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Tiki Barber Works with New York Giants RB David Wilson in Effort to Cure Fumbling Issues

September 13th, 2013 at 10:30 AM
By Dan Benton

'National Book Festival 2008' photo (c) 2008, Darien Library - license: Now and forever, fans of the New York Giants will debate the loyalty of Tiki Barber to the organization he spent his entire career playing for. Unfortunately, negativity is often the memory that remains in the forefront of our minds, and for that reason, people will always recall Barber's criticism of head coach Tom Coughlin and quarterback Eli Manning. What they won't remember is that Barber admitted he was wrong, to Manning's face, on National TV.

Those issues are now far behind all of us and that book has been closed. And while the feelings of some may linger, Barber and the Giants organization have moved on from their tiff.

As part of a new chapter in his post-football career and involvement with the Giants organization, Barber spent some of his time earlier this week talking with running back David Wilson, who has developed a bit of a fumbling problem.

"If people are ready to give up on David, that's ridiculous," Barber told Bob Glauber of Newsday. "As much as people want to say it's in his head, that he has to be smarter and man up and do these things, it's so much of a mechanical thing. It's fixable. The key is awareness of when contact is coming. If you watch David's fumbles, he's not aware of contact. He just thinks he can go through [the tackler], and by the time the contact comes, the ball is already compromised."

Like Wilson, Barber once developed a case of fumblitis that nearly cost him his job. But despite his sometimes strenuous relationship with Coughlin, the two worked together and came up with a mechanical change that not only fixed Barber's issues, but likely saved his career. And now, with Wilson potentially facing the same fate, Barber has taken it upon himself to offer assistance to the running back he says can be a "special" player in this league.

"He gave me some advice I can really use," Wilson said. "It makes sense. It felt good in practice, so I plan on using it."

Wilson has managed to remain positive and forward-thinking despite his recent struggles, but he understands that if he keeps putting the ball on the ground, he's not going to play. As such, when you see him with the ball this Sunday, it will look a lot like the way Barber carried the ball later in his career. And should this nip the fumbling problem in the bud, fans will have Tiki Barber, at least in part, to thank for it.


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11 Responses to “Tiki Barber Works with New York Giants RB David Wilson in Effort to Cure Fumbling Issues”

  1.  Krow says:

    “Fixing fumbles is easy. You married David? You got kids? Well if you do the first thing is you dump them.”

  2.  fanfor55years says:

    I’ll get back on my now-getting-old horse and say that while the fans will probably not stop booing Tiki, they’re wrong. We don’t really know what happened in his off-field life. It looks bad but he didn’t kill anyone, or hang out with friends who did. We will never know what his relationship was with his ex-wife and how he now treats his children from that marriage. We know he criticized his coach and young quarterback (at the time, I think he was correct in both criticisms, and he has since manned up and apologized for that criticism), that he quit when he had plenty of football left (totally his prerogative, though he may have been better served to announce it AFTER the completion of the season), and that he is the BEST running back to ever play for this franchise and carried the team on his back for three years that were among the greatest ever produced by an offensive player.

    He should be in the HOF and he should not be booed at MetLife. Unfortunately, life doesn’t always go as it should.

    • Dan BentonDan Benton says:

      Could not possibly agree more with this statement. And in my conversations with Tiki, I can tell you all without a shadow of a doubt that he’s a much better guy than perceived.

      As far as what he’s done in his personal life. None of our business.

    •  pvdeluca says:

      Tiki brought all this on himself. His criticisms were below the belt and based on a personal animus. He was piling on a wounded team. Its ok to give your opinion and analysis even if it’s negative, but I believe Tiki’s comments were purposely made to stir the pot. That being said, he was a great running and great Giant and the hate has gone on way too long.

      • Dan BentonDan Benton says:

        He was a member of the media. You know what members of the media do? They make below-the-belt criticisms of players and teams. They pile on wounded teams. 100% of everything they say is meant to stir the pot.

        I, admittedly, do it every single day. Have you not read Poor Eli?

        •  pvdeluca says:

          The difference is, I see Tiki as not being intellectually honest in his criticisms (at the time). He saw a weakness and a chance to get back and he took it. Just me, but I would like to hear his analysis based on his years of experience playing football and his knowledge of the Giants. I felt he had an ax to grind and thus, his opinions lost their credibility. That said, it’s a good thing he is coming back into the fold in with the organization. It’s long overdue.

          As for Poor Eli, aren’t most of those comments (from the media) ridiculed and not taken seriously?

  3.  Chad Eldred says:

    There is absolutely no better person to work with Wilson than Tiki. He is the only RB I know of that CURED a significant fumbling problem. Bradshaw wasn’t exactly a paragon of ball security. Instead of modifying his carrying style he would do silly exercises like carrying a football with him all day. What did that accomplish? Tiki sucked up his pride for the betterment of his career. Fumbling can be a ticket out of the league for a RB and cost a guy millions, yet few ever do what it takes to rid themselves of the issue. Tiki did it, and while he received compensation for it, he should still be commended. Anything he can do for Wilson should be welcomed.

  4.  KingAndrewXXIII says:

    I actually love this. After Tiki figured out how to hold onto the rock, his game went to the next level…and that was late in his career. If he can help Wilson, I am all for it.

    Not sure who posted it in the last thread, but I like the idea of Jo-Lonn Dunbar at MLB. He did play well for St. Louis…and is definitely better than any other options. Also, I know it’s been mentioned…but why not bring in Kerry Rhodes for a workout? The guy played great last season and would DEFINITELY be an upgrade over Mundy.

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