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New York Giants’ Terrell Thomas Looking to Help Stevie Brown Through ACL Injury

August 28th, 2013 at 8:30 AM
By Douglas Rush

In this past Saturday's 24-21 overtime loss to the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium, there was no bigger loss for the New York Giants than Stevie Brown's ACL tear after intercepting a Geno Smith pass; an injury that landed Brown on season-ending injured reserve.

'Terrell Thomas warms up' photo (c) 2010, Marianne O'Leary - license:

Brown's teammate and cornerback Terrell Thomas knows very well how tough it is tearing the ACL, as he has torn it in two straight summers and hasn't played in a regular season game since the 2010 season. This week in practice, Thomas told Ebenezer Samuel of the New York Daily News that he is ready to help Brown through his ACL injury anyway he can and makes sure Brown stays positive through the rehab process.

“It [stinks], but he is in high spirits. I saw him this morning, and he’s in great spirits,” Thomas said. “He’ll get back in a year. He has to put in the work and he’ll be able to.”

It was kind of a bittersweet game for Thomas, as he was playing in his first game since the summer of 2011 when he tore his ACL for the first time against the Chicago Bears in a preseason game., but while Thomas was making his return to the NFL for the first time in two years, Brown's season was lost when he hit the turf with the injury; a feeling that Thomas knows all too well from the ACL tears of 2011 and 2012.

“He made a simple cut. I was hoping that it was a meniscus, that the turf caught his knee and it grabbed,” Thomas said. “This game is so unpredictable … It sucks. He’s a great dude. He’ll overcome it.”

Thomas is very confident that Brown will be back with the Giants and told him to enjoy the journey of recovering and coming back from the injury; one which will take about a year to rehab and recover from. Brown was a restricted free agent, but was tendered by the Giants and re-signed with them on a one-year, $2.02 million deal with the possibility of getting a long-term deal if he continued to play at a high level.  With the knee injury, his plans for the future in the NFL and with the Giants have been put on temporary hold as he will spend the next year fighting to come back from a tough injuryl but having someone like Thomas will definitely be a plus to help him along the way.


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24 Responses to “New York Giants’ Terrell Thomas Looking to Help Stevie Brown Through ACL Injury”

  1.  The Original G Man says:

    A healthy Terrell Thomas would be *HUGE*. It’s interesting that CB and DT appear to be strength areas heading into the season.

    As for DTs, assuming Kuhn stays on PUP and then IR, is it possible they keep 6 (Linval Joseph, Cullen Jenkins, Jon Hankins, Shawn Rogers, Marvin Austin, Mike Patterson), with Jenkins getting snaps a DE (so really 5.5 DTs)? Would be very hard to do, especially if they’re keeping 3 QBs.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      Just about impossible to keep six. But every one of those guys can help any team. We know that Joseph, Jenkins, and Hankins will be here. Rogers, Austin and Patterson have had tremendous summers and fulfilled my sense that the two we got from the Eagles were coups and that Rogers could be a great run-stopper and therefore critical. On pure merit, Hankins would go to the practice squad and solve the problem, but that ain’t happening. He’d be gone in a few days, if not a few hours. The next to go would be Austin (again, on pure merit based upon what we’ve seen). But that isn’t happening either. Choosing between Rogers and Patterson should be, and will be, excruciating.

      What they’re doing with Kuhn is confusing. Why not leave him on PUP? Maybe he’s somehow eligible for the practice squad and they think they can bury him there. I don’t get it.

      •  The Original G Man says:

        What are they doing with Kuhn? Is there talk he’ll be activated? I’d be shocked if he didn’t end up on regular season PUP and, barring injuries at the DT position, eventually get IR’d for the year.

  2.  GIANTT says:

    Im encouraged by the fact that after the play of the DTs last year , the Giants have this type of agonizing decision to make this year .Rather this than knowing that our starting player is someone elses cut .

  3.  fanfor55years says:

    I see that demo essentially agrees with me: this may be a 10-11 win team but they’re still a year away. And rhljr was right there with me when I first was saying this. It appears that GOAT may also be moving in that direction. So I am now officially worried. When what seems a bit obscure starts becoming conventional wisdom, it’s usually wrong.

    Thankfully we have our resident pessimists (for this season at least) in BigBlue and Jim, else the universe might spin out of balance.

    I will sit here holding my breath while thinking that for a change the Giants seem to be heading into the season in reasonably good shape on the health front. We lost Stevie Brown but got very pleasant health surprises with Thomas, Rogers, Patterson, Hynoski, JPP, Tuck, Webster, and Andre Brown. And I’m going to insist that having a healthy Terrell Thomas (still to be definitively proved) and the addition of Aaron Ross in the defensive backfield (a very pleasant surprise for many Giants fans who thought he was done) way more than offsets the loss of a safety who had yet to really prove himself but certainly did seem to have a nose for the ball.

    Getting lucky on the health side of the ledger is generally a very good indicator of likelihood of competing for a championship. Of course there are 17 more games before the playoffs and that luck cannot be guaranteed to hold out, but we’re starting off pretty well as long as TC doesn’t expose the starters tomorrow night.

    •  BigBlueGiant says:

      Hey man, i’m remaining hopeful about this season, and it’s more of me being a realist than a pessimist. I also will agree that this team REALLY isn’t far off from being very good, just not this year.

      •  GOAT56 says:

        I understand your questions about our team more than I do the confidence in Dallas. I don’t see it. I see them being more questionable than us. I guess it’s mainly the disagreement about the effectiveness of their 4-3. I just think as I have that Dallas has some star players but their roster depth isn’t what our is and that’s why they won’t succeed in the end.

        This division has switched to an offensive division. Everyone might have a top 10 offense and no one may have a top 10 defense.

        •  BigBlueGiant says:

          I think preseason has shown that our Roster depth is pretty poor, no?

          We made a lousy jets offense throw the ball all over the place, and they scored 2 td’s on them. And one TD was a pass over the middle where the Receiver went untouched for 17 yds. 17 yds over the middle UNTOUCHED. that’s gotta be a joke, right? Nope.

          I see Dallas moving to the 4-3 to actually benefit them where you see it to hurt them. Who says that Ware can’t play a DE on a 4-3? I think he’ll be just as good with his hands in the dirt. Dallas Secondary is also better than ours, and as much as it pains me to say it, I think they’ll have a VERY good offense to compliment their defense.

          Enough bout that though. I’m just curbing my excitement for this year, so i dont get let down. Let’s wait till week 1 to see how things go in Dallas.

          •  GOAT56 says:

            I think you’re overrated preseason games. Roster depth is the 2nd team, we have been playing with 90 so there are nearly 40 players that were playing that won’t be. I like our depth everywhere except maybe 5 WR and Safety for the first 4 weeks. LB our depth is fine our starters are just not of great caliber. And I think once Diehl and Bass return our depth on the OL is better than it was last year.

            I think Ware is still an elite player but being a DE will hurt him some in terms of being asked to defend the run. Same with Spencer. Then where’s the DL depth? I think the secondaries are about even now with Brown’s injury. But we will be better once Hill returns. Their 2nd CB is better but Rolle is better than anyone they have. Our CB depth is better. Plus I think the defense playing cover 2 is a bad fit for 2 press CBs. Their LBs fit well but the DL and DBs I feel are hurt by the change.

            I thought the Dallas defense we saw week 1 last year was really good. I thought their issue was injuries not scheme. If they came back with the same defense I would look at them in much more favorable light.

    •  GOAT56 says:

      In my core I really agree with Dirt and this should be a 11-12 win team. I’m trying to have somewhat conservative with the 10-11 win type team. But I agree with with Dirt said yesterday. I disagree with Demo about the 2008 team. I thought that team played the most consistent football but our best football than year wasn’t any better than 2007, 2010, 2011 or 2012. The difference was that year we played good football just about every week.

      I look at our injuries and it could be argued that the Bass injury coupled with he Diehl injury were actually BIDs. That combination allowed Pugh to open the season as the RT which he likely wasn’t if those injuries didn’t occur.

      All of our key injured players look to be on track for week 1 except Bass and Brown. Brown is our only injury that is for the season to a starting player. But I think if we can survive the first 4 weeks that Hill will eventually be a starter and a better player than Brown.

      The DL looks like it has quality and quantity of an elite unit. We have youth and experience.

      I agree we have been fortunate on the health side. But I think we still need to see some players. I hear Brady is playing so that means we get at least one series from the Pats starters so it’s a good warm up. Being lucky health wise is important but I don’t think that means you can’t play the starters a few series against the Pats. There’s a difference between what TC is doing and what Ryan did with Sanchez.

      •  fanfor55years says:

        I like the starters on offense for one series. Same for defense. This isn’t like Week 17 in 2011. This is meaningless stuff and we are looking first of all to escape with no injuries to starters. Let Eli get his timing in next week’s practices while they have actually installed a game plan. And then work more on that when he’s up against the Dallas defense and things count. Let Boothe and Pugh and Brewer work against our great defensive front in practice.

        We won’t see the Patriots again unless it’s in the Super Bowl. There’s almost nothing to gain from playing starters tomorrow night.

        •  BigBlueGiant says:

          The only thing to gain is to get these guys on the same page against an opponent other than themselves

    •  rlhjr says:

      Thanks for the sanity check 55. Some knuckle heads on here actually think I’m rooting against the team I’ve loved since I was 10 years old. Even more morons think I don’t like Wilson. Number one, I predicted his being drafted. Number two, I said his remarkable balance reminded me of Barry Saunders.
      Somehow now because HE IS NOT a power runner, I suddenly don’t think he’s good enough. If doofusses want to talk “ish” please refer to the archives before opening mouth and inserting foot.

      I saw Blue initially as taking a step back this season. Perhaps having an 8-8 or 9-7 campaign. However, with the infusion of the DT’s, Pugh, Moore and Hankins I think they will be much better in terms of pass rush and run prevention on the defensive line. And that is where this team makes it money. Sacking QB’s and giving Eli opportunities to move ball and score. When JPP comes back, the line and 34 alignment (and he will play both standing and hand down as I’ve said time and again) will be that much better.
      In fact standing will be better for his back. But his athelitic ability previals either standing or hand down. Those who dont see this ability are blind in one eye and unable to see out of the other.

      I got/get static over Tracy who I know is a very good player. People fail to realize he is essentially the replacement for Tollefson. I think he’s head and shoulders better than Tolly. That includes special teams, defensive end and SAM linebacker. That others prefer to diminish him will not change my opinion, and what he has proven on the field.

      It is only the linebacking area that let’s this team down horribly. I hope the lack of talent here can number one be schemed around (Talking to you Mr. Fewell) or that small doses of Paysinger, Williams and Rivers can work in situational two linebacker sets .

      The offensive line has only to add one more player who excels in run blocking and pulling on sweeps and screens.

      The defensive backfield in total just might be better than average. I do think a no lower than third rounder is needed at CB next fall.

      Special teams are as good as they have been in ten years. They are almost but not the equal to the Parcells era special teams. That’s when the team played field position, running and God almighty defense.

      My issue is I want the team to be dominating. And my sticky points and criticisms are pointed at areas which if improved would get the ball club to that point (IMHO). This year’s addition of Giants will be fun to watch. But I just do not see them playing the last game of the NFL season at home.

      God willing and injury free, this team makes the playoffs at 10-6 or 9-7.
      The 2014 and beyond teams look to me like “sky’s the limit” but only if blue chip linebacker and offensive line talent is landed via draft/FA, preferably both.

  4.  Krow says:

    So what’s the consensus here … 12-4 with another Superbowl ring ? Anyone who disagrees is a pessimist and hates Eli.

    •  BigBlueGiant says:

      7-9 with a pick in the top 13. And we pass over a few Lb’s, a safety. OL and draft D-line or a WR.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      I think “consensus” , such as it is, is 9-11 wins, probably playoffs, and then hope we’re the hot team come January.

      I’ll say this. Both the defensive line and the entire offense could easily jell late in the season and make this team very tough to beat. I give them a puncher’s chance at a ring, but still think they’re a year away.

  5.  Terrence97 says:

    im not saying to draft LBs anymore since my cries go unheard lol. i think this team will go 10-6 11-5 if everything goes right. we still have a top 3 to 4 qb in the league. top recieving core and i think nicks will get it together come regular season. the addition of myers and the growth of randle will be great. our O line will be improved and the Running game will be explosive.
    the D…. the line will dominate a lot of games. very excited to see more get in there. he will make people forget about osi. dbs… prince wll continue his growth and will have a pro bowl season! T2 coming back healthy is huge, but i think one of the biggest reasons for this units improvement is aaron ross coming back. now the brown injury will hurt a bit.
    any word on hosely?
    ummm the LBs…… im not gonna waste my time

  6.  GIANTT says:

    Of course I want a good season but I feel more passion for how are the Giants going to play against the NFC East this year .Its always a concern since we play each of those teams twice and I think its important to worry that RG111 Vick and even Romo are mobile enough to take advantage of the Giants LBers as they have done in the past . The Jets showed that the 8-10 yard play against the Giants was going to be easy . I get it that its preseason and the Giants maybe didnt want to tip their hand on how they will defense this play but Im still worried that this hasnt been addressed . Im just hoping that the improved play from the DTs will give the DEs and LBers a much more aggressive role and keep these moblie QBs bottled up and not give them the time to complete those plays

  7.  JimStoll says:

    Since I am apparently the sole reason for the universe not spinning out of control, let me remind everyone that what we think we see on paper, what individual improvements there appear to be, what dynamic talent seems to populate every single skill position, the team will finish 9-7 and most likely out of the playoffs for the 4th time in 5 years.


    1. the Giants are as inconsistent in their effort as any team in the NFL. there are just weeks where the team doesn’t show up. Multiple games where they literally get blown away. And those games never seem to correlate to the talent of the opponent.
    It happens every year — even in 0-8 it happened against Cleveland, and then 3 of the final 4 games.
    So just when you think this year will be different, consider that the core of the team — Coughlin, Gilbride, Eli and Tuck remain, and as good or great as any one of those guys is or has been, the results are the same year-in, year-out (regular season that is).

    2. Perry Fewell is the D coordinator. In his 3 years here he has presided over a defense that has gotten worse and worse. He has yet to prove that he really knows what he is doing in terms of scheming for the ever changing NFL offenses.

    3. we will enter 2013 without a single quality LB on the team and Fewell, for all his inherent limitations, will be forced to scheme around that hole.

    4. We will play the first 4 games with 1 quality safety and 1 JAG, and either we scrap the Big Nickel or play with 2 JAG’s during that period, a stretch in which we have to defend against Romo and Peyton.

    5. Our O-line has been declining since ’08. Our center is hurt (again!) and hasn’t been all that when he’s played. Now Boothe is likely to take over for awhile which scares even the sturdiest of hearts when it comes to the shotgun snap. A ton is riding on Pugh. Just as we all assert that preseason games are meaningless and must be ignored as our team looks completely unready to start the season, son too must we take Pugh’s limited positive performance with a grain of salt. Let’s see what he does when the Cowboys flip Ware over to his side. Snee shouldn’t be a starter any longer – he flat out stinks, but he’s the coaches son-in-law. So the offense, for all the dynamic skill talent, is balanced precariously on the pinhead of a very uncertain o-line.

    6. Gilbride. I know many like DEMO love this guy, but one of his glaring weaknesses his his undue reliance on the shotgun alignment which limits his run options to the shotgun draw. He will likely waste Wilson and Brown throughout the season.

    7. To the extent kick returns became a weapon for us last season, it will be holstered this year as Wilson will be forced to surrender those duties.

    In short, there are a ton of uncertainties and historic reasons why this team will likely wind up where it always does — right around 9-7, breathlessly hoping for admission to the tournament.

  8.  GOAT56 says:

    Giants season prediction: 10-6
    Predicted finish in NFC East: second

    it’s all set up for the Giants after that Chicago trip: 57 days without having to get on an airplane, a 34-day stretch without having to sleep in a hotel, and a whole month (November) without a road game. The schedule takes it very easy on the Giants’ bodies at the most important time of the year, and I think they find themselves in position to finish strong.

    The prediction is fair but real reason I posted this is the blurb about our lack of travel. I agree with F55, a 3-3 start is a good start but 4-2 or better and big things could be in store.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      Oops, didn’t see this as I was posting. I assume that 57 days is the same period I was looking at. It is a very meaningful stretch.

  9.  fanfor55years says:

    You guys also need to look at the schedule to see why I’ve been insisting the past collapses in the second half are hardly preordained in 2013. From the 11th of October (just when most teams start to fully establish their identities) to the 7th of December the Giants’ players will not have to sleep anywhere but in their own beds. That is a remarkable stretch for any team, and bodes very well for their competitiveness. Add that to what should be the natural building of chemistry on what should be a dominating offense and a dominating defensive line and you have a great argument that the Giants will be a pretty “hot” team in the critical parts of the NFL season.

    I am expecting some rough going early. Those first four games are going to be tough. It would be great if we can win two of them, incredible if we win three. But even if we come out of those games 1-3, which is quite possible, and are then dealing with a crescendo of doubts and criticism, I think they will be entering a period in which things will fall in place and the serious doubters will look silly as they have to pretend their voices of doom and shouting about the Giants getting a draft pick among the first 7-8 prove a bit premature.

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