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New York Giants’ Tom Coughlin: Jason Pierre-Paul, Markus Kuhn “Close” to Coming Off PUP List

August 22nd, 2013 at 2:15 PM
By Dan Benton

The New York Giants received much-needed good news on Friday morning after fullback Henry Hynoski (knee) passed his physical and was removed from the Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) list. That good news continued into the early afternoon as head coach Tom Coughlin told reporters that both defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul and defensive tackle Markus Kuhn are "getting close" to coming off of the PUP list as well.

Although the news on JPP was somewhat expected, it's a surprise to hear that Kuhn is so close to returning. His rookie season was cut short after suffering a torn ACL in early November — an injury that usually takes 12+ months to return from. He's now nearing the 10 month mark, so it's safe to say he's ahead of schedule.

What he's returning to however, remains to be seen. On the surface, it would appear the Giants are deep at the DT position with an already fierce battle being waged for the open spots. Kuhn, having missed all offseason activities, training camp and what will be the first three preseason games, has a long way to go to catch up.

Meanwhile, for JPP, a return prior to the regular season shouldn't come as much of a surprise. Even if he's unable to play in week one, there was never any realistic chance (save a setback) that the Giants were going to leave him on PUP and have him miss the first six weeks of the regular season.

Previously, JPP had said he'd return to the field only when he deemed it the right time.

“At the end of the day, you know that the coaches, general manager and the head coach want you out there to help the team out. But it’s on me, like I said,” said Pierre-Paul. “I’m focused on coming back 100% (rather) than being like 85%. You know what I’m saying I know I’m going to be a big factor on the defense, so I’d rather come back 100% and that’s it.”

General Manager Jerry Reese has remained adamant that JPP would be ready by week one.

Photo credit: Mike Morbeck / Foter / CC BY-SA


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36 Responses to “New York Giants’ Tom Coughlin: Jason Pierre-Paul, Markus Kuhn “Close” to Coming Off PUP List”

  1.  creewan says:


    OFFENSE – 24

    QB – Manning, Carr, Nassib
    RB – Wilson, Brown, Cox, Hynoski
    TE – Myers, Robinson, Pascoe
    OT – Beatty, Pugh, Diehl
    OG – Boothe, Snee, Brewer, Mosley
    OC – Baas, Cordle
    WR – Nicks, Cruz, Randle, Murphy, Jernigan

    DEFENSE – 26

    DE – Tuck, Kiwanuka, Pierre-Paul, Moore, Ojomo, Tracy
    DT – Joseph, Jenkins, Hankins, Patterson, Austin
    LB – Paysinger, Rivers, Connor, Williams, Herzlich, Bosworth
    CB – Amukamara, Webster, Ross, Hosley, James, Thomas
    S – Rolle, Brown, Mundy

    SPECIALS – 3

    K – Brown
    P – Weatherford
    LS – DeOssie

    - No Rogers
    - No Trattou
    - No Sash
    - No Donnell
    - No Barden
    - Bosworth makes it
    - Austin makes it
    - Jernigan makes it
    - 5 WR
    - 6 DE
    - Will Hill comes back after suspension and makes it
    - Wanted to add Trattou and not Tracy but that’s not likely
    - Wanted to add Donnell but couldn’t find a spot and would rather have James as the 6th CB

    •  BigBlueGiant says:

      Cordle might be expendable give the fact that Booth can play Center if needed. And the team doesn’t seem to happy with Cordle.

      •  GOAT56 says:

        He was just made the starter. It’s clear the team in a game does’t like moving Boothe to center and then replacing Boothe at LG. The injury to Bass locks in Cordle.

    •  GOAT56 says:

      The end of the roster will be interesting. I’m sticking with the theory we keep draft picks so JJ, Taylor and Austin are all on the roster in my view. I rather keep several guys over Bosworth. He migh be the 6th best LB but there are players like Donnell or even Sash that provide more positional value and the same special teams play.

      I like James but with a healthy looking TT I think he’s going to PS. He needs to be the PR to stick in my view.

      I think there’s 4-5 safeties.

      Patterson vs Rodgers vs Austin is the most difficult battle on the roster. I think Austin has shown enough that it’s a battle between the 2 vets. I feel Patterson might be slightly better overall but Rodgers is a better fit our needs and the role need form that DT spot. Especially with the 3-4 looks.

      I think Scott has a chance at 4th RB due to special teams. The numbers are working against him but with no PS candidates on the roster I think there’s a better chance than most seem to think we carry 4 RBs. And Scott provides a much better specials teams player than Torrain.

      Unless Curry or another LB shows a lot as a LB I think we will keep 5 LBs.

      Like I said earlier today I’m going to predict a roster upset in Donnell over Pascoe though it’s not likely to happen.

      •  BigBlueGiant says:

        I actually think that Donnell might make the team over Pasoe too… Just not putting money on it.

      •  creewan says:

        I agree with you about sticking with draft picks. JJ and Austin are in IMO. I think Taylor will be on the PS. He simply has not had enough practice and is a project anyway. He wouldn’t see the field this year even if he were to make it outside of special teams snaps. But he would be most likely be inactive each and every week. He’s a perfect PS guy. He needs a red shirt year.

        It wouldn’t surprise me if James or Bosworth don’t make the team.

        If Thomas is convincingly healthy then we can PS James and add Sash in his place. 5 CB 4 S. I won’t be shocked if T2 doesn’t make the 53 though, but I’m rooting for him.

        If we only keep 5 LBs (very possible) I would swap Bosworth for Rogers/Donnell/Trattou

        Bosworth has had a good camp. He’s been moving up the chart getting 2nd team snaps in practice over Curry/Sabino/Mussau. He’s been an excellent special teams player. He’s far from a lock but I wouldn’t count him out.

        Rogers/Austin/Patterson is such a tough call. We are again in agreement that the real battle is Rogers vs Patterson. We also agree that Rogers fits our needs while Patterson is better overall. I would prefer having Patterson over a guy who will give us 10-12 snaps per game with about a 25% chance of staying healthy. It’s a tough call.

        •  GOAT56 says:

          With PS that player is not protected plus you have to cut them first. Just like Ojomo, Scott, Cruz or Robinson their rookie years would have been perfect for PS you can’t do it with a player you know someone is going to take a chance on. Ojomo was kept on the 53 purely because we wanted to see him develop. PS players are players you think have a chance but also you don’t think others will come after or you feel ok losing them. Douglass last year is a perfect example. We lost Douglass and would rather have him but he wasn’t thought highly enough that he demanded a 53 man spot for protection. It’s either 53 or PS for Taylor or he’s gone.

    •  BigBlueGiant says:

      Also, i’d like to add that as much as I like Marvin Austin, and think the kid will be good in this league, he just might have the most to prove out of anyone on this team.

      He’s trying to beat out two very solid Veteran DT’s right now. I once thought that his roster spot would be a lock, but If he doesn’t do anything these next two games, he’s gone, and Patterson and Rogers will make the team over him.

      •  GOAT56 says:

        I think people view this competition the wrong way. He doesn’t have to beat out those 2 in my view. He has to show legitimate signs he’s progressing to becoming a good DT. I think from the coaches viewpoint so far he has and that just has to continue and he will be on the roster. We are not the type of team to give up on a draft pick if we think they can play. So yes that means cutting a better player today. The roster has never been as simple as keeping the 53 best players today. It’s about guys who are young and get better. Also guys who just know our systems and can help in a number of ways even if just limited in talent. When it comes to an end of the roster player keeping a vet DT at the 5th DT spot just doesn’t make sense to me. You keep a player who’s probably not going to be active because they are developing not to break and use in case of emergency.

        •  norm says:

          Yep. I’ve been preaching as much here for the past several months… to near universal derision.

          I’d also add that money is a factor as well. Patterson is 29 years old and is on a one-year “show me” deal worth $840K. Presumably, he wants to use this year as a showcase to net him one last biggish $ multi-year contract (a la Bennett last year) Say the Giants dump Austin in lieu of Patterson and Patterson plays lights out, he could easily price himself out of the Giants’ reach in the upcoming offseason (in which Landfill will be a free agent as well)… potentially leaving the Giants with yet another gaping hole at DT in 2014.

          Austin may never turn out to be the player that Patterson is right now but at least Reese & Co. know that he’s cost controlled for another year. All he had to do coming into camp was show a pulse to secure his place on the roster. Which he’s done, thereby rendering the competition for the fifth DT slot (if the team even keeps one) between Patterson and Rogers.

  2.  BigBlueGiant says:

    FF55, nothing would make me happier than to eat a crow pie in regards to JJ.

    i’m just not gonna get out the fork just yet. I have a feeling i’ll end up throwing it in his face instead.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      LOL. If he screws up I’ll be throwing the steak knife. This is his chance. If he blows it he’s gonna make Coughlin sit in a meeting saying “This guy can’t get on the damned field and when he does finally get there he didn’t do much. I hate the sight of him.” Meanwhile, Reese reminds him he has no really better options backing up Cruz. A battle ensues over those last roster spots with Reese arguing for Jernigan and Austin and Coughlin arguing for Patterson and anyone-but-Jernigan.

      Hey, even though I cannot stand Barden and wish him gone, I’ll root for him if he’s on the team. We’re all passionate Giants fans here.

  3.  creewan says:

    Hynoski aiming for opener “but if it takes until week 2 or 3, that’s ok.” – Hynoski

    Pascoe is virtually a lock

    •  GOAT56 says:

      If Hynoski isn’t viewed as being ready for week one then Pascoe is a lock. By activating him now I don’t see how he’s not ready. That’s 2.5 weeks to get practice time and back into some football shape. Maybe he’s not playing a full allotment of snaps week one but it seems like he should be ready assuming no setbacks.

  4.  fanfor55years says:

    Very interesting. A little surprised about Kuhn. What are they going to do with him? There’s no place for him on the roster.

    If JPP can work himself into shape for Dallas that would be obviously fabulous. But they should bring him along slowly. We want the 2011 JPP on the field, not the guy whose back won’t allow him to do what he does.

  5.  JimStoll says:

    very weird with regards to Kuhn
    I thought for sure he was a PUP to IR candidate
    I thought they liked him and would give him a shot next season

    from the looks of this, they are simply going to release him and give him a chance of signing with another team
    either that or something more shocking

  6.  Krow says:

    We always have opinions over who should make the roster … but I’d be really hard pressed to name someone we cut who went on to ‘bigger and better’. They don’t make a lot of mistakes.

    •  GOAT56 says:

      Good point. Our only mistake even with free agents is probably Cofield. In hindsight we should have kept him. He’s still in his prime. But other than Cofield we haven’t been wrong.

  7.  creewan says:

    Adrien Robinson saw a lot of action in Wednesday’s practice, especially near the goal line. He used his large frame to haul in multiple catches from close range.

    Nicks had a solid practice, including a deep catch down the sideline.

    Both great things. Nicks hasn’t made many plays down the field. Our red zone struggles are well documented.

  8.  GOAT56 says:

    A more respected person who thinks a trade may work for our overloaded talent at DL:

    The big positional battle is at defensive end. Four spots are sewn up, leaving Adrian Tracy, Justin Trattou and Adewale Ojomo fighting for the projected final spot. We are intrigued by Trattou’s instincts and feel for the game, while Tracy does many of the little things well.

    Ojomo has the flash but is not as reliable. The Giants would do well to find a trading partner for one of these guys, as there’s an overload.

    There’s also an excess at defensive tackle with vets Mike Patterson and Frank Okam, both of whom can play in this league, possibly being on the outside looking in. Marvin Austin is finally showing glimpses of his second-round pedigree, but is it too little, too late for him? This is another area where, if possible, finding a trading partner might be wise.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      It’s the “if possible” that’s the problem. Hard to find the partner when lots of good players will be cut in a few weeks.

      •  GOAT56 says:

        We are not the only team that will cut NFL talent. I think finding a match is harder than finding a good player that will be available. I’m really talking about Patterson and Ojomo. We will cut other good player but those two have great value in my view than the normal NFL quality player that could be cut.

  9.  LUZZ says:

    I don’t think a “potential guy” can really be traded because everyone knows they’ll likely get cut anyway. If the Giants wanted to work a trade they would really have to do it with a know and established starter in the league, so the trading partner knows exactly what they are getting.

    Kiwi, Joseph, Tuck, would all bring back draft choices. I’m not saying they should do this, but if Reese thinks he has an embarrassment of riches on the DL, he would have to trade a starter not a “potential guy” who is about to get cut in 10 days or so.

    •  GOAT56 says:

      Yeah but a good team is not going to be able to claim that player. Let’s say a team likes Ojomo but the other ends are not even close in value from their prospective. That team wants to make sure they get the player they want. A team has to want a particular player for it to work. But it can. It’s not easy but players like Ojomo and Patterson who I think would be cut are of higher quality than normal cuts.

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