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Annual Talk of New York Giants’ Tom Coughlin Getting Canned is Cheap

August 24th, 2013 at 6:30 AM
By Jen Polashock

Sure, every January is littered with NFL head coaching change headlines, but can we please stop with the annual Tom Coughlin query? It is not going to go down like that. Write that down.

'Tom Coughlin watches from the sideline' photo (c) 2012, Marianne O'Leary - license:

There have been petitions. The hot seat debates are initiated. Speculation about firing the current New York Football Giants’ head coach falls upon the ears of still-angry fans. “If no NFL playoffs, then TC is gone.” Who was the last fired Giants head coach? Jim Fassel was, in 2003 — with controversy. Before him was Dan Reeves in 1996. Some vomit is choked back as barely a one-year head coach Ray Handley (1991-1992) is mentioned as another fired “leader.” This regime in the front office is different than the one of the time of Wellington Mara, God rest his soul.

Statements like: “He’s a definite Hall of Fame head coach, but…” is ridiculous and for anyone who is a fan of this franchise and understands how things are done around East Rutherford. In 88 years since establishment, there have only been 17 head coaches for blue. Coughlin’s records mirror those of his predecessor, Bill Parcells — who went out on his own terms and was just inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. If anything, this right here will let him continue to hold his own leash. The New York Football Giants will not send the soon-to-be 67-year old packing like that. The man has more Giants pride than that and if (huge if) that was a longshot choice by John Mara and Steve Tisch, then he would rather step away (of his own volition) from the organization that gave him new life in 2004.

In nine seasons as the head coach of Big Blue, Tom Coughlin owns 83 wins to 61 losses (.576), 8 wins to 3 losses in the playoffs (.727) yet what the New York/tri-state area likes to focus upon is the five seasons without a playoff berth. It’s akin to a certain NFL team’s fans discounting the last 20 years of losing seasons and mentioning “five rings” to win any and all debates (in their eyes). In other words, it’s ridiculous. One cannot plug in only information pertinent to one-side of an argument and expect it to be an intelligent conversation. The “fire Coughlin” discussions are always skewed and lack true depth. It’s like the Oakland Raiders’ roster.

Amid all of the recurring banter about his status with the organization (in August), Coughlin is focused on nothing more than the team he has deep pride for and getting his players to shift away from said banter. “Talk is Cheap; Play the Game” is brought back right before the annual “Snoopy Bowl” versus Gang Green. How ironic. Coach stuck to his old adage even after Jets head coach Rex Ryan poked fun of it in December of 2011. We know how that turned out. Each time he openly challenges his players prior to a game, some pretty powerful play and results are achieved.

“I’m about ‘Don’t tell me, show me.’ Talk is cheap, play of the game. I like to see us play. I like to see us go forth and be productive and do some outstanding things and then let people talk about it.”

Here’s to showing everyone that feels you’re on a chair of roasting coals, coach. Again.


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3 Responses to “Annual Talk of New York Giants’ Tom Coughlin Getting Canned is Cheap”

  1.  James Stoll says:

    Jen, where is this article coming from? Usually we wait until we lose 2 in a row to start discussing whether it is better to keep TC or not. Has there been some credible rumoring that got you all fired up this morning?

    • Dan BentonDan Benton says:

      It’s been happening all offseason already… Even saw several articles on it yesterday with people asking “If he misses the playoffs again, is this finally it?” Mostly from B/R, but still.

      •  Jen Polashock says:

        Yeahhhh…my writes aren’t always about the fans. I’m observant, period. This week, I read several “articles” (some with video) on exactly why TC is done/fired after this season. So that’s what fueled me. You guys at least come up with more creative reasoning and back most comments (even jokes) with fact. The stuff I was subjected to this week, not so much.

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