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New York Giants Vs. Dallas Cowboys Insider Report: Let the Games Begin

September 7th, 2013 at 11:00 AM
By Dan Benton

Football season is back! Along with it comes the weekly Sports Media 101 Insider Report. And this week, as the New York Giants head into a primetime match-up against their NFC East rival, the Dallas Cowboys, Giants 101 sat down with Nick Sharp of Cowboys 101 to discuss the game, injuries, Tony Romo and a variety of other topics.

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How confident are the Cowboys in their new 3-4 to 4-3 with Tampa 2 defensive switch?

In a word, very. The Dallas defense has all the talent they need to be a top-10 group in 2013. Folks are worried about the injuries to Jay Ratliff and Anthony Spencer along the D-line, but this scheme should minimize the losses. As long as the Front 4 can simply occupy their man, Sean Lee and Bruce Carter will take care of the rest. If both players can stay healthy this year they will form one of the top 1-2 punches at LB in the game. Combine that with a healthy Demarcus Ware, more press coverage from the press-gifted Morris Claiborne and Brandon Carr, and a renewed sense of urgency in the takeaway department, and the Dallas D should be the best unit we've seen in in the Metroplex in quite some time.  

Antrel Rolle said Jason Witten will never again have an 18-catch game against them. Would you agree?

Truth be told, Rolle should be more worried about not letting Dez Bryant over the top with 16 seconds left for what would have been a game-winning score if not for a misplaced pinky finger than Witten's underneath dominance. 18 catches will likely never happen again, but if that's what the Giants give Romo and Co., that's what they'll take. Witten, who is entering his 11th year, has shown no signs of slowing down. The only reason Witten won't match his numbers from last year is due to the supernova-esque explosion of Dez Bryant as he becomes the best receiver in the NFL not named Megatron in 2013.

Tony Romo — Clutch? Elite? Neither?

Right now, the only realistic answer is neither. Elite QB's win Super Bowls. Romo hasn't done that. Clutch QB's get their teams into the playoffs during final week, winner-take-all showdowns. Romo is 0-2 in the last two seasons on that front. He's shown time and time again that he's good enough to get this team over the hump, it just hasn't happened. Whether it's his fault or not, Quarterbacks are the ones with the win-loss records. After Romo's mega-contract this offseason, we can only hope for the best.

Like the Giants, the Cowboys are riddled with injuries across the offensive line. What should we expect to see on Sunday night from them?

That's a good question. We often hear about the importance of continuity when it comes to O-Lines, but the Dallas group hasn't recorded any of that. At this point, we're not even sure of who will be starting. One projection (and seemingly the most likely one) would involve four guys who have never played an NFL game at their starting position (Leary LG, Frederick C, Free RG, Parnell RT; 3rd year LT Tyron Smith would be the only holdover from last season). We've heard good things about 2013 1st rounder Travis Frederick and he's been penciled in to start since day 1. The signing of Brian Waters should help a couple weeks down the road, but the performance of this unit in week 1 is anyone's guess.

The Cowboys win if…

They can get the ball to their playmakers. Miles Austin is as healthy as we've seen him in years. Dez Bryant is poised for a monster year and has the complete trust of his QB. Jason Witten is still one of the best safety valves in the league. If Dallas can get the running game on track, and in doing so the play-action passing game, the New York secondary won't be able to contain the Dallas skill players. It will be up to the offensive line to keep the "Big Blue Wrecking Crew" (or whatever you call those big ugly dudes up front) off of #9. If they can do that, look for Dallas to repeat last season's 1-0 start vs. the Giants.

Be sure to head over to Cowboys 101 to see their Insider Report and Q&A with Giants 101 editor, Dan Benton.


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7 Responses to “New York Giants Vs. Dallas Cowboys Insider Report: Let the Games Begin”

  1.  GIANTT says:

    “At this point , were not even sure who will be starting ”
    Talking about Dallas O-line – his projection 4 guys who have never played in the NFL at their position .
    If this were the Giants , there would be absolute panic among all the usual Ps and even some Os on here and I would be silent not wishing to sound P but it doesnt seem to bother this writer .
    Still 27-13 Giants

  2.  Aziz Mohamed says:

    I think I’m more nervous than the players are. There only two givens tomorrow; 1. Is that we’ll put alot of pressure on Romo with that patch-work offensive line they’re putting out and with how good our d-line has looked in the preseason. And 2. Romo and Co are going to put up alot of yards. I know both may sound like an oxymoron, but hopefully we keep them off the score board.

  3.  rlhjr says:


    It’s hard being either a O or P in these parts. Being real almost always is lumped into being a P. My method is simply calling it like I see it. Don’t much care who disagrees. Because it my opinion vs. a fellow posters opinion(s).
    And we’re all entitled. So to me it’s no harm no foul in most situations.
    Belittling someone for their opinion is straight BS. Because if anyone here knew it all, they wouldn’t be “here” posting. We’re here because we love football in general and the New York Giants in particular. So no matter if you’re an O or a P the common thread is you love the Giants.

    Make no mistake, when I evaluate a players talent it’s based solely on what I’ve seen and not on write ups. If I haven’t seen a player perform, I tend keep my thoughts to myself. But no matter what, I own my errors and voice my opinion.

    Bottom line is none of us have seen this edition of the Giants perform yet.
    That opportunity comes Sunday night. The only thing we have to go on is what we saw last year. The preseason is not the best of indicators. But I do agree that it should not be totally ignored. Projections?

    I think Steve Brown will be missed. I think some think he was a flash in the pan. I think that due to the agreed upon lack of pass rush, his interception count was astounding. The kid could very well be a talented ball hawk.

    I think Prince will show us all that he was indeed a early first round pick that we are lucky to have. I think he’s (After Dunk) just the physical size/strength/speed combination to give Bryant fits.

    Hosley is a size miss match against Austin. But if playing in zone, Hosley has the speed and ball skills to defend passes. Austin will not run away form Hosley in coverage. However, he could win jump balls and body position battles.

    Of the “line baggers” I think Paysinger will show the most. He’s easily the smartest. He now weighs 245 pounds. And he has better than average speed.
    I think Williams can cover and will make it hard for Blomo to find his tight end.

    I think the defensive line will be able to generate up the gut pressure. So the ends have to get it done to complete the total package. If Tuck has anything, then its time for it to surface. Same with Kiwi.

    JPP and Moore are truly wild cards. But any positive contribution from those two put the Giant D-line over the top. Sunday, I think the Giant D-line will be better than the cow turd O-line. JPP is not a Coughlin decision nor a JPP decision.
    Seeing JPP Sunday night must be a doctors decision. You don’t put that type of talent (10-11 year) at risk over one or two games. Not even five.

    Offensive line play has got to be tight. They must execute. Against a cowturd
    D-line missing some pretty good players the Giants unit should thrive.
    The running game should be pretty good because Brewer will provide some push.
    Boothe is a good blocker from the center position. Pugh is ten times better than Diehl and Snee could be feeling much better. We never talk much about the Giants offensive left tackle. That’s because Beatty has quietly become one of the best LT’s in the game. Just ask Trent Cole. We should be raving about Beatty. But because he’s excellent, both the O’s and P’s forget about him.

    Our receivers are frankly out of sync with Eli. But that can change in a quarter.
    Especially since I think that’s all they have be working on in practice. I’ll go out on a limb and say between Cruz, Nicks and Randle + Wilson as an outlet the Cowgirls might be rendered a bit crispy Sunday night.

    The corner they imported for KC last year is a good one. And Claiborne is (like JPP) a natural. So his lack of practice may only effect his stamina and not his ability to make plays in situations where he’s rested before hand. I.E. third down. But the rest of the boy’z secondary is hot garbage IMHO. And that’s where Eli’s new tight end toy Myers will come up big.

    Defensively (at least for this contest) the cowturd strength is linebacker. If the Giants manage to open holes for Wilson and Cox (yeah Cox) The turds have backers who happen to know what to do. Watch and learn Jerry Reese, watch and learn.

    Although the cow patties have backer who can stay with Myers, that will leave the likes of Cruz, Nicks, Randle and Murphy to savage their safeties deep.

    All n all, I see BLUE, 31-23 Sunday night. Eli will have time to play pitch and catch Blomo won’t. Special teams and kicking will help the Giants as well.

    •  Andiamo P says:

      Stevie Brown will be missed. He made a lot of plays vs. Dallas last year (2 or 3 Picks). He can jump underneath and inside routes. BUT, I like Mundy and think he will be solid. Think he will be actually more consistent than SB in coverage, but without the INTs. When it came to covering over the top Brown wasn’t the best.

  4.  Andiamo P says:

    If Gilbride doesn’t have something ready for this defense than shame on him. it’s not that different from what Fewell runs, No Rat, no Spencer, the back up DE is hurt….i know Lee and Carter are good but you should be able to run on them and should be able to make plays in that secondary.

    Dez is a beast tho…I think you have to double him. I’m fine with Prince or Webster taking Austin 1 on 1.

    Also excited to watch Rivers go out there and surprise some folks Sunday night.

  5.  fanfor55years says:

    As unpopular as my opinion will be, I think our linebackers are much improved. I think a healthy Rivers is among the best backers in the league. He may not be extremely stout against the run directly at him but he’s great against runs away from him. I think Paysinger, whom I’ve talked up for awhile since I saw how good he was at Oregon and because all he’s done since joining the Giants is MAKE PLAYS, may be ready to become our best all-around linebacker since he has now bulked up a bit. And Williams is a fine cover linebacker.

    Yes, we’re missing that one stud who could take this group to a higher level, but I don’t think they will be awful at all. If Connor or Herzlich plays even decently these guys may become a pleasant surprise.

    •  Kevin Page says:

      Is it bad or crazy that I’m agreeing with FF55 alot lately?

      I wasn’t sure if that was a good or bad bandwagon to be on :)

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