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New York Giants Host Running Back Kendall Gaskins for Workout

December 3rd, 2013 at 9:00 AM
By Dan Benton

On Monday (as opposed to Tuesday), the New York Giants hosted running back Kendall Gaskins for a workout, reports Aaron Wilson of the National Football Post.

Gaskins, who was an undrafted rookie free agent out of Richmond, initially signed with the Buffalo Bills in late April. However, the team released him in late August, just prior to the start of the regular season. He was later signed by the Tennessee Titans to their practice squad, but that, too, was short-lived.

The four-year Richmond starter was a monster at the FCS level, totaling 38 touchdowns and 1,745 rushing yards during his college career. He was projected by some to play fullback in the NFL, but that never appeared to be an option with either the Bills or Titans, although he did turn some heads with powerful runs in practice for both teams.

Despite his size (6'1'', 238 lbs.) and power, Gaskins has also displayed very soft hands and was routinely used as a pass-catching weapon in college.

His workout with the Giants is not to be misread — they routinely workout players at all positions just to get a feel for what's out there in the event they need to fill holes from the free agent pool. As of now, Gaskins has not been offered a contract with Big Blue.

There's been no additional word on other players working out for the team this week.


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15 Responses to “New York Giants Host Running Back Kendall Gaskins for Workout”

  1.  creewan says:

    Thoughts from last thread.

    Myers contract can be terminated via team option.

    Kiwi can be cut with no dead money attached.

    Snee could retire but he restructured years ago which pushed his dead money to the end of his contract. I doubt he walks away and leaves that on the table. We will let him come back even if he’s solely showing up for the dollars because he puts food in the coach’s grandchildren’s bellies.

    The situation with Baas is tricky. There are different ways of approaching it. It’s very detailed.

    His contract looks like this:

    “Let me point out the three most likely ways how his contract can be dealt with (meaning ’86ed). Baas has two years left on his deal after this season. He restructured this past off-season, moving dead money further down into his last two years, making it more difficult to cut him. One way that the Giants could deal with his situation is to cut him after this season, and gain $1,775,000 in cap space this off-season. The second course of action that they can take is to wait until after 2014 to cut him, when they could gain significantly more cap space – $5,250,000 to be exact – and have less dead money on the books as well ($3,225,000 compared to exactly double that amount if the Giants cut him after this year).

    This brings me to the third option…(somehow Heisenberg’s voice during his conversation with Gustavo Fring from Breaking Bad out in the desert is rattling around in my head as I type this).

    If Baas continues to be a liability by not being able stay healthy, or play well when healthy, then they might have to go with the first option – something which is becoming increasingly apparent. A third way that they could do this AND gain MORE THAN $1,775,000 in cap space would be by releasing him this off-season and designating him as a post-June 1st cut. Teams can do this with up to two players a year. The Dolphins did this with two of their own this past off-season when they designated Linebackers Kevin Burnett and Karlos Dansby as such; you can read about it by clicking HERE.

    Teams that use this strategy won’t reap the cap benefits right away though. They have to wait until June 2nd to do so; however, the players who are released under this designation are free to sign elsewhere as free agency starts when more money is available, and teams are ready to flex their wallets, so to speak. This is advantageous to the player in that it gives them a much better opportunity to find a job elsewhere at a higher salary, instead of waiting until after June 1st when teams have shot their collective wads.

    As of June 2nd, the team can then gain room from not only the regular cap savings (which after 2013 in Baas’ case would be $1,775,000), but they’d also be able to spread out the remaining dead money – provided the player has at least 2 years left on his deal and has not completed his 4th year with the club (as per the present CBA, NFL contracts can’t be prorated more than 5 years). If the Giants were to exercise this option with Baas this coming off-season, they’d be able to split up his Dead Money over the course of two seasons – 2014 and 2015.

    That Dead Money amount, if he were to be released this off-season would be $6,450,000. The Giants would be able to evenly spread this amount out over those two years of 2014 and 2015. They would also GAIN an extra $3,225,000 in cap space in addition to the regular amount of cap savings mentioned above ($1,775,000) if they were to release him under normal non-post-June 1st standards. Their cap savings in this case would be $5,000,000 in 2014 with only $3,225,000 in Dead Money remaining on the books for 2014 – half the original amount. The other $3,225,000 will be added to the 2015 season’s Dead Money total.

    This third option that I described in detail above will be seriously considered after the season, as the Giants evaluate Baas’ future on the team. Suffice it to say, due to a combination of his injuries and consequent subpar performance in comparison to this contract, he won’t be here past 2014 at the LATEST. Hell, he’ll be lucky to be here next year the way things are going. To wrap this up, and paraphrase Heisenberg in the process, let me go on record as saying that as of this moment, I prefer option 3.”

    •  rlhjr says:

      Very detailed and interesting post. My bottom line is that by any means possiable, we need to get rid of Deihl, Baas, Boothe and Snee.

      I understand the Snee situation. Although I don’t dislike Coughlin, his influence on Snee being here make me want to see him go.

      I also realize that Mr. Mara’s bottom line is profit. So I suspect the course of action Reese takes will be the one that saves the most money.

      You can add Myres and Rivers to the list of “gotta go, gotta go”.

      •  creewan says:

        Diehl is done. His contract is up and won’t be brought back.

        Snee isn’t going anywhere unless he retires.

        Baas can be let go but could stay for one more year to save the dead money. That’s coin flip.

        Boothe is on a one year deal and they will at least negotiate with him.

        That’s the reality.

        I don’t hate Boothe. He’s pretty valuable.

  2.  creewan says:

    Someone asked about JPP.

    He got a regular deal for his slot.

    5 years 20 mil

    Next year is his 5th and final year of his deal. He needs to have a good year.

    •  BigBlueGiant says:

      I know people who are friendly with JPP, and they say he wants over 100 million.


      Sorry JPP, you’re good and all, but play some ball first. You’ve underwhelmed.

      •  JimStoll says:

        JPP has had 1 excellent season, 2 lousy season, and 1 promising rookie part-time season
        he’s closer to getting released than he is to 100M!!

  3.  BigBlueGiant says:

    Also, on the previous thread regarding Nicks…

    I can tell you that Nicks has NOT been in the HSS all season long. That doesn’t mean he hasn’t went elsewhere for medical advice, but my friend tells me all the guys that come in and out. He hasn’t been in there.

    So if he’s hurt, he’s seeking other medical attention.

    Personally, I think he might have nagging injuries, but anyone who plays in the NFL or contact sports has nagging injuries. It’s just part of the game. For me, I think he’s playing NOT to get hurt.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      I just don’t agree with this. There is ZERO logic to his deciding to play that way. What’s he going to say? “Hey, Mr. General Manager, check it out, I wasn’t real good last season but that was only because I was protecting myself so you don’t have to worry about my health at all.”?

      His play this season is costing him millions of dollars. The only way I’ll buy that it has just been nagging injuries is if over the course of December he suddenly lights it up and looks like the Nicks of 2011. And even then, how was he risking injury when he didn’t/couldn’t accelerate into catches on deep throws when he had his coverage beaten? He has been in that situation many times this season. He had no burst. He couldn’t get YAC because he couldn’t find burst in his legs. He really competed for a ball in the air like he used to for the FIRST time Sunday night, and even that was only a facsimile of 2011.

      He’s either hurt or the dumbest guy on the planet.

      •  BigBlueGiant says:

        well, we dont see eye to eye then.

        It’s very possible, that he’ll never be the same guy again.

      •  buljos says:

        I’m with you on this ff55. While I could see BBG’s assertion if it pertained to backing out of pre-season work in order not to get hurt in a contract year, to me it makes no sense that he’d do that during the regular season, as it substantially diminishes demand for his services. He wants to get paid, and backing down doesn’t get you paid. Pure conjecture, but I’m thinking he has lost a good step, and he wasn’t the fastest guy to begin with (combine 4.63 40). While Nicks’ is all about technique, intelligence, physical play, and great hands and not speed, there must come a point at which the DBs’ overwhelming “make-up speed” greatly reduces Nicks’ opportunities. DBs occupy 12 of the top 25 fastest players in the league, the slowest of whom runs a 4.34 40. With churn on the O-line, Nicks must get separation relatively quickly, and the Corners know it. They’ll bite on Nicks’ first move, and if Eli still has time to throw on Nicks’ second move, they’ve got enough “make-up speed” to close quickly.

  4.  fanfor55years says:

    I start with the assumption that we are not making the playoffs this season (it requires a confluence of events that is just too crazy) and that the organization should be deep into evaluation mode at this point.

    Having said that I think it’s almost insane not to play Mosley, at the very least as part of the jumbo packages but ideally for a set number of snaps at guard each game, and Robinson and/or Donnell if either can manage to get out on the field healthy. And they have no excuse not to keep playing Hosley and Hankins.

    Why? Because cornerback, offensive lineman, and tight end appear to be significant needs and there’s no way Reese can currently know how desperately he needs to address them because he just doesn’t know what they have on the current roster. And he has a critical decision to make regarding Linval Joseph.

    We all know that they need a cornerback to bring along next season and groom for a starting spot in 2015. But if Hosley is going to be as good as I suspect then the great need is on the outside, and the body type desired is a relatively “big” corner. Hosley played well Sunday night (after all we’d been hearing was how disappointed the coaches were in him and how “lousy” he played his rookie year…. as if any rookie corner, especially one given the slot cover position, is going to look very good). If he keeps getting the job done (and if they take him out once McBride recovers then they’re idiots) that should affect what the organization looks for in the draft and which pick they target for the acquisition of that corner.

    We all know that they need to sign an offensive lineman in free agency and draft at least one, but given that Brewer has looked pretty decent the past two weeks, they need to find out if Mosley looks like a comer when given a chance in real games. If so, then the draft priorities may get scrambled a bit. Right now we have one offensive lineman who looks like he might become elite: Justin Pugh. If it turns out we have two guys in Brewer and Mosley who are “better-than-average” (and I have always suspected that Mosley could prove better than that) that gives us three young players to build around. Beatty is staying through at least 2015 (though I wouldn’t mind seeing them draft his replacement now, play the rookie some in 2014 somewhere along the line, and then have him fight for the LT job in 2015). But if Brewer is going to prove to be just serviceable they need to know if Mosley looks far better than that. I know this is almost the equivalent of a rookie season for him but they need to see him play. If neither is a long-term prospect then they have to draft high in seeking another real anchor on that offensive line. You need at least two, ideally three, and right now we have one.

    Tight ends? Myers is starting to play better but he is never going to be a blocker and that means he’s probably gone next season. Pascoe is below average and only around because he can also back up the fullback. Donnell and Robinson are the guys who can block, and they need to get snaps. Fewell loves Robinson but so far he’s a huge bust, and he needs to prove otherwise or this team HAS to go out and find a pair of tight ends who can block and also catch the 10-12 yard passes that open in the middle when the wide receivers are threats.

    Hankins did well on Sunday. And with Jenkins, Patterson and Tuck potentially available next season (and Kuhn for that matter), if he continues to do well it should allow Reese to name a number to Joseph that is “affordable” for the Giants and wish him well if he departs. But that is only a real possibility if Hankins shows he can consistently stop the run.

    They need to play these guys. Will they? They’ll play some of them, but quite possibly not all of them very much. But that would be a mistake.

    •  BigBlueGiant says:

      I said it yesterday, our TE of the future very well might be our 1st round pick in this draft.

      There’s a problem when guys like Crabtree, Harvin and other guys who had SERIOUS injuries are starting to see the field before this kid.

      I was never high on Robinson. Reese likes his “project” players that most of the time don’t amount to anything. Robinson wasn’t great or even that good in college. He was drafted on his “potential” to possible amount to something. failed experiment.

      •  creewan says:

        He’s just counting on Pope to make something of these guys (Robinson and Donnell). Pope has worked his magic time and time again with other projects who didn’t produce much at the college level and made them dependable starters for us. Reese, the Giants, and Giants fans alike have all been spoiled by Pope’s work. We need it now. I don’t think we take one in the first. Maybe mid rounds. It’s not a priority and never has been since Gilbride came through.

    •  creewan says:

      We won’t trot the young guys out there until we are officially eliminated. Weeks 15 – 17. It’s not going to happen. Coughlin is about winning. Myers, Diehl, McBride, etc give us the best chance to win because they have earned their spots. It’s the same reason JPP won’t be shut down.

      I do agree that we need to assess the young guys though. But they know what they have in most of them. Seeing them perform in games is just nice for us as fans. The staff has been around a long time and knows when they have a player who is ready as opposed to a player who needs work. They get to see them everyday. We get 60 some snaps once a week. If they don’t think Mosley is ready but they put him in and he does well in the game that isn’t going to change their minds that much if he’s consistently playing poorly in practice. They either think he’s ready and will uses the off season as his chance to prove it or they will bring in more bodies to compete for his job.

      I am excited to see Hosley against the Chargers. I give him cautious credit for the Skins game because RG3 is a a garbage passer running a gimmicky offense. I want to see Hosley against a big boy passing attack. Rivers will test him. I think his skills are better suited outside despite his size. Being small doesn’t always equate to being fit for the slot. It’s a hard position to defend and not everyone can move inside and play well. McBride is another smaller corner who performs much better outside. TT and Rolle are bigger guys who do very well as the nickel.

      I think Linval is gone. It smells exactly like the Cofield situation all over:

      Canty = Jenkins
      Cofield = Linval
      Hankins = Rookie Linval

      We just drafted a rookie in the 2nd, just signed a veteran, and we are facing a contract year from a great DT who is going to command a big number. History suggests we pass.

      Myers is as good as gone. No way we dish out over 4 mil per year for the next 2 years. Robinson and Donnell still have work to do but they are talented. They’ll get limited snaps this year. Their true test will come next off season. The job will be up for grabs. Another TE will be brought in for competition. The job will be up for grabs. So stay healthy and earn the right to play.

      As for this year, it won’t be until the season is officially over that they start putting all the young guys in.

      •  fanfor55years says:

        I know that’s right about when the young guys play, but I really don’t agree with it when the playoffs are out of the picture.

        As for knowing who is ready, yeah, the coaches see a lot of practice snaps, but that is never the same as in a game. They were saying that Brewer had potential but was terribly inconsistent. Over the past two games he has hardly been perfect, but he’s doing pretty well. Far better than I suspect the coaches feared.

        Your point about Hosley is well-taken. Sometimes those scrappers who don’t have the size are better on the outside. BUT, even with Hosley’s extraordinary vertical jump and his aggressiveness, he’d have trouble with the top “big” wide receivers like Megatron and Dez Bryant. And the Giants seem to always prefer big corners when they can get them. I’m a huge fan of Hosley and think he will be very, very, good but I don’t know if he will be moved outside. All I know is that I want to see him keep playing. There’s certainly NO reason to play Webster at this point when the defense has done just fine without him and he won’t be here next season except, possibly, in a depth role and one in which he’ll be a Sam Madison-like presence (but now that we have ‘Trel we don’t need another respected leader back there).

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