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New York Giants’ David Baas Reportedly Suffers Sprained MCL; Could Miss 3-6 Weeks

August 19th, 2013 at 6:30 AM
By Dan Benton

'D.J. Ware (28), David Baas (64), Eli Manning (10)' photo (c) 2012, Mike Morbeck Photography - license: Not only did the New York Giants fall to the Indianapolis Colts 20-12 on Sunday night, but they also lost starting center David Baas for what could be up to 3-6 weeks after reportedly suffering a sprained MCL.

Baas suffered the injury in the first quarter when he was rolled up on from behind. Initially, it appeared as if it were an ankle injury, but after being worked on on the sideline, Baas was taken for x-rays (negative) and the team subsequently announced it was a sprain. However, Baas is likely to undergo an MRI and additional tests on Monday to determine if there was any additional damage.

In his three years with the Giants, Baas has been completely unable to stay healthy. He's suffered a wide variety of injuries — playing through most — and even had "multiple surgeries" this offseason, including one on his elbow. In the past, he's also dealt with hip, shoulder, ankle and hand issues.

With Baas' availability for week one now in jeopardy, the Giants may have to shuffle their offensive line, moving Kevin Boothe to center, David Diehl to left guard and Justin Pugh to right tackle. But, then again, that's just an early guess.

Head coach Tom Coughlin will likely update the severity of Baas' injury on Tuesday.


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17 Responses to “New York Giants’ David Baas Reportedly Suffers Sprained MCL; Could Miss 3-6 Weeks”

  1.  James Stoll says:

    Obviously, lots of pieces were missing and it was only preseason week 2, but if you were looking for progression from anyone other than Michael Cox, there was little to be excited about.

  2.  James Stoll says:

    Not his fault, but Baas looks to be starting his third campaign with us injured and diminished. Turning into one of JRs least productive FA signings

  3.  Krow says:

    Repost …

    I hate drawing too many conclusions from pre-season games. There’s very little game planning … it’s basically a shakedown cruise coupled with an audition. So it’s best not to get too excited … one way or the other.

    But I do like to sift the ashes for clues … we all do.

    David Diehl … he’s had a hell of a career. No one tries harder … no one is a better team guy. But he’s done. Sooner or later it’s over … and that time is here for DD.

    The OL is a hot mess. Baas is the reincarnation of Sean O’Hara … always hurt. Little stuff, but the drumbeat is constant. I’m almost to the point of wishing they’d play Cordle. As noted the right side was constantly collapsed. Eli was under pressure, and often from scrubs. This was very very concerning. As was the lack of any semblance of run blocking. There were maybe a handful of plays that were successfully executed. This … the OL … is what’s going to bring us down.

    Red zone failure again. And I have a theory … which I’v stated before. We’re a predictable team on offense. We depend on out-executing the opponent. This is a very valid strategy, and I’m no knocking it. However when we’re down close it breaks down because of the packed area. We need some deception and innovation. This is not our strong suit. So in a very really sense we become a 3 down team in the red zone because we almost always throw one down away. It’s either a 2 yard run on first … or that well telegraphed draw on second (or even 3rd). Both are usually worthless, and in the end it’s Eli facing a long 3rd and goal.

    One very upsetting observation … they looked confused and unprepared. Blown assignments all over the place. Still no edge containment.

    There’s a long way to go … plenty of time and chances to get it together … but they were clowns last night.

    *** added *** It’s time to get Baas out of the lineup. He hasn’t been that good on the few times he’s been healthy. He was an optimistic signing, but it hasn’t panned out. I think we have to cut out losses on this guy.

    •  Krow says:

      New record for typos !!!

    •  James Stoll says:

      I posted much the same sentiments on the last thread. 5 trips inside the red zone; 4 FGs; 0 TDs. That is loss every time. Your diagnosis as to why is as good as any but it is hard to watch. The entire Gilbride era has featured this stain and it doesn’t look to change. Either score from 30+ yards away or more often than not settled for 3 at best.
      I hear you on Baas and would agree if there was anything else to trot out there, but there isn’t unless it is Pugh. He can play every position on the O-Line; the real question is can he play every position on the O-Line at the same time.
      Given the backs we have the Gilbride needs to feature less between the tackles running and more outside running and RB passes. We need to get these guys in space and hope their shiftiness can do what the absence of blocking can’t.
      One thing looks certain: we will head into the season very uncertain

  4.  James Stoll says:

    The one silver lining from last night’s dismal performance is that Diehl played so poorly that ready or not Pugh ought to get the starting nod. Not sure how in good conscience Coughlin allows Diehl to start come opening day

    •  Krow says:

      I agree, but am at a complete loss on what to expect. Did son-in-law play yesterday? I’m hoping not, because that entire right side was garbage.

      •  James Stoll says:

        I asked the same question too. Fortunately the ledge is substantially wider in August than September.

        •  Krow says:

          Snee may have taken the weekend off and headed for a short Hawaiian vaca. It’s not like he needs to rehab anything or practice. It’s good to be related to the King (apologies to Mel Brooks).

          •  James Stoll says:

            It has been painful watching this O-Line deteriorate every year since it’s apogee in 2008. Injuries and whiffs in the draft have taken a toll. Other than Beatty, every linemen drafted by Reese (Pugh excluded) has been a project that just hasn’t worked out. Petrus, Brewer, whimper, Mosely, McCants — I’m probably missing some. Over the past 5 seasons we’ve lost McKenzie, O’Hara and Suebert, and seen greatly diminished performance from Snee and Diehl, and replaced them with Beatty (a positive) Boothe (an ok stop gap) and Baas (a huge disappointment).
            Snee and Diehl we can’t seem to replace (a bigger disappointment still).
            It’s an ugly group right now. Assuming the coaching staff knows what it’s doing in terms of evaluating ability, it just got worse over the short term with Cordle becoming the starting center. I joked above, but maybe the staff inserts Pugh at center extending the career of the disaster known as David Diehl. JR will certainly go scrap heep hunting for a center I would guess. The offense is predictable enough with running left being the only option, but that looks like the case. Gonna be interesting

            •  Krow says:

              It used to be that you could take some solace in the fact that they pass-blocked rather well. Eli had time, and the weapons to make the opposition pay. But yesterday they couldn’t keep the dogs off him. If that continues then we’re in a lot of trouble. And Eli had better invest in a top notch medical plan while he’s still insurable.

  5.  Nosh.0 says:

    First of all, thanks to everyone for their analysis/observations from last nights game. Haven’t gotten a chance to watch us yet this preseason so this site fills me in as to what happened on the field.

    Question, how did James Brewer look? To me he’s the wild card for our OL being average to maybe above average. The kids going into his 3rd year. He was a 4th round pick. How much longer do they want to “develop” him?

    If Pugh can play Center, his scouting reports said he could, then why not throw Brewer out at RT and Pugh at Center for the Jets game? Just from reading all the comments, it doesn’t sound like the OL could play much worse than it did last night.

    And yeah, DD has been done since the 4th Q of the San Fran playoff game. Got all the respect in the world for that guy, but his body can’t play NFL football anymore.

  6.  Hanshi says:

    It wasn’t a very good day for the offensive line overall. Last season, the Giants allowed just 20 sacks, best in the NFL. On Sunday night alone, the Giants gave up a half-dozen of them.

    Center David Baas suffered a sprained knee on the team’s opening drive and had to leave the game. Right tackle David Diehl, in particular, appeared to have a tough time keeping his man in front of him. (Diehl wasn’t available in the Giants locker room after the game.)

    There’s already been speculation that Pugh could eventually supplant Diehl as the team’s starting right tackle, and that talk will only increase now. But Pugh still has just one preseason game’s worth of experience and a lot more to learn.

    “Whatever role they want, it’s fine for me. Wherever they want me,” Pugh said. “As long as I can get out there and play and contribute and help us win, I’ll be happy doing that. And I think some of the stuff I was able to learn tonight will definitely help me out.”

  7.  Nosh.0 says:

    I guess to echo Stolls sentiments about the OL, the rebuilding of it needs to happen now. As in 2013, not 2014. I know some people on here hoped we could squeeze one more year out of DD, Snee, and Bass, but with DD’s continued decline and Bass getting injured, now seems like the perfect time to insert Brewer and Pugh into the starting lineup. One guy was the #19 overall pick in the draft. And the other is a Tackle you’ve been developing the last 2 years. Not saying they’re both “ready” to start now. But honestly, how much more ready were they gonna get by riding the bench and taking 2nd team reps in practice. Put them in coach!

    •  Nosh.0 says:

      There is at least an argument to be made that throwing Pugh in at Center right now would be a mistake. Especially if he didn’t play there much in college and with week 1 being in a loud stadium.

      But to me Brewer at RT is a no brainer. Unless the kid still isn’t ready, and if that’s the case then he begins to fall into the “failed OL development project” group. And from reading the comments, and knowing what I saw out of DD last season, I can’t imagine Brewer being as bad as our current RT.

    •  James Stoll says:

      Hard to say how Brewer did as I am not great at following the o-line by individuals as they are subbed in. But considering that every QB was harassed relentlessly and we could not convert a single of our red zone opportunities (4 in the first half/1 in the 2d) I’d say not well
      And your idea although logical in the sense of “how could it get worse” will never happen. Cordle will be the center until Baas returns. Diehl will likely start the season and Pugh is probably slated for a Week 5 debut. That’s a pure guess based on coaching tendencies. Now Diehl is making it very hard on the coaches to keep him, but running Pugh at back up LT would suggest he’s slated for the bench.
      The Giants need to game plan to protect the O-Line. Last night our best play was the screen to the RBs, particularly Cox who turned 2 receptions into 20+ yard plays. Wilson also had a nice reception. Brown too although it came up short of a first on 3d and long. But Gilbride needs to take pressure off the line and the shotgun draw alone can’t do it.

  8.  James Stoll says:

    According to reports, Tuck suffered a mild hamstring pull so it begins with him

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