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Antrel Rolle Understands Purpose of Preseason, but Meaningless Injuries a “Hard Pill to Swallow”

August 25th, 2013 at 11:00 AM
By Dan Benton

The New York Giants made it through training camp relatively healthy. Unfortunately, those good vibes were short-lived as wide receiver Kris Adams suffered a brutal leg fracture in their first preseason game. From there's, it's been all downhill for Big Blue, suffering serious injuries to David Baas (MCL), David Diehl (thumb) and, most recently, Stevie Brown (knee). Couple that with injuries to Henry Hynoski and, to a lesser extent, Victor Cruz, Damontre Moore and Corey Webster, and you see a pattern beginning to develop.

It's not difficult to see that training camp and preseason games have become increasingly dangerous for NFL players, and despite the league's many efforts to make the game safer, things only appear to becoming more dangerous with fewer practices and extra rules. And on Saturday night when Stevie Brown went down, it turned stomachs across Big Blue Nation — including that of safety Antrel Rolle, who's out because of an ankle injury of his own.

"It's 7am and I don't have to be up until 10. Can't sleep as I patiently await to see if my teammate is okay," Rolle wrote on his Instagram account. "This is the hardest thing to deal with when you talk about preseason. I feel it's good for the players to go out there and get back acclimated to the game after the long offseason, but definitely not at the expense of players risking injuries for a game that has no meaning towards the season what so ever."

"This is a very hard pill to swallow. All I can do at this point is get on my knees and pray that Stevie Brown will be okay. It's not about football at this point it's about a Friend and his life going forward!"

Despite the hopes and prayers, the fear is that Brown has suffered a season-ending ACL tear. And although nothing is official just yet, head coach Tom Coughlin is expected to have a conference call with the New York media at 4:00 PM EST Sunday afternoon. It's likely the final verdict will be announced then.

Update: The Giants have officially announced that Stevie Brown did suffer an ACL tear and is out for the year.

Photo credit: Avila_Ny / Photobucket / CC BY-NC-SA


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11 Responses to “Antrel Rolle Understands Purpose of Preseason, but Meaningless Injuries a “Hard Pill to Swallow””

  1.  Jared says:

    We are looking at going back to the days of a 6-10 season. The glory years are over as are the second half season hot streaks. if Manning has a bad year, they will give him one more. Two bad years, and he will be cut like his older brother.

    • Dan BentonDan Benton says:

      Second half hot streaks? I assume you’re referring to playoffs as opposed to second half of the season(s). Because the Giants are far from hot in the final 8 games of any season.

    •  Krow says:

      Peyton was let go because they knew they had Andrew Luck. Unless Ryan Nassib undergoes a Kafkaesque metamorphosis Eli has nothing to worry about.

  2.  Krow says:

    I’ve got as thick a pair of fan goggles as the next person. And yes, pre-season is crap. Plus we’ve all seen teams get on a roll after a bad stretch. It’s super early, and anything can happen.

    Having said all that … right here and now … planet Earth … 2013 … we’re a bad football team.

    I’m going to take another look because I was distracted yesterday, but I’m afraid it’s going to be ugly.

    • Dan BentonDan Benton says:

      As my Brother and I left the stadium last night, I said to him “we had better temper our expectations for this team this year. If we don’t, it’s going to be very, very disappointing.”

      •  Krow says:

        I was thinking as much myself. All across the league the better teams are rounding into form. But we’re still a mess. My confidence is fading. Right now nothing would surprise me.

  3.  CT GIANT says:

    Watching last night, reminded me of the games of the late 60′s 70′s, BUT not when you have a potential HOF HC, and GM who will be working hard over the next week or so.
    Eli, Nicks, Cruz, Randle will get there mojo going, and it might look ugly now, and that is fine with me!
    WHY? History tells us this team will ultimately get better, T2 looked good, Prince, looked good, Torain made the team, imo, he runs hard, but more so is a veteran. Both Brown & Wilson will develop, as will the o-line as time moves on.
    Though I have had my disagreements with TC, he will hammer these guys, and maybe losing now, will bring about a team that comes on strong in the 2nd half of the season, instead of at the beginging.

    You can panic, I see talent there, mistakes and many corrections, but they can indeed turn those into positives, and get corrected, no my fellow giant fans, when this team looks as bad as it did, {though the “D” looked OK} three days of practice with a new young line, isn’t enough lots of work to do, but nothing I have not seen before.


  4.  GIANTT says:

    I watched and I saw the Jets go three and out and then Wilsons dynamic run and I was thinking ( like most of us Im sure ) AAAH life is good , the Giants ae going to destroy the Jets and we will be talking about playoff and Super Bowl aspirations .
    Thinking back on it and lucky for me I DVRed it for the program time and it cut off at 10 pm when the Giants were winning I think 18-14 ,so I wasnt subjected to the last few minutes and OVERTIME ? IN PRESEASON , please , give me a break .As much as I like to watch Giants football , I dont think the team or fans should need to go through that .
    I ve got to agree with most of the observations on how the individuals played and if you look back we all seem to agree on the same things so there was nothing in here that was a surprise . What bothers me most is the Jets running 7 or 8 yard pass routes with absolutely no LBer in sight which has been a problem for the last couple of years . If Geno Smith and Sanchez can do it , how are the Giants going to cope with RG111 , Vick and even Romo ? Im just hoping that the Giants are not showing their hand in preseason but really do we honestly know that ?

  5.  rlhjr says:

    I think I’ve been talking reality about this ball club for quite some time.
    This years draft is the setup. Next years draft is the payoff.

    I’ve been very clear for let’s see, five years that the Giants needed to draft a playmaking linebacker or two. I’ve been adamant the team pay attention to it’s offensive line and acquire/draft players with the ability to blow people off the ball. And I’m talking a guard and a tackle who could pull and put people on the ground. Eli, Strahan, Tuck, Pierce, and assorted individuals helped this team get on “runs” that produced two championships.

    Players with the mental and physical makeup to carry a team and inspire team mates are very hard to find. Especially if you’re not looking. Someone in Giant land has got it twisted. Yes, you can build a strong contending team around defensive line and strong running game. No your can not have a perennially strong defense with zero talent at the linebacker position. And no, you can not have a strong running game without at least a side of your offensive line that can control the line of scrimmage.

    In the long run, the team will be fine simply because the management is better than average. However, if some of the recent offensive line draft picks do not step up, all the skill position talent assembled will be wasted.

    The same can be said for the defensive line in general and defensive tackle in particular. I see the talent in place now. But that talent has to grow up and step up NOW. I never saw Super Bowl in this year’s squad. It’s nice to hope, and you have to play every game to determine a winner.

    I’ll say it again, this years team will be fun to watch but nothing to write home about if you’re expecting a championship. The rebuild has been on for almost two years now. The final pieces are as follows:

    Physical offensive guard.
    MIKE Linebacker and perhaps a SAM
    Corner to complement Prince and Hosley

  6.  William says:

    Demo mentioned that the Hawks n 49ers are stacked teams which I agree with but you must throw into that statement that they have what we assume to be franchise QB’s on rookie deals. Throw in the Skins who should be in cap hell due to the owner and fines but lucked out with RG3. What are the savings for these teams versus the Giants, Pats, Pack and now the Ravens. I’m sure that number buys some competent offensive line depth at the very least and then some.
    . One has to wonder if those franchises continue to make the playoffs if we dont see a trend on teams giving up early on vet QB’s to roll the dice on a cheap draft pick that frees up huge cap dollars ala the Colts. Its still a crazy risky because the wash out on QBs is so high but if you hit it right you seem to get good awfully fast.
    Draft picks,because of the locked in savings, are 4x as more valuable now than in the past. I thought Norm’s call that they will keep Austin over Patterson based on the contract savings will probably be proven correct at final cuts.

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