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Are the New York Giants Better than the Current 0-4 Record?

October 1st, 2013 at 6:30 AM
By Billy Javed

While many are calling for the heads of New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin and coordinators Perry Fewell and Kevin Gilbride in what is already being labeled a failed season, the majority of the Giants roster seems to be opposed to such ideas. Despite their struggles and poor performances, could they actually be right, is it too soon to start thinking about next year?

It’s difficult to defend this Giants team (as a fan, not as an opposing team) simply because aside from the Cowboys game, they have been blown out in each other outing. However lets consider the Giants’ opponents both past and future. Although the defense allowed 31 points to an undefeated Kansas City Chiefs team, they held their own for the majority of the game. They shut down the Chiefs vaunted rush attack for the most part, did a decent job in the tackling department, and provided the offense with three key turnovers, all while holding them to only 10 points for the majority of the game. Unfortunately the offense was unable to move the ball down the field against one of the better defenses in the NFL. The endless three-and-outs by Gilbride & Co. seemed to take a toll on a Giants defense that was doing a tremendous job with their bend but don’t break play. That was until Dexter McCluster returned a punt for a touchdown and admittedly “deflated” the Giants defense. It was only after that, the Giants defense began to both bend and break. But for the majority of the game the Giants appeared to be competitive against an undefeated Chiefs team, with a top tier defense, and an offense that does not turn the ball over as they march down the field. 

If one is willing to concede that the Carolina Panthers game was “maybe” an aberration, and the Denver Broncos game was exactly that, a Broncos game as they have been blowing out opponents at a record pace, then the Giants defense doesn’t look as bad. They had been close in each game until the defense’s will is diminished or fatigued by the ineptitude of the Giants offense. If the Giants’ offensive struggles continue then the season surely is lost, but it’s too soon to give up hope in a team not named the Jacksonville Jaguars, playing in the "NFC Least."

The young, reworked offensive line needs time to gel. They had their moments against the Chiefs. The line allowed three sacks this past week; two of which were a result of disguised blitzes. When the Giants did run the ball, they were somewhat successful, at least when David Wilson was getting the carries, as he totaled 55 yards on 13 carries, with an average of 4.2 yards per carry. With a young line, against a solid defense, that is a sign of hope for the Giants. It’s not as if each week they will be facing a top tier defenses, especially in the NFC East. 

The Giants are only two games behind the Cowboys for the division lead, with 12 full games remaining. Assuming the Broncos roll over the Dallas Cowboys’ porous secondary and the Giants can defeat them at home later in the season, the Giants could find themselves back in the playoff hunt as they have also yet to play the rest of their NFC East rivals; all of which have a record under .500. If the Giants can win the divisional battles, which as of now looks both doable and unlikely, they can find themselves right in the thick of the playoff hunt. If the line is able to gel, anything can happen in the playoffs. It all starts with a win next week at home against the struggling Eagles. 

This all could be wishful thinking, a desperate plea for optimism in a vapid team, but something says that the Giants are better than what they have shown. Changes certainly are needed, and this team certainly is not what it once was, but we at Giants 101 don’t believe they are as horrendous as they have shown. Going 0-5 at home against the woeful Eagles however could be the inevitable "nail in the Coughlin."

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6 Responses to “Are the New York Giants Better than the Current 0-4 Record?”

  1.  Krow says:

    The KC game was the worst because we had more than our fair share of breaks … and still got routed. But to answer the question, we’re probably not as bad as our 0-4 start … but we’re still far from good.

  2.  rlhjr says:

    Nothing is ever as bad or good as it seems. It’s clear there are talented players on the roster. The issue is key positions on O-line and defense lack talent and/or experience. It’s a tough situation to be in. Hopefully help will come in the form of experience and some premium draft picks.

  3.  JimStoll says:

    unless and until the team actually starts winning they are every bit as bad as their record says they are
    they are last or near last in every meaningful category that can be measured
    the fact that they may hang in a game until sometime into the 3d Q does not make them a good team
    against KC we actually won the turnover battle if you count the blocked punt as a turnover
    2 INTs and fumbled snap, plus the blocked punt = 0 points
    that’s pretty darn bad
    the defense that has kept us in the past 2 games for between 2 and 3 Q’s has played against conservative low risk non-dynamic offenses.
    the Eagles offense could and should literally eat them alive given the absence of any semblance of a pass rush and the difficulty we have in setting the edge

    it might all be different if the o-line was suddenly mediocre, but it is so far from that, that Billy can assert in the above article that after surrendering 3INTs and producing a 1-12 third down effort, the line played well
    well? relative to what?

    Look, the players and coaches don’t have a choice; they have to keep coming to work; they have to talk publicly about being close (Eli’s words yesterday on Francesca); they have to support one another and the coaching staff

    but we as fans have the luxury of assessing the team honestly
    and while we all would like to believe that the competitive part of the season isn’t over, in order to make it to the playoffs this team has to go a minimum of 9-3 the rest of the way; 10-2 more likely
    not only is that not happening, but this team is in fact close to giving up
    when McCluster returned that kick Sunday, the score was still only 17-7 with more than a quarter to play
    what did the giants do?
    they went 3 and out and then absorbed a 9+ minute scoring drive that put the game out of reach — in other words they rolled over and quit

    this season is over
    the question isn’t whether we can make the playoffs
    the question is whether anyone will look at this and see a mess and resolve to fix it

  4.  BBWC says:

    I think it’s still too early to wright the Giants off just yet. I’m sure the young guys on the OL will improve as they gain more experience playing together. We’ll learn more this week against the Eagles. We need to get Wilson more involved, especially in the forth quarter!

  5.  skinnydoogan says:

    Yep it’s over.

  6.  buljos says:

    You are what your record says you are. They’re an 0-4 team that now must play .750 winning football the rest of the season to hit 9-7, which will probably be good enough to win the division. There isn’t a team with a winning record in the entire division, so as bad as the Giants are playing today, they’re only 2 games out. But the offense must immediately establish blocking proficiency. Most of that’s the O Line, but it necessarily includes the TE, FB and RB. Myers either blocks, or he sits for Pascoe. Conner will be an immediate improvement over Pascoe at FB, enabling Pascoe to establish effective blocking at TE. Wilson either blocks, or he sits for the RB who will block effectively. Sitting Wilson and Myers removes offensive playmakers, but as we’ve seen over 4 games, playmakers are negated when the QB’s being consistently pounded and turning it over.

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