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New York Giants Vs. Kansas City Chiefs: Week 4 Game Preview

September 29th, 2013 at 8:45 AM
By Dan Benton

The New York Giants head into Kansas City at 0-3 and face the potential of losing complete control of their season with another loss, while the Kansas City Chiefs, at 3-0, are already in the midst of an incredible turnaround from their 2-14 season from a year ago. Led by brand new head coach and former Giants rival, Andy Reid, quarterback Alex Smith and one of the more physical defenses in the league, the Chiefs are very legitimate contenders and should not be taken lightly.

For the Giants, Sunday's game is all about regaining some form of stability, while the Chiefs look to continue their dominance of the NFC East (2-0 with wins over Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys).


Sustain drives to keep defense fresh

The New York Giants defense is tired. Exhausted, even. Through three games this season, they've been on the field for 105 minutes and 55 seconds (nearly 60% of the time). They've been forced to exert themselves far beyond their means because the offense cannot sustain drives (the Giants average less than 4.5 plays per offensive series). If they wish to come away with a victory over the 3-0 Chiefs, that will have to change. Even if the offense is coming away with the dreaded field goal, or no points at all, they need to give their defense a breather.

Don't turn the ball over

This is beginning to feel like a broken record, but there's incredible importance in the simplicity. Fundamental football is what the Giants need to return to, and that means cutting down on their league-leading number of turnovers. Especially when you consider the Chiefs have turned the ball over a grand total of zero times, while leading the NFL with a +9 turnover differential. Bottom line? Kansas City is not going to beat themselves, so the Giants can't either.

Limit Jamaal Charles

The Chiefs are averaging 127 yards on the ground per game (75 ypg for Charles), while the Giants run defense ranks 27th in the league, allowing an average of 129.3 yards per game. And although they've played better than the numbers would indicate, they'll need to slow down Charles and the Kansas City rushing attack on Sunday. If they can't, it will allow Alex Smith to do what he does best: manage games and grind down the clock.


Giants offensive line vs. Chiefs defensive line

The Giants were brutalized by the Carolina Panthers' front four a week ago, and now they'll face an even tougher from seven from the Chiefs. If they're unable to handle Dotari Poe in the middle, and Justin Pugh struggles against Justin Houston (7.5 sacks already this season), the Giants are in for a long, long day. However, if they can find a way to contain Houston (this is where the pass blocking ability of Brandon Jacobs comes into play) and prevent Poe from swallowing up inside runs, they'll put themselves in a good position to score some points.


Quarterback, Eli Manning

Manning said he'd do whatever he had to in order to turn the Giants around, and he'll certainly get that chance on Sunday. With a shuffled and re-shuffled offensive line, a poor run game and receivers who lead the league in drops, Manning will likely have to make things happen himself. He's done it before — many times — and it will be an important aspect in Sunday's game. It's unfortunate that the entire offensive burden is his to shoulder, but when you're the franchise quarterback that's how things shake out. Expect a big game from Easy E.


Given the way they've played over the first three weeks, there's no reason to believe the Giants will suddenly turn it around against a team that has, out of nowhere, become one of the most talented all-around teams in the league. But losing is no longer an option. So, we're going to give them the benefit of the doubt and go with our gut that they're going to pull off an upset.

Giants 20, Chiefs 17

Photo credit: Out.of.Focus / Foter / CC BY-SA


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20 Responses to “New York Giants Vs. Kansas City Chiefs: Week 4 Game Preview”

  1.  jerseyrich says:

    Bold prediction to say the least. The o-line is the sole reason why we are 0-3 right now…today is a day when everything points to them totally falling apart. I’ll say one thing: if this line is even close to respectable today, TC is going to have a lot of explaining to do as to why they weren’t inserted earlier in the season. BTW, what the deal with Diehl? I know he made the trip….is he in or out? Im hoping out….im excited to see what Mosley and Brewer can do.

    •  skinnydoogan says:

      Exactly!! TC will have a lot of explaining to do, if the revamped line performs a miracle today. It will be further edification that this team needs a change in leadership.

  2.  Krow says:

    The NFC Least is a raging dumpster fire. So I’m not throwing in the towel just yet. However I am keeping it close by.

  3.  James Stoll says:

    Dan, I applaud the attempt but while you provide the things the giants must do to win you don’t provide the how for any of them. That’s the rub. How?
    I put up some selected stats last thread that punctuate just how bad this team is.
    That’s the reality, which we as fans, are still trying to ignore and avoid: we are a bad team. Dan’s somewhat hopeful prediction says it all. Terrible offensive line (if it can hold it’s own against a vastly superior D-Line we have a chance — how). Win the turnover battle (they lead the league with none; we lead the league with 13 we need to flip that on it’s head — how?)
    The offense needs to sustain drives (4.5 plays a series – what a stat – need to at least double that – how?)

    There are so many unhappy things going on with this team right now it is hard to declare anything but that they are bad. They are a bad team. Poorly constructed, limited talent, poorly coached, lacking inspiration. Even if they somehow win this week they will still be a bad team. If they win next week too, they will still be a bad team. If they run off the next 6; ok then maybe we’ll have to recalibrate.
    But right now we are on par with Jacksonville and Cleveland. Inept, uninspired and disinterested.
    It is depressing to see how far this team has fallen but it’s been coming for some time
    The only question soon will be what and where is the path out

    • Dan BentonDan Benton says:

      The how is simplicity: they just have to do them. Period. That’s really as simple as it gets in football.

      You have to not turn the ball over by not turning the ball over. You have to pass protect by pass protecting. You have to block by blocking.

      That’s the reality of the situation. They must actually do their jobs. It’s not about anything special — it’s not like the offensive line needs to change what they were doing because they weren’t doing anything. They just need to start doing what they’re supposed to be doing.

      There is no magical illusion. People just aren’t doing what they’re supposed to be doing, so the best way to combat that is to start doing what you’re supposed to be doing.

      •  James Stoll says:

        Dan, although simple in theory, I still maintain the how to achieve that simplicity is more complex
        Let’s ask the question this way: are they so talent-less that they cannot do it?
        We know Eli can play at a high level

        We know Nicks and Cruz can too. But we don’t know if anyone else on the offense can, especially the 3 guys in the middle. Saying they just have to execute elides the issue of talent. If Curtis Painter were our starting QB we wouldn’t be saying all he has to do is throw better passes. We would be saying he can’t. That’s now the question for the o-line: do they have the raw ability to do it?
        So far the evidence suggests a resounding no.

        • Dan BentonDan Benton says:

          Man, I am gonna miss your pessimism, Mr. Stoll. I appreciate you and everyone else being a fan for all these years.

          •  demo3356 says:

            LOL! Eyore Stoll is only happy when the giants are loosing man. He is the #1 poster on this site while loosing but is MIA when the team is rolling.

            •  James Stoll says:

              I’m always here when they win as well
              And you call me pessimistic but am I wrong that we are 0-3
              Am I wrong that we just got shut out 38-0 by an 0-2 team
              Am I wrong that we are 3-8 over our last eleven
              Am I wrong that we have what looks to be the worst offensive line in recent memory

              Am I pessimistic or am I just recording unpleasant facts
              I try not to insult posters like DEMO who look at the same facts and arrive at different conclusions
              I view arguing by insult as a sign of acknowledgement that your position is weak

              But despite everything, I will sit for 3and 1/2 hours today rooting for a W and should they actually prevail I promise to be on the site by 6:30 Monday morning with a recap ( albeit one that might be less than wildly optimistic)

    •  skinnydoogan says:

      I am with you, time to come to the realization, that this team is going nowhere.

  4.  demo3356 says:

    The best thing the giants can do is to go back to the quicker short passing game Gillbride instituted for the 07 postseason run. Teams doubled Plax, put 8 in the box and dared Eli to beat them without the power running game and the bombs away to plax and he did by going to short passing game to Toomer, Smith and Boss. Need to work in some 3 step drops, some slants, screens etc.. I would love to see them run this in some no huddle action. Keep the defense on the fied wear them down and when they are running our of gas they wont get the same pressure on tthe QB. This is where Eli can take his shots down the field

  5.  demo3356 says:

    Here’s some reading from SNY that will make Sunshine Stolls day-
    Is it all really gloom and doom with the Giants these days? Well, I hate to tell you this, but, yes.

    I wouldn’t worry too much about it, though. The NFL is designed for the meek to inherit the earth, meaning bad teams can become champions overnight and vice-versa. The Giants’ problem is they haven’t been very meek of late.

    Tom Coughlin and Jerry Reese’s success has come home to roost. Parity has proven to be the gravity of the NFL and the Giants have come crashing back down to earth. It’s part of the business. A losing season – or two – might not be the worst thing for them. If they follow the script, they’ll back on their feet in no time.

    There are exceptions, however, to the new world order of the NFL. On one end of the scale is New England, who are working on their 13th consecutive winning season. On the other end is Oakland, who has not had a winning season since 2002.

    The Patriots have maintained success because their mastermind continues to stay ahead of the curve and evolve with the times, while the Raiders fell victim to their mastermind’s refusal to embrace them.

    The Giants have not had a losing season since 2004 and they are paying for it in 2013. They have had tougher schedules and picked lower in the draft as a result. In addition, because they are winning, they were able to retain their own free agents, leaving fewer dollars for them to use in free agency. It also cut down on the amount of compensatory picks awarded to them.

    When that goes on for a decade, it’s all going to accumulate in a bad way, especially when the injury bug strikes. Throw in a few high draft picks that crashed and burned and you have a mess on your hands.

    Welcome the 2013 New York Giants. A decade of missing out on primary talent has caught up with them. Don’t be shocked. Let nature take it’s course and allow the bloodletting to occur.

    Things may look bleak right now, but thanks to Pete Rozelle and his vision of parity, the Giants will be able to reverse course and head back up to the top of the standings very soon.

    •  demo3356 says:

      I actually think this is the best, most well thought out explanation I’ve seen to date for the Giants current issues. Well done by John Fennally

      •  James Stoll says:

        So now you’re with me?

      •  jerseyrich says:

        Its a nice theory….and partly true…but here’s why the Giants are in the position that they’re in right now: since the Reese era started, out of 23 total picks that the giants have had in rounds 1-3, the giants have picked a grand total of TWO offensive lineman. Other than your franchise QB, Im pretty sure most would agree that the o-line positions are the most important to any successful football team. TWO out of TWENTY-THREE…that is BRUTAL.

      •  Krow says:

        Hell, I’ve been saying that too … then kujo pounds me. It the natural churn of the NFL. Success is disadvantaged.

  6.  CT GIANT says:

    I think DEMO has it right!
    When Pugh is the 3rd most experienced O-linemen on this line, in only his 4th start, you see clearly changes to Gilbrides sloooooow developing 40 yard down field throws has to change.
    Eli will {as i have heard from RV NYDN} practiced rolling out, something he does well, and the quick slants, screens, and no huddle can be very much affective. In fact, some time ago, when Eli beat the boys in the hurry up at the nd of the game, Troy Aikeman said, “Eli should use this often, becuse he has only 3-4 plays to call out and that keeps it simple for him and his WR’s”.
    Not sure of much, but since KC is so talented, with Eric Berry, someone I wanted Reese to pick, make no mistake, the O-line whoes are owned by Jerry Reese, and he is now on “notice”

  7.  stuh says:

    Jim Stoll I love you you make me look like an optimist.

  8.  stuh says:

    Mark Herzlich!

  9.  BBWC says:

    Eli is holding the ball too long….

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