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New York Giants’ Victor Cruz: We Need David Wilson in Order to Win Games

September 10th, 2013 at 2:30 PM
By Douglas Rush

It's been a rough 72 hours for New York Giants starting running back David Wilson, which started with the two fumbles and eventually being benched for the rest of the game in the team's 36-31 loss to the Dallas Cowboys this past Sunday night.

The rough go has continued with veteran running backs like Brandon Jacobs and Willis McGahee being brought in for workouts and also with Tom Coughlin refusing to commit to Wilson being the starter in the Giants Week 2 game against the Denver Broncos on Sunday. Many feel that Wilson could end up sitting in the game against Denver as sort of an "NFL lesson" for the youngster.

But despite all of that, Wilson's teammates are publicly supporting him and rallying around the former first round pick because they feel that he's a tremendous part of the team who can do damage on the field and when he has the ball in his hands. On Tuesday, Giants star wide receiver Victor Cruz sat down with Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton of WFAN and said the team needs Wilson going forward if they want to have success.

“We don’t want to mentally get down,” Cruz said. “I just want to talk to [Wilson] and keep his spirits high, and understand that we’re behind him. We’re going to need him to make plays. He’s a dynamic running back, and we’re going to need him to make plays in order for us to win ball games."

Cruz also mentioned how he knows Wilson's probably feeling pretty down on himself after the lousy performance against the Cowboys since it's the second straight opening game where he lost a fumble, but Cruz told Esiason and Carton early Tuesday morning that Wilson needs to stay positive and work through the fumbling issues.

“We’ve just gotta keep his emotions high, keep his mentality positive, and we can go from there. . . . It’s definitely a tough time for him and he’s gotta get through it.”

Wilson's first fumble was on a first and goal where the Giants were driving to take the lead in the first quarter, but Wilson fumbled on the 8-yard-line and gave the Cowboys the ball back. His other fumble was the Giants first possession of the third quarter, as Wilson put the ball on the ground again, which was recovered by Cowboys safety Barry Church for a Dallas touchdown, which had put them up 20-10 in the game.

Wilson ended the night with seven carries for 19 yards and no touchdowns in the game before giving way to Da'Rel Scott, who finished out the game as the starting running back in the second half.

Photo credit: Football Schedule / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA


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34 Responses to “New York Giants’ Victor Cruz: We Need David Wilson in Order to Win Games”

  1.  JimStoll says:

    Giants 101 ?@Giants_101 4m
    RT @ConorTOrr Hearing that Jacobs’ workout went well, so stay tuned. #NYG

    •  BigBlueGiant says:

      i hope it went great for Jacobs… I just hope we dont give him a contract.

      •  giantsfan says:

        He had one year to rest. I wouldn’t mind seeing a refreshed Jacobs. We can certainly use the leadership in the RB department.

        •  BigBlueGiant says:

          dont care if he had 3 years to rest, no thank you. Guy can’t gain a yd when we need it.

          he had his time here.

          •  giantsfan says:

            I suppose you do have a point. Though, with our oline, I don’t know if anyone can pick up a yard in the goal line formation. I think we’re better off doing spread and hope the RB can squeeze thru a hole.

  2.  Mike Force says:

    Wilson will see the pine more for his inability to block than for his fumbles. He cost us a net 4 pts after whiffing on Selvie after Mundy’s INT.

    Where’s everyone’s sense of ‘Romance’. Imagine it—BJ knocking blitzers on their butts. Hitting the hole for 40 with those long spindly legs churning like outsized pistons coming up into the throats of cornerbacks. He’s well-rested and ready to swallow tacklers. It would be awesome! Stop thinking like fck’n technocrats and use your imaginations. Remember it’s the “Art of War” and “No Plan Survives the First Contact.”

  3.  Mike Force says:

    And speaking of imagination and well rested, I am making a huge prediction here. Terrell Thomas will be an MVP for this team. Best tackler in the secondary, he will make his presence felt against all these read option Os. He went out there sunday and hit people like he was never gone. The man loves contact and is all heart like Rolle.

  4.  GOAT56 says:


    Ok Denver can score on us and they will probably score 30 points. But I don’t anything from the Denver defense that showed me they can stop our offense. They got no pass rush until Blindside went down against Bmore. I don’t see them stopping us. Plus I think with our pass rush and their lack of running game we can force some TOs.

    Do people realize we put up nearly 500 yards in only 22 minutes TOP. The Denver defense minus Miller and a iffy Champ isn’t as good as Dallas’ defense. This has the making of an old fashion shoot out. Which does favor Peyton because he’s clearly the GOAT as a regular season QB. I think this game is decided by Wilson. He’s our advantage. He should be the best RB on the field and can provide the balance we missed vs Dallas. I don’t think we can win without a good game from Wilson.

    This game isn’t the steep hill that some make it seem. Denver has a great passing game and we won’t stop it but we can slow it down. You can’t forget Denver played at home with the altitude in week one and now come to what will be an energized stadium.

    •  BigBlueGiant says:

      so if we can’t stop them, and they can’t stop us… it’s a matter of who puts up more points, right?

      In that case, i’ll take Denver. Due to the fact that they can actually score in the Red Zone instead of kicking FG’s.

      If the field were 70-80 yds long, no team in the NFL would be able to stop the NYG.

      •  GOAT56 says:

        I think we are better positioned to stop them. We have the better pass rush.

        I can understand picking Denver but to act like we have to pray to have a chance is crazy to me. It’s an even game. I think the line is off. They are overreacting to week 1. -1 or 2 for Denver is a better line.

        •  BigBlueGiant says:

          Denver’s pass rush looked MUCH better than ours. Not sure what game you were watching, but our pass rush wasn’t exactly with it against a weak Dallas line.

          Baltimore has a stronger O-line than Dallas and Denver had no trouble getting to Flacco without their best Defensive player.

          I’m not saying we dont have a chance in this game, i just don’t think we will pull it out. Denver will expose our LB’s and our Safeties and use his hurry up offense to wear down the defense.

          Oh, and sorry… as much as I like the NYG, i like money better. And I especially like money i win better. IF this line moves anywhere closer than -5, I will be betting Denver.

          Sportsbooks all over the world would be out of biz if this line is -1 for Denver.

        •  Valid says:

          Everyone who is already chalking up a loss in this game is definitely crazy, especially knowing how fickle the Giants have been over the years. This is the type of game we’ve seen them win by three TDs.

          I can say with a solid degree of confidence that the Giants will beat Denver.

  5.  NC Giant says:

    The punt debacle was one of the more frustrating plays for me. McBride was engaged with his guy (doing his job blocking) so his eyes were not able to see Randle signaling to “get away”…that was the moment where I realized the ball was just not going to bounce our way.

    •  BigBlueGiant says:

      that wasn’t McBride’s fault believe it or not, Randle has to make it clear anyway possible for McBride to get outta the area.

      •  NC Giant says:

        that’s what I am saying…I feel bad for McBride and I’m just piss*d that it happened…it was one of those plays that you are grateful for when they go your way but you bang your head off the wall when they go against you.

  6.  BBWC says:

    It was a big game on national TV and I’m sure Wilson probably had the jitters….plus I think he was determined to make something out of nothing and probably fought a little harder to stay up than he should’ve. Wilson needs to learn when to fight for the extra yards and when to just go down.

    IMO Wilson’s fumbles where no worse than Eli’s interceptions…. especially the horrible throw directly into DeMarcus Ware’s hands on the first snap of the Giants season. At least Wilson had the ball ripped out of his hands, were as Eli handed the ball over on silver platter. It also didn’t help that to OL totally sucked.

    Benching Wilson for the remainder of the Cowboy’s game was sufficient punishment in my eyes… they need to get him back out there. They chose to make him the #1 RB for a reason, they need to stick by him. He’ll be alright, he needs playing time. They need to work with him and move forward. It’s not like there is a better RB out there that can jump right in and make a difference… especially if the OL plays the way they did Sunday. All your going to see is a bigger back run for no gain…

    •  NC Giant says:

      Agree 100%…he is too big of a talent to not work through this ON THE FIELD. Someone referenced the parallel b/w Wilson and a very good MLB pitcher who goes out to the mound and gets shelled for a game. You don’t bench him for a month.

    •  BigBlueGiant says:

      i disagree.

      Until he learns to hold on to the ball, he should only be used as a situational back. Probably like 10-15 touches a game if that. And have him return kickoffs.

      •  GOAT56 says:

        You guys are just saying that without looking at our other RBs. Even some Rb we sign of the street can’t handle too many touches. We are not going to beat a team like Denver with Jacobs or Scott leading the way. We need Wilson. If Brown was healthy then we would have a real alternative but right now trying Wilson is our best answer without question.

        •  BigBlueGiant says:

          i[m not saying we dont need him.

          But Scott, and Cox should share the reps as well.

          if not, just freakin pass the ball. That seemed to work when we were doing it in the late 3rd and 4th quarters.

          •  GOAT56 says:

            Scott doesn’t have the running skills we need. And as a rookie Cox probably has more blocking concerns than Wilson. I like Cox as a runner and do feel he should get a few carries. Scott can play some passing downs but this is Wilson’s show. We can’t overreact to one horrible game. Now if he has more fumbles then we have to adjust. Even costing us the Dallas game might be worth it if it helps him develop into what he can be. Listen to the player quotes even they know we need him.

      •  NC Giant says:

        agree to disagree. I like your idea much better than simply benching him altogether but nobody we bring in is going to catch on quickly enough to really help that much. I get that your perspective is about damage control and trying to work him back over a period of time but this kid is a football player, he’s been a football player his entire life, and he needs to play through it.

        This does not mean that I would be opposed to bringing in another back to take some responsibilities away from him (a 3rd down back who can protect Eli more effectively). Of the choices available I like Torrain b/c he worked in our system and is familiar with our offense. Otherwise I would be curious to see what McGahee has in the tank. I (like many others) would have preferred Dwyer over all of them.

  7.  NC Giant says:

    meant to post this a few threads back…I had begun venting and then actually had to do some work. Sorry that last post is totally out of context in this thread. I need to put this game out of my head…it was maddening for me!!!

  8.  giantsfan says:

    Ehh, it’s one game. Honestly, I came away from the game with a lot more positives than negatives.

    1) Dallas is clearly not a threat. Romo dinked and dunked his way around and barely scored. They can’t run on us. Brilliant planning by Fewell and it worked out pretty well.

    2) Pugh is solid. Pretty good game with an exception of a couple of plays.

    3) Nicks is back. He may not be 100%, but he’s playing all out. Gotta love that. I love his heart. We need to resign him!

    4) Cruzzzzz! Glad we signed him to long term!

    5) Randle is shaping up to be a great 3rd WR, and a fantastic 2nd option on other teams.

    6) TUCK! The best I have seen in a long time.

    7) DTs are great! Run stuffing all day. With more conditioning, they’ll be able to last an entire game. Pretty solid when you consider the lop-sided TOP.

    8) TT and Ross, great additions!

    9) Mundy, pleasant surprise. solid play.

    I’m sure I can think of more positives, but enough for now. I know we lost, but we lost due to stupid mistakes. The only thing to be weary about is that maybe the cowboys are actually so bad that it made us look that good. That’s a possibility. So we’ll see…

    •  NC Giant says:

      Cruz signed a contract? I had no idea that he was not under contract during the off season…I wish someone in the media would have covered that story.

  9.  GOAT56 says:


    Valid says:
    September 10, 2013 at 4:16 PM
    Everyone who is already chalking up a loss in this game is definitely crazy, especially knowing how fickle the Giants have been over the years. This is the type of game we’ve seen them win by three TDs.

    I can say with a solid degree of confidence that the Giants will beat Denver.

    Even the biggest pessimist here has to agree with this statement. Denver is exactly the type of game we win. NE, SF the past 2 years were similar games. We are generally very good in games as a real underdog. They give you 3 points for homefield so they are 8 points better than us in the eyes of Vegas. That sounds like a classic bigtime big blue performance.

    •  NC Giant says:

      This is true…maybe Denver is the best Week 2 opponent. Jacksonville this week would be the type of game where we would poop our pants this week.

  10.  JimStoll says:

    well, we are usually always wrong in these predictions but what the heck
    going into Dallas we all thought the absence of Spencer and Ratliff would mean we would dominate the Dallas defensive line, that wilson would be dynamic and we had a great chance of controlling the game
    instead, our o-line got pushed around all night
    Dallas’s scrubs forced turnovers and only our defense’s red zone stands and the fact that we actually hurt Romo at the end of the 2d half prevented a rout

    it took us until late in the 3d quarter before our offense clicked at all and then playing from behind, indeed far behind (2 scores), we put something together for a spell
    but when push came to shove, the offense failed on consecutive opportunities to take the lead and in fact coughed it up one last time to seal its doom
    the last 80 yards and 7 points really should be ignored and the game should be assessed for what it was — a 36-24 loss

    I put this recap this way because in all the predictions about how we will run up and down the field on Denver ignores the fact that to do that we need a better offensive line performance
    if we get that there is no question that Eli and the receivers can tear them apart
    but expecting this o-line to suddenly be really good is not based on any evidence on the field

    •  GOAT56 says:

      The OL wasn’t good but I don’t think it was our core problem. The protection was good enough for Eli. The running lanes weren’t great but our OL is designed for a RB like Wilson that will just pop one, it’s not the 3-5 yards everytime OL we once had. I think some of the early offensive issues were just getting into sync and not having the ball due to all the TOs. The offense still move the ball at will against Dallas when there wasn’t a TO.

      •  giantsfan says:

        I just don’t think we’re built to run. Our Oline doesn’t allow that, even when healthy. I think we’re better off becoming a pass dominated offense. And that really isn’t a bad thing.

        The patriots haven’t had good running stats in years.

        The Peyton-led teams rarely ran well.

        Saints offense clearly does feature a RB.

        We really don’t need to run that much. If we can stop throwing away a play to run into a wall every other possession, we’ll be fine.

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