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“Fire Tom Coughlin” as New York Giants Head Coach Debates Only Grow Louder with 0-4 Start

October 2nd, 2013 at 6:42 AM
By Douglas Rush

After the New York Giants won Super Bowl XLVI two years ago, most people thought that head coach Tom Coughlin had earned job security for the rest of his professional career. But that was two years ago.

Fast forward to two years later, a missed postseason trip following the championship year and a now 0-4 start to the regular season, and the anger in fans voices have come back, the questions are being asked if he still has it, and the media is starting to write more stories on if Coughlin still has what it takes to run the team.

While players like Justin Tuck and Antrel Rolle have come in Coughlin's defense this week and have publicly stated that they believe in their coach, it doesn't change the circumstances, nor does it erase what has happened through the first quarter of the 2013 season; a winless start with a lot of mistakes and a very angry fanbase looking for answers.

Some of those have called for the firing of offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride and defensive coordinator Perry Fewell for the poor starts from the offense and defense, but both assistant coaches are long-time Coughlin assistant coaches and friends and the chances of either being fired are very slim, something that people see as a weakness to Coughlin; that he is almost too loyal to his assistants and needs to know when it's time to cut the rope when necessary.

As the Giants prepare to take on the 1-3 Philadelphia Eagles this week in their Week 5 showdown at MetLife Stadium, the media's speculation on Coughlin potentially being shown the door as picked up this week as well. ESPN did a whole feature on coaches who are either 0-4 or 1-3 and if they will be the first to get fired; Coughlin's name was in fact on the list, along with Rex Ryan, Mike Tomlin and Greg Schiano, who is looking more and more like the first candidate to be fired mid-season for the mess he's created with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. But even so, Coughlin was on the list, and people are giving reasons as why Coughlin should go.

On Tuesday, Dave Hutchinson of the Newark-Star Ledger wrote on the possibility of Coughlin starting to get soft and not being the same old coach that knows how to motivate the players into giving a full effort.

"Many of you repeatedly have referenced Coughlin’s age (67) in your comments, saying he has lost the team and his fastball. We have been reluctant to agree with that. But watching Coughlin handle these dire conditions with a smile and jokes does seem a bit odd to us. Perhaps we’re wrong. But where is the fire-and-brimstone? Where are the threats to bench players or fine them for critical mistakes? Where is the post-game indignation we saw from Steelers’ coach Mike Tomlin, whose proud team is also 0-4?"

The Giants are known as a team that do not make coaching changes in the middle of the season and even when they do fire head coaches; the last three being Jim Fassel, Dan Reeves and Ray Handley, they've given them the chance to finish out their final seasons with the team; Fassel in 2003, Reeves in 1996 and Handley in 1992. But Coughlin is a different situation though, because unlike the other three, he has multiple championships on his resume, where the others did not.

Coughlin is also coming up to a point where he has one year left on his contract and the team does not believe in the "lame duck" head coaching philosophy, but after Super Bowl XLVI, only gave Coughlin a two-year extension that ran through 2014 as opposed to a four or five-year commitment, which might say something about how long John Mara, Steve Tisch and Jerry Reese see Coughlin sticking around when he's 68 or 69 years old. And that's why the "encouraged retirement" scenario has been talked about with fans.

Instead of being fired, fans can see Mara and Tisch "encouraging" Coughlin to retire, maybe give him a job in the front office as an advisor or consultant, and hand the reigns over to another coach. It's just a scenario, but one that many have been talking about ever since the team started their losing streak, which has gotten worse over the last few weeks.

And there's a really good chance that if the Giants were to lose to the Eagles on Sunday, those rumblings and voices that have been heard before, might get even louder and hard to ignore, especially if the team is 0-5 and looking like they have no hope of recovery. So until the Giants can get a win and maybe get out of being a losing team, these firing debates will only continue to keep going in 2013.

Photo credit: Rajiv Patel (Rajiv's View) / Foter / CC BY-ND


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6 Responses to ““Fire Tom Coughlin” as New York Giants Head Coach Debates Only Grow Louder with 0-4 Start”

  1.  Krow says:

    The Monroe deal looks like one of those “sign and trade” situations. Meaning the Ravens put money on the table … and the Jags figured they’d lose him to free agency so they took what they could get. Basically the Ravens signed him as a free agent. We don’t have that luxury since all our cap money is tied up in bums.

  2.  JimStoll says:

    from where I sit chaos reigns supreme in the meadowlands
    first Da’Rel Scott is put on the final 53 in lieu of a proven hard running vet in Ryan Torraine
    then at the first sign of trouble with Wilson, he begins to receive the lion’s share od snaps
    after the opening night Dallas debacle he is praised for his play by Coughlin
    he then gets more and more snaps over the ensuing 3 games
    he does nothing, but neither does Wilson or Jacobs; Cox isn’t even active
    then they simply cut him after a game in which he played no worse than anyone else
    why? ok he stinks. but now we have 3 RB’s — our 2d year star who to date has looked like another collosal bust of a No. 1 pick; a washed up never was Jacobs who the sane of us resisted bringing back to begin with and who has done absolutely nothing since he came back; and a 7th round rookie who looked promising in pre-season but who has largely been inactive ever since.
    who is running the asylum?

    then there is Snee. we restructure his contract a day before it is revealed that he is likely to go on IR with an injury to the other hip? the guy is so obviously done and now we are setting ourselves up to have to deal with his uselessness next year as well. in thinking about it over night, I thought: 2014 is Coughlin’s last year under contract, the old goat won’t retire, he’ll force them to keep him or fire him, they won’t fire him because, and Dad will drag son with him for one more run at the rodeo

    between JR’s p!$$ poor job in assembling this team and his inability to say anything to Tom, thanks for nothing

    Meltdown in the Meadowlands

    •  Kettles78 says:

      How is it a meltdown in the Meadowlands? Jump the gun much? People are so ready to jump off a bridge so quickly. Fire Tom Coughlin, Fire Jerry Reese, Fire Gilbride, Fire Fewell, Fire Mike Pope, and as a matter of fact since Mara and Tisch hired them force them to sell the team. LOL

      This may be a down year, who knows still 12 games left. That doesn’t mean its all over for a crew that has won 2 superbowls in 5 years or a crew that has had 1 losing season since 2004

  3.  TuckThis says:

    No one is jumping off bridges. In case you haven’t noticed, some of us here have not been enamored with TC or his coaches long before this 0-4 debacle.
    If there is one thing you can say for sure that Coughlin’s team is…it’s inconsistent.
    The Giants late season swoons, they lose games they shouldn’t, the play calling leaves something to be desired. These are all complaints we’ve had before.

    No one is jumping off bridges. Just stating facts. If you think this team hears one word Coughlin is saying at this point, I think you are sadly mistaken.

    •  TheCatch says:


    •  Kettles78 says:

      Are you in the locker room? Or are you going based off your feeling? Is it Tom Coughlin not being able to get his message across that causes Brandon Meyers to block? Can I say that all 53 guys are listening to him? No I can’t but can I say from what you have heard from players like Rolle, Tuck, and Manning that they still back and support TC. Or do you think they are just saying that to say it? And as passionate they were when talking that was all facade? Your facts are speculation when it comes to if they listen to TC or not. The Giants have swoons and sometimes rise to the occasion. Does that mean they tune him out and then tune him back in?

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