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Charles James, Matt Broha, Julian Talley & Others Signed to New York Giants’ Practice Squad

September 1st, 2013 at 3:15 PM
By Dan Benton

As players officially cleared waivers on Sunday, the New York Giants began signing players to their practice squad. Included were cornerback Charles James, defensive lineman Matt Broha, and wide receivers Julian Talley and Marcus Harris.

'Giants729-123' photo (c) 2013, John  Marquez - license:

"Back with the Giants on the Practice Squad! Glad to be back!" James tweeted.

Also signed to the practice squad were defensive end Adewale Ojomo, and offensive linemen Stephen Goodin and Eric Herman.

Meanwhile, linebacker Kyle Bosworth was claimed and awarded to the Dallas Cowboys on waivers. Cornerback Terence Frederick, who was also cut yesterday, cleared waivers and was signed to the Cleveland Browns' practice squad.

"I would like to thank the Giants organization and the fans for the support and opportunity," Bosworth tweeted.

The Giants have one remaining practice squad spot open.


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54 Responses to “Charles James, Matt Broha, Julian Talley & Others Signed to New York Giants’ Practice Squad”

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  1.  fanfor55years says:

    Not thrilled about Bosworth but very pleased we hung on to James, Broha and Talley.

    I think James could help next season if not sooner.

    Any news on Ojomo? Hard for me to believe no one is willing to take a chance in him.

  2.  stuh says:

    That’s interesting the players including Bosworth I thought should make the team. Particularly Tally I wanted him over Jernigen.

  3.  stuh says:

    I’m surprised that they are carrying 4 TE’s if Hyno is ready they should drop one and pick up a Safety going with 3 is puzzling.

    •  demo3356 says:

      4 TE’s makes complete sense. You have Pascoe filling in for Hyno at FB and you have Donnell here case Robinson is hurt and Myers is soft as Cotten. If Hyno didnt go down there would be no reason at all to have Pascoe on this Roster

  4.  fanfor55years says:

    Keep in mind that the 4 tight ends probably become 3 right after the Dallas game since Hynocerous will be back for Denver and we’ll probably have signed a player or two to non-guaranteed contracts.

  5.  kujo says:

    Still can’t believe we’re rolling with 3 QBs.

    •  stuh says:

      Me either This kid showed nothing, nor did Painter. Maybe they will pick up someone else off the waiver wire.

  6.  stuh says:

    Does it make sense carrying 3 players at Safety?

    •  ERICHONIUS says:

      Perhaps they are planning to use Thomas in the three safety looks? He has good instincts and hands.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      No, especially when one is a very raw rookie. Hill returns in Week 5 but we still need a veteran back there. They may look to Thimas or Ross to help, but they are still one injury from disaster. They need to add someone. Question is, will they wait until after Week 1 so the contract isn’t guaranteed?

  7.  James Stoll says:

    The practice squad looks stronger than the 53!!

    I’ll say it again, this roster looks precarious.
    Thin at WR if Cruz can’t go Week 1
    Thin at RB no matter what
    O-Line has no depth due to injury
    Safety is missing one starter and has zero quality depth.
    Of course there are no LBs
    And 4 TEs needed to do the job of 2.
    No bumps in this road permitted.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      They’re probably thinking about a lot of 2 TE sets against Dallas, especially if Cruz can’t go. A team transitioning to a 4-3 and having Ware at DE (where he is a bit light) and absent their best DT could be a perfect foil for a 2-TE approach.

      It would help IMMENSELY if Baas can be back for Dallas because then we would have more depth on the O-line.

      Jim, don’t get down already. Yes, we’re thin in a few places, but so are our first two opponents and we’ll have players coming back over the first five weeks to help out. At least wait until October to decide the sky will fall.

  8.  stuh says:

    Agreed. Week 1 will tell a lot.The only parts of this team that seem strong are the D Line andKicking game.

  9.  fanfor55years says:

    Wasn’t Ojomo eligible for the practice squad? How about Tracy? If they were, and we kept Broha over them, that is awfully telling. Also confusing. Ojomo must have REALLY pissed someone off.

    •  Begiant says:

      I personally thought Broha outperformed Ojomo LAST preseason. He had a non-stop motor and kept getting to the QB. I am, once again, glad he made it to the PS, but Tracy and Ojomo never really distinguished themselves to me.

    •  Sintexo says:

      From above “Also signed to the practice squad were defensive end Adewale Ojomo, and offensive linemen Stephen Goodin and Eric Herman.”

      So looks like we did keep Ojomo. I think I remember reading a while back that Tracy was not PS eligible, but I could be wrong.

  10.  Begiant says:

    I like that we kept Patterson over Austin. I am disappointed Barden got IR’ed because I thought he could contribute again this year. Jernigan is a disappointment, but he still has another year…for now. Without Brown, our Rbs have serious depth issues and we are all in with Wilson. I have not been keeping up with the preseason games, but I hope our oline has taken some steps forward or else we will probably end up the same or maybe even worse than last year. On paper our offense looks elite. However, I am afraid we are just to inconsistent a team to take advantage of all of the perceived talent on our roster. In addition, we need to pray to the football gods that everyone else on the team stays healthy, or we will be in for a long season.

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