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NFL Will Allow Limited, Watered-Down “Tailgating” at MetLife Stadium Prior to Super Bowl

November 29th, 2013 at 11:00 AM
By Dan Benton

Late last week, New Jersey Sports and Exhibition Authority president Wayne Hasenbalg said there would be no tailgating at MetLife Stadium prior to Super Bowl XLVIII. And not just that, but he promised that the entire complex would be on "lock down" for a variety of reasons.

“There is no chance that people who do not have credentials will be able to access the entirety of the Meadowlands Sports Complex on the week of the game,” Hasenbalg said. “Everyone coming onto the site will have to have a credential with ID, and all deliveries will be sent to a certain location for screening."

Talk about a Scrooge. Luckily for NFL fans there's … Roger Goodell to inject the fun back into things?! That can't be right … can it?

"I'm sure there will be a fair amount of tailgating going on," Goodell told The Star-Ledger on Friday.

But hold your horses, fans. Don't get overly excited and praise Goodell just yet. While he did indicate fans would be able to tailgate, the NFL Commissioner was very vague in what would be allowed — which happens to be a very water-down and loose interpretation of what tailgating actually is.

Yes, fans with parking passes — and only fans with parking passes — will be able to access the parking lots. And yes, said fans will be allowed to tailgate … kind of.

Fans with parking passes will be allowed to bring coolers, food and drinks, but they will not be allowed to bring grills, games or anything that exceeds the occupancy of a single parking spot. In other words, fans are allowed the 3-4 inches on either side of their vehicle to place a cooler and, perhaps, a small chair.


“There are a lot of things you’re balancing at an event like this. One is that you use a lot of the parking lots for events also, particularly areas that have to be climatized because of the weather. That’s always a challenge for us at Super Bowls. Then obviously you have security issues, which you have to manage properly to make sure you keep fans safe," Goodell said.

To sum things up: there is no real tailgating allowed and no fun to be had in the parking lot the day of the game. Ultimately, the one thing New York/New Jersey fans are the absolute best at has been outlawed in the name of safety (aka: the almighty dollar).

Let's all hope and pray for 12+ inches of snow, blistering winds and freezing cold temperatures to cause NFL personnel as much anguish as they've caused fans by essentially outlawing the main non-game attraction.

Shame on you, NFL.

Photo credit: Schen Photography / / CC BY


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2 Responses to “NFL Will Allow Limited, Watered-Down “Tailgating” at MetLife Stadium Prior to Super Bowl”

  1.  fanfor55years says:

    fanfor55years says:
    November 29, 2013 at 11:23 AM

    If the coaches want to do the best job for the organization going forward the guys who MUST play are Hosley, Hankins, Moore, Brewer and Mosley.

    Cornerback, defensive tackle and defensive end are all “high value” draft positions and the Giants really HAVE to know what they have there among the youngsters and what they need.

    Their negotiating power with Joseph depends a LOT on how Hankins looks. They should have Jenkins, Patterson and Kuhn available to them next season as well as Hankins. The degree to which Joseph is critical to the defense is certainly somewhat dependent upon what they think of Hankins. If the latter can be expected to reproduce the play of Joseph then Reese will stick with a reasonable number and be prepared, if necessary, to use the draft again to acquire a “comer” at defensive tackle, but probably not with a high draft pick. If Hankins doesn’t look like he can be an anchor of the defense, especially against the run, then they have to sign Joseph and that money cannot be spent elsewhere. So seeing this kid play more snaps is important.

    I described the dilemma at cornerback above if Hosley can’t prove out. He needs reps to show what he can do. If he isn’t an answer then cornerback HAS to become a big priority in the draft, which means that one of the first three picks probably has to be at that position. If Hosley looks good they STILL need to pick a corner, but they may be able to look for a “type” (good size and physical) whom they can get a bit later in the draft rather than use a premium draft slot to get him.

    This defense, in the end, will live or die based upon stopping the run and rushing the passer. The latter need is not being met in 2013, largely because of JPP’s health. Will he get back to 100%? No one knows. But even if he does, they are in need of a great pass-rushing defensive end. It sure appears that they have one in Moore. But they need to confirm that because otherwise that role becomes a high priority over the next two drafts. If Moore is the guy, and they will be able to line up a healthy JPP, Moore, one of Tuck or Kiwi, Jenkins sliding outside as needed, and a youngster who is already around or is drafted in later rounds this next draft or earlier rounds in the subsequent one, then they are much more free to use early draft picks on positions that are becoming critical on this team: offensive line, tight end, running back, linebacker and a wide receiver who can play outside.

    Play the youngsters, Tom, so the team can figure out which way to go in the draft and via free agency. We’re not making the playoffs. Your pride is less important than the future. Even if you plan to depart (which I doubt), make the crop of young players your last legacy to the Giants. Remember, you were handed Eli. You should hand your successor a lot of future value too.

  2.  fanfor55years says:

    After freezing my rear end off at the Cowboys game last Sunday I have to say that perhaps the Giants gave us all a break by stinking up the joint this season. That Super Bowl in February is looking a lot like a game to be watched from the comfort of a nice, warm party (yeah, I’ll go to one….we always do EXCEPT when the Giants are playing, when either I’m there or watching somewhere that no one is going to disturb me when I really care about what happens).

    I only wish I had the right to sell my absurdly over-priced tickets for an even more absurd price to some bigwigs of one sort or another. But of course the Giants give the holders of the seats who really made the financing of the new stadium possible by dint of the outrageous PSL costs absolutely nothing except the right to enter the lottery for upper deck seats of an extremely limited number, just like all of the other season ticket holders. I don’t object to this, except to the extent that none of the premium seats are available through that lottery. It would have been nice to offer fans a chance to pocket the absurd premiums that those seats will command (although were I going I’d wait until the last second to buy seats in the hope that the weather will be lousy and there will be plenty of seats available at face price or less in the few days prior to the game).
    This limited tailgating stuff is really obnoxious. There’s no reason they couldn’t designate space in some of the outer parking lots to tailgates. The plutocrats can have their limos wait out the 4-5 hours in the vicinity. They don’t have to sit there in the parking areas thereby taking up so much space that the NFL will “disallow” using more than one parking space (although hint to those who will go, but haven’t gone to games before: the parking attendants are idiots who try hard not to move from their chosen spots so may not be enforcing that rule very carefully….though the NFL may, itself, have better security than the clowns that are around on game days now).

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