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Giants “Trying” to Get Damontre Moore Involved & More from an Afternoon Tea with Tom Coughlin

November 27th, 2013 at 11:20 AM
By Dan Benton

New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin took the podium for his weekly press conference in a relatively humorous mood considering the loss on Sunday, but wasted no time diving right into the injury report — something that has become the norm for his press conferences.

'Tom Coughlin watches from the sideline' photo (c) 2012, Marianne O'Leary - license:

The Giants' pre-practice injury report included the following players: running back Brandon Jacobs (knee), wide receiver Hakeem Nicks (Abdomen), defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul (Shoulder) and cornerbacks Terrell Thomas (Knee), Corey Webster (Ankle) and Trumaine McBride (Groin).

Of the players listed on the pre-practice injury report, Jacobs, JPP, Thomas and McBride will not practice. The good news is that both Nicks and Webster will "try" to practice.

"Injuries are unfortunately a part of our game, but we have to go forward with the guys we have," Coughlin said.

As it relates to JPP, Coughlin says his shoulder injury is something that will need monitoring for the remainder of the season and that it's "questionable" he'll be able to return to full strength this year.

The obvious next question was, "well, then what about Damontre Moore?"

As we've speculated all season long, Coughlin hints that Moore's lack of defensive snaps stems from his inability to make the proper pre-snap adjustments. The coach added that the team doesn't want to see, nor can they afford the same mistakes the rookie made throughout the preseason.

"We're trying [to get him more playing time]; trying to make sure he's prepared for adjustments," Coughlin said, adding of Moore's struggles "It's real; it's a fact we're dealing with."

Finally, in regards to Sunday's game, Coughlin says he "thinks" the team is ready to go out and fight hard; to attempt to rebound after a crushing loss on Sunday.

"I think so. They're looking forward to the opportunity to respond," Coughlin says.

And with that, it was time for practice.


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52 Responses to “Giants “Trying” to Get Damontre Moore Involved & More from an Afternoon Tea with Tom Coughlin”

  1.  BigBlueGiant says:

    Hey, at least TC is realistic about what this team is. Or else he’d have said he’s 100% positive that this team will be ready come Sunday night.



    what a joke.

  2.  fanfor55years says:

    “Trying to get Damontre Moore involved”? Give me a break. Put him in on obvious passing downs and tell him “Kid, go get the quarterback.” No “adjustments” needed.

    This is a crock.

    •  James Stoll says:

      It’s Moore’s fault Moore is not playing
      Moore sucks
      So says Tom Coughlin
      To wise to fire

      •  Kettles78 says:

        How about Moore with bad penalties or getting hurt very often? Think that has anything to do with playing time? Of course not

        •  skinnydoogan says:

          Really? than how do you explain trotting wash ups out on the field like DD rather than give somebody a chance?

          •  buljos says:

            Oh… that’s because DD doesn’t make bad penalties or get hurt very often. Doesn’t matter he can’t play anymore. He doesn’t get penalties because the D linemen blow by him so fast he’s not even out of his stance quickly enough to grab the guy to earn a holding call. But don’t play Moore… after all, he’ll figure it out sitting on the bench. That’s what other teams do… they all sit their rookies all year because they make rookie mistakes… because they’re rookies.

  3.  jerseyrich says:

    Here we go…..the guy that quite a few mocks actually had going top 5 overall in the 2013 draft (the very early mocks that were done RIGHT after the 2012 draft) is currently still too stupid to play a decent amount of defensive snaps after all of training camp, 4 preseason games, AND 11 regular season games. Gimme a freaking break with this garbage. Get him on the field and tell him to get the Qb……coughlin needs to stop playing these ridiculous games.

    An entire YEAR of this kid’s affordable, rookie contract has pretty much just been totally wasted. And then people wonder why we have cap problems? At the very least he has to be evaluated to see if we do need a high level DE pick next year. After 0-3/0-4 this kid should have been seeing serious playing time.

    •  Kettles78 says:

      Over who? Are you paying Tuck to sit on the bench? JPP to sit on the bench? Where is the playing time coming outside of possibly Nascar packages

      •  jerseyrich says:

        Yes….lets play Tuck, who might not even be here after this year. Yes….lets play JPP, who is obviously banged up. Why the heck WOULDNT we play Moore?? We are not going anywhere right now….and Tuck and JPP are not all-pro DE’s this year either (with respect to tuck who has had a nice year). Why are we not evaluating PRIME pick rookies at this point? Then again, why havent’ we been evaluating them since we started off so badly in September/October?

        We are NOT, and never have been in 2013, a playoff caliber team. After the first month of the season, this was the PERFECT year to get these rookies real game experience.

        •  buljos says:

          Absolutely right jerseyrich. The next 5 games are valuable to the bench strength, because they won’t get regular season reps under this coaching staff unless some starter gets carted off the field, no matter how poorly he’s playing. Get Moore on the field and tell him to go get the QB. Oh, but he’ll make rookie mistakes! After all, he’s a… a… a rookie! Yeah… and what else are we doing out there on the field with unknown and untested talent on the bench… at 4-7? The Giants would have to win out, and the Cowboys and Eagles lose 3 of the last 5, and the Cards lose 4 of the last 5 for the Giants to make the playoffs… here’s a clue… IT AIN’T HAPPENIN’!! So get Moore on the field, and while they’re at it, get Kuhn, Hankins, Taylor, James, Paysinger, Herzlich, Bradford, Hosley, Goodin, Mosley, Reynolds, Donnell, Robinson, Cox, and yes… Nassib too. Get them out there, because these last 5 games are very valuable to their developing skills and football experience, and they’ll be more valuable in 2014 for it. Oh… Eli might pout and bumb out if he’s pulled. His fragile psyche might not take it. Ok… so instead let him stay out there and get the hell beat out of him, and risk major injury that could wreck 2014 instead of figuring out what they’ve got with Nassib. Wouldn’t it be great to learn they’ve already got Eli’s relief on the team going into the 2014 and 2015 drafts? How the heck else are they going to figure that out if he never sees the field?

  4.  James Stoll says:

    Great that Nicks is practicing now that the games are meaningless

    I heard the suggestion from Francesca on Monday that Coughlin benched Nicks for last Sundays game

    Anyone else hear that?

    •  jerseyrich says:

      I didn’t….but if its true than TC was wrong. Why would he have benched him….did francessa say?

      •  James Stoll says:

        The suggestion seemed to be that he used his injury to not practice more than TC liked, so lessons had to be taught!

        •  jerseyrich says:

          Yup, lesson taught: if your #1 WR, even at 75%, doesn’t play, your offense will struggle. Thanks TC for the lesson.

          •  Kettles78 says:

            Especially with how good Nicks and the offense looked this year. You guys should root for the Seahawks or another team that doesn’t care how players carry themselves or what they do as long as they win. Most Giant fans want players dedicated to the team. If and that is IF Coughlin benched him because Nicks is not putting in the effort to prepare you need to applaud that not criticize that. But again not exactly rational.

            •  jerseyrich says:

              Kettles…please stop. Ive been bleeding Blue since my dad sat me down to watch a giants game as a 9 year old kid back in ’79. Ive earned the right to question things that I think are BS. If TC benched him because of something as stupid as that then he’s nuts. Im not saying he did bench him, or if he did that was the reason….but if THAT was the reason….then shame on him.

              Of course I want guys dedicated to the team…and that’s why Im not too upset that Nicks will probably be gone after this year. But while he’s here the thought of benching him for something like that, when our playoff hopes are hanging in the balance, is crazy.

            •  James Stoll says:

              Dude. You really got your homer on. Your fearless leader has coached the team into the dumpster and all you can do is blame the players and fans. Why do you go route for the Jags. You seem to crave futility.

              •  Kettles78 says:

                All I said was you don’t watch the game when they are losing or have no shot for the playoffs. That makes me a homer? Give me a break. All you guys do is call for a coaches job. How many practices have you gone to? How often are you in meetings? I ain’t either so I go based off what you hear and read in reports because that is all I can do. I have called Gilbride and Fewell out for many things many times and I have called Players out as well see my rants on Meyers in particular. I am far from a homer but I also don’t sit back and say fire this guy first that guy he knows nothing like I have all the solutions.

            •  CT GIANT says:

              Nicks action last week were literally called by his agent, and Nicks was looked at for a “herina”.
              Coughlin was not pleased, and no he had nothing to do with Nicks!
              Nicks is making his next 5 games a “showcase” for other teams, and why not? Reese will not pay the money he wants, and his o TD, lack of seperation are real issues, his agent has planned this whole thing until he felt Nicks is able to perform at is best.
              That remains to be seen.

              CT GIANT

  5.  jerseyrich says:

    For the die-hard homers out there (and no, after the dallas loss im officially off of that bandwagon), Giants basically have to go 5-0 while boys and eagles both go 2-3. I will say though that I will be watching until the Gants have been officially eliminated. After that, I probably wont waste my time. I figure I have about 3 more games to watch.

    We’ll be remembering both dallas games and that bears game all off season. As flawed as we are this year, this Giants team can very easily be 7-4 right now instead of 4-7.

    •  Kettles78 says:

      You won’t watch the team when they are not winning or don’t have a shot for the playoffs? How do you consider yourself a fan then of the team? Just curious. I am watching no matter what the record is or the score. Not just on a superbowl run

      •  jerseyrich says:

        Nope, I probably wont sit down and watch the game. Im exhausted a bit from this team…sorry. Im sure it will be on the TV, but I wont be glued to the couch at all. In almost 35 years watching this team I may have not seen 15 games or so. I think Im a pretty decent fan.

        •  Kettles78 says:

          To each his own

        •  buljos says:

          Jerseyrich, I get your point. These teams are franchises… they’re businesses. That’s what they tell us, and that’s what the players accept. Ok, I own a business. Do I expect customers to stay customers if I put out an unacceptable service? No. I don’t, and it doesn’t matter if the customer has been a loyal customer for decades or not. Some fans will take whatever their franchise dishes out to them, and they’ll smile doing it. Other fans expect that a business with a new billion dollar stadium, with a history of winning football and four Super Bowl trophies, with hall of fame players like LT and Carson, to give it everything they’ve got and play solid, professional caliber football. I’m certainly not saying win every game, or even win the division every year. I’m saying play a competitive game of professional football, and that doesn’t mean 11 penalties and multiple personal fowls, and coaches calling running plays counting on somebody like Myers to block a DE 1-on-1, or a draw play 9 yards from the end zone. Win or lose, that’s just horsecrap football entirely unworthy of the New York Giants. And I’ve seen my share of Giants football too, growing up in Albany watching since the 60s. You have every right to turn it off… in fact, fans are a curtail element to sending the message to Mara that this is unacceptable Giants football.

  6.  Krow says:

    So what’s holding Damontre back? Is it some sort of weird Gollum/Smeagol internal dialogue?

    “We wants it, we needs it. Must have the playing time.”
    “Filthy little hobbites. They stole it from us.”

    Jaysus, just put the kid in. This isn’t rocket surgery.

    •  jerseyrich says:

      Its not brain science either. I agree….put the young stud in and let him do what he does.

      •  Krow says:

        At this point how can it hurt? These guys over-think everything.

        •  buljos says:

          Yes, they are. The players who will benefit the most from getting regular season reps over the next 5 games ought to be put on the field and coached to be better, so that in 2014 the depth of players with game experience is greater than it is now. What the heck good are the next 5 games to players who are a year away from retiring, or should have retired last year but just didn’t know it yet? Get them off the field. Get the most value out of what’s left.

  7.  CT GIANT says:

    Great article from Dan Granziano ESPN, giant reporter about Nicks playing this week, and his take on whether the gaints “are still interested in keeping him”.
    I highly doubt Nicks will get anything close to what he wants from the giants, Reese has always low balled players who are expected to perform and do not.
    As I said yesterday, Dave Gettlemen, GM, Panthers would be very intersted and would love to have Nicks, 25 year old super-bowl star catching passes from Can Newton, and replacing the ageless 34 year old Steve Smith.
    The fit is so good, all the way around, it probably doesn’t happen.


    •  buljos says:

      Steve Smith is a rock, and a player with unbounded drive and determination. Ok, so he does crazy stuff now and then that he later regrets. He’s a great player, and if Gettlemen thinks he’s getting another Steve Smith in the Hakeem Nicks we’re seeing today, he has lost his mind. Nicks was never quick, running a 4.63 40 in the combine, and he has obviously lost a step. He is now covered effectively 1-on-1. That’s who’ll replace Steve Smith? If JR seems to know something about players, it’s when to let them walk and become somebody else’s wasted investment. If he lets Nicks go, it’ll be the right decision.

  8.  Kettles78 says:

    I agree that Moore needs more PT but he has made a few nice special teams plays which were huge but also when in the game on D has not made an impact, got hurt, and called for several penalties on special teams I believe. The kid has talent though so I hope he gets in there and puts it together

    •  James Stoll says:

      And what has JPP done this year other than that 1 pick?
      Or Kiwi other than the 2 personal fouls in the biggest game of the season?
      You can play that game with every player.
      Get your homer off.

      •  Kettles78 says:

        Who said JPP has been tearing it up? How said Kiwi has? Where did I say the players are doing their part. All I did was ask a question on where he gets his minutes from. Everyone said you put him in so I asked where. Its not about being a homer. Its about asking a question instead of just ranting off the top of the head like sour grapes

        •  James Stoll says:

          Once again, lack of wisdom on your part

        •  jerseyrich says:

          You answered your own question. Certain guys have not been tearing it up AND the team overall stinks. This is the perfect time to get a kid like Moore some actual game experience (the perfect time should have started over a month ago). That is my point. If we were in the thick of things, I would never suggest forcing a rookie in….but we aren’t in the thick of anything right now.

          •  Kettles78 says:

            The only part I disagree on is when we were 0-6 we still oddly enough had a shot at the division. So now that it is pretty much a done deal we don’t get in he should play more

            •  jerseyrich says:

              Yes, without a doubt. This kid was a 3rd round pick and supposed to be a part of our future. He should definitely be playing now and should have been playing at 0-4. The thought of making the playoffs at that point was pretty much a pipe dream. We can STILL possibly make the playoffs right now…and I still say this kid should have been getting his snaps for almost the last 2 months.

  9.  Since 1963 says:

    I get it. Moore might be out of position once in a while, but that’s a mistake they can’t live with; whereas the inability to sack the quarterback is . . . what was that, again?

    How hard could it be to pencil Moore’s name into the lineup? Kind of makes you wonder whether Justin Pugh would have seen any daylight this year had the injury list been any shorter.

    I’m sick of TC, Perry (Out Of) Fewell, and Killdrive.

    •  jerseyrich says:

      Exactly. Ive already seen it discussed here and I totally agree: if Diehl had never gotten injured Pugh would either still be on the bench or maybe thrown in at a guard position after the other injuries occurred. He would STILL not be playing RT.

  10.  Kettles78 says:

    I guess if you have your own opinion and challenge thoughts of others on this site then you are homer LOL

    Love it. I will be the homer on the site that is fine. I am just waiting for the posts about how the Mara and Tisch families should sell the team

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