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New York Giants Look to Run Away with Their First Win of the Season at Home

October 6th, 2013 at 10:00 AM
By Billy Javed

Now is as good a time as any for David Wilson and the running game to make their mark and turn this season around for the woeful slumbering New York Giants. For all that has been said about the Giants’ inability to protect Eli Manning, and how that has been the root of all his turnovers, the remedy may actually be to turn to the run game and make the offensive line the aggressor in the battle of the trenches.

Aside from the acquisition of linebacker Jon Beason, the Giants have made other moves as well in the past two weeks. Some of these moves seem to imply that the Giants are going to look to establish an offensive identity through the run game against a Philadelphia Eagles team that is ranked last in the NFL in total defense and will be without defensive lineman Fletcher Cox. While it sounds like an exercise in futility for the 30th ranked rushing attack in the NFL to attempt to reestablish itself, it may be the perfect remedy for the Giants’ struggling offense.

Running the football will provide a balanced attack, protection from ill advised throws under duress, help avoid sack fumbles, motivate the offensive line with positive production even if it is miniscule on occasion, and lastly but most importantly, create manageable third downs to keep the offense moving while taking time off the clock and supplying the defense with adequate rest time, as it faces the fast paced offensive attack of the Eagles.

There are a few reasons why the Giants’ rush attack today may very well be different from what we have seen in the early part of this season. The first is the return of David Diehl at the guard position where he will fill in for the injured Chris Snee. Diehl who has struggled on the outside at the tackle position against speed rushers may be more effective at guard and could help the Giants run game with the help of recently signed fullback, John Conner. Conner has now had some time to learn the playbook and can contribute immediately as a bruising lead fullback that can open holes for Wilson to burst through. More importantly, with Conner taking over at fullback, tight end and fullback hybrid, Bear Pascoe can return to his natural position at TE and help the running game from the edges as he is a relatively solid blocker and can do more in that department than Brandon Myers has done thus far.

Finally, there was the cutting of running back Da’Rel Scott.

Scott, despite being relatively unproductive, was given more touches than Wilson over the past four weeks. Wilson who has been better, shown a stronger burst, and overall play making ability, will now be back in line to see the bulk of the carries as without Scott, the only two other active running backs remaining on the roster are veteran Brandon Jacobs, and rookie Michael Cox. Considering Coughlin’s conservative feelings towards playing inexperienced rookies it’s unlikely Cox will serve as anything more than a special teamer, that is barring any injury or fumbles. Jacobs, if used properly can still be an asset but at his age should not be any real threat to Wilson’s touches, who saw a season high thirteen carries last week, and could see anywhere from twenty to twenty five touches this week.

Even Head Coach. Tom Coughlin conceded that getting David Wilson going is imperative to the success of the Giants offense.

"I told him the other day, we need him to get in the end zone," Coughlin said. "That's what I'm looking for."

If Wilson can manage roughly eighty total yards of offense, that could be enough to take the pressure off the passing game and allow for manageable third downs. If the Giants can then win the battle of third downs, they can muster up their first win of the season. And what better way to get it than playing old school smash mouth Giant’s football.

Photo credit: Football Schedule / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA


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17 Responses to “New York Giants Look to Run Away with Their First Win of the Season at Home”

  1.  GIANTT says:

    I dont know Billy , I post at the end of the last article about how the Giants game plan is to use Conner and establish the run and suddenly its SOP for the writers ?
    Really , are the guys on here that good that we know more than the fourth estate ?
    I am kidding but its nice to know that there is someone out there who agrees with me .The fact that there hasnt been any real criticism of that plan yet either means its what a lot of guys are thinking or its just too early on Sunday to get excited .

  2.  rlhjr says:

    Coughlin had better think about getting Cox some looks. At 0-4 the kid is not gong to change the outcome of the season. He needs to be in on some non critical plays to get his feet wet. He a big powerful running back with decent speed. How is he going to hurt the offense? Train him up and give him some assignments he can follow. Maybe not this week, but soon.

    •  kujo says:

      Absolutely agreed.

      •  rlhjr says:

        Glad you’re still posting when you have the time. I hate that Demo went into self imposed exile. But somehow as fans we need to look for some silver linings.

        Also, getting Beason, or anyone else is sending a message the front office is not giving up on the season. The real message that needs to be sent is what Steeler coach Tomlin is sending. You either show effort and ability, or you go bye bye.

        Any Giant who rolls over and plays dead for the remainder of the season should not be a Giant next year. The only pass is youth, injury or playing through injury.
        The exceptions to that rule are Snee, Tuck and Diehl. They need to fade away like old soldiers.

        •  kujo says:

          And I’m saying it now–Connor is going to knock someone the f*ck out today. I don’t know where, or when, or who. But I believe he’s going to be the best fullback we’ve had in the last two decades. Dude is an asskicker supreme who could be exactly what the doctor ordered.

          Now if we can only get the OL to do a better job….

  3.  fanfor55years says:

    Looking forward to the game. No sense of dread whatsoever. By the end of today we’ll know much more than we do now.

    But as someone who knows what it’s like to wander in the wilderness, the current “crisis” seems a blip on the radar and certainly something that CAN be addressed. I like the chance of building from here to Eli’s runs at another pair of rings. I don’t see doom. I see NFL football, a balanced league, and the end of the era of dynasties.

    Sad to see this ending for Ross. Glad to see a new beginning for Hill. Hoping for good things from Connor and Beason, two potentially important additions.

    •  kujo says:

      Ditto for it all. I’m zen about this. We aren’t winning a Super Bowl this year. So let’s evaluate where we’re at, get our young guns some important playing time, and hope that Beason and Connor could be the physical additions we’ve all been clamoring for.

      (Also, hope you aren’t butthurt about me going after you the other day. You know it’s in good fun, you old fart)

  4.  kujo says:

    Just saw this sh*t with Clowney asking to sit out the game yesterday. Who here still wants this **** on this team?

  5.  kujo says:

    BTW, sign me up as the first guy on the Draft CJ Mosley train. Dude is a beast.

  6.  GIANTT says:

    Kujo , is everything OK ? I mean its not like you to agree with EVERYBODY – WOW

    •  kujo says:

      The married life is pacifying my wild heart.

    •  kujo says:

      That being said, did you see me go after FF55 and GOAT yesterday?

      •  GIANTT says:

        But you know when they are as prolific posters as they are with the opinions that they have , its fairly easy to take shots
        But yes I did take note and I am glad that the mood pacifiers whatever they are have kicked in and seem to be working wonders

  7.  rlhjr says:

    I agree with Kujo that having Connor around should help jack up the running game. The guy is nasty. Pretty sure Wilson, Jacobs and (maybe) Cox will figure out pretty quickly that staying behind this guy is win, win situation.

    Hopefully, he’s not just running in to the back’s of his offensive linemen.

  8.  skinnydoogan says:

    This is assuming Connor is playing.

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