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New York Giants Release DE Justin Trattou; Make RB Da’Rel Scott Signing Official

October 8th, 2013 at 1:12 PM
By Douglas Rush

On Monday night, the New York Giants had an agreement to bring back running back Da'Rel Scott just a few days after cutting him loose in a flurry of roster moves.

However, with the possibility that David Wilson might not be able to go on Thursday night when the team takes on the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field, the team's running back depth was shredded and because of the extremely short week before a game, the team needed another running back who knew the system and playbook, thus Scott getting re-signed despite why he was cut in the first place; which was his lack of football instincts and failure to pass protect for Eli Manning.

With Da'Rel Scott back in New York Giants blue, he might want to pick up some GMENShirts to rep his Big Blue pride!

So to make room for Scott on the roster, the Giants released defensive end Justin Trattou on Tuesday as Conor Orr of the Newark-Star Ledger reported, who has mostly been used on special teams in 2013 with the very rare chance of getting in on defense, but with only so many roster spots to spare, Trattou's time with the team was cut short.

Trattou was an undrafted free agent picked up by the Giants back in 2011 and has bounced back and forth between the regular roster and the practice squad.

On Tuesday, the Giants also re-signed cornerback Junior Mertile to the practice squad to take the place of Charles James, who was promoted to the roster on Saturday before the Giants 36-21 loss to the Eagles and also added another undrafted free agent in linebacker Darin Drakeford to the practice squad to fill the second vacancy.


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96 Responses to “New York Giants Release DE Justin Trattou; Make RB Da’Rel Scott Signing Official”

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  1.  LUZZ says:

    Cower’s name keeps coming up on this board. What makes everyone think the NFL hasn’t passed this guy by as well? When I look at Cower I see an old coach who had success playing smash-mouth style football and tough defense. Is that what Reese really wants to hire going forward?

    On top of that, the guy looks very comfortable in the studio right now.

    I don’t see Cower as a possibility.

    •  JimStoll says:

      I agree
      certainly do not want him
      he’s been out of the game for 7 years
      remember when the Skins tried to rekindle the magic with Joe Gibbs?
      not good

      •  Doug Rush says:

        The Rams hired Dick Vermeil after he had been out of the league for 15 years….all he did was win the Rams’ first ever Super Bowl.

  2.  JimStoll says:

    so who is the start6ing RB Thursday night?

  3.  TheCatch says:

    POLL: So if the over/under was 3 1/2 on our number of wins this season which side of that would each of you take? I’d have to take the under.

  4.  LUZZ says:

    I also wouldn’t be so quick to poopoo college coaches right now. The NFL loves and wants 51-48 games like we saw on sunday. Colleges have been running and innovating these spread offenses for the last decade. I don’t like them much, I prefer conventional offenses and love tough defense. But it doesn’t matter what I like, it only matters what the NFL wants, and they want scoring.

    It’s safe to say there are many college coaches and OC’s that are running the kind of offenses the NFL wants to market. If you look at the staffs at Stanford, Texas AM, Boise, Utah, etc, etc. These coaching staffs are loaded with talent.

    Going the Cower route only makes sense if you think the NFL is going to move back to the way it was in the 80s and 90s. I think there is almost no chance of that happening, so in my mind a Cower hire make no sense at all.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      I agree that college coaches have to be in the mix. But one clarification. The reason I really like David Shaw of Stanford is that they actually play a “Pro-Style” offense rather than the spread AND play aggressive defense. He has also been seeing Oregon (still the best executor of the spread, hurry-up, concept at the college level) for years.

      He’s also really smart, very calm, would be a Rozelle Rule interview and hire, and would probably get along fine with Reese.

      I think he’d be a good hire. I also think that would be too “out of the box” for the Maras and Tisches. I don’t want Cowher or any of the other retreads, but I’ll be very surprised if any successor to Coughlin comes from outside “the fraternity”. Perhaps a current top coordinator, but that’s probably as “radical” as they’ll get.

  5.  Kettles78 says:

    Has Hakeem Nicks explained yet the route where he decided to stop running the slant and it resulted in an int?

    •  fanfor55years says:

      No explanation needed. It was what the players call “a business decision”.

      •  Andiamo P says:

        Nicks is not scared of contact.

        but we’ve seen Nicks do this in the past….it’s almost like he realizes the CB knows the route and tries to break it off…the question is, was Nicks supposed to react there? or was he supposed to just run the route?

        If he was supposed to run the route than he’s 100% wrong. If he’s supposed to read the defense and react than he correctly broke off a route….

        but who knows what the call was?

        •  fanfor55years says:

          He has never been “scared” of anything that we’ve seen, but sitting on a huge contract that will make his financial future definitely has something to do with what he did on that route (as well as the alligator arms he developed earlier in the game). There is absolutely no doubt he is protecting himself. Like I said, a business decision.

  6.  JimStoll says:

    wilson officially out thursday

  7.  LUZZ says:

    I mentioned Stanford not so much as a spread offense, but because they are innovative as could be offensively. I watch a ton of college football and I see Stanford doing things that nobody else is doing. I understand why you termed it “pro style” but there is much more to it than that. They formation you to death and then bring their elephant offense with 7 OL and power through a gap. It’s quite interesting.

    Stanford/Oregon is shaping up to be the match-up of the year. The good news is we’re likely going to see it twice.

  8.  LUZZ says:

    If this is TC’s last season then I hope JR gets to pick “his guy”. If not, he should look for another job, and I mean that. If he’s going to be held accountable, then he should have the freedom to pick his guys to run it.

    •  JimStoll says:

      I think that will happen
      Tom was an odd situation
      Wellington wanted to sign him back in ’97 when Reeves moved on; Tom was only in his second year with Jacksonville so said no; Jim Fassel was the consolation prize
      When Tom got run out of Jacksonville in 2002 following his third consecutive losing season, Wellington was chomping at the bit to get Tom
      Given what Fassel had done with the Giants given the limited talent he had to work with (3 playoff appearances; one super bowl appearance in 7 seasons), especially on offense, one could argue that he should not have been fired after the one horrid, injury-riddled 2003 season. But Wellington wanted Tom for whatever reason (probably because he was out of the Parcells coaching tree and Irish), even though Ernie Accorsi did not.
      I doubt John Mara has the same affection for anyone such that he’ll shove someone down Reese’s throat

  9.  skinnydoogan says:

    So Scott for Trataou? As insane as it sounds I think Trataou offered more to the team.

  10.  skinnydoogan says:

    Scott looks lost as a running back, FF55 had him pegged all along, he is clueless, no moves other than straight line speed, can’t catch, or block, what good is he?

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