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New York Giants Stick with Curtis Painter, Ryan Nassib Over Veteran David Carr

September 1st, 2013 at 8:00 AM
By Dan Benton

The New York Giants made a number of surprising decisions as they trimmed their roster to 53-men on Saturday, but perhaps none as shocking as the release of quarterback David Carr. The long-time veteran has played an exceptionally important role for Big Blue in four of the last five years, and many considered him a lock to make the roster. Of course, this is the NFL and things rarely workout as expected.

'David Carr and Martellus Bennett Warm Up' photo (c) 2012, Marianne O'Leary - license:

“We’ll miss David Carr around here, to be honest with you," head coach Tom Coughlin said via He’s done an outstanding job directing our second offense and our scout team. He has the ability to do whatever we ask of him in that regard. He can run the option, he can be the running quarterback if you want him to do that. Ryan Nassib is going to have to step up and be that guy when you’re talking about the teams we play that have a running quarterback.”

How the team came to the decision to keep Nassib and Curtis Painter over Carr, Coughlin says, merely came down to how well they performed throughout training camp and the preseason.

“We simply based it on the preseason,” Coughlin added. “From the standpoint of all the evaluations, it pointed to the fact that Painter had a better preseason.

Of course, claiming it was their respective preseason performances is just a positive Public Relations move. The more likely reality is that Carr's salary of $1.05 million, which would have become guaranteed had he made the final 53-man roster, was the motivating factor. Combined, Nassib and Painters will earn only slightly more than that in 2013 — approximately $1.35 million.

Despite being released, this probably isn't the end for Carr. There are a number of teams out there looking for a veteran quarterback with NFL experience. The Buffalo Bills and New York Jets comes to mind.

Note: Carr will account for $65,000 in dead money.


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11 Responses to “New York Giants Stick with Curtis Painter, Ryan Nassib Over Veteran David Carr”

  1.  William says:

    James Stoll:
    I cant say that your analysis of the roster is really wrong but I would disagree with your conclusion. Why? Because your not factoring in the rest of the league which is made up of the same rosters filled with mediocre talent and being very thin at key positions. The point about Tebow I keep hitting on is that the back-up QB position league wide is so scary thin and un-talented that even his limited talents make him quite respectable. Especially when you add in his running ability,durability and drive. Translation for the league is if your franchise QB goes down your toast. Look at Indy over the last 3 years, two playoff appearances, sandwiched by a two win season all because of the QB position. This is the NFL in the years of the “cap” everybody is flawed, everybody is thin. Handicapping a season is next to impossible because the unknown of injuries are probably the biggest deciding factor to success. Thats worth repeating: HANDICAPPING A SEASON IS NEXT TO IMPOSSIBLE BECAUSE THE UNKNOWN OF INJURIES IS PROBABLY THE BIGGEST DECIDING FACTOR TO SUCCESS. Circa 2013 in the NFL.
    I think the other issue we saw come into view last year that given the new rules that the idea of a dominate defense is truly a relic of NFL film lore. They dont exist anymore because the rules of the league wont let them. Lets not worry about the NYG defense I’m sure it will be mediocre right in line with the rest of the league. Instead ask yourself the most important question: do we have enough OFFENSIVE FIRE POWER, to stay competitive.
    Franchise QB-yes
    RB- Wilson great, then some questions
    Receivers- When healthy really pretty good
    O-line- hard to say,has potential to be decent, but injuries are an issue because we are so thin at the position
    Looks like 9-7, to 10-6 to me. Of course if Eli,Wilson,Nicks or Cruz go down sub 500 comes into play.

  2.  William says:

    The Raiders have four quarterbacks on their 53-man roster — and two punters.

  3.  fanfor55years says:

    Painter DID outplay Carr. The coaches aren’t making that up. The risk here is that Nassib may not be as good as Carr at running the scout team because he may not have the same speed. I don’t know if that’s right but hope they don’t suffer in preparation for the Eagles, Cowboys, Skins and Seattle.

    And will people please stop suggesting we go with just Nassib because “if Eli goes down we’re dead anyway”? Yeah, if he misses half the season but not if it’s a game or two. Then you need a savvy QB to run the team and try and scratch out a win. Nassib isn’t ready to do that. Not yet. Painter will be quite suitable and all those others mentioned are useless.

    They will have to sign a veteran safety and almost certainly will, but unfortunately KP may be impossible for multiple reasons. Health, relationship with the Giants, salary, guarantees, and a desire not to be the team that finally tells him he’s through.

  4.  fanfor55years says:

    I also must say it amuses me that a few pipsqueaks continue to seemingly strive to make me look bad around here through a variety of means that usually include total distortion of what I’ve said. I never mind a good argument and am quick to admit error. But I can’t help but laugh at how pathetic someone is who sorts through months of comments to isolate one post that distorts a clear position I’ve taken in order to “prove” that I’m wrong about something. First, why bother unless you have some sort of weird “web-envy” of a meta-person you’ll never meet? Second, why insist you’re right when there are large samples that show you’re not?

    Latest case in point: one guy goes and finds a post from April that states something that is a minor point in a general meme that Reese signed some excellent veteran tackles who would tremendously help fix our biggest defensive shortcoming and specifically that the two ex-Eagles and Rogers could well be our best DTs this season, later reinforced many times over in subsequent posts. It’s all there in the archives, I’m sure, for anyone obsessing about showing me up for whatever of your own purposes you feel so inclined. To go the OTHER way and actually spend time “uncovering” a single post that isn’t a true reflection of my views because its out of context is really rather pathetic. But suit yourself Ahab. The harpoons don’t do anything but tickle me.

    •  Krow says:

      Is that a Young Whales reference ?

    •  dremac82 says:

      You spend too much time around here worrying about what other people think about you and your posts. Get over it man, people are going to have their opinions no matter what you say and certain people will disagree with you just because they can and they know they’ll get some sort of reaction out of you.

      •  Jason McEwan says:


      •  fanfor55years says:

        No, it’s because I respect HONEST debate. In reality, here, as in real life, I don’t worry much about the opinions of those I don’t respect. I do, however, enjoy pointing a finger at those who prove through their actions here that their opinions aren’t worthy of attention. I have to be diplomatic about that in my actual life, though there are many whose opinions qualify. But here? I can be as honest about my disdain as I wish. I love that about this site.

        •  Chad Eldred says:

          Didn’t you forget to include some name dropping and work in how you ran into Brad Pitt at the podiatrist?

          How about you calculate the word count of your long winded soliloquies over just the last month and then get back to me on who spends too much time on this blog?

          Unlike you, I realize I’m a JAG, just as we all are here. You may say it, but you continuous elevate yourself and your opinions above everyone else. You’ve been doing it for years.

          Besides, it’s just funny to stir the pot. And you’re painfully predictable.

  5.  Jason McEwan says:

    I’m glad we were able to pull the trigger on Marvin Austin. Must’ve been hard for JR to give up on a 2nd rounder after 3years.

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