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New York Giants G Chris Snee Restructures Current Contract, Gives Team $1.25MM in Cap Room

September 30th, 2013 at 2:51 PM
By Douglas Rush

'Chris Snee' photo (c) 2006, Alexa - license: While Chris Snee has been dealing with an injured hip and has kept him on the sidelines this past week, he was still figuring out ways to contribute to the New York Giants.

On Monday, Snee restructured his contract for the second time this month, giving the team more cap room and flexibility on their payroll to make moves in free agency if they needed to before their Week 5 showdown with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Snee originally came into the season making $6.7 million as a base salary, but the Giants took $2.5 million of that and turned it into a signing bonus, thus lowering his contract to $4.2 million and creating $2.25 million in salary cap space.

On Monday, as Over The Cap broke it down, Snee's restructuring of his contract took his $4.2 million base salary and reduced it to $1.7 million, as they took another $2.5 million and turned that into another signing bonus, and thus allows the Giants to gain $1.25 million in salary cap relief.

With the Giants signing fullback John Conner this past week, the team was so strapped for salary cap room, the organization had to make a few moves in order to get the salary cap situation figured out, thus the team turning to Snee to get it worked out and were successful in doing so.

If there are other players who could be candidates to be restructured, it could be quarterback Eli Manning and free safety Antrel Rolle. Snee's status for Week 5 is uncertain as he is still dealing with the hip injury and it's been speculated that the Giants could shut down Snee indefinitely if the pain continues.


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108 Responses to “New York Giants G Chris Snee Restructures Current Contract, Gives Team $1.25MM in Cap Room”

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  1.  Aziz Mohamed says:

    We keep talking about needing that one ”big play” like Cruz’s 99 yd TD in 2011, or JPP’s blocked punt in 2011, or Bradshaws run vs the Bills in 2007, that all went on to spark the team into SB runs. Well what about Cruz’s 69 yard TD, yesterday, the first thing we had done on offense in 6 quarters?

    We had just came off of a 38-0 pounding, with the lowest of confidence. We walked into Arrowhead and got forced into a 3 and out, and gave up a TD and things looked like it was over. Eli bombs it to Cruz and not only is the score 7-7 again, but it’s the first TD scored in what felt like forever.

    We did nothing with that. We continued to go 3 and out, put ourselves into 3rd and forever due to penalties and negative plays, and our defense finally gave in.
    Everything is on the offense. They control the outcome of every game. The defense has been more than fine this year for 3 quarters. If you look at the first 4 games, we held Romo to 14 points in the first half (and that was only due to the offense turning the ball over in their own 20 multiple times), we held Peyton to 10 points in the first half, we held Newton to 17 points (Should have only been 10 if our offense could finish a drive and keep our defense off of the field during the 2 minute warning), and we kept Smith and the Chiefs to 10 points in the first half.

    Our first half defense (and I’d include the majority of the 3rd quarter too) has been better than average this year. When your offense averages a league worse 4.7 plays a drive, you stand no chance. Fix the o-line, dump Gilbride, we are contenders again. You also hope JPP returns to form, Moore turns out to be a stud, and we have a pass rush again. If we go 2-14, like the Chiefs did, a quick turnaround will not be a surprise to me next year.

    •  buljos says:

      Wholeheartedly agree… but please allow me to offer for your consideration that it’s not the O Line per se, but BLOCKING in general that has failed this offense. Sure, the O Line constitutes the majority of that issue, as Snee, Baas, and Diehl must sit. But add to that the replacement of an excellent blocking TE for Myers, who doesn’t seem able to block at a mediocre level. And add to that the replacement of an excellent blocking RB with Wilson, who has yet to demonstrate he can be relied upon to protect Eli. Add to that the loss of a very good FB, replaced by a TE who’s nowhere near Hynoski’s proficiency. Too much blocking lost. I’m hopeful Conner at FB and Pascoe at TE, along with another week of practice for Brewer and Mosley will result in much improved blocking against the Eagles. Alas, try as he might, Cordle in my humble opinion isn’t going to get it done. Great guy with a huge heart and unbounded determination. But that won’t translate into effective blocking skills on Sunday. So TC needs to pull the trigger right now… get Stephen Goodin, Steven Baker, and Eric Herman on the practice field to show what they’ve got, and it better be more than what Cordle’s selling, or we need to make PS moves today. And I don’t want to hear about O Line chemistry and the benefits of continuity… we’re 0-4 with little sign of winning a game. Chemistry and continuity are already screwed.

  2.  JimStoll says:

    Snee can’t even block the guys rushing to take his money!!

  3.  Dirt says:

    Awesome, move his salary to next year so either a) he stays or b) he’s cut and there’s more dead money.


  4.  Krow says:

    Makes it even more likely that resident our welfare queen steals more cap dollars next season. Must be great to be related to the boss.

  5.  GeezUp says:

    Is Eli right behind him???

  6.  JimStoll says:

    Ralph Vacchiano ?@RVacchianoNYDN 5m
    Just landed from KC … Seeing reports that DT Cullen Jenkins has a walking boot on right foot w/Achilles and knee injury at facility today.

  7.  Nosh.0 says:

    JR has not been perfect by any means but it’s debatable how much blame he deserves.

    Other than a few exceptions (Barden , Beckem, Jurnigan, Dillard, Petrus) Reese for the most part has drafted NFL quality players.

    3 main problems he’s had.

    1. Rapid Decline : JPP, Tuck, Nicks, Snee, Webster, Eli. All we’re playing at a pro bowl level and their level of play dropped off significantly and quickly. Not sure how you can predict that, especially when most of these guys dropped off while still in their 20?s.

    2. Development : Is Wilson simply the worst pass blocking RB in the history of the NFL, or has TC failed to develop a talented player. The same goes for Randle. Is Damontre Moore being developed properly? In both cases these players clearly posses the required talent to play in the NFL. Then of course are Brewer and Mosley. Do they stink, or have the coaches not been able to develop them? It’s a gray area.

    3. Injuries to guys that should have been staples: KP and Steve Smith looked to be guys that would be starters for a long time on this team. Goff, while not spectacular, was turning into the type of 2 down MLB this Defense is currently lacking. Marvin Ausitn, Chad Jones, injuries derailed their careers before they ever got a chance.
    And how do you predict that Bass and Snee are going to come into the season already injured?

    Bottom line is, this is a flawed roster. It looks like we held on to a lot of guys one year too long. But JR knows talent and he will certainly clear a lot of dead weight this offseason. I have all the confidence in the world that JR can and will fix this roster.

    •  JimStoll says:

      I think you are being kind
      Will Beatty was not a great no. 2
      he is a mediocre tackle at best and has been downright dreadful at worst
      Austin was a longshot, especially as a no. 2 pick, as he hadn’t played for over a year when we picked him
      the Nassib pick this year was a joke
      Sintim was a 3-4 prospect that we mis-drafted in the 2d round and he proved he couldn’t play long before he got hurt
      Hosely looks to be garbage
      when you toss in Barden (a no 2), Jenrigan (a no 3) Randal (a no 3 who is looking weaker by the game) and you have an awful lot of high draft pick misses

      •  Nosh.0 says:

        Randle has flashed though. He can play in this league. I don’t group him with Barden and Jernigan.

        Same goes for Beatty who was very good last year. Wilson and Moore have also flashed yet the coaches sparingly use them.

        Also you gotta throw some blame on the players. Tuck, and Snee deserved to be paid. Their cap hits make it so you couldn’t dump them until the offseason. Yet they declined very quickly. And Eli is not blameless in this either. His level of play has gone from elite to average.

        The simple solution is to clean out dead weight this winter and bring in a different coach or coordinators. Look at San Diego, and KC. They added new coaches, and players and teams that once looked washed up are now playing at a high level.

        JR deserves some blame. But I’d place most of it on the coaches and players.

        •  JimStoll says:

          lord knows I’m no fan of this coaching staff
          and I too find fault with many players including our 16M QB
          but I think Reese gets a pass because the 2007 draft looked brilliant for all of 1 year

    •  buljos says:

      You make some good points Nosh.O, but I’m not entirely sold on all those players all of a sudden simultaneously hitting the rapid decline button. Something else is going on here, and I’m thinking it’s coaching not adequately adapting the game plan to suit the current skills on the roster. In other words, I don’t get the strong impression that these coaches are playing the cards they’re dealt each week, but instead are determined to play the game as if they’re holding the same royal flush week after week, regardless of the cards they’re actually holding. Killdrive doesn’t understand the royal flushes and 4-of-a-kinds take the pot much, much less often than the pairs and 2 pairs. Until he adapts his play to the cards he’s holding, he’ll continue to go 3 and out.

  8.  Nosh.0 says:

    Also someone will have to explain to me what they have seen from Pugh that makes them think he’s a RT? The kid looks undersized for the position and has not played well. Athletically he looks like he could get out and be a great pulling guard.

    Brewer on the other hand has the body type perfectly suited to play RT.

    For all you haters, I don’t plan to get off this subject until I see something from Pugh, and the OL has a whole, that shows me players skills are being utilized at the proper positions.

    •  buljos says:

      Nosh.O, I beg to differ with your characterization of Pugh, as it was apparent on Sunday that he did pretty well at RT. What more do you need to see from Pugh when he held Justin Houston in check, and he was leading the league with 7.5 sacks entering the game? Right now, Pugh is our best performing offensive lineman at RT. Look, I’m all for criticizing players who don’t get the job done. But the stats show Pugh is getting it done. Now, if you’re asserting the Giants blocking would be improved by moving Pugh to Guard and Brewer to RT, then maybe you’re right, and I’m all for TC giving that a shot. They need to make all kinds of changes to restore blocking, including benching Myers for Pascoe at TE until Myers learns how to block. It was apparent on Sunday that he still can’t. What does irk me, if it’s true, is that Conner was signed on Tuesday, but the coaches didn’t learn of his acquisition until Wednesday, and they’re game plan was set already so Conner only saw special teams play. How many days does it take our coaches to make an adjustment from Pascoe to Conner at FB when we desperately need high level blocking production from both FB and TE? Pascoe didn’t do real well on Sunday, and neither did Myers, and I’m thinking Conner at FB with Pascoe at TE would have restored some blocking productivity.

  9.  TroyThorne says:

    Here is something that has me concerned and it dates back to last season.

    Eli. I was highly critical of him last year as I felt as though he dropped off completely in the 2nd half of the season. It was the San Francisco game specifically where the switch seemed to flick off for whatever reason. In the first half of that game, he was unstoppable (like his Citizien Eco Drive). He missed maybe 4 passes and one or two of them were drops. He controlled the pace of the game, threw for some TDs, and was just all-around dominant. Then halftime hit and suddenly everything changed. He came back out and went something like 4/17 and threw what should have been a pick 6 inside the red zone but Carlos Rogers and his notorious stone hands dropped it. I remember raising concerns over his performance while the game was still going on but everyone ignored it because we were ahead by so much and beating a vaunted SF team. After that, he just continued to play poorly and he never got back to that 2011 standard of play he had previously established. I don’t know what happened that game but I swear it was like a switch went off somewhere.

    Yes our offensive line is absolutely terrible and yes our running game is non-existent and yes our gameplanning is weak but nothing about that has changed since 2011. Our OL was terrible back then and we were 32nd in the league in rushing and we still had Coughlin/Gilbride coaching the team. Yet Eli was able to put the team on his back and carry us kicking and screaming to a Super Bowl victory. So why can’t he do it again? Why can’t he even come close, is my real question? Is our offensive line really THAT much worse (I don’t think so, it was bottom 5 in 2011)? Is our running game really THAT much worse (it really can’t be as we were dead last in the NFL that year)? Is the gameplan really THAT much worse (it’s been the same thing for years now)? We make excuses for Eli a lot because he went through some BS due to the draft and his early years but he showed us that he COULD be elite even when the talent around him was extremely lacking. That 2011 season was magnificent from Eli and he had arguably the same level of talent around him as he does now (read: very little).

    I’m not blaming all this on Eli, not even close. He’s not our first, second, or even third problem. I’m just a little curious as to why he’s seemingly regressed so hard so quickly.

    •  Nosh.0 says:

      That’s the 20 million dollar question.

      As noted several times on here. Paying a QB big $$$ puts your team in a tough spot in terms of being able to build a roster without holes.

      But when you pay a QB big $$$ and he no longer plays at a high level, well then you’re really in trouble.

    •  Krow says:

      I’m surprised at his decision making.

  10.  PittJim says:

    Haven’t commented for awhile.
    Vomit in one’s mouth usually does that.

    A few salient (or not so) points….

    * I thought this headline was from May 15th. I literally did a triple take.
    * The overloaded “line of scrimmage” call on 4th & 4 yday when KC was going to punt was a mistake that ONLY the Raiders would make. We are now the Raiders of the NFC.
    * The 3rd and 5 delayed handoff into Da”re’s gut when he CLEARLY was not expecting it was almost as good as the Butch Woolfolk / George Adams days.
    * WHEN we lose Sunday to Philly, and we WILL….WHO gets the boot?
    * Some say Def & PF are not so bad. Are YOU kidding me. Even when we blitz, we don’t touch the QB.
    * We stink & it’s time to re-evaluate.
    * Jerry stays. Tom retires & where do we go from here???

    •  buljos says:

      Good points PittJim… although I’m afraid I’m one of those who believe the defense isn’t so bad. Ok, so they can’t hold teams in check for the entire game, and tend to break down in the 4th quarter… as was demonstrated against Denver and KC. Ok, they couldn’t stop Carolina at all. But if the offense can’t convert on 3rd down, and turns the ball over a ton, then the defense is exposed to entirely too many plays. Nonetheless, the defense has created turnovers and handed the ball back to the offense, which has of course done nothing with it. And this defense is performing well against the run, something they couldn’t do at all last year. Yes, other than Paysinger the LBs are not good, at all. Everyone knows how to beat the Broncos… keep Payton off the field by converting on third down and running the ball. Our defense can’t count on their offense to do that against anyone. So in my humble opinion, blaming the defense for not toughing the QBs when the offense is abysmal just doesn’t reach the level of salient point with me.

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