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New York Giants Need to Be Reminded of Jerry Reese’s Message: “Everyone is on Notice”

September 28th, 2013 at 7:00 AM
By Jen Polashock

The general manager of the New York Giants has been fairly silent after making his statements in July to ESPN about everyone “being on notice.” But Jerry Reese may need to remind head coach Tom Coughlin of this statement.

“That’s not our standards,” said Reese in reference to only making the playoffs once in the last four years. “That’s not what we shoot for. We want to put everybody on notice, myself; everybody is on notice that that’s not our standard.”

Clearly, after a horrid showing (more like a no-show) against the Carolina Panthers last Sunday, this sentiment needs to be revisited and reiterated. No one should be “safe” after the poor excuse for a football team ran onto Bank of America Stadium. Frustration is mounting everywhere, as it should be. This ire and aggravation has become a place of complacency for blue and to some degree something major needs to be a catalyst for change.

The countdown to Super Bowl XLVIII clock hanging in the locker room is not working. In fact, tear it down. Focus should be on each week, not the future or the fact that the big game is on home turf in February. That’s understood, but not the statement that should be the front running message for the 2013 season.

Accountability is an issue lately, as no one is yanked from their starting spot without an injury on deck causing so (hint, hint, offensive line members). While most love loyalty in blue, it can be a detriment to team. It’s time to pull some players aside and let them know: You were put on notice months ago. Sit down this week and let someone else give 100. Talk of “next man up” has been in the mouths of coaches and playmakers alike as if it’s in the playbook, so live by it if the play of certain guys is injuring the team. No?

Left Tackle Will Beatty is pretty upbeat about this philosophy, per

“Everyone’s going to have to be [ready]. You don’t have any choice in the NFL. You’re called to go, you’ve got to go”, Beatty stated. “For them, I pray that everyone’s mind is set, that we don’t look at the negative in the past and allow it to affect our future. So everyone’s trying to keep a positive attitude knowing that we made mistakes, costly mistakes that cost us games. But knowing that, just because we made those mistakes, we don’t have to move forward and make them. Trying to keep that positive attitude is still one game, one week, let’s take care of this.”

Offensive coordinator, Kevin Gilbride, has a different view on the upcoming game versus Kansas City,.

“We went into this game [Carolina] thinking that we needed to be more balance because of the turnovers and that wasn’t as successful as we would’ve liked it to be. That first half was probably about as low as you can be. We went to the two-minute and we moved the ball, but we still didn’t put any points on the board”, Gilbride said. “We’ll try to do whatever we can to galvanize this group and give them a chance and the big thing is can you intellectually handle the scheme, the schematic challenges that are inherent in their defensive approach, which is quite significant.”

If the players aren’t grasping the scheme by now…well, most of you see where this is leading. Time to comprehend the plays and difficult system has passed. Week 4 is upon the New York Giants and guys need to be well into the flow of Gilbride’s organized chaos, er, schemes. While it all starts up front in that offensive trench, the issues are trickling down to skill players that it shouldn’t touch. Small steps toward improvement (in game) aren’t enough. Gilbride did, in a way, admit that.

“That’s what we did, like the traps that we hit last time; those were the big runs we had. You try to do some things like that to give yourself a scheme when you’re not just able to line up and knock people off the ball. You try to give illusions of one thing and, in fact, come back and do something different”, said Gilbride on Wednesday. “That’s what we did. You can only do that so many times. You’re not going to do that 60 plays a game. You’re not going to fool them 60 plays a game. You need to execute and that’s where we have to upgrade.”

By 4:00 PM EST Sunday, we shall know who “grasped” and who blew their assignments again. Hopefully, quarterback Eli Manning is upright for most of the game and has win number one as he jogs out of Arrowhead Stadium.


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7 Responses to “New York Giants Need to Be Reminded of Jerry Reese’s Message: “Everyone is on Notice””

  1.  Gian Bender Zatoichi Minnella says:

    Has Jerry Resse obsession of using premium picks on the D-Line and never addressing linebacker and O-Line finally caught up with him?

  2.  jerseyrich says:

    You cant say he NEVER addressed the o-line in the draft. Pugh was a 1st and Beatty was a 2nd. Sintim was a 2nd at linebacker too. I think the word HARDLY is the correct one. I think Reese’s true obsession is the old “value over need” method of drafting. Several posters here have said the same thing. You have to assume (hope) that this philosophy changes starting with the next draft.

  3.  James Stoll says:

    Tomorrow is likely our last chance this season to right the ship
    With the bitter taste of Carolina still in everyone’s mouth, it is hard to see how they stay on the same field with the Chiefs for more than a quarter
    You can’t rest your hopes on KC having a letdown or simply coming back to earth after an unexpected fast start. Maybe that will be the case but then that would say more about them than us.
    You can’t just keep slamming your head against the same wall with the same approach. That would make you insane Mr. Gilbride! Mr. Fewell! Mr. Coughlin!
    You have to completely re-examine and re-scheme. how can the offense start to move the ball? How can the defense not just hang in there for a half, but actually start to dictate tempo? It is so hard to see a path forward right now, especially if you reach back to the middle of last year and realize not only that this team is 3-8 over it’s last 11; not only that it was blown out in 3 of those last 8 in 2011, and twice so far this year; but, Reese had an entire off-season to address the most glaring needs, and while he put a toe in the water with Pugh, he really has come up short.
    Right now the Giants look like a team playing scared. If they come out Sunday doing the same old thing they are going to get blown away. They have to try something completely new. But is that possible with 3 days of practice and behind a line that is hard pressed to block anyone?
    It will be surprising – no, shocking! – if the Giants pull a win out Sunday. Were they to do so there could be a faint glimmer of hope. But if the expected happens, it really is time to examine the entire organization from Reese, to Coughlin and his staff, to each and every player. On one level, Reese has done such a poor job drafting and signing FAs that we could be looking at a 2-4 year rebuilding plan. If that is true, he has to go. Coughlin and his staff certainly have to go if this team ends up with 5 or fewer wins. They are old, stubborn, uninspiring and ineffective. All of the players should go as well in that event if that were possible. Of course it’s not, so all you can do is lop off the veteran dead wood (Snee, Baas, Diehl, Tuck, Kiwi, Webster, Ross ) and repopulate with hopefully better more promising rookies. We could be in for one of those transition periods like we had from 1994-1998 and 2003-2005.
    We shall see. Sunday is the last chance to say it ain’t so

  4.  giantsou812 says:

    says the nut bag that drafts the best player instead of area of need.
    Hey lets draft a QB in the 4th round.

  5.  kujo says:

    I love the people saying “Oh, I’ll bet that Baas and Snee being out will help the OL.”

    Right, because most teams do better when their center and starting guard of the last decade are too injured to play.

    Look, if guys like Brewer, Mosley and Cordle were any good, they would have unseated Baas, Snee, Diehl and Boothe already. Yeah yeah, Coughlin doesn’t play rookies, but he also doesn’t play inexperienced players who suck, and from what we’ve seen out of the guys likely to get the start tomorrow (my guess is Boothe goes to center, and Mosley and Brewer come in as guards), we have no reason to suspect that the very good defensive line of KC will do anything but have a field day on Eli and the offense.

    The problem, as always, is not that Reese hasn’t drafted offensive linemen (or linebackers)–it’s that the guys he HAS drafted have come from the mid and late rounds and that they have, by and large, sucked. In the mean time, he’s paid Baas buku bucks to be injured all the time; he has retained the services of Boothe, who’s never been anything other than decent; he’s allowed nepotism to get in the way of sensibility as it pertains to Snee; and he has not demanded that David Diehl be removed from the starting lineup, even though it’s been plain to see that he is T.E.R.R.I.B.L.E.

    So yeah, keep thinking that these guys we’ll have starting tomorrow are going to be some revelation. They’ll suck as bad, or worse, than the guys they’re replacing. Which is EXACTLY the problem!

  6.  stuh says:

    Kujo…Your right about where they drafted the Ol Line guys with the exception of Pough and Beatty, but no one was going to beat out son in law. Nepotism.
    I would be shocked if they win this game and if they do what does it say for the horrible play in the 1st 3 games?

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