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Lawrence Tynes Plans to Fight Tampa Bay Buccaneers Over MRSA Infection, NFI Designation

September 1st, 2013 at 9:00 AM
By Dan Benton

'Super Bowl-8-2' photo (c) 2012, Stephen Luke - license: If the Tampa Bay Buccaneers thought there were just going to place Lawrence Tynes on the Non-Football Injury (NFI) list and walk away from the issue, they've got another thing coming — and no, it's not just more angry rants from his wife, Amanda Tynes. Rather, the former New York Giants kicker plans to fight back and will file an expedited grievance against the Bucs, ultimately aimed at forcing them to place him on Injured Reserve (IR).

"This whole thing is wrong," Tynes told FOX Sports exclusively on Saturday. "My biggest emphasis is I don't want this to happen to any current or future player. I'm going to fight this thing as long as I have to, because this team should not be allowed to do this to players."

Tynes' stand isn't just that he suffered a MRSA infection, but because the team chose to place him on the Non-Football Injury (NFI) list as opposed to Injured Reserve (IR). And while, on the surface, it looks like the Bucs are actually doing him a favor by paying him his full salary, that's not exactly the case,

Not only does the NFI designation remove the Bucs from liability, it also prevents an accrued season, full benefits and another season toward Tynes' pension. Ultimately, it's like an injury settlement without an actual settlement or admittance of guilt — which is something he, his family and the NFLPA will not stand for.

"If I drop a 45-pound plate on my foot while lifting weights in the weight room at the facility, it's IR. So I just don't understand how my situation is any different. I went to work, I kicked, I practiced, I cold-tubbed, I hot-tubbed, I showered for all those days there. I come up with MRSA and it's a non-football injury? They're basically trying to exonerate themselves of this, and I'm not going to allow it to happen."

Since learning of MRSA infections to both Tynes and Carl Nicks, the team has scrubbed their facilities multiple times. However, it now sounds like the issue was a lingering one, with their head trainer, Todd Toriscelli, also suffering from what is suspected to be a MRSA infection.

"I'm not a doctor. I just feel bad he's been dealing with a serious infection of some sort for the past four months," Tynes said of Toriscelli.

Despite Tampa Bay's many efforts to sweep this mess under the rug, Tynes is not going to go down without a fight. Perhaps if the team acted professionally and appropriately he could have dealt with the situation differently, but after a misdiagnosis, alleged public lies (by Greg Schiano) and an NFI designation revealed via e-mail, Tynes is justified in his decision to file a grievance and demand IR designation.

Other teams have done the right thing in similar situations, so for everyone's sake, we can only hope the Buccaneers eventually brighten up and do the same.


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29 Responses to “Lawrence Tynes Plans to Fight Tampa Bay Buccaneers Over MRSA Infection, NFI Designation”

  1.  GIANTT says:

    Quiz of the day – who has the initials TC and turns 67 this weekend and has a reputation as a curmudgeon – Oh yes and is NOT the coach of an NFL team ?
    give up ?

  2.  GIANTT says:

    Also , I think you can remove that fan poll – Who will be the Giants No.3 running back down now . I guess the 47 who voted for Ryan Torain are changing their vote about now

  3.  Hanshi says:

    Wait a minute. Who was it that said Scott would make the team over Torain? Oh yeah, that was me.

  4.  fanfor55years says:

    Tampa Bay is low-class. I hope Tynes kills them and they haven’t killed him, literally.

    I hope to be proved wrong about Scott but I’d have kept Torain unless Scott showed a lot more in practices and the decision wasn’t made because if three or four plays against third-string defenders. He DID look good. Did it mean anything? Jury’s out.

    •  Hanshi says:

      I have nothing to base it on, I’ve just had a gut feeling for quite a while that Scott would make the team over Torain. I have to agree with you that Torain may have been the better choice but only time will tell.

  5.  fanfor55years says:

    Will the team keep this roster until after the Dallas game so any additions don’t have guaranteed contracts?

    •  demo3356 says:

      I think they may have a handful of Waiver claims in and if one pans out they cut a TE. If not they wil wait til week two to sign a vested vet like McGahee, Turner, Phillips, Rhodes etc

    •  jb322 says:

      That was my thought also. It is very interesting to look at the differences from last year. At first I thought that we would definitely be picking up a safety and we would shed a tight end, now I am not so sure. With only 5 wide receivers on the roster, this may signal that we are looking at more 2 tight end sets, which would be a very welcome change of pace for our offense.

      On defense, I know everybody thinks we are going to add a safety, and I think it is a realistic possibility. But maybe the team has changed it mindset? After all, we are not only light on safeties, but linebackers also. Could we be seeing a shift in scheme on both sides of the ball in response to last year’s short comings?

      It looks like they are going to emphasize shutting down the traditional running games with some stiff interior play and blanket the skill positions with cornerbacks and quick agile linebackers.

      I know, I know, this roster is going to see some changes. but its current makeup should give you some thought about what they are thinking going into the season. We have been to predictable to a fault under TC, maybe its just wishful thinking going into the season, that we have something up our sleeve that we will be implementing to catch the cowboys by surprise. Is this too much speculation? probably, but you have to admit that this roster is shaped much differently than last years. It can’t all be by accident.

      Finally, FF55, I enjoy your posts immensely, Even if I like to poke good natured fun at you sometimes. I wouldn’t let this trivial stuff bother you.

      •  demo3356 says:

        1) 5 WR’s is the norm not a signal of anything. We may do some 2 WR sets due to flexibility of both Robinson and Donnel
        2) Safety is scary thin right now. I think Thomas/ Ross fill in till Hill comes back if they dont sign one but I think they sign somebody. If Rolle gets hurt its 09 all over again
        3) Exactly
        4) I think the speed on offense is better than we have ever had by a mile. KG showed a few nice wrinkles . I loved the misdirection pitch he ran to Wilson in the last game

  6.  demo3356 says:

    Feel really bad for Tynes. The bucs are a scumbag organization.

  7.  demo3356 says:

    Surprised to see Painter make the squad over Carr. I think its more a result of how terrible Carr looked than anything Painter did. Torain/ Scott is interesting too as both are very average backs. Guessing Scotts speed and return ability was the difference. Assuming James and Herman go to the PS if not claimed and I have to think the Giants are looking at Vet S, RB and LB. Probably put a handful of waiver claims in and should bounce a TE if they get one

  8.  demo3356 says:

    FF55YRs- dont sweat the haters. The folks around here who’s opinion matters usually debate straight up with you. I know though we agree on 99% we have had some good debates in the past. The jackwagons who show up ONLY to bust your balls are pretty much considered trolls or hacks and are for the most part ignored. You have contributed more to this site than nearly every non writer and a vast majority of the posters here really appreciate you. That said, it wouldn’t be true to form if I didn’t end this by telling you not to get your adult diapers in a bunch over it. Carry on

  9.  demo3356 says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Giants take a look at Danny Watkins. If anyone could do a successful reclamation project on him its Pat Flaherty.

    •  jb322 says:

      I thought they may take a look at him too, but I wouldn’t be so sure about us shedding a tight end, we are only carrying 5 wide receivers, that can’t be a coincidence, see my earlier post in response to FF55.

      And Painter clearly outplayed Carr, I called that one in week 1 of preseason.

      •  demo3356 says:

        5 is about right, especially when the top 3 are as good as ours is. One has nothing to do with the other.

  10.  BillyS says:

    I feel bad for Tynes and really hope he wins. The main point of this is that Tampa Bay was responsible for his staph infection. It’s not the full year salary that is the problem. What is the problem is that it could be the reason he never plays football again. Staph infection can easily lead to amputation and even if it doesn’t it isn’t like Tynes is a very young player now. He’s older and at the twilight of his career. Coming back from staph is another negative that will go next to his age and possibly keep some teams from signing him — at least as an outright starter. I just feel the Bucs are responsible for his current help as well as future earnings. The Browns lost their lawsuit when Joe Jurevicius and others dealt with MRSA, the Bucs should do the same with Tynes. It was THEIR locker room/weight room/facilities that wasn’t as sanitary as it should and they’re trying to sweep this under the rug. It’s not like Tynes is going to ask for $50 million so treating him this way REALLY makes them seem guilty as hell. And Schiano is a turd.

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