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New York Giants Need More Production from the Tight End Position

October 17th, 2013 at 7:26 AM
By Billy Javed

Whether you feel the game-deciding interception last week in Chicago was a result of a poor Eli Manning moment or just a blown catch on the part of Brandon Myers, it’s clear that Eli and Myers have been unable to find any real chemistry this season. This could be due to a multitude of reasons considering the entire team has struggled and surely there is a trickle-down effect stemming from the trenches as the offensive line has been a work in progress. Nonetheless there is no denying that there has been a lack of production from the tight end position for the 0-6 Giants.

For all the criticism Manning has received as a result his poor play, Myers has not made his job any easier. Aside from some garbage time yardage, Myers has been relatively quiet this season after a solid and surprising one last year with the Oakland Raiders. So is it Eli who has been unable to get Myers the ball like Carson Palmer did last year, or is Myers a one-hit-wonder who has been unable to get open?

Perhaps it is a little of both, plus the fact that Myers was essentially the only relatively reliable receiver on that Raider team. The fact remains that Myers has been unable to perform as the security blanket Eli needs in the middle of the field, on intermediate routes, and in the red zone.

Former Giant, Martellus Bennett, is living proof as to what a big athletic target can do for a quarterback as he has been a major force on third downs and in the red zone for Jay Cutler, something Eli has been missing as the Giants have struggled mightily on third downs. Though there are many other contributing factors to those problems, a quality tight end could alleviate the pain to some extent. Couple Myers’ inability to be consistent with his often woeful blocking, and one begins to question whether Myers’ production is worth the risk in the running game, not to mention his pass blocking if Eli ever wants to audible into max protection.

Then there was the way in which Myers handled last week’s debacle. Myers did not face the reporters after the game, though there could have been a personal reason so there isn’t much to delve into there. However later in the week, when asked who was to blame for the lost opportunity, Myers claimed that no one could be blamed for Eli’s final interception. Rather redundantly, he added the obvious when stating,

“It was unfortunate, I was there and we just didn’t connect. Obviously I wanted to make the play, but it didn’t turn out," he said.

Then when asked if the throw had to come in high by design, as Eli alluded to on Thursday night, Myers neither acknowledged nor discredited the notion by simply stating, “it changes every time.”

Eli on the other hand was quick to act as a leader and take responsibility for the errant throw rather than tip toe around the pointed fingers. Myers could just be stating his honest opinion but that doesn’t change the fact that he has not been very effective in any facet of the game. While Myers still has time to prove that he belongs in the offense, he is quickly running out of time, and after last week’s crucial turnover, Myers has now been put on notice if he wasn’t already.

Assuming Myers struggles the remainder of the season, it would be tough to argue that the Giants shouldn’t seek a replacement in the offseason. Dilemma is however; quality tight ends that can be effective in both the pass and run game are rare to come by in free agency. One name many have suggested is Brandon Pettigrew of the Lions, unfortunately he has been plagued by injuries and inconsistency, thus would not be much of an upgrade to Myers. If free agency is not the answer, the Giants really should consider drafting a young, sure-handed, athletic tight end to give Eli quite possibly the best receiving corps in the NFL, assuming Hakeem Nicks remains a Giant. Is there such a TE in the draft that could come in and make plays in the air while also being efficient in the blocking game?

Austin Sefarian-Jenkins of the Washington Huskies is widely considered the best tight end in the upcoming draft, and could very well be the answer. Currently projected to go late in the first round, Sefarian-Jenkins could be a game changer if the Giants continue to struggle and finish with a top five pick. He would be worth giving up the early second round as well as a later pick to move up and get, assuming he is still available. That is especially true if the team for some reason does decide to trade Nicks. A simple YouTube search should show that even at his worst, Eli would have a hard time missing this target.


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20 Responses to “New York Giants Need More Production from the Tight End Position”

  1.  Krow says:

    We’re the poster child for parity. Two years ago Eli was hoisting the Lombardi on a parade float winding through the Canyon of Heroes. Now all anyone can say is ‘what the hell is wrong with us?’. Goes to show you how quickly fortunes can change in the NFL. Yeah, we thought we had something special … only to find out that we put our pants on one leg at a time like every other team. But I will say this … once we got those pants on we went out and won Superbowls. We made the best of our opportunities.

  2.  Krow says:

    Our TEs do not scare anyone. Opposing DCs do not have to do anything to negate them. This leverages their ability to shut down Cruz and Nicks. Also … we have no screen game. Truthfully we’ve never had one since Tiki quit. Imagine how good our WRs would be if we did.

  3.  JimStoll says:

    So the conversation begins:

    Eli Manning has a league-leading 15 interceptions, his 53.7 completion percentage and 64.0 quarterback rating rank ahead of only Blaine Gabbert and Josh Freeman among qualified quarterbacks and he hasn’t led the Giants to a single victory all season.
    But, no, there will be no shocking benching of the two-time Super Bowl MVP this season, and Giants coach Tom Coughlin made that clear on Wednesday during his conference call with Minnesota Vikings reporters.
    “That hasn’t crossed my mind at all,” Coughlin said.
    “I’m sure he would tell you that he would like to play better, there’s no doubt about that,” Coughlin added. “I have every confidence in the world that he will.”
    Manning is on pace to challenge George Blanda’s single-season interception record of 42, but Coughlin remains completely committed to his franchise QB. Manning said he’s not worried about a benching, although he added that he hasn’t earned the right to be above such a move. “I think it’s all a case of what have you done for me lately?” Manning said. “And I have high expectations for myself and expect to bring a contender every year and try to win championships and make the playoffs and play at a high level. I’ve got to make some better plays and make some better decisions when I’m in some bad spots,” he added, “so I’ll continue to work on that.”
    Manning said he’s been in contact with older brother Peyton Manning throughout the season. “He’s been supportive, just saying keep grinding,” Eli said. “Football is a crazy game and that’s just a part of it. Over the years, we’ve talked about how you’ve got to cherish each win because they are well-earned and you’ve got to fight for each one and it’s tough.”

    Read more:

  4.  fanfor55years says:

    Jim reminds me of my wonderful 28-yeaar-old son. He comes to the games and keeps making it clear that if he were the GM there would be 3-4 players he would release at halftime and at least two coaches he’d fire on the spot. The players and coaches change, but the impatience does not. When I tell him he’s become too emotional and would be a lousy GM he replies, “Yeah, I know, but the fans would absolutely love me”. So he’s in on the joke, as is Jim. It just gets scary to watch at times. Especially for those who don’t “get” the humor.

  5.  Krow says:

    Playoff … playoffs … ???

    Our Giants have done amazing things. Two wild and wooly Superbowl runs. Offing the 18-0 Pats. Stealing the candy from the 40-Whiners. Yeah, good times … good times. And if any team could come out of the Blue (pun intended) to grab an improbable Division championship after laying an 0-6 turd it’d be us.

    But to put the enormity of the task in perspective … we’re already down 0-2 in the Division … 0-4 in the Conference. This means we’re probably not winning anything by tie-breaker. And if just one of these dwarves posts a winning record … which is very possible … then we’ve got to go 10-0 from here to have a shot. That’s TEN and OHHH. Tall order my b1tches.

  6.  skinnydoogan says:

    Eli will not get benched just like Coughlin will not get fired or his assistants. Get used to this fella’s gonna be a long few years.

  7.  JimStoll says:

    Just trying to gin up some interest on this board

    I have often wondered if the board can survive a dismal season
    and I am increasingly concerned that it may not

    Where has DEMO been during the fre-fall?
    The Oridg?

    so if I have to suggest Eli being benched, or David Diehl moved to TE to get people talking, well, by-gum, that’s what I’ll do

    •  Krow says:

      They’ve hunkered down … like those crazy survivalists.

    •  skinnydoogan says:

      +1000, I may not have been a poster up until recently, but I have been following you guys for many years. I like this place, hate to see it fold up, there are other boards, but this cast of characters on this one are the best.

  8.  skinnydoogan says:

    Besides, as much of a fan as I am, I think we all realize that it is time for a change on this team, yes we have tasted success, but that is in the rear view mirror at this point.

  9.  rlhjr says:

    The Giants are poster children for not tacking care of business via the draft.
    Not to mention bad free agent acquisitions at key offensive and defensive positions.

    Finally the Giants or more accurately Jerry Reese and Mark Ross are poster children for “Victims of Value”. Having the foresight, skill acumen to select players at lower rounds, and save your owner money is at the fore front of VoV as I’ll now call it. Reese found Bradshaw, Boss and Smith as result of careful study and shrewdness. And lets not get it twisted, he has signed some FA’s over the years that have come through for this team. But those initial finds mad the duo drunk with success. It’s only this year crop of draft picks that has the potential of being close to what they did in 2007. But this years top picks were made in rounds 1-3, not 4-7.

    The guy (Reese) is not a train wreck. However, through the draft, he’s neglected to go for proven talent at key positions. Instead, he and Ross opted for value.
    Value picks, AKA flyers are wonderful for filling depth and bring along a raw player with upside. But as skinnydoogan so aptly put it a week ago, you only find value at Walmart. Within the ranks of consistent NFL championship contenders, you find talent and $7!+ loads of it.

    It’s time for Reese and Ross to prove they know there business. And time for Reese to tell Mr. Mara that they have got to spend in order to establish a top shelf front seven, and offensive line. These things must be established via the draft. It’s not like they don’t have some of the parts on the roster already.
    This is not a roster full of scrubs. Enough talent can even overcome BS coordination is some cases. But it is very important that the team has offensive and defensive identities and goals to obtain.

    They have a serviceable secondary just lacking a draft pick at the corner opposite of Prince. They have Hill and maybe Brown for future safeties. Like I’ve said, Moore, Hankins and Pugh are (IMHO) the real deal. I think Cox may also be a good football player. JPP will recover and the defensive tackle picture looks bright IMO. But if Reese got the chance at Clowney and proceeded to turn that into more draft picks? Well, VOV. You draft to win. You sign free agents to maintain, and you bring in as many USFA’s as possible to find some value.

    Reese and Ross need to put the pedal to the metal, and get it done this coming spring as well. And for God’s sake, please get rid of Tuck, Snee, Diehl and the like who do nothing but inflate the cap.

  10.  BigBlueGiant says:

    If anyone wants to do some scouting for some of our future drafts picks, tonight’s Miami vs. UNC game has a few good players. Some probably aren’t 1st round material but 100% 2nd-6th round guys.

    from Miami –
    #71 Anthony Chickillo , DE JR.
    #3 Tracy Howard, DB SO
    #34 Thurston Armbrister, LB, JR.
    #52 Denzel Perryman LB. JR. – keep an eye on this kid. He’s a beast.
    #51 Shayon Green DE, bit undersized for a pro DE, but would fit a 3-4
    #91 Olsen Pierre, DT – Big beef in the middle. 6-5, 305. and a local kid too (Rahwah, NJ)
    #37 Ladarius Gunter, DB. JR. Plays the ball well in the air. Good cover guy.
    #26 Rayshawn Jenkins S. SO. Kid is going to be a BEAST when he’s ready for the NFL.

    #8 Duke Johnson RB, SO. This kid has the speed of a cheetah, and the heart of a Lion. He’ll go in the 1st 2 rds barring injury when he’s eligible. He reminds me of MJD.
    #3 Stacy Cole WR, Fr. This kid can flat out make plays, Keep an eye on him in the future.
    #4 Phillp Dorcette. WR, his play makes up for his size. catches everything and has break away speed.

    on the O-line, Wheeler is a good player who plays guard. Might be worthy of a 3rd rounder. And #74 flowers and their other OT #65 Brandon Linder might also be draft worth late in the rounds.

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