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New York Giants’ Cullen Jenkins Takes Exception to Jerry Jones’ Comments as Dan Connor Lands on IR

September 14th, 2013 at 6:30 AM
By Jen Polashock

The New York Football Giants have players who will make bold statements here and there. Antrel Rolle has already gone on record as stating that Denver Broncos quarterback, Peyton Manning, “doesn’t scare” them. A defensive guy voicing their feelings isn’t a rarity. What is rare is an owner coming out every year and not only making bold statements, but wild accusations — especially if that owner has never played professional-level football.

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Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones, has made daring speeches about his team “kicking/beating the Giants’ –ss” (more than once; it’s become a bit of an annual thing) and hyping up the venue that is now more ostensibly known as “Jerruh’s World” (or AT&T Stadium). As of late, his new platform is to accuse the division rivals of Big Blue of flopping — or faking injuries. Most players take offense to this, especially ones that were hurt during week one’s game. Defensive tackle Cullen Jenkins felt the need to be one to respond, also taking a side crack at Jones’ resident skybox eyeglass cleaner.

“I don't know,” Jenkins said. “I don’t know what he saw. I’m not sure. Maybe he should get his son-in-law to clean his glasses to see what's going on out there…I guess at his age I'm just glad he still has a sense of humor. They got the win, so they got the last laugh."

Initially, it was Dallas tight end Jason Witten that tried to tell an NFL official that Jenkins was faking his injury (to slow down the no-huddle Romo was orchestrating). Witten also scored on that drive a little over a minute later.

Linebacker Dan Connor was also accused of faking an injury that was “so obvious, it was funny” according to Jones. Obvious has a different meaning in Dallas, as Connor suffered a burner in the preseason and missed some practice time because of it. He is now on injured reserve (IR) due to this injury. Yup, “obvious."

In the NFC East, the rivalry between the Cowboys and the Washington Redskins is supposed to be the one of a bitter and harsh history. Jerry Jones seems to be showing a shade of green when it comes to blue — more than likely due to the New York Giants’ miracle playoffs run of 2007-2008. That one ended for the Cowboys in Dallas (at home) at the hands of R.W. McQuarters as time expired. That left Jones “stunned” as Terrell Owens cried about the love for his then quarterback post-game. Giants advance.

Most folks learn from mistakes they make on the big stage. Jones just continues to make them as well as make the team about him too. He overshadows all coaches as well as his players. Wonder if he realizes that despite all he would like done (on an “official level”) about our pesky New York Giants, they will continue to be a massive thorn in his side.


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