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New York Giants Co-Owner John Mara Very Proud of Team for Bouncing Back, Staying Positive

November 22nd, 2013 at 7:00 AM
By Douglas Rush

It wasn't easy to keep the faith as a fan of the New York Giants when they were 0-6 five weeks ago and it looked like they may never win a game this season. 

The players were getting rather agitated with each loss and probably tired of talking about why they were struggling, the fans were thinking of every excuse possible to have some sort of faith, but two of the people who have mattered the most surrounding the Giants; head coach Tom Coughlin and co-owner John Mara, always kept positive and found a way to look at the 2013 season as "one game at a time" despite the disappointment from the 0-6 start and on Thursday, Mara told the media just how proud he was of his group.

“We were all disappointed and surprised by the slow start,” Mara said. “I am proud of the way this team stuck together. We always want to play meaningful games around and after Thanksgiving, and that’s exactly what we have this Sunday in MetLife Stadium. I’m proud of the way the team has stuck together. That is a tribute to the head coach and the leadership in the locker room. As the players and our head coach have said repeatedly over the last month, we are taking it one game at a time. We’re moving forward and, as our coach has urged the team to do, doing our best to keep the dream alive.”

Five weeks ago, the very mention of the word playoffs would have gotten a weird smirk or a look of crazy from the common fan, but five weeks later, that has all changed.

At 4-6 and with four straight wins, the Giants not only find themselves out of the NFC East cellar as well as the NFL basement, but if they can defeat the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday at MetLife Stadium and earn their fifth straight win, then the 5-6 Giants would be one game back in the loss column and just a half-game back in the NFC East behind the first place Philadelphia Eagles.

Photo credit: Jim Morris NFLAA via photobucket


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12 Responses to “New York Giants Co-Owner John Mara Very Proud of Team for Bouncing Back, Staying Positive”

  1.  JimStoll says:

    I hope everyone is not getting too far ahead of themselves with all this talk about how the team has fought hard and hung together and is now playing meaningful games in late November
    It’s all true to a degree
    but as we all know our resurrecting 4-game win streak has been against 4 teams. 3 of whom who were playing with third string QBs, and the other with essentially one leg.
    In each game we struggled to win because our offense continues to be able to score points (23,15,24,27), and with a number of those points either scored outright by the defense or set up at the opponents doorstep by other units (defense or specials)
    the good news is that last week we looked the best we’ve looked yet this season
    but now we get a real offense to defend against (5th in points scored)
    we also get a horrid defense to attack — Dallas is dead last in total yards allowed (last in passing yards; 29th in rushing yards); 25th in points surrendered

    this is thus a game where our defense will be tested and our offense should be unleashed

    if we win this one, I’ll feel a little closer to embracing the positive outlook

  2.  jerseyrich says:

    As of right now all the Giants have done has been to toss away any legit hope of getting one of the true studs coming out in next year’s draft. Let’s hope these wins, in the big scheme of things (which is really the only scheme that matters) pay off. If the Giants don’t win this game, which they undoubtedly should, then we’ll once again hear for calls of the heads of the coaching staff….and yes, those calls will be justified.

    I am positive but still very leery.

    •  JimStoll says:

      yeah, still a long long and improbable way to go

      but in the one week at a time philosophy, the next game up is the only one that is important and at least it is meaningful
      should they win, we’ll repeat all the smae mixture of hope and trepidation next week against the skins

      but at least for this week, it still counts, a path to victory is clearly visible, and my son will be home from college and it will the first game all season we will watch together

      •  GIANTT says:

        Enjoy the game there Jim . I just hope he is a Giants fan also and not some closet Patriots fan or something !

        •  JimStoll says:

          no no no

          I did my work well

          in fact, for Christmas, we are framing pictures from the Globe and Herald the morning after

          trademark that!!

  3.  GIANTT says:

    Dirt , first I have to give you kudos for your analysis of playoff implications and the path that can get the Giants there .Having said that I must admit that my eyes started to glaze over a little , there are just too many variables for me to get my head around .
    Its bad enough trying to figure out the Giants -which team will show up etc . and when you have 3 OTHER teams in the division who play a very similar close to the cliff edge style of play then Im going to go one variable at a time . I am glad that there are fans on here who can figure it out and are willing to follow it for the guys like me who dont particularly follow other teams but Im not going to go past this week for the moment

  4.  fanfor55years says:

    What Mara says is true, but it’s all in the framing. He could just as easily be saying in private “I told you people that we weren’t good enough in the trenches and while I appreciate that you fixed the defensive tackle position and drafted Pugh, you still allowed that offensive line to become an apparently fatal weakness that had better be addressed immediately after this season or there won’t be another chance given to all of you.”

    I’m pretty sure I stood alone five weeks ago in saying I could see us getting to 6-6. And I am proud of this team too, for sticking together and finding ways to win when no one believed in them. So I was a foul-weather friend of this squad. But my unwillingness to concede the season doesn’t wipe out my disgust at the inexcusable failure to develop an offensive line that could allow the best player on this football team to bring us more championships when he had been surrounded by a lot of good weapons. Remind yourself of this: we are trying to win games in the NFL with Boothe, Cordle and Diehl as our interior line. Boothe, Cordle and Diehl. We can pray that those three start to resemble a “barely acceptable” interior line. If they become that then the Giants have a chance at a magical run. But I wouldn’t bet on them as anything but pretty weak JAGs who aren’t going to suddenly turn into average players. I hope to be shocked.

    •  JimStoll says:

      the o-line debacle is either an unfortunate and unforeseeable confluence of events, or another example of a tendency by JR to gamble on certain positions remaining strong when evidence to the contrary exists

      in 2009, we lost Kenny Phillips and suddenly realized that we had not a single quality player at Safety

      JR inherited an LB unit in 2007 led by Antonio Pierce, and while that unit was yeoman-like at best, it did help us to the incredible supe; but when AP went down in ’09, JR allowed the unit to languish until this year

      the TE position has been a turnstile of slow un-athletic white guys (Bennett the lone exception)since Shockey talked his way out of town, with the only constant being the back-up, Bear Pascoe

      now the o-line 2008 was their peak. beginning in 2009, injury became the constant theme, with Snee missing that entire pre-season with a knee. in 2010, we lost all at once, O’Hara, Seubert and McKenzie. Diehl wasn’t lost entirely but his play was already declining and we were better without him than with. JR took some shots to improve — 2008 drafting Beatty in the 2d (but one could question a UConn o-lineman in that round – especially given his overall play since); the 2011 FA signing of Baas (whatever it looked like then, its always been bad on the field — when on the field); and a host of mid to low-round draft picks — Whimper, Petrus, Brewer, Koets, Mosely, McCants (of all these picks, Koets was probably the best but injury took him almost the second he got his shot); and finally Pugh this year.

      Looking at that, sticking with Snee (and the money they pay him) and Diehl as long as they have has proved improvident and should have been obvious at least after 2010; Baas is an argument (was he ever a center; why didn’t SF try to sign him if he was so darn good); and the mis-level draft picks have just been misses.

      So it may not be so much a clean story of misfeasance as much as a mixed one, tinged with bad luck.

      That said, there is an awful lot of work to do to get this unit into a top one again. Can it be done in a single off-season? would a great FA signing do for this unit what the Beason signing has apparently doen for the LB group?

      That’s for the off-season. we are what we are right now; let’s see how long we can keep things stitched together and continue to play meaningful ball.

      although you have to keep your focus solely on the single game in front of you, the dreamer in me is already thinking of meaningfully hosting the 12-1 Seahawks in our house in the December cold.

  5.  rlhjr says:

    The ball club is invoking memory of the way it used to win during the Perkins/Parcells era.

    They sported a stout defense against the run, fierce pass rush and a scatter gun offense with the ability to run the football and control the clock. And the special teams were machine like in the field position game.

    Well………….one and a half out of four aint bad.

    Point is this team is now dependent on its defense and special teams to win.
    And they do need to possess the ball, and basically run for their very playoff lives if one can believe in such things…………..(PLAYOFF’S……PLAYOFF’S?)

    This team goes nowhere in the future (next year and beyond) without all pro talent on the offensive line, linebacker and defensive back. And for all of Tucks resolve, the Giants still need another all-around DE to anchor the line.

    It’s wonderful to have hope, but it’s the time of year where hope won’t get you $7!+. It’s time to play football.

    The plot thickens as the season shrinks. If the cowturd D is still missing Lee, and Ware is still 60 percent the Giants win yet another. It’s been bantered about that it not who you play but when you play them. That’s all good.
    But I want a ball club that wins no matter who/when or where they play.
    Fan’s look at the injury reports. Eliet players and coaches look a game film, and then go out and play. They don’t give a damn who’s hurt or healthy, they just win.

  6.  fanfor55years says:

    I will say one thing in regard to the future of the offensive line. The play of Pugh of late has changed my mind about draft strategy.

    Okay, Beatty is never going to be a perennial Pro Bowler, but he actually IS pretty good and could become very good if he gains a bit more strength so he can deal with the bull rush and never be embarrassed again as he was by Charles Johnson this season. He’ll be here for another 5-6 years and that’s fine with me.

    Pugh has improved each game and is starting to look like he can become an elite lineman to me. He could be around for a decade.

    So I think Reese can assume that we have our starters on the outside of the offensive line. Finding depth there will be an issue, but for the next few years we should be able to manage that with some combination of the players now in the fold and those who can be picked up in free agency at moderate prices or through the draft-low/development method they have tried to use.

    Once you conclude the above it becomes critical to address the gaping wound that is our interior line. Whether signing Baas was a mistake or not (I think it was more bad luck than anything else), he’ll be here next season and probably our center. We can all hope that Mosley and/or someone else on the roster or practice squad can become a quality guard or at a minimum the guy who can be relied upon for depth at guard and tackle. But Reese MUST address both the guard position and the center position. The latter will probably be addressed by bringing in a draftee who can be grabbed in the middle rounds or later, and training him over the next year, or by bringing in older centers who have a few years left in them and can be quality stopgaps until they find the right guy and draft him early in the draft (first three rounds).

    Reese MUST sign a good guard in free agency (or sign a center like Mack, if Cleveland doesn’t tie him up, and move Baas back to the guard position he played in San Francisco after playing center at Michigan). He’ll have to spend real money to do so, but it’s a critical move and needs to be done. And then he has to find a quality interior lineman in the draft. He might not have to use his first pick to get him, but I wouldn’t wait until the third one to do so. And depending upon where we pick, if Cyril Richardson is available I’d think really hard about taking him, knowing he could be an anchor on my offensive line, along with Pugh and Beatty, for years. He won’t last past the first, or the very top of the second, round, so committing to him would be hard when they may also be targeting linebackers, cornerbacks and wide receivers. But I believe that if the trenches aren’t strong the team cannot be. I think there will be some darned good guards available in the second, and even third rounds. But if Richardson is available when we pick I’d love it if we get him.

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