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Giants Sign Emmanuel Acho, not Adewale Ojomo, to Practice Squad; Worked Out Aaron Maybin, Others

September 11th, 2013 at 7:30 AM
By Dan Benton

In addition to running backs Willis McGahee, George Winn and Brandon Jacobs, the New York Giants also worked out a number of linebackers on Tuesday, including former Buffalo Bills first-round pick, Aaron Maybin.

'Giants729-145' photo (c) 2013, John  Marquez - license:

Along with Maybin was former Baltimore Ravens third-round pick Tavares Gooden and former Cleveland Browns sixth-round pick Emmanuel Acho — all linebackers. Former Hilton Head Prep quarterback, Mike Hermann, also worked out for the team.

When the smoke cleared, the big news was that Brandon Jacobs had signed and would wear No. 34. However, he wasn't the only addition as the team also signed Emmanuel Acho to their practice squad.

As noted above, Acho was a 2012 third-round pick of the Cleveland Browns, but spent the duration of his rookie season on Injured Reserve (IR) with a leg injury. Earlier this offseason he was traded to the Philadelphia Eagles in exchange for running back Dion Lewis, but was released on September 2nd.

Acho will take the place of wide receiver Marcus Harris on the practice squad, who was released on Tuesday.

Surprisingly, the Giants have chosen not to — at least for now — re-sign defensive end Adewale Ojomo, who was also released on Monday.


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5 Responses to “Giants Sign Emmanuel Acho, not Adewale Ojomo, to Practice Squad; Worked Out Aaron Maybin, Others”

  1.  Krow says:

    Maybin ? Seriously ? He’s such a monumental bust the Museum of Modern Art made him an offer.

  2.  Remy says:

    I did wonder if they’d bring Maybin in for a look. They are always looking for a good reclaimation project, and they seem to like PSU guys.

  3.  GIANTT says:

    Ive just been catching up on all the comments on the resigning of BJ .. Both sides well represented and Ive got to say just about every thought thrown out there . As a traditionalist Im kinda happy to see him back for his enthusiasm and locker room leadership . I think the Giants will HAVE to give him some plays just as most people said , they cant just put him in on pass plays etc etc .
    My two thoughts which I dont believe anyone touched on . I wonder if he still drives the way he used to . Remember the NJ tpke incident ? the convoy of fast cars (including BJ ) being escorted at high speed by state troopers .
    Second , I wonder how much he has in the tank since basically he hasnt played in a couple of years . Does this mean he has rejuvenated and may be a better running back now than he was when the Giants let him go ?

  4.  Krow says:

    Emmanuel Acho – OLB – Texas

    Has large hands and a big wing span — long arms to play off blocks. Can scrape and flow when freed up. Has a 351?2-inch vertical jump. Good work ethic. Versatile — has played all three positions. Solid production. Terrific character. Intelligent and hardworking. Has NFL bloodlines.

    Knock-kneed, pigeon-toed and bad-bodied. Not strong at the point. Gives ground to beat blocks. Foot speed is just adequate — gets outrun to the perimeter. Tightly wound with leggy, stiff movement skills (can be exposed in space). Average lateral agility. Tends to clutch and grab in coverage. Dull striker. Limited finishing strength. Does not project as a special-teams standout.

    Stiff, long-limbed, bad-bodied, three-position backup lacking starter-caliber traits in any area. Could be best playing on the strong side in the pros.

  5.  giantsou812 says:

    Little late trying to find players dont you think.
    Way to drop the ball front office

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