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New York Giants’ Aaron Ross: I’m Unsure of My Role on Team, but Ready to Go When Called

September 20th, 2013 at 6:30 AM
By Douglas Rush

One of the things forgotten about in the New York Giants' 41-23 loss to the Denver Broncos was the absence of Aaron Ross on the field for the team's defense.

Ross was by no means hurt in any way and for most of the summer and regular season, has been very healthy, but yet, he did not see a single snap on the field against Denver after he played in 35 of the Giants 77 defensive downs against the Dallas Cowboys in their previous week. So why the sudden benching against the Broncos? Ross wasn't sure, and during this week in practice, Ross told Kieran Darcy of ESPN New York that he's not really sure of what his role is on the team, but yet, despite the lack of playing time in Week 2, is still ready to step in and go at a moments notice for the team.

"I don’t know really what my role is, but I’m prepared for any time they call me," Ross said. "Just like [when] Prince went down in that Dallas game, they called my number, and I was ready and prepared to go in and help the team try to make plays. If my number’s not called, I’ll be in the supporting cast. And if it’s called I’ll be ready to go out there and ball." 

The thing that got a lot of people's attention this past week was when Terrell Thomas was temporarily knocked out of the game and instead of Ross being put into the game to replace Thomas as the slot corner, second year corner Jayron Hosley was put into the game instead, which was surprising because Ross hasn't been a liability on the field.

It could have been simply the Giants wanting to see what Hosley could have given the team on defense, or it could have been Perry Fewell thinking that Ross could have been overmatched by the Broncos receivers. 

With Corey Webster battling a hip injury this week in practice, his status for the Giants Week 3 game against the Carolina Panthers is unknown, and if Webster will play or sit in Sunday's game. If Webster has to miss the game against the Panthers, then Fewell may have no other choice but to start Ross opposite Prince Amukamara with Thomas playing as the starting slot corner.

Photo credit: Marianne O'Leary / Foter / CC BY


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6 Responses to “New York Giants’ Aaron Ross: I’m Unsure of My Role on Team, but Ready to Go When Called”

  1.  Kevros says:

    There’s no conspiracy here. Seller is a guy you game plan for and Hosley matched up better on him than Ross. End of story.

  2.  Jared says:

    This kind of dissention is the last thing any team wants. The Giants are going down the path of the Jets if the players soon do not have something to cheer about and change their attitude.

    •  Krow says:

      I’m not seeing any real dissension. The next 3 games will set the tone. Three very beatable, flawed, average-at-best teams. Smoke them and the season is back on track. If we don’t … then we’ll be having some very different discussions here. But until this drama unfolds there isn’t much to go on.

      •  GIANTT says:

        Just listening to Mike and Mike about KC eagles game . What he said struck me that it should apply to Eli as well . As you say these are ” three very beatable , flawed , average -at-best teams ” So to me it comes down to Eli has to manage the game by efficiently getting the ball to his play makers , and as much as we complain on here , one of the complaints we DONT have is that there are no playmakers .So , one thing that I didnt understand last week is the giving up on the run game . I know that someone will try and explain it to me , but sometimes even if a run game doesnt seem to be working , isnt it something for the team to see that the coaches believe it might work and that the only thing stopping them is to work harder , not it will not get better because they are better than us so we are going to quit doing it .

  3.  Dirt says:

    Re: Eli Manning/Alex Smith and Tom Coughlin/Andy Reid:

    -Yes, Eli Manning destroys Alex Smith
    -Yes, Tom Coughlin destroys Andy Reid
    -Yes, Andy Reid is a .500 coach since 2005
    -Yes, we’ve had a ton of success

    But, is 25 interceptions a prerequisite for success? That’s the question. And I believe if Eli Manning plays in a system where the risk level decreases ever so slightly, the volatility of wins decreases as well.

    Certainly 7 INTs hasn’t gotten us anywhere thus far. Surely we would have pounded Dallas otherwise. And we were hanging with Denver all day until the turnover showed up (albeit not his fault, unless you consider he threw to a guy who wasn’t open).

    I’d like to explore the 2 INTs through the first 2 games approach.

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