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New York Giants’ Eli Manning Accepts Responsibility for Interceptions; Aims to Improve

September 16th, 2013 at 7:30 AM
By Dan Benton

'Eli Manning' photo (c) 2012, Mike Morbeck - license: Prior to the start of the 2013-2014 season, New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning set a goal for himself: single-digit interceptions on the year. Unfortunately, through only two games, Manning already has seven interceptions and is on pace for a total of 56. In other words, something needs to change and it needs to change now.

Although two of his three in the first game were debatable, there's no debating three of the four interceptions he threw on Sunday. And while one was off a fluke bounce that came off of a defenders foot, there is no asterisk in the box score. The same can be said for the final interception of the game when there appeared to be miscommunication between he and wide receiver Rueben Randle.

"The last one was on me. Rueben did the right thing, he ran the right route and I threw the wrong route," Manning said.

Now at 0-2, with 10 turnovers and a -8 turnover ratio, Manning knows the team can no longer afford mental mistakes or otherwise.

"I kind of have to start over here. Obviously, some of them happen and you have to look at decisions and you get some bad breaks. Sometimes you get late in games, 4th and 10 and we have to make a play and force something here and whether it’s intercepted or incomplete, an interception probably ends up being better right there for us field position-wise," Manning said. "At the end of games or when you’re competing, I’m going to be aggressive and not worry about the stats or quarterback rating at the end. Honestly I’m not trying to throw interceptions, but obviously I’m just worried about getting back to playing well offensively and eliminating some of these turnovers."

In the end, Manning summed it up about as well as you could: "We need to play better."

Yes. Yes indeed they do. The team, collectively, needs to play leaps and bounds better. And now their backs are up against a wall.


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17 Responses to “New York Giants’ Eli Manning Accepts Responsibility for Interceptions; Aims to Improve”

  1.  Krow says:

    We don’t really have an interior of an offensive line. All we have are 3 speed bumps. Yeah, the road to Eli runs through them. Like good speed bumps they try to slow those speeding trucks down. And to their credit they do a passable job … sometimes … but they’re just speed bumps … speed bumps.

  2.  GOAT56 says:


    A few thoughts:

    Eli for an elite QB has to play better. No he hasn’t had a running game or great protection but he still needs to do more. We can’t call Eli great and settle of less than that. He’s fully capable. It’s not all on him at all but it needs to start by him playing better. He hasn’t been bad but we need him to be great.

    I think what would help Eli is if we realize who we are on offense. We are a 3 WR, 1 TE and 1 RB offense. Playing another TE or FB just clogs the field. We will run the game because we spread the field not because we physically pound teams.

    Wilson need to be used like a #1 RB. This offense is not going to be elite like it could be without Wilson and Brown. We have to give Wilson the chance to mess up again. We need the threat at RB to help balance out the offense. No one has any fear of any of our other RBs. We might be able to beat some other teams without really using Wilson but versus Denver we needed him.

    Our DL pass rushing wise has been horrible. I thought cover wise our LBs and DBs were good but Peyton just had way way way too much time. I though we didn’t play enough 3 DE looks considering how Denver plays. Rodgers should not be playing DT on 3rd an 7 for any reason. JPP it seems like is just not back yet. Tuck after playing well last week was horrible this game. Funny enough this is the type of game I do wonder if Austin could have helped in. Our DTs are doing a good job against the run but this is still a passing league.

    Myers is clearly a downgrade from Bennett, I’m not impressed with him at all. His lack of athleticism, catching radius and blocking are all weaknesses. Then he drops the ball we really need. I rather see what Donnell has to offer. Myers will put up solid numbers but I just think he makes the offense less flexible being so one dimensional and not even being dynamic in that dimension.

    All that being said we are not in bad position. I’m not impressed with anything I have seen from our division mates. If we just play good, clean football we will be fine. If we don’t turn the ball over we can still win games. We can use a better running game and pass rush but we have still been in these first 2 games without those. The number 1 thing we have to do is stop the turnovers.

  3.  demo3356 says:

    I love Eli but like I said last night, he was TERRIBLE. Worst I’ve seen him look in years. The 2 int’s were terrible and he was getting guys killed by constantly hanging them out to dry with throws sailing high and behind them. Thats not on the line, thats on Eli. He has to get better

    •  Samardzija says:

      Yeah I was almost hoping we would just take a knee before he ended somebodys season.

      While we can debate back and forth which INTs were Elis fault and which wasnt, the fact is that Eli has always thrown a lot of picks and he likely always will. Some of it is scheme and offensive philosphy, some of it is just Eli. Hes not leading the league in picks since getting the start by accident or bad luck. Its a pattern

  4.  demo3356 says:

    As bad as we’ve been, we’ve been equally unlucky. Every fluky bounce has pretty much gone against us. Last Week it was the punt that hit McBride, this week there was the Bronco Fumble that hit Herzlick in the bread basket that he couldn’t fall on (They scored TD few plays later) then the Int that bounced off the back of Randles foot. Not to mention the Sniper who took down Myers in the open field

  5.  demo3356 says:

    Broncos were holding our WR’s on nearly evey play. I believe it was by design. They got flagged several times, but they effectively shut down our passing game. Fox is a very sly and very good Defensive mind

  6.  JimStoll says:

    Well, that was about as ugly as our worst fears imagined.
    Of all the bad things one could identify, perhaps the worst was that we played the first half straight up, mistakes and red zone failures and all, and then got owned on both sides of the ball in the second half.

    1. it now seems indisputable that the offensive line is just about as bad as any line in the league and it is hard to imagine it playing better unless or until it does.
    2. we have now played 2 consecutive defenses supposedly decimated at the point of attack by injuries, suspensions or defections, and yet we can’t take advantage. that is alarming.
    3. we can’t run the ball at all. we averaged 1.2 yards per rush yesterday. 1.2!! it is impossible to win that way
    4. Eli’s on pace to throw 50 INTs this season. Brett Favre would be proud. But seriously, every single play is a jailbreak from some direction. the TD pass to Scott was a typical under duress desperation toss (ah, if only Eli had thrown it left-handed).
    5. the pass game is now too vertical given the absence of any semblance of a running game. defenses have their ears pinned back and they are coming, whether via the blitz, or simply one-on-one against the little 3 in the middle.
    it probably can’t happen because Gilbride isn’t wired this way, but they need to take a page from the Pats and make their running game a variant of their passing game.get Hyonski off the field. play both wilson and scott in a pro set. throw swing passes, flat passes and drags. otherwise eli is a sitting duck, and since he won’t take a sack unless absolutely and instantly trapped, he’s gonna throw pics, a lot of pics.
    6. right now, the offense is so bad, that the defense looks good, despite the 77 points surrendered thus far (only about 50 of which are its responsibility)
    7. it’s already been said, but our D-Line is PUTRID in terms of pass rushing. we have no pash rush. 2 sacks in 2 games. that’s 16 for the season; or 1/3 of the INTs Eli’s on pace to throw — that does not sound like a winning formula.
    8. what we now see with our own eyes is that that minor back surgery and the absence of any preseason wasn’t so minor or meaningless. JPP looks flat out terrible. if it wasn’t for 2011, we’d be calling him a JAG. He looks that bad right now and the entire defensive scheme is predicated on him being his 2011 self. Tuck has played a lot better but very little QB pressuire. Kiwi could never pressure the QB. Moore looks like he might not play until after the bye, and then of course as a rookie, who knows what we’ll get.
    9. Phil Simms was going on and on yesterday about how Denver could not generate pressure without the blitz; so waht did they do? BLITZED!! a lot.
    we rarely blitz and when we do we never get there. and when Denver blitzed, they blanketed everything underneath. we can’t cover anything underneath even when we rush 3. and, the absence of quality LBs really showed yesterday in our inability to contain the outside runs.

    So there we have it, 0-2 and on life support. The medical prescription is “play a bad team.” And right on cue we have the Panthers. Obviously we have to win. I suspect we will, along the lines of 19-16. It will be ugly. Eli will toss 3+ INTs. We’ll have at least 4 red zone failures, and the Giant RBs may well set a new record in recording 0.? per rush. but we’ll win.
    From there we will play KC and right now, who knows. Philly after that and if we were anything but Giant homers, we would say right now that looks like a rout in the Eagles favor. Minnie, Chicago after that and again who knows. Finally, we get Philly again and then Oakland off the bye. We pretty much need to be 7-2/6-3 at that point as the end of the season looks ugly (albeit slightly less so now that Washington looks like garbage again).
    It could be a long brutal season which will involve a coaching watch. As much as I hate this coaching crew and would love to have them swept away, let’s hope not.
    All we can do right now is play them one at a time and start winning.
    Carolina next. Let’s hope we can start healing.

  7.  demo3356 says:

    The Giants (0-2) play at Carolina next Sunday. The winless Panthers have injury concerns at cornerback and safety. According to Joseph Person of the Charlotte Observer, five defensive backs were hurt in the loss at Buffalo on Sunday, with safety Charles Godfrey’s potentially season-ending Achilles injury one major concern coming out of the Week Two defeat.

  8.  fanfor55years says:

    Yes, that was an embarrassing display of football. No, there wasn’t anyone who should have come out of that game happy with his play except Victor Cruz (if he had quit after the first half), Spencer Paysinger, Mike Patterson, Cullen Jenkins, and Justin Pugh (not because he was great, but because he’s progressing). Even the always trusty Steve Weatherford had a horrid game. Yes, the Giants are still in the thick of the NFC East race. No, a team’s identity isn’t formed in the first two weeks. Yes, the Giants look like they forgot the real season started and they’re still trying to figure things out. Yes, their elite quarterback must play better, but no, he won’t, if all he has to work with is a pathetic interior line, no running game, and a #3 WR who is clueless and a tight end who looks lost and definitely cannot block. Yes, it is time to bring in a “Red Zone consultant” because Coughlin and Gilbride have absolutely no idea what to do inside the opponent’s 20 yard line.

    And yes, they MUST win next week against a team with a very stout front seven on defense that will probably not allow them to run the ball and once again make them one-dimensional. Nothing will be easy for this team.

    And yes, they may actually be improved by the return of David Diehl. How scary is that?

  9.  giantsou812 says:

    the sky has fallen.
    lucky thing we have an easy schedule
    reese got us the players.

    •  demo3356 says:

      Only player Reese can get at this point that can help is Rhodes. Other than that what we have now is what we wil be fighting with the rest of the year

  10.  demo3356 says:

    Cant imagine how anyone didn’t see this slow start coming. Started the season with 9 new starters and a ton of injures or guys coming back from injury that have zero reps. Played two very talented teams that were both clicking on all cylinders. Limited practices and camp time to get ready. Not making excuses, because I told everyone this was going to happen. Thank Goodness we have a slew of stiffs coming up to get healthy on. This team is going to be frustrating to watch till they get the kinks worked out, but our division is quite possibly the worst in the NFL, so the NYG will be there in the end. Book it

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