He’d have had to have a serious change in approach for Reese and Mara to want anything to do with him. If he has changed then by all means try to make use of him.

        But I’ll stick by my prescription of Nicks as my #1 target (and I’d take a chance on cost higher than desired if the doctors say he can get healthy next season), Manningham as my #2 target, and a clear view that Ebron (and if you’ve seen Carolina play you’d agree) or the kid from Texas Tech (Amaro?) would be excellent possibilities if we’re determined to move on without Nicks but supply Eli with a top receiving corps.

        •  Nosh.0 says:

          Lee hurt his knee so I think that’s why he started slow this year. But he can move. You just see the fluidness he runs with and he’s got some shake to him also. I will say I wash’t thrilled that he seemed to make a lot of catches with his body, but he did flash the ability to go up and grab a ball out of the air. 40 times will be big for Watkins and Lee to determine how well their college speed plays at the NFL level.

          Me and you are just on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to Nicks. To me I see a guy that hasn’t flashed since week 2 of last year. I can’t allocate any sort of serious money to someone like that. Just seems like bad business to me.

          •  BigBlueGiant says:

            lee has also been doubled a lot of games this season.

          •  fanfor55years says:

            Yeah, I know I’m taking a big leap with Nicks, but only if the doctors say he will be close to 100% in 2014. He hasn’t been right since the injury against Tampa Bay last season (on that play he certainly burst right past their corner and then beat the safety to the ball, a play he has been totally unable to repeat since that incident).

            I sense the clock beginning to run quickly for this team’s chances to ride Eli to another title. I give it 5-6 more years. I don’t want to give up two of them by drafting a rookie wide receiver in the first round who will be lost in this system for his first two seasons. That’s why I want Nicks or Manningham here. Both know our system so we’d open with three primary receivers who know what they’re doing (I’m assuming that Randle will take a leap in understanding this off-season and preseason). If it’s Manningham I also want a quality tight end who can make plays downfield because none of Manningham, Randle and Cruz will command constant double coverage so we’d need a tight end who can make big plays as well as just move the chains. If it’s a healthy Nicks then I’m okay with a primarily blocking tight end who can catch a little and I suspect that between Robinson and Donnell, Pope can develop that. We might even keep Myers at a lower salary as the move-the-chains guy.

            I have made it clear that I’ll also take a stud on the O-line as that first pick, and I wouldn’t complain if he’s a cornerback or a really TOP linebacker, but even Blackmon with his head screwed on straight still gives us two seasons of struggle with his understanding Genius Gilbride’s multi-read-multi-option offense. I think a healthy Nicks is far the best option, but I’ll take Manningham and an early-pick tight end as a second-best option.

        •  BigBlueGiant says:

          Sammy Watkins is 6’1″ 205. Not exactly that small. he’s bigger than Djax. And just as deceptive and shifty. He’s 100% worthy of a first round pick. And he will contribute IMMEDIATELY on ST’s returning the ball on PR/KR.

          And as far as Djax goes, i think you’re underestimating the enemy here. The kid is threat anytime he touches the ball. He’s had a great NFL career so far. He’s play on the field and his stats show it. HOF’er? Probably not. But the kid is as dynamic as it gets. AND, he’s having a terrific season for the eagles.

          I like A kid like Watkins because he adds a dimension to our game that we’ve never had. Speed. He can do wonders for our ST game and be the guy to stretch the field on Offense. I would not be upset at the pick at all.

      •  BigBlueGiant says:

        If we are going offense and there are no good OT’s available when we pick, a WR or a TE is a must.

        A guy like Ebron is going to burst up draft charts after his combine. But I also due like JAce Amarao, and that kid from Washington Jenkins.

        As far as WR, I like Evans, Watkins, and Lee. I’d be happy with any of these guys i named if we go offense and it’s not a Lineman.

  5.  Nosh.0 says:

    I think the key is that if we draft a WR in the first, they have to be able to come in and contribute right away like Nicks did his rookie year. I believe Watkins and Lee can do that.

    As for Evans, I don’t see him in the same league as the other 2. Obviously highlights don’t tell you the whole story, and for most positions they don’t tell you much at all. But with WR’s some things are quickly apparent. Namely, what kind of athlete the kid is. Body control, speed, fluidness in and out of breaks, shiftiness, and leaping ability. It’s very obvious both Lee and Watkins have the athleticism to be #1′s in the NFL. Evans you just don’t see that with. I think by the time the draft rolls around Evans will be off the board much later than the other 2.

    •  BigBlueGiant says:

      Evans is a different type of WR than Watkins and Lee.

      I like Evans because he’s tall, physical and will win challenges in the air. Kid’s got great hands and runs very good routes. He might not be blazing fast, but he’s got speed. He reminds me a lot like Plax.

      That said, Evans also plays with Manziel who is a lot like Eli when he throws the ball up in the air. Throws it up there and lets his Receivers make the play. Plus, Evans would give Eli a nice big target in the red zone. Given that Evans is 6’6″, And Eli likes throwing the ball high…. Could be Eli to Plax all over again.

      Also another kid that is going under the raider is the WR from Fresno State who is VERY Hakeem Nicks like in size and the way he plays. Davonte Adams is his name.

      here’s some highlights.

      •  Nosh.0 says:

        Kid Adams looks good.

        I think we are just going to disagree about Evans. Not saying he will be bad at the next level, but I just think Lee and Watkins are better bets.

        I know people like to compare tall WR’s to Plax, but Plax was an ELITE athlete. He may not have run a 4.4, but he had nice breakaway speed, great fluidness, and amazing body control.

        But I get your logic with Evans. The height is nice. But as Barden proved, you need more than just height.

        •  BigBlueGiant says:

          Nah, this isn’t Barden part 2. Mike Evans gets good separation and has break away speed as well. Some team will be very happy with picking him.

          •  GOAT56 says:

            I agree with Nosh I was saying the same thing the other day. But Barden is too far. I think a more fair comparison is Marcus Colston. Colston is a good player but IMO not someone you draft as a game changer.

            The sleeper WR might be the Colorado kid Richardson. I have just seen a few clips. But on a one win team he had over 1,300 yards. I think that says a lot. He was first team all pac ten which also says a lot.

  6.  Nosh.0 says:

    Fantasy question.

    Need to fill 2 spots. PPR league. Edelman, Boykin, McFadden, Marty B.


  7.  GOAT56 says:

    If we are staying in this system I think some are getting their hopes caught up too much in a rookie. A rookie WR or TE is likely not going to contribute much in year one. Nicks and Steve Smith were the exceptions. It’s accident both of them came from pro style systems. Our of the WR and TEs mentioned that’s another reason I like Lee and Jenkins. I think coming from pro college systems they are more ready to contribute than other WRs. I like Watkins a lot too but I do think he’s less likely yo hit the ground running than Lee. I think Lee is a top 8 pick that will drop some because of his year. I really like him. But even drafting him is not the 2014 solution to our WR corp. I agree with F55 and have stated before that I believe we need a player like Manningham assuming we don’t keep Nicks for our 2014 WR corp.

    And given that we are near the bottom of the NFL in sacks our first round target very well could be a DE. Tuck/Kiwi are long term solutions and I think we have seen you need at least 3 quality DEs.

    I also think last week showed that Tuck should always play DT in long distant situations. He’s just way more effective as a DT rushing the passer. If he has to play less snaps overall so be it. But playing Tuck at DE on early downs and DT on long situations has to be the way to use Tuck. Yes he gets more beat up like that but he hasn’t been overly effective pass rushing as a DE. Our DTs haven’t been too effective either.

    I see some mocks suggesting LB. I think we have got good enough play from LB assuming Beason is kept that it’s not longer a major concern. Given in today’s NFL you play so much 5 DBs that not with Beason, Paysinger and Williams we have a core and can fill in the rest with Rivers like signings. A mid to late pick at LB is fine but to me we have much more serious needs than to look LB on day one or day two.

    Also one last thing about the rookies. Is this year with the draft being a month later I wonder if that hurts their ability to contribute because they have less time to learn doing the offseason.

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