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Breaking Down and Evaluating the New York Giants’ Trade for LB Jon Beason

October 4th, 2013 at 8:31 PM
By Douglas Rush

On Friday, the New York Giants made the trade official when they acquired three-time Pro Bowl linebacker Jon Beason from the Carolina Panthers in exchange for a conditional, late-round draft pick.

The trade comes on the eve of the Giants playing their NFC East rivals, the Philadelphia Eagles at MetLife Stadium in Week 5 and the Giants will be looking to get their first win of 2013, as they currently sit at 0-4.

The 28-year-old Beason is a former first-round draft pick of the Panthers back in the 2007 NFL Draft and came on strong in his first four seasons; as he recorded 120 or more tackles in each year before running into injury problems.

Both the fans and media have been 50-50 on the trade, as they have found both the pros and cons of the deal for Beason, as while he comes with great risk, he also comes with great reward because of the talent and abilities he had on the field. So with that, lets evaluate the deal and look at the pros and cons of Beason with the Giants:


  • He's still only 28-years-old and not over the age of 30, which for a middle linebacker spot, is seen as still the prime years of a players career at that position, and with that, Beason could provide the Giants a few more seasons of play if he were able to get back to the level he once played at when he was with Carolina.
  • Beason only cost the Giants a late-round conditional draft pick, whereas if the deal had cost the team anywhere between a first and third round pick, fans would have been demanding Jerry Reese to be fired on the spot, whereas this deal could be either a fifth, sixth or seventh round pick.
  • On talent and ability alone, Beason is a much better player than Mark Herzlich and Dan Connor; Connor was placed on season-ending injured reserve just after the team's Week 1 game against the Dallas Cowboys with a neck injury, which forced Herzlich to become the starter on the team; a role he is not suited to be in due to lack of ability. Beason is an immediate upgrade over Herzlich and better suited to start over him.
  • Beason isn't an expensive player for the Giants to pick up, as he's only making $1 million from the pay cut he took during the offseason when he was with Carolina, which is down from the $4 million he would have been making. His deal is also voidable after the season, so if it doesn't work out with him after the year, the Giants can simply cut him.
  • Despite injuries, Beason still has the ability to track down a ball carrier and make a play in the open field. It's taking him a little bit longer than expected to get his feet wet again since he's recovering from the microfracture surgery of the offseason, but in his limited time on the field, Beason's football abilities and senses are still there, it's just taking being on the field to get him used to get back in the swing of a regular schedule.
  • Beason was healthy enough to pass the physical, which is a major positive. If he didn't, then the deal ends up getting negated and Beason stays in Carolina and who knows what happens with his future with the team. But he passed the physical on Friday with the Giants, which allowed the trade to be completed.


  • Beason has played in just seven games since the 2010 season due to injuries, as he tore his Achilles in the 2011 season, which put him on season-ending injured reserve after playing just one game and four games in 2012.
  • As mentioned earlier, Beason was removed as the starter for former Giants veteran Chase Blackburn, who the Giants didn't re-sign in the offseason due to contractual differences; Blackburn wanted at least two years while the Giants were only willing to offer one year, and thus, Blackburn relocated to Charlotte and eventually took over the starting job, which has prompted the fans to ask; did the Giants make a mistake in letting Blackburn walk?
  • Beason's coverage skills are not the greatest, and although it's better than Herzlich's, Beason doesn't exactly light up the world on defense when he's matched up one-on-one against a tight end or running back. Thankful for him, his speed is still there and he can get to defenders, but being able to go down the field and cover them right now might be asking a but much for both the Giants and Beason.
  • He has yet to practice for the Giants, but because of injuries and the lack of depth at the position, the Giant may have no other choice but to force him into the lineup immediately, and since he hasn't gotten a chance to practice for the team since being acquired so close to game time, how effective of an impact will Beason be able to be, especially against Philadelphia.
  • Beason had microfracture surgery back in October, which is why he only played in four games last season. The Giants have seen some of their former players go through microfracture surgery; Steve Smith and Kenny Phillips. Smith never fully recovered from the surgery, although Phillips was able to still come back and play at a high level, but he eventually ran into more injury problems and eas cut by the Eagles in the summer and is now out of football. Would Beason fall into that category, or can he be the one who makes it back with ability still intact.


For a low-round draft pick, Jerry Reese felt that with the injuries and lack of production outside of Spencer Paysinger last weekend at linebacker, he had no choice but to pull the trigger on this deal and he called an old familiar name in Gettleman, who was a member of the Giants front office staff as one of the directors of pro scouting before taking the Panthers general manager job, and managed to work out a trade with very little complications. 

For the Giants, they are hoping to catch lightning in a bottle with Beason and hope he reverts back to his form and sometimes, a new stadium and system can do wonders for a player, especially a team like the Giants, who have a rich history of talented linebackers like Lawrence Taylor, Jesse Armstead, Carl Banks, Harry Carson among many others. For Beason's sake, he will look to make a significant enough of an impact to where he can have his name even mentioned in that group, but in order for him to have that happen, he has to play like he did from 2007-2010.

Giants fans all over need to remember; this trade won't be determined based off of one or even two games because one; Beason is in a new defensive system with Perry Fewell, and two; he's still on the comeback trail from the knee surgery, so some patience might be needed to really determine and evaluate how much Beason can really give the Giants in 2013.

However, if Beason can get over the injuries, and be even 75-80 percent of what he once was with the Panthers, then the Giants are getting a tremendous talent and upgrade at middle linebacker and gives the team the kind of play-maker they have lacked since Antonio Pierce's retirement. For now, give Reese the benefit of looking elsewhere to improve the team, but if it blows up in his face, the Giants GM will deserve quite a bit of blame for looking at Week 5 to address the position whereas he didn't in a proper place like the draft.

photo credit: Rogueldr128 via photobucket


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24 Responses to “Breaking Down and Evaluating the New York Giants’ Trade for LB Jon Beason”

  1.  skinnydoogan says:

    Please let’s not mention him in with the greats. This deal like all the other dusted off artifacts will indeed blow up in our faces. I am starting to really wonder what is going on in those offices? All sane thought has left and we are left with this. If he lost his job to Chase Blackburn that does not say much.

  2.  skinnydoogan says:

    Well that’s a wrap for me today. I want to take a moment to thank everyone for providing me with a cr** load of laughs today, really helped out forgetting about this bad shoulder of mine.

  3.  skinnydoogan says:

    The “virtual tomatoes” thing was virtual comic gold.

  4.  buljos says:

    Beason for a late round only makes sense if he can still play… questionable since Chase beat him out.

  5.  Chad Eldred says:

    I hope this trade was motivated by desperation, otherwise it can only be explained as stupidity.

  6. Anthony Raiaaxr29 says:

    C’mon Turkish. The Giants didn’t go into the season thinking of tanking to take Clowney. Granted the kid is good, but nobody in this league tanks for anything other than a QB

    •  turkish says:

      Correct teams usually only tank for a QB, but with a front office that preaches “you can never have enough pass rushers” I wouldn’t be shocked.

    •  turkish says:

      Plus we have to have some kind of “hope” in this franchise after fielding this awful team.

  7. Anthony Raiaaxr29 says:

    “Giant 101 wanted a linebacker, so I gave them one”- Jerry Reese on Super Bowl media day as the Giants get set to take on the Browns at the Meadowlands

  8.  kujo says:


    That’s what I say to FF55, who thought he was going to get away with one of his patented “redirections” today. Oh you know–the thing where he co-opts someone else’s argument by saying that he’s been saying the same thing, when in actuality, he’s either said the total opposite, or nothing at all.

    Case in point: his assertion that he has often criticized Jerry Reese’s “value-added” approach to the draft.


    You’ve harangued us for years about how you can’t go into the draft looking to fill needs. You’ve applauded Reese for agreeing with you, scouring dumpsters and trash heaps for his annual Eclair Binge prior to and just after the draft, where he routinely ignores gaping holes in our roster as big as Demo’s man-pleaser. And for you to say otherwise is pure johnny-come-lately bullsh*t, man. So stop it.

    Reese is not a great Gm. He just isn’t. He’s good, a c*nt’s hair above average. A guy obsessed with winning the lotto instead of putting together a consistent portfolio. His short-sightedness has allowed our entire team to atrophy behind endemically putrified offensive linemen and linebackers. He has refused to force Coughlin to sh*tcan Gilbride and Fewell. And I’ll say this–if Reese doesn’t right this ship this offseason, I’ll want his f*cking head on a f*cking platter. Dude has wasted no less than 2 years of Eli’s prime with his sycophantic nonsense. All while JPP looks like a flash in the pan, Nicks looks like a guy who will be in a wheelchair by the age of 30, and about a dozen of his 2nd and 3rd round picks are bagging groceries at Piggly Wiggly.

    So, no. No you don’t get to try and re-position yourself as a long-suffering Reese critic. You’re the opposite–his G101 Ball Scrubber. Don’t lie.

  9.  kujo says:

    “Despite injuries, Beason still has the ability to track down a ball carrier and make a play in the open field.”- Doug Rush

    Uh, Doug? From whence did you pull this nugget from your ****? Because this guy hasn’t shown that in years. I’m sure you did a lot of research for this article, but really, shouldn’t you expand your data set to more than the info you ascertained from playing Madden 2009 in your basement the other night?

    •  Doug Rush says:

      Kujo….very nice of you to actually direct words at me.

      And no….while my copy of Madden 2009 is collecting dust on my shelf in my living room, I looked at game film of him from last year and few clips of his games this year.

      If I thought the guy was a POS, I would have said it, but I didn’t.

      I think one of the better quotes was from Roman Oben about Beason, “if he has even 75 percent of his ability, the Giants have made a steal of a trade.”

      So yea..not exactly going out of my way to run this guy back to North Carolina just yet.

    •  Aziz Mohamed says:

      fudgin’ lol.

  10.  TroyThorne says:

    I’m just tired of signing guys who are a bunch of “potential” and “once was’s” and “could be’s.” It’s just tiring after a while and we almost always end up with a waste of salary.

    •  Krow says:

      Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting
      Those kicks were fast as lightning
      In fact, it was a little bit frightening
      But they fought with expert timing

      Yeah, getting my 70′s vibe ready for Sunday’s game. Uhhh …. huhh…

      •  James Stoll says:

        2d and 10 at their own 30′ 30 seconds to go in the game, Giants up by 2, Eagles out of time outs, Eli takes the snap but not the knee, instead he turns and tries to hand off to Brandon Jacobs who is lumbering towards the line, the ball hits his hip and bounces to the ground, Eli sprawls trying to cover it up but it squirts away, an Eagle defensive back scoops it up and returns it for a touchdown. Eagles win, Theeeeeeee Eagles Win!!

        Burnin’ Down The House

        •  James Stoll says:

          Except for the fact that in the above scenario the Giants would actually be winning a game with time expiring, this seems like a very believable scenario

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