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New York Giants Vs. New England Patriots: Preseason Week Four Game Analysis

August 30th, 2013 at 1:15 PM
By Douglas Rush

The preseason for the New York Giants came and went for them on Thursday night as they suffered their third straight defeat in the summer as they were defeated by the New England Patriots 28-20 at Gillette Stadium. Most fans will probably be glad to see the preseason come and go, especially with all of the injuries.

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  • Eli Manning was able to get the first-team offense into the end zone in the first quarter, as he lead a 10-play drive and capped it off with a three-yard touchdown to Hakeem Nicks, which at the time, put the Giants up 7-0.
  • David Carr probably did just enough to win the backup job behind Manning and will likely be kept over Curtis Painter in the team's final 53-man roster cuts before Saturday's deadline
  • Josh Brown continued to be consistent and very good for the Giants in kicking field goals on Thursday night; as he connected from 35 yards in the second quarter and from 48 yards in the third quarter. In taking over for Lawrence Tynes, Brown has done a solid job in the summer and looks like he will be a force on the field.
  • Steve Weatherford looks to be in mid-season form; as he already has 24 punts under his belt from the summer and on Thursday night, averaged 47.9 yards per his seven kicks and had a long of 57 yards on one punt; a really great job by Weatherford.
  • Mark Herzlich had a solid game for the Giants at middle linebacker with four tackles and also had an interception of Ryan Mallett in the second quarter.
  • Brandon Myers finally got thrown into the offensive mix for the Giants, as he caught three passes for 42 yards and with Adrien Robinson going down with an injury, Myers got to see the field quite a bit for the team.


  • Andre Brown went down with a leg injury and will miss four-to-six weeks with a small crack in the left leg; the same leg that he broke last year against the Green Bay Packers. The Giants are lucky the injury wasn't worse, but losing Brown this early is a killer.
  • Tyler Sash suffered a concussion for the Giants in the game, as he might have lost a chance to get playing time in the safety depth chart for the team with Stevie Brown out for the season and Will Hill about to serve a four-game suspension. If Sash has to miss any time, the Giants may need to make a move.
  • Curtis Painter looked down-right terrible in the fourth quarter. Forget that he went 8-for-11 for 94 yards and threw a touchdown. It's meaningless. Painter was sacked twice on fourth-down situations that turned the ball over for the Giants and gave it back to New England. In that kind of situation, you need to get the ball out a lot quicker, and Painter failed to do so; which will likely signal the end of his short tenure with the team.
  • Adrien Robinson also went down with a foot injury in Thursday night's game. He was seen in a walking boot and on crutches after the game, but reports say he didn't suffer a broken foot in the game. Despite not suffering that severe of an injury, Robinson may not be ready to go when the regular season starts, which probably propels Bear Pascoe to the backup tight end spot.
  • In the theme of injuries for the Giants, Dan Connor suffered a neck burner in Thursday night's game against the Patriots. With the competition between Herzlich and Connor for the middle linebacker job, Herzlich might end up getting the nod for Week 1 if Connor's injury lingers on into September.
  • Tim Tebow threw two touchdown passes against the Giants in the fourth quarter in the Patriots victory and lead a comeback; as they were trailing 20-14 in which Tebow scored twice. Many New York fans know the media circus that is Tebow from when he played with the New York Jets and his accuracy and throwing problems at quarterback have been well documented in the NFL, so having Tebow lead the Patriots to a win wasn't the greatest feeling for any Giant fan to have, even though it was in a meaningless preseason game.


After a rather under-whelming performance against the New York Jets where he went 8-for-20 and threw 83 yards with no touchdowns, the Giants quarterback needed to respond in the first quarter and show that he was capable of leading the first-team offense down the field and get into the end zone, which he did. Manning made some crucial throws to guys like Myers, Louis Murphy and ended the drive with a touchdown pass to Nicks.


The first and second team units for the Giants looked solid; as the offense got into the end zone and scored a touchdown, plus the defense created more turnovers with two interceptions and a fumble recovery. Despite that, the Giants still took a loss; although most fans will agree that losing to the Patriots now as opposed to losing to them in the Super Bowl is a much better trade off. What hurt the Giants was the four injuries to Brown, Sash, Robinson and Connor; as Brown is out for the next month, while the other four players' statuses are unknown. In the end, it's good to see the preseason go, but the Giants could have ended it on a more positive note.

Grade: C-


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56 Responses to “New York Giants Vs. New England Patriots: Preseason Week Four Game Analysis”

  1.  jahmyrr says:

    I would have put Nassib in the negative before Painter. Painter played with the scrub unit the entire time. Nassib played with the second unit and made Painter look like an All-Pro.

    If Nassib is meant to be a future replacement for Eli, im worried about our future. At first I gave him the pass because he was playing with the scrub unit. However, seeing him with the second unit was not uplifting by any means (rookie or not).

  2.  Bartman says:

    Patriots are reportedly cutting Jake Ballard. Do we take a look with Robinson dinged up? I doubt it – just sayin’…

  3.  BigBlueGiant says:

    c- is being VERY kind…

    I’d give them a D.

  4.  kujo says:

    Norm and FF55,

    Thanks for the kind words. It’s a grind–13+ hour days are the norm right now. But dammit if I haven’t fallen in love with these kids, in the least Paterno-esque way possible. All of them, every one, enters my classroom and says “Hello Mr. Kiernan” I had occasion to meet a good many of the 127 students’ parents last night, and I made sure to tell them that, while their students have displayed exemplary behavior thus far in our young school year, we the teachers are to derive ZERO credit from that–the parents, who send us the best they have each morning, are (generally) to be commended. Truly a good group of kids, even the ruffians whose heads I will undoubtedly noogie at some point this year.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      I loved the teachers who noogied me or gave me the occasional slap on the butt. Those guys cared. It’s a shame a few monsters have made that hard to emulate. I expect the day is coming when teachers will have to wear GoogleGlass so as to record their every interaction with students, and that will be for their protection every bit as much as that of the students.

      Don’t let any of it get you down. You’re doing a really good thing.

    •  demo3356 says:

      Cant remember with all the ball busting we do here, on Facebook and twitter if I properly congratulated you for your new gig or not. If not Congrats! As horrified as I am that you are influencing the young minds of our country I somehow feel you are going to be a great teacher

      •  kujo says:

        Gave my kids a geography pretest. Basic stuff–name the continents, point to the equator, what city/county/state/country/continent is our school located in.

        The results were astonishing.

        Dumba– though I may be, I can’t POSSIBLY not be able to teach these kids a few things. At least bring them up to my level of idiocy which, although previously unheard of, is higher than that of a great many of these kids.

        •  rlhjr says:


          I’ve always acknowledged there was more to Kujo than simply a truculent, insulting, foul mouthed a-hole. Dude has real depth of character when he not trying to convince everyone he’s a drunken stooge.

          I’m pretty sure the first life lesson he relates to his young people will be how to keep yourself out of locked refers.


  5.  demo3356 says:

    LMAO at poor GOAT taking heat for not being ready to give up and a late rd pick labeled as a project when he was drafted. Its like folks never followed Football or the Giants before this year. When Cooper was drafted he had PS written all over him. Now with Brown going down, Hill getting suspended and Sash being terrible in coverage, he has a shot to make Roster. Last night was his first ever pro game. What did we expect? The second coming of Ed Reed?

    •  kujo says:

      Sounds more like you are echoing the people GIVING the heat, instead of the one TAKING it. Which is funny, because despite your bellicose personality, you always struck me as more of a catcher than a pitcher. But anyway…

      Speaking only for myself, I think Taylor screams 2-3 years of PS duty before MAYBE being a contributor. That’s my take, anyway. Granted, I’ve seen him play all of 1 game as a professional athlete (last night), he strikes me as a physical specimen who needs to learn the fundamentals. He might pan out, he might not. But don’t confuse my statements–I think he’s a 2-3 year project.

      •  demo3356 says:

        2-3 years of Practice squad? Really? I see a physically talented kid that will either make the roster at some point this or next or will be gone. He’s raw, not 13?
        Also why does EVERY response of yours to me involve some sort of **** erotic gay reference to sodomy? You realize I’m married and into chicks right? You may find Team Edward..ER Krow more receptive to your rectal rocking advances… Not that there anything wrong with that

      •  demo3356 says:

        My response went to moderation (surprise surprise)

  6.  demo3356 says:

    When I saw Ballard get cut my first thought was how long before someone suggest him as a fit for us. I liked JB but he wasn’t exactly athletic before tearing the sht out of his knee. My though is he’s done.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      Love Jake but he’s done and anyway, looks like we’ve got two guys who can do what he does better.

      But I’ll always love him for that catch in Foxboro and his brave attempt to play in Indy when the title was on the line.

  7.  demo3356 says:

    With 22 moves being needed, the Giants are going to move Kuhn to the PUP, Hill to Suspended list and Likely Brown to the Temp IR. That leaves 19 guys to go bubyebye

  8.  fanfor55years says:

    Okay, here’s why I think this could be a good season:

    1) The long stretch during which they don’t have to travel. It’s 57 days!! Unheard of in the NFL;

    2) Eli Manning, Hakeem Nicks, David Wilson, Louis Murphy, Brandon Myers, and Reuben Randle, but most especially Eli;

    3) The defensive front, Prince, Hosley, Rolle and Hill;

    4) The special teams; and

    5) The weaknesses of our Division rivals. I don’t think Vick or RGIII makes it through the season. I don’t think a rookie coach will do well. I don’t yet believe in Bryant as a consistent force or Romo as a guy who will make the big play at a big moment. Maclin’s gone.

    I think we could have early problems this season (though it helps that we play our first two games against teams missing a key part of their defense), but once the offensive line jells I can see this team taking off and having a chance at 11 wins. I’ve been saying 9-7 to 10-6 but I’m inclined to go for the higher number. But they need to stay healthy, just like every other team.

    •  demo3356 says:

      but wait? You mean the Cowboys and Redskins aren’t going 16-0 and are actually flawed too? The season isn’t doomed because of our mediocre head coach and the holes on our roster? The fact that we didn’t look good in preseason DOESN’T mean the season is already over? I might need a while to wrap my mind around this…..

      •  kujo says:

        Cough cough…strawman…cough cough…

        No one is saying that either of those teams is going to go 16-0; rather, some folks are suggesting that they will probably lose less games than we will.

        But go ahead. Keep building little men. We know how much you like to touch them.

    •  GIANTT says:

      I thought there was just too much of how good Dallas or Washington is going to be this year (philadelphia not so much ) but quite honestly your comment number 5 (The weaknesses of our division rivals ) is the main reason I think the Giants will do well in the division . Yes we have weaknesses as always and that is not a slight -under the present system it is IMPOSSIBLE to field All pros or even JAGs at all positions . There is not enough room under the cap . You have to make do with rookies making rookie minimums .
      Looking at our division rivals who (or Kujo is it whom ?) we play twice , I feel the Giants have an edge and it starts with Eli .
      BTW kujo , I have to congratulate you on your meteoric rise from m–t l—er boy to Pizza King to teacher (obviously they have never heard of security checks or anything !) Seriously though teach those little s-ds , let them sip from the fountain of wisdom that is Kujo – and make them all Giants fans

  9.  demo3356 says:

    I’m hoping JR is working the phone right now talking to teams that need DE or DT and have excess at RB, LB or S. Like Mayock said several times last night (and I have said several times this month) the Giants are going to cut at LEAST 2-3 quality NFL Defensive Lineman that will be signed by other clubs immediately.

    •  kujo says:


      Though I do wonder why anyone would trade for someone we’re likely going to cut anyway.

      •  fanfor55years says:

        Better teams will never get a shot at. Patterson, or Rogers, or Trattou, or Tracy. Teams ahead if them on the waiver list will snap them up first. So if there’s a good team that feels it just needs some shoring up on the front and has a surplus elsewhere a trade can make sense. But very hard to find a partner.

      •  demo3356 says:

        Because if they have a player we want they dont have to hope the guy they want passes through waivers and we can swap

    •  fanfor55years says:

      I’m on that bandwagon and think the best target is a safety. There should be a few teams out there lacking a pass rush or good run defense but have five safeties among whom are a veteran who can still play but they don’t want to have hurt the progress of a younger guy, or a young player who looks a year away and is behind a pair of top-shelf safeties so can’t unseat them.

      I think most linebackers available now would just be others’ trash. Running back? Maybe, but there are some decent ones on the street so we wouldn’t necessarily need to trade to get one.

  10.  demo3356 says:

    My Final 53.
    10 Eli Manning
    8 David Carr
    9 Ryan Nassib
    22 David Wilson
    41 Ryan Torain
    33 Da’Rel Scott
    29 Michael Cox
    45 Henry Hynoski
    Wide Receivers:
    88 Hakeem Nicks
    80 Victor Cruz
    82 Rueben Randle
    18 Louis Murphy
    12 Jerrel Jernigan
    Tight Ends/H-Backs:
    83 Brandon Myers
    81 Adrien Robinson
    84 Larry Donnell
    Offensive Linemen:
    65 William Beatty
    66 David Diehl
    73 James Brewer
    72 Justin Pugh
    76 Chris Snee
    77 Kevin Boothe
    67 Brandon Mosley
    64 David Baas
    63 Jim Cordle
    Defensive Linemen:
    90 Jason Pierre-Paul
    91 Justin Tuck
    94 Mathias Kiwanuka
    79 Damontre Moore
    97 Linval Joseph
    99 Cullen Jenkins
    95 Shaun Rogers
    93 Mike Patterson
    74 Johnathan Hankins
    96 Marvin Austin
    53 Dan Connor
    55 Keith Rivers
    52 Spencer Paysinger
    57 Jacquian Williams
    58 Mark Herzlich
    48 Kyle Bosworth
    Defensive Backs:
    23 Corey Webster
    20 Prince Amukamara
    28 Jayron Hosley
    31 Aaron Ross
    38 Trumaine McBride
    29 Charles James
    26 Antrel Rolle
    21 Ryan Mundy
    39 Tyler Sash
    Kickers and Snappers:
    5 Steve Weatherford
    3 Josh Brown
    51 Zak DeOssie
    Temp IR
    35 Andre Brown
    25 Will Hill
    78 Markus Kuhn

    Notable cuts
    Barden- Not getting on the field killed his chances. We have 4 outside guys and only JJ behind Cruz in slot so JJ stays Barden goes and BBG takes out his anger on his VB blow up doll
    Pascoe- Guy is just not very good at anything. Donnel and Robinson are way more talented
    Several DE’s- None are as good as the DT’s and With Jenkins ability to play inside or out he makes Tracey, Ojomo, Broha and Tratou expendable.
    CB- Terrel Thomas- Fan favorite and great guy but 3 ACL’s at the CB position is too much to overcome. Maybe they move him to safety and cut McBride?
    This is more so a wish list of mine that what JR will do. He likely keeps Pascoe, Thomas and one of the DE’s and cuts Donnel a DT and McBride instead

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