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New York Giants QB Eli Manning: I Have to Be Smarter with the Ball

September 17th, 2013 at 6:30 AM
By Douglas Rush

There's been two sides to Eli Manning thus far for the New York Giants in the early parts of the 2013 season. The good side to Manning is the 812 yards and five touchdown passes he's thrown for against the Dallas Cowboys and Denver Broncos. The bad though, is the seven interceptions thrown in those game games and the 0-2 record he's gotten off to, which had some fans already getting bent out of shape.

The 32-year-old veteran knows that turning the ball over won't win games in the NFL, and on Monday, after he had to watch the game film of his four interceptions; three of which he was the culprit of. and acknowledged to Ohm Youngmisuk of ESPN New York that he needs to get better and make smarter football decisions on the field.

“Turnovers are going to lose you football games,” Manning said. “And so we’ve got to eliminate the turnovers. Every interception has its own story, but I have to be smarter with the football and throw the ball more accurately and we’ve got to make some plays.” 

While Manning knows he is currently second in the NFL in passing yards (one yard behind Aaron Rodgers), his completion percentage and quarterback rating hasn't been that great, which is again, due to the turnovers. What has also caused Manning to throw so much early on is the lack of the running game, which has practically been non-existent in those games; rushing for just 73 yards; an issue the Giants need to address when they take on the Carolina Panthers in Sunday's Week 3 battle.

While Manning knows all of the interceptions haven't entirely been his fault, he's not going to lay blame on anyone else and won't dwell on what has already happened and will look to bounce back, which starts with getting back on the practice field and then playing on Sunday against the Panthers.

“I don’t think I can just get worried about the number,” he said. “I’ve got to look at the plays and look at the decision-making on my part. …Hopefully we just don’t get in those games where you’re down 22 points in the fourth quarter. At that point, I like to tell myself, 'don’t throw interceptions, don’t force things when you don’t have to,' but I’m going to compete. If it’s fourth-and-10, I’m going to give a guy a shot to make a play and if it looks like it’s double coverage. …But I’m not going to lay down. So I think I’ve just got to look at each play and kind of see is it a bad throw? Is it a bad decision? Is it a misread? I’m not having many of those. Those aren’t the cases.”

If the Giants can get the running game going for the first time and maybe even break David Wilson out of his early troubles, it will allow Manning to properly utilize his deep weapons like Victor Cruz, Hakeem Nicks, Rueben Randle and Brandon Myers, and allow the Giants to not only put points up on the board, but potentially win their first game of the season.

Photo credit: Jason Poulton / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND


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18 Responses to “New York Giants QB Eli Manning: I Have to Be Smarter with the Ball”

  1.  JimStoll says:

    6-2 begins this week against Carolina.
    this is the first of many early season must wins. It will be interesting to see this o-line and defense perform against lesser competition

  2.  JimStoll says:

    Have a look at 0 and 2+ history. See 1994 and 1998

    1990 Houston Oilers 0-2 Wild Card Playoffs
    1990 Philadelphia Eagles 0-2 Wild Card Playoffs
    1990 New Orleans Saints 0-2 Wild Card Playoffs
    1991 Atlanta Falcons 0-2 Wild Card Playoffs
    1992 San Diego Chargers 0-4 Divisional Playoffs
    1993 Pittsburgh Steelers 0-2 Wild Card Playoffs
    1993 Dallas Cowboys 0-2 Won Super Bowl XXVIII
    1994 New England Patriots 0-2 Wild Card Playoffs
    1995 Detroit Lions 0-2 Wild Card Playoffs
    1996 New England Patriots 0-2 Lost Super Bowl XXXI
    1998 Arizona Cardinals 0-2 Divisional Playoffs
    1998 Buffalo Bills 0-3 Wild Card Playoffs
    1998 New York Jets 0-2 AFC Championship Game
    2001 New England Patriots 0-2 Won Super Bowl XXXVI
    2002 Atlanta Falcons 0-2 Divisional Playoffs
    2002 Pittsburgh Steelers 0-2 Divisional Playoffs
    2003 Philadelphia Eagles 0-2 NFC Championship Game
    2006 Kansas City Chiefs 0-2 Wild Card Playoffs
    2007 New York Giants 0-2 Won Super Bowl XLII
    2008 Miami Dolphins 0-2 Wild Card Playoffs
    2008 Minnesota Vikings 0-2 Wild Card Playoffs
    2008 San Diego Chargers 0-2 Wild Card Playoffs

  3.  Dirt says:

    Eli Manning: “I need to put one foot in front of the other when I walk”

  4.  Dirt says:

    After all of those turnovers, it will be interesting to see how Eli Manning throws the ball when he has it secured high and tight with two hands.

    •  JimStoll says:

      hopefully Eli won’t give the Panthers free points early on
      I have no idea what Carolina is as a team, but they are something like 2 plays away from being 2-0 — last minute loss to Seattle; last second loss to Buffalo

      that sounds like a team that is getting better but still struggles to win
      the last thing we can do is give them extra opportunities

      having said that, from what’s been said they have a strong front seven on defense, which, based on what we’ve seen from our team to date, should mean we will not be able to run the ball

      we’ve also heard that the secondary for Carolina is weak
      coupled with our anemic running game, that should mean an entire day in shotgun, 40+ passes; tons of long bombs; ears pinned back on defense; lots of pressure; and either a few big play connections, or a handful of killer pics

    •  Hanshi says:

      As a 2 time Superbowl MVP, Eli is a proven commodity. David Wilson hasn’t proven anything yet. I hope Wilson turns out to be an all time Giants Great but he has a long way to go to be mentioned with Eli Manning.

      •  Dirt says:

        While I 100% agree, I find this completely illogical:

        A young guy who doesn’t know better gets pounded for turning the ball over, and a wily vet who KNOWS better can turn the ball over and not get grief. To me, it seems stupid. It should become more unacceptable to make stupid mistakes the more tenured you get.

        Last year, Bradshaw fumbled on his own goal line against the Browns, led to an early 0-14 hole. Had it been Wilson, he would have sat. But it was Bradshaw, so he didn’t. Then he proceeded to have his best game ever, which shows how stupid it is to sit someone with talent for a mistake.

        •  Hanshi says:

          I understand where you’re coming from but you have to look at the entirety of his work. 2 time Superbowl MVP vs. a guy who hasn’t done anything yet. When Wilson scores as many TD’s as Eli and is in as many big games, he’ll be forgiven for a few fumbles.

          •  JimStoll says:

            unless and until the o-line moves from putrid to competent, we will never see or know whether Wilson was worth the No. 1 pick.
            We know he’s fast; so is Da’Rel Scott. We know he can return kicks, but we don’t really want him back there (although he was last week and who knows what’s planned for this game)
            everyone who says the guy needs touches to prove his worth is absolutely right
            but with this o-line, running just seems like such an uphill battle that the touches won’t be there

            •  Hanshi says:

              I agree. I said the same thing to my buddy during the game. The oline hasn’t been opening things up but, the oline isn’t responsible for the fumbles.

  5.  BBWC says:

    Kind of tough to prove yourself from the bench.

  6.  JimStoll says:

    you can’t compare eli with Wilson, not because Eli is a 10 year vet and 2x super bowl MVP, but because he is the QB
    generally speaking, you only have one guy on your team who can be a starting QB
    as the old saying goes, if you have 2 QBs, you have no QB
    with a starting QB, you have to accept the mistakes because he’s the only one who can run the offense and produce

    with an RB, if he has the drops, there is always someone else who can come in and do the RB duties, even if at a lower level
    the RB is simply not the fulcrum of the offense

    that said, I think penalizing a guy for fumbling is ridiculous

  7.  fanfor55years says:

    Anyone who thinks the next two games will be easy is sadly mistaken. Carolina is as desperate as we for a win, and they almost beat the team many think will win the Super Bowl this season. And beating the Chiefs at home is a tall order. We have to hope we’re 2-2 coming home but 1-3 is just as likely and 0-4 is far from out of the question.

    •  Hanshi says:

      The way we’ve been playing, the Panthers and Chief may be looking at us as an easy game.

    •  JimStoll says:

      you’ve gone south in a hurry
      I’ve barely gassed up the bus

      •  Hanshi says:

        I’m not a “P” or an “O”. I’m an “R’. A Realist. The Giants are my team. I go through Football Withdrawal when the season ends and I count the days to the start of the season. I want to see the Giants win every game. I want to see David Wilson and Eli Manning be the best at their positions. I’ll take an ugly win or a pretty win, I just want to win. All that doesn’t mean that I’ll watch them through rose colored glasses. Right now the Giants have some things to fix and they better fix them quick or we’re in for a long season.
        GO GIANTS!!! I hope.

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