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Should the New York Giants Seriously Consider Trading Hakeem Nicks Before Deadline?

October 14th, 2013 at 7:00 AM
By Douglas Rush

On Sunday, when the New York Giants didn't play and were resting at home with their 0-6 record, the biggest news was off the field and the possibility of one of their own potentially being sent out of town.

Just an hour before kickoff to the Week 6 Sunday games, the news came down that multiple NFL teams are preparing offers for the Giants with hopes of trying to land number one wide receiver Hakeem Nicks, who is a free agent after the season and is playing to land a long-term and high-paying deal in free agency this coming spring.

The 25-year-old Nicks has been healthy thus far and already had produced more on the field in 2013 in six games than he did in 13 games with an injured knee; as he has 25 catches for 442 yards, although with no touchdowns yet. With teams like the San Francisco 49ers, Baltimore Ravens, New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons some of the reported teams to possibly get involved into the Nicks trade sweepstakes, the Giants and general manager Jerry Reese will likely at least listen to see what they will have to offer as far as a trade goes.

So now, it's the one question that people have been asking since 12 p.m. on Sunday afternoon; do the Giants trade Nicks or not. A lot of fans feel strongly on both sides, so let us here break down each side and make a determination on which makes the most sense for the team; both in the short-term and long-term.


Before the Giants re-signed Victor Cruz, the Giants viewed Nicks as the priority to keep because he is the true number one wide receiver on the team who can simply dominate a game when he's feeling good on the field and in a rhythm. The Giants weren't sure if they wanted to commit a long-term deal to Nicks only because they wanted to see if he could stay healthy for an entire season, much less most of a season and thus far, he has. Even though he didn't play much in the summer, Nicks has still produced more on the field in 2013 during six losses than he did in an injury-riddled 2012 that saw him play at best, at 60-70 percent.  Without Nicks, the Giants do not win Super Bowl XLVI, as Nicks had one of the most memorable postseasons a receiver could encounter and at times, was unstoppable. With Eli Manning, Nicks will find see plenty of passes thrown his way and have a great rapport with each other that they have developed over the last five years. Keeping him in the offense long-term makes all of the sense and shows the Giants fans that the team is committed to winning as opposed to waving a white flag.


At 0-6 and three games behind in the NFC East, it's pretty clear that unless a miracle happens overnight, the teams hopes for playing football in January and hosting their own Super Bowl are long gone. With the Giants out of contention, they have that big-time trade chip in Nicks who is not a guarantee to even re-sign with the Giants in March, so if he doesn't come back, why not try to get the most for him during the lost season and get a jump on re-building the team. There are plenty of teams like the four mentioned above who feel that they might need that one more player on offense who can put them over the top if it mean parting with draft picks to get a Super Bowl, then why not part with Nicks if a team is willing to give the Giants a few extra picks in May. Plus, if they Giants decide not to trade Nicks now and hold onto him, and then he suffers a major injury later in the season, then the Giants will have really missed out on a chance to cash in on a chance to get something from Nicks that will replenish the roster and re-load the team for the future.


At this point, the Giants and Jerry Reese aren't being forced into a trade decision they're simply being given offers. They're not dumping a contract and they aren't getting rid of a problem on the team, so they don't have to sell low on Nicks, as Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports suggested with a third-round pick at best. If a playoff team really wants Nicks, they need to wow the Giants with an offer and make Reese feel like he can be willing to part with Nicks so that they can turn around in May and use the draft pick or picks landed in the deal to stock up on fresh talent.

However, if the Giants don't trade Nicks, then they need to make re-signing him priority number one as soon as the season is over. And with the possibility of a lot of players on the current team not coming back next season, the team will have extra money to sign Nicks to the contract he's been looking for, which may be around Mike Wallace money. If you told all Giants fans right now to clear their heads, and to make their first instinctual response on keeping or letting go of Nicks, most would likely say keep Nicks because they know what he can offer the team when he's healthy and producing on the field as opposed to hoping somebody else can step in and try to replicate his production.

Unless Reese gets the offer he can't refuse from a desperate playoff team hoping to make a run at the Super Bowl, the Giants shouldn't trade Nicks with the expectation of signing him long-term because all it takes is one off-season to draft properly, sign the right players and go from being worst in the league to be being back in the thick of the playoff race again.

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14 Responses to “Should the New York Giants Seriously Consider Trading Hakeem Nicks Before Deadline?”

  1.  Krow says:

    All teams should ‘consider’ everything. But whether or not it would be wise … that’s the real question.

    My take …

    Hakeem Nicks is a solid #1 WR. While he may not be a HOFer as some espouse he’s still damn good … and at a high value position. No one wants to see him go … certainly not me. But … as kujo pointed out … if Reese thinks this team is in the dumpster … if we’re facing 2-3 years of some sort of rebuild … then paying Hakeem large dollars might not be the percentage play.

    If that’s the case then we’re going to lose him to free agency. Oh sure, we can tag him. But then we’d probably trade him in that scenario too.

    And as I’ve said several times, I’m not getting an “I love New York” vibe from him. He may want to go.

    Look at it this way … would we be better off now if we took that #3 we were (rumored) to have been offered for Osi? Hell yes.

    Of course this doesn’t mean we give the guy away. It’d have to be a good deal. But if we’re going to lose him then we might as well get something.

    Now … having said that … first Reese should try to extend him. See where that leads. If there’s no interest then we can probably assume he’s out. Do that first.

  2.  JimStoll says:

    unless Nicks has made it very clear to Reese that he does not want to continue in NY, the last thing the giants need to do is intentionally add another hole in their roster
    instead, rebuilding should begin with a change in coaching staff and philosophy
    JR should be given the opportunity to hire his own coach, and that coach his staff
    hopefully that would produce a 21st Century offense and Eli will be able to adapt to it
    it will likely take 3 seasons to get us back to the playoffs (absent one or two unbelievable offseasons of free agency and drafting)
    by then Eli will be 35 and re-upped to another 5 year deal, or allowed to walk

  3.  JimStoll says:

    He has fallen from the ranks of the elite, dragged down in a way Mark Sanchez was dragged down by the deterioration of the team around him. Eli Manning will one day get up, because quarterback is his calling, because he is still in his prime, because he is strong of character, because the Giants will move heaven and earth to build an offensive line that does not betray him.
    But, in the meantime, it is sad to watch the unraveling of our Eli.
    The 0-6 Giants can’t win without him, and they can’t win with him anymore either.
    Who is that imposter in the No. 10 jersey?
    Who stole Eli?
    Even on a night when he was afforded time to step into his throws, even on a night when Brandon Jacobs supplied a ground game for him, Manning could not remember how to rescue his team from the life raft and carry it to safety.
    And it is killing him that he cannot be The Mann in his team’s most desperate, darkest hour.
    Big brother Peyton has one interception in 198 throws. Little brother has 15 interceptions in 229 throws. Ouch.
    He is not Peyton Manning. Never was. But he is not Eli Manning anymore either. He is a shadow of the quarterback who won two Super Bowls.
    Baseball official scorers would call him “E” Manning. He probably cringes every time that rap video with Peyton airs.
    Eli has thrived in this market because he has been the same guy every day — Easy Eli. But that was an unmistakeable crack in the veneer as Thursday night bled into Friday morning when tears welled in his eyes and his voice cracked as he pointed the finger of blame at himself for letting down the people most important in his life other than his family — his Giants. His teammates and his coaches.
    It was a rare glimpse behind the even-keeled mask, a mea culpa that put an exclamation point on how much he cares, about his brothers and his craft, and his passion for winning.
    A tsunami of incompetence has washed across Big Blue shores and left him alone and drowning on Eli Island, his championship mettle swept away.
    As Jets fans gaze longingly at Geno Smith as a symbol of hope for the future, panicked Giants fans have begun to wonder whether it is possible that Manning’s best days could be behind him. It is, of course, a classic knee-jerk reaction typical of fans in every NFL city.
    But facts are facts: Manning has lost 11 of his last 14 games. And in those 14 games, he has thrown 23 touchdown passes and 22 interceptions. (Thankfully, no Buttfumble.)
    David Tyree, where are you?
    These Giants have absolutely no margin for error from their quarterback. These Giants need him to be Super-Mann. And he has forgotten how to fly.
    They believe in him because they have seen magic with their own eyes. They have seen him master his craft. They know how important football is to him. You don’t give up on Eli Manning. You sure don’t sit him for Curtis Painter.
    You let him fight his way out of this.

    •  Hanshi says:

      This is good, you need the rest:

      You let him fight his way out of this.
      The Giants have no choice, both financially and emotionally, to chalk this slide up as an aberration.
      It doesn’t mean by the end of 2014 you don’t start thinking about Life After Eli.
      The breakdowns have been all over. New faces on the offensive line. New running backs. Receivers not always on the same page. No tight end security blanket. No defense to support him.
      None of it excuses the mistakes. The great ones find a way to overcome. Manning has been pressing, trying to do too much, and doing too little instead.
      He is not Peyton Manning, or Tom Brady, or Drew Brees, or Aaron Rodgers. But he has not been the ascending quarterback the Giants were counting on. He stands helplessly amidst the rubble that has crumbled around him.
      Slumps are not uncommon for most quarterbacks, and Manning by nature can be streaky. But no one expected this.
      He had dreamed of a euphoric night at MetLife Stadium on February 2, 2014. Now he’ll have to hope he has enough equity so the boobirds cut him some slack a week from Monday night against the Vikings.
      Eli Manning smiling and holding that Lombardi Trophy high over his head floating down the Canyon of Heroes seems like an eternity ago.
      The Captain has gone down with the ship.
      Mann overboard.
      In shark-infested waters.

  4.  jerseyrich says:

    There’s a chance that at the beginning of next season the Giants will only have TWO members of the 2007 SB team still on the roster….eli and deossie. That is nuts.

  5.  jb322 says:

    As a matter of course, The Giants had better be feeling out Nicks as to his intentions and to his feelings about this team. You can rest assured if he wants to be here, he will. If they trade him, its because he does not want to be here, its that simple. Its not a question of should they or shouldn’t they. The only reason you trade this type of player is because they don’t want to be here. In that case, I demand at least what Seattle gave for Percy Harvin. A first and something else in 2014, or a first and a decent lineman. That is the market. In the absence of that kind of offer then you make him play out the string and franchise him for next year, and the next after that if need be.

  6.  turkish says:

    Again, if he is NOT in the teams future plans, trade him. I mean, we have a game plane here, right Mr. Reese. #Clowney2014

  7.  Ted Kwiecien says:

    I think the bar was set with the signing of Cruz on how much we are willing to pay for a WR. We have holes all over the offensive line….it’s possible with Wilson’s injury we need to draft or sign a new RB…we still have randle. Can you lock up buckets of $$$ to a position that can be filled in with less expensive younger options?? I think not. Draft picks are what we need to rebuild. It would be very risky to allow nicks to get to free agency. There are no gaurentees he wants to stay. I think he might even be a bit annoyed that “Cruz” is the man on the team. He is the guy with his face planted everywhere. CRUUUZZZZZZ Is the name that the fans call in EVERY stadium. Not to mention we suck. If I’m nicks I would be thrilled to play with the likes of Tom Brady (if the rumors or true) or any other team in the early stages of sustained success. (49ers, falcons). The giants can live without nicks. He won’t do us any favors and offer Any home town discount. I would seriously consider trading him to the highest bidder. See you later nicks…thanks for the SB and good luck!!!

  8.  CT GIANT says:

    SEAN RYAN, QB COACH RESUME: 3 Years QCM 2 Years WR’s Coach, 1 year QB coach, who has zero QB experience?
    So, who helps Eli? Gilbride? No one is the answer, and Eli is NOT Peyton, and needs to have a bonavide QB coach, one that can work with him one to one.
    John Elway had a QB coach, he was one his way to being called a bust, untl Jim Fassell, was hired and the rest is history.
    Just saying ‘let Eli work through it”, is like saying “let Eli figure out what’s wrong”?
    No question in my mind, Eli could use more then a ‘yes” guy at QB coach.


  9.  nygiantfanatic4life says:

    Clowney is gonna be a Bust in 14′ you saw it here first.

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